Pod Oppressor
Destroy 10 mutated pods in any one level of Training Grounds.

If you can't get this, give up as you have to get it to complete the first level.

Spidery Point
Destroy the Spider Boss on Arachnophobia.

This should read 'Destroy the Spider boss Arachnophobia without destroying its weapons'. The trick to doing it is too get up close and personal with the spider and to get him to open his mouth. Beware though, as he could jump on you or fire rockets so keep wary.

Tank Oppressor
Destroy 20 tanks in sequence.

I did this on the first Dreadnought level. Just ignore the massive cannons and keep going between one end of the boat and the other destroying tanks.

Tank Sympathizer
Destroy both generators on Claustrophobia without killing a Tank.

Quite hard at first but found an easy method. As soon as you start, attack the one on the left. You can get half way with ease and then go in so your really up close to the generator and keep attacking from there. It's really easy to dodge bullets in that 'column'. Then wizz round to the other one and you will have three tanks on you. Gently dodge the bullets and get close again and it should be easy.

Fly Swatter
Destroy 3 Flypods within 5 seconds on any level of Insect Infestation.

On the first level of Insect Infectation there will be a time, near the end, where there is six flypods. Three on the left and three on the right. Choose either left or right and attack all of them quickly.

Worm Tangle
Destroy 3 Worms in sequence on The Ooze.

The second level of Insect Infestation. The worms will keep respawning so don't worry. It will get a bit hecktic when waiting for the last worm to spawn but keep evading and this is an easy gold.

Sneeky Incursion
Destroy the Boss without opening more than one outer door. Only 1 of the 3 outer doors may be opened to any degree.

On the final boss, from the start shoot the two orbs that are spinning and get in the 'doorway'. DO NOT OPEN ANOTHER DOORWAY. As you are spinning round shoot the orb thing in the middle and it will send out a shockwave. If you are in the doorway it won't kill you and the squares that will appear can't get you. Just keep attacking the orb and then kill the squares to finish the game and get the trophy.

Wheel Collector
Complete level Fizz Wheels without killing a Fizz Wheel, ( the rolling wheels connected by a laser ).

On the second level of the last section, Temple of the Gods, just avoid the Fizz Wheels and don't destroy any. Don't worry if you do hit one as it does take some damage to destroy one. After you have destroyed all enemies you need to wait for them to roll off which can take you to 30 seconds so try to be quick. Again, an easy gold.

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