Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 40-60 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 with mutiple reloads for endings
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: All trophies are missable aside from the story related trophies
Glitched Trophies: None


Welcome to the Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland trophy guide. In this guide I will be detailing how to get all the trophies, how to beat the required, bosses, essential items and equipment, and a rough timeline on where to get all of the events and endings. The Atelier series is well known for it's synthesis and time management gameplay. The basic time format I will be using will be Year/Month/Day. Most others use this format as well so there should be little to no difficulty finding where you are. You will have from 1/3/1 to 6/6/1 to complete all of the trophies in the game and more if you so wish.

I won't be giving a full in-depth calendar for all of the events in the game since all of them are not required for platinum. There are well-made walkthroughs already available through GameFaqs (Here) that list approximate times for every event and is suggested to be used alongside this guide as reference so you don't get lost. Both walkthroughs are equally well done but I've found Krystal109's to be much more clear and in-depth.

If this is your first Atelier game you may feel very stressed if you haven't dealt with a time management game before.Thankfully Atelier Totori is a lot more lenient on the things that must be done, but in other parts have become longer or difficult compared to Atelier Rorona. If you are coming in through Rorona, most of the changes you will see will be mostly in the time spent exploring, synthing, and battles. Gathering and battles now take up time, and can easily set you back a couple days in the beginning when you don't have items to lessen the time it takes to do things. Gathering one point will take half a day, while a battle may take a quarter of a day. Another change you will see when you synth armor and weapons as you can no longer just randomly place traits on any piece. HP, MP, and Defense can now only go on armor pieces while Convert Damage, Attack, and other attack related powers can only be placed on a weapon. You will also be constantly broke in Totori in the beginning, unlike in Rorona where you probably never even had to worry.

You will have plenty of time to do everything. Even if you aren't very good at these games, you should still should end up with a huge amount of months left over after setting up everything to complete your endings.

[top]Tips & Strategies

By 6/1/1, you should have the following list below done or ready to go. Once you have the list done make a new save file and don't touch it until you are ready to work on all of the endings. Once you are ready to work on the endings and completed one ending already, just reload this file and then trigger the requirements needed for a different ending.
  • Reach Alchemy level 50, but don't synth in Atelier Rorona from level 49+
  • Reach Friendship level 60 with all characters, do not go over 60 (Friendship can't go over 60 unless you do a friend request)
  • Reach Level 49 with Mimi
  • Reach level 24 with Gino
  • Chims have eaten 34 large pies or less, and not working on anything
  • Have 500k Cole or less, you don't want to have too much over 500k
  • Have all of Gerhard and Iksel's quests done

There are many useful items and accessories that you should ultimately try to focus on making during your game. I will list the most important ones, followed by items I used personally that you may not really need but possibly you might like to have.

  • Auto Alarm - Automatically revives dead character
  • Dimension Egg - Allows Totori to move twice or more depending on what items are used to make it.
  • Elixer - Full party heal, and other stuff depending on what you synth it with.
  • Ether Ink - A useful debuff item
  • Healing Salve - make a couple different kinds throughout the game, when healing essence is available make some with that trait.
  • Mystery Ankh - One of my favorite items once Healing Essence is available as a trait. It will heal you every round. Otherwise it gives a great deal of HP, and a buff (depending on materials used).
  • Spring Cup - You will be abusing this for money
  • Tonic - Gives better traits and quality items when gathering

  • Secret Bag - Allows you to access your container from anywhere
  • Speed Gloves - Less time consumed when gathering on the field
  • Travelers Shoes - Less days consumed when traveling on the map
  • Warp Gate - One of the single most important items to make. From anywhere on the map you can teleport to Atelier Totori or Rorona without losing days.

  • Angel's Charm - Heals a great deal of HP on every turn (Hand's down my favorite item in the game, as well as in Rorona)
  • Gibate Ankh - With the trait Great Learner, this will grant you more EXP from battles and synthing
  • Flying Carpet - When your party wipes out, you will lose less days and you will stay where you died.
  • Shadow Band - Allows two movements in battle

In the middle of Year 2 you will gain access to wholesaling. You should make use of this as quickly as possible and stock items that you will need for synthesis or to hand in to Filly or Gerhard. Once you register an item with a store owner, upon restocking of their store they will now sell that item and you can buy it 10 times. Here is a quick run down of basic items you can register with each store owner;

  • Ceci - She specializes mostly sundry type items. The items to register with her that you'll make most use of are Supplements, Pure Oil, Healing Salves, and etc.
  • Pamela - She has a real mix of items that you can register with her. You can register Spring Cups, Lightning Bombs, Lightning Quartz, accessories, and more.

  • Iksel - He specializes in cooking so the kinds of items you can register with him will be food items and liquor.
  • Hagel - He mostly specializes in bombs and few other things like Arland Crystals. He is where you'll be registering most of your bombs.
  • Tiffani - She is basically exactly the same as Ceci in terms of wholesale. It's sometimes worth having the same items in both Ceci and Tiffani's shop so you don't have to be stuck without an item you need and you don't want to travel back to get it.

No matter what bomb type you are making you will always want to have some of these traits or all of the traits below, don't worry if you can't get them all. The strongest bomb in the game is the N/A bomb hands down in combination with Ether Ink. Keep in mind that any trait that has a cost of 8 or higher will not register in wholesale. However if you still want to make something with a high cost you can always have your chim's duplicate it.
  • Boost Effect
  • Effect Boost
  • Rank Boost
  • Satisfying
  • Lone Slayer
  • Final Strike

You can easily get by without have most of these traits but obviously they won't be quite as powerful.

The following below are traits you should try to have on your weapons;
  • Convert Damage
  • Attack

The following traits you should always try to have on your armor;
  • HP
  • MP
  • Defense
  • Quality

I have come across a wonderful trick to getting these traits on your armor posted by Shana Valkyrie on .org on their "Totori Optional Boss Guide + Boss/Monster Location" thread. I unfortunately am unable to direct link to their thread but the above is what you would need to search for. Their method uses brewing and spring cups to get the desired traits on any cloth related armor. I shall repost the basic method here so others can see it as well. I do not take credit for this.

  • Gather 6 Stench Stones
  • Gather Water with HP+30, MP+30, Defense+10, and Quality L from Spring Cups
  • Gather a couple Blue Fruits

  • Make 1 high quality Blessed Wine with a quality of 80 or higher, and wholesale it with Iksel.
  • Make 3 Liquor with water (1 HP+30, 1 MP+30, 1 Defense+10), and 3 Blessed Wine.
  • Make 6 Smelly Liquid with water having the Quality L trait and the 6 Stench Stones you gathered previous.
  • Make 3 Million Nights with the Smelly Liquid, Liquor, and highest quality Blue Fruit you have.
  • When finished, choose the following traits; HP+30, MP+30, Defense+10, and Quality L

If you somehow are unable to use all of these traits, finalize the synthesis and reload your save file and try to find a combination that will allow you to get all the cost points to allow you to add all of the traits. Once this is done you should now allow one of your Chim's to duplicate the Million Nights item since you can't wholesale these traits. Finally you can now use this in any cloth synthesis.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


The Spring Cup Method:
This will be your way to abuse the system to gain quick money in the game.

First you will need the recipe to make the Spring Cups from Rorona in the Super Tools Recipe. Next you will need two Dark Dews. The first you will receive from Sterk upon reaching 50+ friendship with him. The second one you will use one of your chim's to duplicate the Dark Dew that Sterk gave you. Once you have both you can now make your Spring Cup with those two Dark Dew's. Once you complete the synthesis let the spring cup sit til it's at 100 quality then immediately register it with Pamela and wait for her to restock her shop. Once she restocks you'll be able to buy 10 Spring Cups, and on average will net you 15k for selling all the items in the 10 Spring Cups once you have access to Sea Puddles. You can also register more Spring Cups with Pamela if you really need a great deal of money in a short period of time. I was getting around 75k+ for registering 5 Spring Cups.

Herp Derp.

A good source of money early game before you have access to the Spring Cups. Hagel will stock 5 Port Outfits for 400 Cole each, however when you sell them you get 500 Cole a piece. Guess Hagel isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, eh?


An annoyance but not game breaking.

There is a glitch with Pamela during year 5 where she won't return to her shop after defeating Evil Face. This happens if you have talked to Peter about finding 8 women for the Festival and happened to defeat Evil Face within the two month time period between the festival. There is nothing you can do but wait for the Festival to end to get Pamela back.



The prologue part of the game will be mostly introducing you to the basic functions and features to the game til when you first arrive in Arland. There are quite a number of story related trophies to be had here, as well as getting the bad ending if you wish to get this out of the way early.

You should get these trophies within the Prologue (In order of story progression):
A day in the Life
Monstrous Power
Like the Flash
The Shouting Match
Bad Ending
(Sleep through Prologue)

~Continue Adventuring~

Now with your adventurers license you can now explore more areas, and more available to you as you rank up. I would suggest to always have Mimi with you when possible since she needs to reach level 50 for her ending. Always complete quests for Filly when possible, as you will need to have a lot complete for both Mimi's events and for the Legendary Drunkard trophy.

The following trophies that can be earned (In order of story progression);
Catch of the Day
Cuteness Swarm
Unlikely Party
Legendary Drunkard

Bad Ending
(If you don't reach Diamond rank by 4/6/1)

~After Obtaining The Boat~

In the middle of year 4 you will have access to a boat which leads to further unlocking new areas to explore as well as giving Totori the answers she's been desperately looking for about her mother. Once you have visited Frontier Village you will soon after have access to the nearby tower which has the required boss; Evil Face. However it also houses some of the strongest optional bosses which are not required for the platinum, but for those interested in a challenge.

The following trophies that can be earned (In order of story progression);

Tragic Discovery
Aristocratic Love
Haunted Doll?
Legendary "Fish"
Still a Child

Fishing Festival
Bad Ending
(Don't talk to your family when you return from Frontier Village til 6/6/1)


By this point you should only have ending related trophies, and a couple of character related trophies leftover. By doing all the endings, you will eventually pick those character related trophies up as well. I personally went for the True Ending for my first ending but you don't need to as long as you've prepared a save which you can reload from to go back to quickly do any endings that you may need. I have tips for what you need to do to prepare a save file above.

The following trophies that should be left over(XMB order);
Chivalrous Defender
Arise, McVellion!
Normal Ending
Two Masters
Adventurer BFFs
A New Journey
Who's the Teacher?
Indecisive Knight
The Hardest Workers
Alchemy Restaurant
True Ending

You have until 6/6/1 to complete everything.


First-Rate Adventurer
Obtained all trophies.

Earn all other trophies to get the platinum.

A Day in the Life
Watch the opening event.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy will pop as soon as you start the game. Easy.

Monstrous Power
View Melvia's introduction.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

Around 1/3/17, you will meet Melvia for the first time while out on an adventure with Gino.

Like the Flash
Get rescued on your way to Arland.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy will pop once you are almost to Arland while riding in the carriage around date 1/5/30.

Shouting Match
Witness Cordelia and some other girl arguing.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy will pop when you visit the Adventurer's Guild for the first time after arriving in Arland. It should be a day after the "Like the Flash" trophy.

Catch of the Day
Haul in a "fishy fishy" from Alanya.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

On date 2/6/1, Ceci will ask you to look for your father. You will find him in the Wharf and will trigger this scene upon talking to him.

Cuteness Swarm!
See the event detailing Chim's birth.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

Around 2/10/1 (could be ealier than this date), Rorona will ask you a question relating to what gender you would you like for another sibling if you had to choose. This will determine your first chim's gender. There is no difference between the genders, only appearance. A month or so later, Rorona will give you your Chim and your trophy.

Tragic Discovery
Learn the final whereabouts of Totori's mother.

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy will pop shortly after visiting Frontier Village for the first time. There is no real set date to get this since you don't have to leave on the boat immediately after building it.

Haunted Doll?
Learn the truth about Pamela.

To get this trophy you must first have access to the boat and have at least visited Frontier Village twice to talk with Pilca. Upon returning from Frontier Village the second time, Rorona will tell you to try asking Pamela. Once you've talked to Pamela and she's ready to go you can now take her to the Liechtein Soehnle next to Frontier Village and she will unlock the door for you to fight Evil Face.

Unlikely Party
Reminisce with Rorona and her friends at Iksel's restaurant.

To trigger this scene you must be at Year 3 or later, Sterk at 30 friendship, and done the first cooking quest for Iksel. The scene will automatically unlock when you enter Sunrise Cafe.

Legendary Drunkard
Went with Tiffani and Filly to have a drink.

This scene can get a little tricky to do and may take some time if you haven't been focusing on Requests only from Filly. Once you are able to do requests from Filly, take time to always check to see if you are able to fulfill them cause you will need a lot of them to unlock this scene. After you've done 30, 40, and 50 requests you will get a scene with Filly, while the last one takes place in Tiffani's store. Then finally once you have done 70 missions another scene will happen in Tiffani's store. However you first need to get rid of any quests you may have or it won't trigger. Two days later you will need to visit the Sunrise Cafe. Once you view the scene, the trophy will pop.

Note: Accepting requests from Gerhard and handing them into Filly does not count.

Fishing Festival
Hold the swimsuit contest.

Peter will visit you on 5/6/1 or near that date telling you that he is looking for eight young and beautiful women for the festival. Which means we have to talk to and gather seven characters other than Totori. You'll need to find;
  • Ceci
  • Melvia - friendship needs to be 60
  • Pamela

  • Cordelia - Need to convince Rorona first
  • Filly
  • Mimi - Friendship needs to be 60
  • Rorona - friendship needs to be 60

You can ask Tiffani, but she will refuse.

After two months pass, Peter will return and then the scene will trigger. If you miss this date you will miss the trophy completely.

Still a Child
View the event where Ceci embraces Totori.

First you need to visit Frontier Village a second time and talk to Pilca. Two weeks later you will get a scene in Atelier Totori. Wait another two weeks and you will get this scene as long as Rorona is not in your party. Finally, wait yet another two weeks and you will get the last scene which will trigger the trophy.

Chivalrous Defender
View the event where Gino learns his strongest skill.

This scene is the final event for Gino to trigger his ending. Do not trigger this unless you already have a save file prepared for reloading to get different endings.

Complete all of Gino's event requirements and get him to level 25. Return from leveling him up to 25 you will get a scene in Atelier Totori. Wait one week and you'll see a scene of Gino versus Totori. Wait another week and during the scene the trophy will pop.

View the event where Melvia and Ceci are cornered.

This scene is the final event for Melvia to trigger her ending. Do not trigger this unless you already have a save file prepared for reloading to get different endings.

The third time you invite Ceci out on an adventure, this scene will trigger. You will have to fight three Scarlets alone but you don't need to defeat them as winning or losing will still net you with the same amount of days lost afterwards.

Aristocratic Love
View the event where Mimi tries to cheer Totori up.

This scene will trigger when you leave Frontier Village for the first time. Mimi must be in your party for this so make sure she comes with you the first time you leave on the boat.

Arise, McVellion!
View the event where McVellion activates.

This scene is the final event for Marc to trigger his ending. Do not trigger this unless you already have a save file prepared for reloading to get different endings.

To trigger this scene you must have Marc at level 30 and 60 friendship. He will visit you in Atelier Rorona and will ask you to go to the Promised Lands with him. Once he is in your party, take him to the Promised Land and you will have to defeat the Iron Giant. The Iron Giant is very easy to kill if you've been waiting til year six to do this. Marc will likely die but the fight should be more than easy for Totori and your other character to handle by themselves. If you are having difficulty, the N/A bombs should help speed up killing it.

Legendary "Fish"
Learned the true nature of the "Guardian."

For this trophy you first need to get Sterk's friendship to 60 and have finished all but the last brewing quest for Gerhard done. In year 5, Gerhard will give you a new recipe for Guardian Liquor and he wants you to find the "Guardian". First you will need to talk to Guid on the wharf to get his fishing pole, and then talk to Sterk in Arland and ask him to join you. Next you will need at least 1 Sonne Fruit in your bag, your container doesn't count.

Finally you will want to travel to the Guardian's Den in the later part of the month or it won't appear. So you want leave Alanya around the 26th of the month. Once you arrive, you will trigger the scene. A very nice scene in fact.

Normal Ending
View the Normal Ending.

To complete this ending, don't trigger events for any other ending (excluding the bad ending). This includes making sure your chim's have not eaten 35 pies, and that you have under 500k Cole. Reference the endings below this trophy to see what each of the other endings require to make sure you don't trigger anything.

Also if you followed the preparing a save file part of my guide, all you would need to do from that is load the file and sleep until 6/6/1.

Bad Ending
View the Bad Ending.

There are three ways to get the bad ending:
  • Sleep through the prologue and don't make it to Arland
  • Don't reach diamond rank
  • Don't tell your family what you found out about Gisela before the conclusion of the game

The easiest to do by far is the first one. You can either get this while working on your normal file and saving beforehand or by starting a new game and just sleep through til you get the ending.

Two Masters
See Gino's Ending.

Events to trigger for Gino's ending:
  • 2/1/1, When reaching level 10+ and 40+ friendship, go out adventuring with Gino. Upon Return you will recieve a recipe.
  • Synth the item from the recipe and give it to him.
  • After meeting sterk (before being able to recruit him), talk to Gino. You need 45+ friendship.
  • 7 days later, go to either Alanya's Town Square or Arland's Artisan's Way.
  • 15 days layer, go to Atelier Totori
  • 3 days later, go to Alanya's Town Square
  • 1 week later, go to Alanya's Wharf
  • 3/1/1, At level 15+ and 50+ friendship, head to Atelier Totori
  • Go to the Town Square.
  • Talk to Gino

Final events to trigger ending:
  • 4/1/1, Level 25+, go to Atelier Totori
  • 1 week later, go to Atelier Totori
  • Wait one more week for the final event

Note: You will need to do at least one friend request for Gino or you will get Sterk's ending since he has higher priority.
Usually Melvia will keep showing up with requests, complete one for her if she's not going away, and the next person to show up should be Gino with a request. Don't do any requests for him until you are ready to trigger his ending.

Note 2: Be careful of Totori's level in comparison to Gino's. If she is more than 10 levels or so higher than Gino, he will leave your party and return a week later three levels higher than Totori. If you are level 22 he will return at level 25, thus thwarting all future possibility for endings requiring you to not trigger any endings. Get this out of the way as quickly as you can or if he must be in your party, do not let Totori attack any monsters, let her guard the entire time until Gino is out of your party. This event will only occur once.

To not trigger this ending:
  • Remove Gino from the party before he reaches level 25

See Melvia's Ending.

Events to trigger for Melvia's ending:
  • Go adventuring with Melvia in your party
  • Go out again, but with her at 50+ friendship
  • 4/6/1, At 60+ friendship, talk to Melvia and then Ceci afterwards
  • 30 days later, Talk to Ceci to invite her, Melvia needs to be in the party.
  • 30 days later, Invite Ceci out again.

Final events to trigger ending:
  • 30 days later, go out with Ceci for a third time.
  • Fight 3 scarlets (win or lose)
  • Defeat Evil Face (Melvia doesn't need to be in the party)

To not trigger this ending:
  • Don't invite Ceci out for a third time.

Adventurer BFFs
See Mimi's Ending.

