tries to follow Google's policy against duplicate content on the Internet. We do not allow content submitted to this site to be on any other site. If the original author of the content submits content to this site and then submits the same content for use on a different site, that constitutes as duplicate content. Since you're the author of this content, you have the right to take it elsewhere and we won't stop you, but we will replace the content you submitted to us with someone else's content as quickly as possible to avoid duplicate content found on the web. We prefer to have unique content and will do whatever is in our power to keep it that way.

So if this becomes the case, we will list Trophy Guides that violate our policy below for other user's to gain authorship of them. User's can go through the list below and contact a Trophy Guide Team (TGT) member and call the guide. The guides will be an 'auto-accept' challenge, meaning they go through a similar challenge process like any other guide, except that TGT will automatically accept the challenge request, compared to going through a process that normal challengers have to meet to take over ownership of a guide.


1. If there is a guide listed that you want to challenge, post your request in the discussion tab.
2. When approved, a TGT member will make the wiki for your trophy guide and send the URL to you via PM/VM.
3. Same rules follow as regular trophy guides for completion timeline:
  • 2 weeks for Platinum Games
  • 1 week for Non-platinum Games
4. You cannot copy word-for-word information from the original guide, phrase the guide in your own words.
5. We do have to make sure you plan on starting the game with the guide or do have some of the trophies to ensure you arent going to write it without the game, much like we would with a regular challenge only a regular challenge requires you have some/to most trophies
6. When completed, PM a TGT member for final approval of the guide.

[top]Guides up for Auto-Accept Challenge

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