Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 1-2 Hours.
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None.
Missable Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: N/A


Double Vision is the fourth of five installments of the Telltale Games release of Back To The Future: The Game. Following the events of Episode 3, Marty and Jennifer have been detained by Edna in alternate 1986. Citizen Brown, having realized his mistakes, is strapped down to a slab having his personality and thoughts reprogrammed via the Citizen Plus program. It's up to you to play as Marty and interact with your surroundings to escape, solve puzzles and get back to your own time.

[top]Tips and Strategies

If you get stumped, just press to go to your hint menu.


1. First Playthrough: Most of the goals set for the trophies will come naturally through game progression, with only a few that will be best to get completed early on.

2. Second Playthrough: This can definitely be done in one playthrough, but you can always replay to clean up those missed trophies.


To the Expo!
Marty and Emmett head to the Expo.

Story related, cannot be missed.

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Your Own Personal Frankenstein
Gave Emmett his Epiphany.

Story related, cannot be missed. See To the Expo!

Breaking Up is Hard to Do
Broke up Emmett and Edna.

Story related, cannot be missed.

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Free Citizen Brown!
Rescued Citizen Brown from the Citizen Plus Program.

Story related, cannot be missed.

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The Power of Love?
Escaped from Marty's Cell.

Story related, cannot be missed.

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Let Them Eat, Um, Cake
Offered Algae Cakes to Everyone

After gaining the postcard from Cueball, ask him about his green teeth a few times, and he'll fork over a box of Algae Cakes. Offer everyone on the fairground one, including Emmett in his lab, making a total of seven people. They are as follows;


Any order will suffice just make sure to give Emmett his while he's in his lab.

Edna Was Right!
Revealed Hill Valley Hooliganism Rate

While in Emmett's lab the first time, examine the stack of mind maps in the desk in the middle of the room. Continue doing so until Emmett fesses up about the percentage of 'hooligans' in the test results.

The Other Woman
Got Trixie Ready to Make Edna Jealous

Story related, cannot be missed.

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Like a Not-So-Fine Wine
Messed with Emmett's Cleanser.

Story related, cannot be missed.

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A Not-So-Beautiful Mind
Crafted a Mind Map of Emmett that Reveals him to be a "Degenerate Criminal."

This can get tricky.

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An Uncomfortable Truth
Emmett Is Prophetically Honest About His Marriage Prospects.

Once you've finished what you need the first time in Emmett's lab, proceed to exit. You'll be stopped by a cut scene and will be able to talk to Doc once more. Simply tell him he can't marry Edna, and when he asks why, tell him he's supposed to marry someone else.

Timely Traveller
Take the Fewest Possible Trips to Emmett's Lab

The goal here is to only head to the lab when the game absolutely needs you there. So only twice. To minimize trips just make sure you've grabbed everything you need from the lab, and complete any task involving Emmett while there too.

Items in the lab you need to pick up;

-Oil Can. (On the table next to the fish tank.)
-Spray Can of Cleanser (Examine the cleanser shower.)
-Photo Album (Given to you after examining the photo easel.)

Tasks to complete;

-Examine the stack of mind maps multiple times. ()
-Make a mind map showing Emmett is a degenerate criminal. ()
-Give an Algea Cake to Emmett. (Can be given to him on the second trip. )
-Talk to Emmett about his Marriage Prospects. ()

When you've gotten everything, the trophy will pop shortly after leaving the second time.

There's a Moose?
Get a Good Look at Trixie's Postcard

Once you have the postcard, simply go into your inventory and examine it.

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