Events to trigger for Mimi's ending:
  • 10+ friendship, leave with Mimi for a day and return with a full or almost full basket.
  • 15 days later, 15+ friendship, go into Atelier Totori
  • 15 days later, 20+ friendship, return to Alanya
  • 15 days later, 25+ friendship, return to Alanya again
  • 15 days later, 30+ friendship, go to Atelier Totori
  • 35+ friendship, After reaching Iron rank, talk to Cordelia
  • Talk to Mimi
  • 45+ friendship, Talk to Filly after completing 25 requests.
  • 50+ friendship, go to the Adventurer's Guild
  • Talk to Mimi after ranking up. (This can be missed so be sure to do as many Filly requests as you can since this will only trigger after a rank up)
  • 3 days later, synth at Atelier Rorona
  • 15 days later, talk to Cordelia
  • 60+ friendship, go adventuring with Mimi before completion of the boat (This must be done before you complete the boat or you will miss this completely)
  • Take Mimi with you on the boat
  • Fight Flaustraut
  • When you leave frontier village you will get a scene, also the Aristocratic Love trophy.
  • Talk to Mimi in the Adventurer's Guild
  • Defeat Evil Face (Mimi doesn't need to be in the party)

Final events to trigger ending:
  • Both Totori and Mimi reach level 50

To not trigger this ending:
  • Remove Mimi from the party before she reaches level 50

A New Journey
See Marc's Ending.

Events to trigger for Marc's ending:
  • 2/1/1, 30+ friendship, visit Hagel's weapon shop
  • 15 days later, visit sunrise cafe.
  • 30 days later, 40+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way
  • 30 days later, 45+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way
  • 30 days later, 50+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way
  • 4/1/1, level 30+, 60+ friendship, go to Atelier Rorona

Final events to trigger ending:
  • Take Marc with you to the Promised Land
  • Fight Iron Giant
  • 2 days later, return to Atelier Rorona

To not trigger this ending:
  • Don't go to the Promised Land with Marc in your party.

Who's the Teacher?
See Rorona's Ending.

Events to trigger for Rorona's ending:
  • Year 3, 40+ friendship with Rorona, 30+ friendship with Sterk, go to Sunrise cafe
  • 3/7/1, 50+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way
  • 6 months later, 60+ friendship, go to Atelier Rorona

Final events to trigger ending:
  • Reach Alchemy level 50 and synth one item in Atelier Rorona

To not trigger this ending:
  • Do not synth anything in Atelier Rorona at alchemy levels 49+

Indecisive Knight
See Sterk's Ending.

Events to trigger for Sterk's ending:
  • 30+ friendship, go to either Atelier
  • 30+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way
  • 40+ friendship, go to Artisan's Way again
  • 60+ friendship, go somewhere with Sterk
  • 1 week later, go to either Atelier
  • Invite Sterk to fish the Guardian, part of Gerhard's brewing quests.

Final events to trigger ending:
  • Trigger Gino's ending event

To not trigger this ending:
  • Don't trigger Gino's final event

The Hardest Workers
See Chim's Ending.

For this ending you need to have all five chim's. This is how you recieve them all;
  • Automatically from Rorona
  • Buying Water of Life from Pamela's Shop
  • Complete all of Iksel's Cooking quests. You'll recieve a Water of Life.
  • At 50+ friendship, Sterk will give you a Water of Life
  • Reach Cobalt rank and recieve a Water of Life.

Final events to trigger ending:
  • Your chim's will have to eat a grand total of 35 large pies or more. Each chim can only eat a total of 9 large pies, and 10 small pies will turn into 1 large pie.

To not trigger this ending:
  • Stop all the chim's from working when at 34 large pies or less.

Alchemy Restaurant
With limitless funding, Totori opens a restaurant.

To trigger this ending you must have the following done:
  • Don't complete any character final events
  • Don't complete Chim's final event
  • Complete all of Gerhard's Brewing quests
  • Complete all of Iksel's Cooking quests
  • Have 500k Cole or more

To not trigger this ending:
  • Have less than 500k Cole

True Ending
View the True Ending.

To get the True Ending you must have all of these requirements triggered before the end of the game on 6/6/1.
  • Gino's ending
  • Melvia's ending
  • Mimi's ending
  • Marc's ending
  • Rorona's ending
  • Sterk's ending
  • Chim's ending
  • Have 500k Cole or more

[top]Boss Fight Strategies

This section will be all about how to fight the two required bosses needed for some of the endings; Flaustraut and Evil Face. I've decided to keep them at the bottom of the guide so you won't have to see how to fight them before you even know they exist in the game. They really aren't very spoiler-ish but for the sake of keeping things clean and keeping beginning knowledge to a minimum without driving you crazy. I have a lot of information in the Tips & Strategies section that may already be overwhelming to newcomers and adding this might be too much. So without further delay, here are the strategies to fight them.


