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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: 3 (1, 1, 1)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None found yet

Backbreaker is an American Football game which was developed by the British development company NaturalMotion. It was released on June 1st 2010 in North America, and June 25th in Europe. Backbreaker does not use any names of teams or players from the National Football League, because Electronic Arts has the exclusive rights for these.
What makes Backbreaker different from previous American Football titles is its use of the Euphoria engine when calculating the tackling physics. This allows the games' tackles to be animated on a tackle by tackle basis, rather than relying on a finite number of preset tackle animations. It makes for a more immersive footballing experience.

[top]Tips & Strategies

Firstly, the biggest tip I can offer you in terms of trophy hunting; is that it doesn't matter what match settings you have on when going for a trophy. This means that if you are having trouble with a specific in-game style trophy, you can create an exhibition game, set it to easy, and set yourself as a very good team, against a very bad team. You can also tweak the quarter lengths to give yourself more time...

Now however I will attempt to give you some tips on general gameplay that will hopefully improve how you get on in matches:

- The best way to move the chains in general is by running the football. Passing is quite difficult to master, although I will supply some tips here also. When running the ball up the middle, holding agressive mode, and also pulling the right stick down, will tuck the ball to try to power through. However if you are running outside, it's best not to enter agressive mode until you have beaten the one or two guys who get to you.

- In season mode, keep an eye on players form. It does make a big difference in some cases. Particularly noticably at Quarterback. If you put out a QB who's not on his game, he will overthrough guys and cause turnovers.

- After catching the ball, although the temptation is to enter agressive mode with your WR and speed towards the endzone, it's generally not worth it. It's better to keep the higher agility of normal mode so that you can beat people easier.

- When passing the ball, try not to hold the stick up for too long, as this can often cause the reciever to be overthrown. Simply pull up and release, or if you want to underthrow the reciever pull up, then pull down.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

None found during my time playing, please pm me if you have found any cheats, glitches or exploits, and I will add them.


Remember that this roadmap is a guide. Many of the trophies which involve in game accomplishments, such as sacking the QB or making an interception or throwing a touchdown, will generally just come from playing the game a lot. The list below details a roadmap designed to get you the trophies that can only be got by playing certain ways. If upon completion you have not obtained all the in game trophies, please look at the specific trophy for advice on how best to achieve it.

Step One: Play the Training camp and complete each of the 25 drills there. If you are new to the game; this will teach you the control system. This will also earn you the Boys to Men trophy.

Step Two: Create a team of your own. This can be as complicated or as simplistic as you like. This will gain you Something from Nothing.

Step Three: Now use your team to play through 'Road to Backbreaker' and complete it entirely. This will earn you End of the Road. