Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: Fuelmaster , Hi Bob! and Deja Marty there isn't any level select so be careful and try to get them out of the way. Otherwise you will have to replay the game over again.

[top]Tips & Strategies

-Holding makes Marty run faster

- This button allows you to go in your inventory and selcet item to use. Click on the button to use the item.

- Allows you to interact with people/objects in free roam

-In conversation with characters in the game press to exit talking to them

-Pressing opens up hints for tasks in the game. Pressing on this screen will give you more available hints.


The ways to optain the trophies are in spoilers. This is because I don't want to ruin the story for anyone.

Story Mode:
Doc Has gotten himself in trouble again. You play as Marty Mcfly as you have to go back to 1931 to rescue Doc from Kid Tannen before he gets wiped out of time and your life forever. All the trophies are based and given after completing certain things within the story. But there are a few that can be missed on the first playthrough. Such as the Fuelmaster and Hi Bob! trophies.


A Bicycle Built For Two
Rescued Doc from Kid Tannen.

After you take Enda's bike you are place in a scence where you are chasing Kid Tannen. After the cut-scene you're on the back of the truck. Follow these instruction to finish the game and earn the trophy.

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Back in Time
Traveled back in time to rescue Doc.

You will get this trophy once you get to 1931 Hill Valley.

Grandpa Got Served
Delivered the subpoeana to Arthur McFly.

To get this trophy you have to have the tape recorder with you. Walk ovet to kid Tannen and start shinning his shoes. Then after that precede with these steps.

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Junior Bootlegger Badge
Managed to get 190-proof alcohol delivered to Emmett's.

In the story alcohol is illegal in 1931 so you and a young Emmett Brown have to find a way to get the booze you need. It is important to follow the directions below I missed one thing and was puzzled for 15 mins.

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Acquired Emmett's Rocket Drill.

You'll get this trophy automatically after you try to break Doc out of Jail with the rocket drill.

Doc's Legacy
Got Doc's Notebook back from Biff

Doc has disappeared and now in 1986 the town is having an auction at Doc Brown's house. Follow these instructions to get this trophy.

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Hello, Young Friend
Talked Emmett into completing the Rocket Drill

While talking to Doc in the Jail in 1931 he'll give you a phone number for his younger self. You have to go over to the soup kitchen and use the phone. The person on the phone will instruct you that the yound Emmett Brown is at the court house working. Head over to the court house and follow the instructions below to get the trophy.

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A Plausible Explanation
Discovered the origin of the 'new' DeLorean

One of the first things you do when you arrive in 1931 Hill Valley is going to talk to talk. Doc in the Hill Valley Jail. After a quick dicussion you will be able to ask Doc some questions. Ask Doc the following questions in this order to find out about the new DeLorean. If you remember from the final movie the DeLorean gets destroyed by a train once Marty comes back from the wild west.

Ask these Questions
"Where have you been?"
"How's the family?"
and Lastly "Where'd the Delorean come from?"

Flawlessly mixed up a batch of Emmett's Rocket Fuel

This is a horrible trophy to get, and is the hardest in the game. In order to get this you have to pay very close attention at the clues that Emmett throws you. Be careful since young Doc's father is yelling in the background. There are four actions that you can do and you have to match the right clue with the right action perfectly with nothing wrong to get the trophy.

Stoke Fire

Release Gaseous Pressure
Release Valve
Bags of gas

Sprinkle Bacteria Food

Turn Electrical Crank

Fate in Flux
Heard about the curious fate of Marshall Strickland

When you are in 1986 you will go and see Enda Strickland. When you are in the house there will be many interactive things in the apartment. For this trophy you want to click on the pictures. Keep clicking the pictures until she tells you that Marshall Strickland got killed by Maddog Tannen over 100 dollars. Marty will then say that's not how he remembers it. Then bing the trophy will pop up.

Hi Bob!
Namechecked BTTF Creators

When you first get into 1931 Hill Valley you are able to walk around. Walk towards the law firm and right before you get there a young Enda Strickland will start asking you questions. Once you are finished with her walk over to the law firm sign and click on it.

Deja Marty
Perfectly repeated dialog while repeating Doc's temporal experiment

This is the very first trophy you will most likely get. In the beginning of the game you are in the shopping mall parking lot just like in the first movie. When you get the prompts say these lines in this order.
"You disintegrated Einstein"
"You built a time machine out of a DeLorean?"

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