Players: 1 Offline
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheats
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 to 30 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3+
Collectible Trophies: Yes (Unmissable)
Missable Trophies: None (Episode Select)
Glitched Trophies: (None)

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Memorize quick time events button patterns(what button to press at certain points).

-In boss fights never attack head on (unless you have obliterator gauge unlocked and equipped) , but try to strategies for an opening for an attack or to avoid and attack.

-Try to dash upper-cut enemies as often as possible with to be able to press the for a special attack/area special attack which will damage multiple enemies.

-In shooter sequences try to shoot as many targets as possible with to lock on enemies faster for the special attack with.

-After finishing the first playthrough try to get the "Obliterator Gauge" as fast as possible and equip it. With this gauge Asura and Yasha to have unlimited ultimate mode which will make the quest for getting S rank on most levels easier.


First playthrough - Play it on Normal, Don't bother with the trophies at this point just enjoy the game.

Second playthrough - If you hadn't achieved S rank in 10 levels on normal yet. In your second playthrough do it on easy mode it will be much easier till you have unlocked Mortal gauge.Now start over from episode one while equipped with mortal gauge. This will be your hardest playthrough as mortal gauge will case Asura to take a lot of damage even on easy mode! So play all the 18 plus the secret level to unlock the obliterator gauge.

Third playthrough - Now at this point you should have unlocked obliterator gauge and equipped it. Playing through hard mode should be a breeze with obiterator gauge equipped. And will let you achieve S rank on most levels from first attempt.

Fourth playthrough - Play easy mode with blind master gauge equipped on all Episodes.

Fifth playthrough - Clean up which is most likely get the remaining S rank on some episodes.


Acquire all ASURA'S WRATH trophies

Just Get Every Other Trophy Simple.

Complete Part I: Suffering

Story Related can't be missed.You get this trophy once you finish episodes 1 to 6.

Complete Part II: Rebirth

Story Related can't be missed.You get this trophy once you finish episodes 7 to 12.

Complete Part III: Karma

Story Related can't be missed.You get this trophy you finish episode 13 to 18+.
Note :There are 2 episode"18" the second one can be unlocked by finishing 50 episode levels or by getting 5 S on any missions on any difficulty.

The Truth Hurts
Uncover the truth

You will get this trophy after finishing secret chapter 18. To unlock secret chapter 18 complete 50 missions overall or get 5 S ranks on any mission any difficulty. If you are having trouble getting 5 S rank on the normal difficulty change difficulty to easy to make the S rank achievement much easier.

Complete all episodes on Normal or higher

Finish the game on Normal or hard.(including the secret episode 18)

Note :
Difficulty trophies do stack.

Complete all episodes on Hard

Finish the game on Hard.(including the secret episode 18)

Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Normal

If your good enough your should be able to get this trophy from your first playthrough of the game.As it is much easier to get higher rank score on normal than on hard. If your still having trouble which is highly unlikely for not getting an A on normal. Please use the Obliterator gauge.

see road map on how to obtain obliterator gauge.

See Deity for more detail on how to get S rank.

Shinkoku Soldier
Complete all episodes with an S rank on Normal

This is a bit hard on some levels to obtain S rank , but don't bother attempting them until you have the Obliterator gauge to make your life easier.

See Deity for more detail on how to get S rank.

Guardian General
Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Hard

If you follow the road map I have provided at the top and equipped the obliterator gauge, this trophy would be easier than it seems. You will even get S Rank on some episodes from first try.

See Deity for more detail on how to get S rank.

Complete all episodes with an S rank on Hard

There are 19 story episodes and you earn different ranks at the end of each mission you need at least 2 S rank and 1 A rank to get an overall S rank
Requirement :
Obliterator gauge (this is a must unless you want your experience to be like hell.)

Focusing on the 3 factors of S rank :

1.Time : You have to finish the levels as fast as possible.Likely when you have the obliterator gauge equipped , Asura will have unlimited rage which doesn't make him flinch.

2.Battle points : Number of points accumulated during a level which are achieved by doing different things during combat and they are as follows :
-Burst : by pressing which will earn you 1000 points each time you activate it.
-Regular Attacks : by pressing to land a punch you get 2 points on each blow landed.
-Dash Attacks : By pressing and holding Asura would dash and give an upper-cut. you get 10 points.
-Dive Attacks : Similar to dash attack but while jumping press and hold Asura would dash-dive and give an upper-cut. You get 10 points
-Heavy Attacks : By pressing Asura would do a powerful heavy attack but unless your in unlimited rage mode it will over heat and can be used only once in a while. You get 20 points
-Counters : Counters occur when an enemy tries to attack you and the screen goes into a slow motion and you have to either press or depending on what appears on screen. You get 30 point.
-Special attacks : Special attack can be used only when an enemy is laying on the ground and is appearing on top of them. You get 50 points.
-Successful Shots : for every shoot landed on an enemy by pressing you get 1 point.
-Successful Lock-On Shots : for every shoot landed on an enemy by pressing during shooting sequences which get you 5 points.
-Retries: Once you get it just leave the level and start over, as for every retry you loss 1000 Battle points.

