Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-4hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies:
Missable Trophies:
Glitched Trophies:


Marty McFly and Doc Brown return in a new Back to the Future adventure. This time around, Doc Brown needs to rescue the space time continuum that has occurred during the 1931’s era of Prohibition. Interact with new characters such as gang boss Kid Tannen and young Emmett Brown as you try to again set the timeline right.

[top]Tips and Strategies


1: Story Mode
Progress through the story and try to get as many trophies as possible. There are some missable trophies in the game, and if you miss any you have to replay the game from the start.

Replay the game from the start and get any missed trophies.


Kid Restraint
Defeat Kid Tannen.

Story based cannot be missed

You will be chased by Tannen on the roof and to beat the game and earn the trophy you have to trap him in a vehicle's harness. Perform the following actions below to get the trophy and conclude episode two.

~Talk with Officer Parker
~Move to Flask behind trash cans on the left
~Interact with the flask
~Move to Einstein
~Interact with flask while in inventory
~Interact with Einstein
~Interact with the button
~Interact with the trash cans
~ Now interact with the barrels
~ Interact with Kid Tannen
~ Interact with the leaky barrel
~ Interact with trash cans again
~Interact with the police car
~Interact with Kid Tannen this time 3 times
~Interact with trash cans
~Interact with the barrels
~Interact with the Hooch Barrel while in the inventory
~ Gap
~Interact while in your inventory with the lighter
~Interact with the Hooch Trail
~Dodge Right
~Dodge Right
~Use the Harness
This though long should trap Tannen

Escape Artist
Find a hidden passageway.

To get this trophy, you have to interact with the numbers on the right side of the bar while you rescue Arthur from Tannens goons early in the game.

While you're inside the speakeasy after Matches shows a stick of dynamite to Kid , you'll see Kid take a secret passage. Once he does go over to the Croupier and talk to him. Select this from the choices
"Bet on 7, 23, & 30" (It's towards the bottom)
By doing this it'll open secret passage and give you the trophy

Police Blotter
Dry a cop out.

This is story based and cannot be missed.

While you are in speak easy get Officer Parker to tell you about his troubles. Do this by playing sad music . After he has confused to you that he is working for Kid Tannen. Now swap Edna's song lyrics for the lyrics of the song "I Don't Care". Now select the new song "You Should Care" for Trixie to sing; this will make Officer Parker want to stand up to Tannen.

Moll Mender
Get a gangster's girl to do the right thing.

Story based and cannot be missed
To get this trophy you have to get Trixie to turn on Tannen. To do this follow these instructions.

Once Trixie has been told that Artie will not be harmed you have to convince her that Artie has already been killed. Use the picture you have of George McFly and get a picture made by Zane and place it on the Kid Tannen killed me "Wall of Fame". When the picture is on the wall go and see Trixie and tell her that Artie is now on the wall. She will think Artie is dead and decide to give you evidence to give to Officer Parker.

Tannen Tamer
Defeat the Tannen Brothers in six jumps.

This trophy is achieved once you are ambushed by Biff and his brothers in 1986. What you want to do is to get Buff to smash the bug zapper in six moves with his bat. Use the following method below to help you. The questions you ask doesn't matter.

~ Any Question
~ Dodge!
~Any Question
~ Jump!
~ Any Question
~ Dodge!
~ Any Question
~ Jump!
~ Any Question
~ Dodge
~ Any Question
~ Duck!

A Minimum of Panic
Rescue Arthur with minimal fuss.

This trophy is near the start of the game. Once Arthur is taken by Kids' goons you will need to free him. But this is the catch you have to do it without causing to many headaches. To get the trophy wait until you are inside the bar and behind the counter to take out each of Kids guys one by one.

~ grab the Chloroform and pour it into the ink bottle
~then turn on the sign by using the switch
~Now you must be quick cause Cue ball will stay upstairs for a short time
~While he is upstairs hit the Panic Switch
~Wait for Matches to hit the switch back to normal
~Pick up the bottle that he dropped and hit the switch again
~When Matches is messing with the switch hit him with the bottle

Art Lover
Track down a missing accountant.

Story based cannot be missed.
This trophy will unlock as soon as you enter the bar where Artie is being kept in the start of the game.

Tuned Out
Enjoy a full set from Hill Valley's leading songstress.

While in the speakeasy use all the different sheet music for Trixie to sing to.
Types of songs
Sad song
Secret song
Angry song
Happy song

Door Prize
Break the password code without cheating.

This trophy is a little tricky. But, while in 1931 after you are in 1986, you'll be able to get into Tannens speakeasy. To get in go past the Soup Kitchen and to the back alley. There will be a gaurd at the door. Go to the door and the guard will start asking you questions. However the question ends, that is how your answer starts. Below are all the possible questions with the correct answers.

Q.~ stands for question
A.~ stands for answer

Question 1:

Toggle Spoiler

Question 2:

Toggle Spoiler

Question 3:

Toggle Spoiler

Find "Chuckles Lenart".

In order to get this trophy you have to be in the speakeasy. Once you are in the easy you will see a bunch of caricatures on the wall. The ones you want are by Zane near the exit. Interact with these 3-4 times, and you should hopefully see a drawing of Chuckles LeNart and give you the trophy.

Get a full explanation of your situation.

Do the following actions to unlock this trophy

~Move to the Town Square
~Go to Edna
~Interaction with Edna
~ ”Nice song!”
~“Can I have a copy of your song?”
~Move over to the gazebo to Emmett
~ Use all conversations with Emmett
~Go to the Flophouse Door
~While inside the house have all conversations with Doc until "Run This Through For Me..."

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