The fight with Flaustraut will begin as soon as you enter Altmeier after you make your boat. Flaustraut is actually relatively easy if you have a couple things prepared in advance. Here is a run down of stuff you will want to have for this battle;
  • Your party should be around level 35, give or take.
  • Equipment should be up to date as possible
  • Have a couple of Lightning Quartz
  • Have at least one Ether Ink
  • Healing items of your choice
  • Have at least one Mystery Ankh

With this set up, all you really need to do is make sure that Totori is able to throw a Lightning Quartz on every round since she'll probably be doing the most overall damage combined with the Ether Ink. The Lightning Quartz will slow down Flaustraut so it won't be doing as much damage to you as it would be normally a round. As for Mimi and your third character (I had Sterk), you can either just slam out their Skills til they run out of MP or attack the Flaustraut normally each round so they gain a bar for their Special attack. I actually never used the Special for this battle so you can get by without it easily. Just make sure to keep health up within reason but with convert damage on weapons and characters attacking normally, they should be able to compensate for all the damage given to them.

If Flaustraut is wiping you out fairly quickly that's a good sign that you probably need to go back and upgrade your equipment.


The fight with Devil Face will begin immediately once Pamela unlocks the door at Liechtein Soehnle. This will be the hardest boss fight overall on your journey to platinum if you don't venture into optional bosses. Even with good equipment he can cause you to have to restart if you happened to slip up a bit. But here is the run down of stuff you will want to have for this battle;
  • Equipment should be made with the best possible materials at this point
  • Carry a bunch of N/A bombs
  • Have at least one Ether Ink
  • Have at least one Dimension Egg
  • Healing items of your choice
  • Have at least one Mystery Ankh
  • Have the Secret Bag in your Basket

First things first is you definitely need to carry healing items. What you want to use is up to you, but you need something that will recover HP every round, will recover a large amount, or heals the entire party. I brought Healing Salves with Healing Essence, Mystery Ankhs, Elixir, and Iksel Courses. Note that I never bring MP recovery items with me since I tend to not really focus on Skills once MP runs out and I don't like wasting time to replenish it. If you are more reliant on skill attacks I highly suggest you bring MP recovery items.

Second, never have any of the items on you while you are traveling to Liechtein Soehnle as the quality of your items will drop dramatically since it's a long trip. This is where your Secret Bag comes in to play. When you are at Liechtein Soehnle, do not enter until you grab all of the items you need for the battle out of the container.

Third, your equipment should be completely up to date with the best weapons and armor; which is made from Halmonium and Velvetis. Your weapons should have at least convert damage on it. Your armor on the other hand should try to follow the method I have listed in Tips & Strategies for making the best armor. By this time I probably had three Angel's Charm accessories, which give you HP every round. I found it useful since I didn't usually have to always heal because of the combination of Convert Damage and the Angel's Charm. It's purely optional, but it may help someone.

Finally for the battle you should start by using Totori's Duplicate skill and duplicate the Dimension Egg on herself which will grant her two turns a round. The Dimension Egg will only last for around 3 rounds but it could be more or less depending on how you made it. You'll next want to hit Evil Face with Ether Ink and then the N/A bombs afterward. Ether Ink will only last for around 5 rounds before it wears off. Your other characters should focus on slamming out their skills until they run out of MP and then focus on getting their Special attack bar full and use their Special only on Evil Face. Rinse and repeat this.

Evil Face has two attacks that you need to worry about. One where he summons two demons to fight alongside him and one that will more than likely kill one of your characters if their HP is low. The demons for the most part you can just ignore since if you attack them you'll only be prolonging the battle which is not what you should be doing. His "The Fallen" attack is easily survivable but your characters need to have at least half or more of their health otherwise they are at risk for getting KO'ed, and if Totori goes down, it's pretty much game over unless you are about to kill it.

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