Now all the above are for you information only but the best tactic for this is using dash attacks followed by special attacks while in ultimate mode for getting battle points in the shortest time.

3.Quick time event : This will depend on how well you sync the button with cutscene impact and other motion buttons and you must get "Excellent" in most of them and 1 or 2 "Great" but try to avoid "Good" it will hurt your score in this. So to increase your chance of getting it right if there are a couple button sequences I recommend writing them down and pause everytime your done with one to see what comes next.

Achieve a D rank or higher on any episode

You will get this trophy at some point during the first episode as soon as your rank overall reaches above D.

Anger Management
Activate Burst for the first time in Episode 1

Story related cant be missed.During the first episode, as you as you activate the Burst mode once this trophy will pop.

The Six Armed Man
Grow a few extra limbs in Episode 5

Story related cant be missed.Achieved during episode 5.

Heads Will Roll
Completely lose it in Episode 12

Story related cant be missed.Once you transform into Naruto's four tail kyuubi form..I mean Asura's Demon form this trophy will pop.

Rebel with a Cause
Do what you think is right in Episode 13

Story related can't be missed. As soon as you take control of Yasha in episode 13 this trophy will pop.

Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10

Story related cant be missed.In episode 10 get drunk enough and try to press to try to grab some cleavage of the hot spring attendant while syncing the button to receive a godly cockblock from your master.

It Takes Two
Defeat Deus with Yasha in Episode 17

Story related cant be missed.During the fight with Deus in episode 17, the second time you face him and defeat him with yasha this trophy will pop.

A Cry of Anger
Activate Burst 50 times

You can Activate the Burst when you fill the wrath bar up while fighting,it also part of a function that you must do to progress through a level.Just fill the Wrath bar up
and press . Each episode ranges from 2-6 Burst sequence.So you will get this one on your first playthrough.

A Roar of Fury
Activate Burst 100 times

Similar to
A Cry of Anger Just fill the Wrath bar up and press . This will Unlock at the end of your first playthrough or sometime during your second playthrough,this all depends on the times you retry the episodes during a playthrough.

Hit 'Em Hard
Defeat 100 enemies with a special attack

See Hit 'Em Harder.

Hit 'Em Harder
Defeat 300 enemies with a special attack

To use a Special attack the enemy must be laying on the floor and a is appearing on top of them for you to press to commence special attack. What you need to do is press and hold to do a dash uppercut causing the enemy to fall laying on the floor for you to approach and press .

Note :
Use the Oblitrator Gauge with for to make the on large and boss enemies every time they are laying on the floor.Also a good spot to farm it is on Episode 10 an area where you fight a Rhino and a horde of monkeys which keep respawning.This area is right before the turtle boss fight in that episode. But it should be unlocked as your aiming for an S Rank on hard with this tactic.

Can't Touch This
Perform 50 counterattacks

See Can't Touch That

Can't Touch That
Perform 100 counterattacks

To counter attacks press or to counterattack when you see an enemy trying to attack and you go into a brief moment of slow motion. To make things easier equip augur gauge which will automatically counter any counterable attacks. This can be easily farmed in boss fights if you haven't achieved through your multiple playthroughs.

They Don't Stand a Chance
Defeat 50 enemies while in Unlimited Mode

Self explanatory and will be achieved natural through the playthroughs.All you need to do is get into Unlimited mode by filling the bar up and pressing to activate it then try to break as much heads as possible before it runs out.Do this till you get 50 kills.

Note :
You can use obliterator gauge to achieve this trophy faster as it has infinite unlimited mode.

Unstoppable Force
Defeat 100 enemies while in Unlimited Mode

similar to They Don't Stand a Chance just defeat 100 enemies when you are in unlimited mode.both trophies a
are likely to unlock through your first at the very end or second playthrough.And if not , you will get during your quest or s rank on hard mode with the obliterator gauge as you would be playing most the mode while activating the unlimited mode.

Taking out the Trash
Defeat 300 enemies with heavy attacks and/or lock-on fire

Heavy attacks are executed when you press try not to use these to much and in shooting parts of the game.I recommend you do it in the shooting sequence of the game as it is much easier. Try to lock as many targets as possible in those sequences and then press.This trophy should pop before the end of your first playthrough.

Quick on the Draw
Achieve 70 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings

See Lightning Reflexes

Lightning Reflexes
Achieve 150 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings

These happen mostly all the time in this game you have to press if you press the button to early or to late you get "Good" or "Great" but just try and press on just at the right time when the outer circle is just about to touch inner circle you should be alright, and see the motion of the character and try to sync it with them you will get an excellent. You should be aiming for a lot of these to get an S rank but if your having trouble get yourself ready by writing the buttons that will appear in order to make remembering them easier.

Be The First
Achieve an overall synchronic rate average of 80% on any difficulty

To get this trophy you need to get a really high rank on the quick time event of no less than A but you should aim for S. This only requires you to do it on any one difficulty but you should Unlock it while your quest for the Deity trophy if not earlier than that.

Pain is Universal
Accumulate a total of 10000 in damage

To get this trophy you should take in 10000 worth of damage.To easily get it die a couple of times and this trophy will easily pop up.

Too Legit to Quit
Continue the game after falling in battle

A simple trophy to get,Die and choose continue.

Look Ma, No Eyes!
Complete the game with the Blind Master gauge equipped

To unlock this gauge you must beat the game once on any difficulty. Blind Master Gauge takes away all your bars so you cant see your health or burst so I suggest playing this on easy to make it less frustrating and not bother about when your about to die or when unlimited mode is full for use since easy mode automatically activate it.

Note : You can check your progress in the gauge selection menu and pick the blind master gauge to see right below it what episodes you completed so far.

Who Needs Health?
Complete the game with the Mortal gauge equipped

To unlock this gauge you must beat the game once on any difficulty.Mortal Gauge weakens Asura's defense and he takes a lot more damage so play this on easy to make it less frustrating.In most boss fights Avoid all head on attacking that will be suicide look for a pattern take your time on each level and always press to recover when your hit to get some of your health back.

Note : You can check your progress in the gauge selection menu and pick the mortal gauge to see right below it what episodes you completed so far.

CG Collector
Get all the CG art

Will be unlock after finishing secret episode 18 along with Art Appreciator and Movie Buff .

Art Appreciator
Get all the illustrations

will be unlocked after finishing secret episode 18 along with CG Collector and Movie Buff

Movie Buff
Get all the movies and interludes

will be unlocked after finishing secret episode 18 along with CG Collector and Art Appreciator

The Whole Nine
Get all the gauges

You should get this by the time you get every other trophy, so you don't have to go for it deliberately for these gauges:
Avenger – as default, Asura starts with this

– Decreases the damage taken-Get a Total Rank of A in 3 episodes in Part I: Suffering (any difficulty setting).

– Fills up the Unlimited Gauge faster-Get a Total Rank of A in 3 episodes in Part II: Rebirth (any difficulty setting).

– Recover from overheating faster-Get a Total Rank of A in 3 episodes in Part III: Karma (any difficulty setting).

– Length of time in Unlimited Mode is extended-Get a Total Rank of A or higher for all episodes in the game (any difficulty setting).

Blind Master
– None of the gauges are displayed throughout the game - unlocked after finishing the game on any difficulty.

– All counterable attacks are automatically countered – Unlocked after finishing the game using Blind Master Gauge

– Reduces the length of Life Gauge- unlocked after finishing the game on any difficulty.

Obliterator – Maintains the Unlimited Gauge at maximum at all times –Unlocked after finishing the game using Mortal Gauge.

Accumulate a total of 120000 Battle points

You get battle points for fulfilling special conditions or by fighting other enemies you should earn this by the end of your 1st playthrough if you do not earn this by then you should definitely earn this though your second playthrough.But you shouldn't be very much bothered with this trophy and just try finishing off the other trophies and it will unlock naturally.
Here is a video to further explain how to get Battle points:

Toggle Spoiler

View of the Valley
Continue to stare at the hot spring attendant's assets

In episode 10 when you take take control of Asura after the cutscene and you see the hot spring attendant sitting by you just move the towards her boobs long enough for her to notice.

Like a Fish
Consume more alcohol than you should

In episode 10 in the hot springs keep pressing to taking in alcohol till you fill the burst gauge to the max.

Sometimes I Feel Like...
Find all the peeping Doji at the hot spring

When you start controlling Asura look to the left side of the screen you will see a big guy wait till he leaves then look to your right you will see another guy look up at the cliff the use an action look up again then execute an action again the look up at the cliff one last time and the trophy should pop.
Here is a video on how it is done:

Toggle Spoiler

Shut Up, Wyzen!
Interrupt Wyzen's monologue

Near the middle of episode 4 when Wyzen is giving a small speech press when prompt appears on the top left hand corner to make wyzen shut up.

Shut Up, Kalrow!
Interrupt Kalrow's monologue

During chapter 9 once Asura reach's Kalrow inside his space ship he will start talk and the will appear press it ASAP so you don't miss your chance as it is the shortest speech among the three.

Shut Up, Augus!
Interrupt Augus' monologue

At the start of chapter 11, During the cutscene when Augus starts talking to Asura. The will appear , press it as soon as you see it to shut Augus up and the trophy will pop.

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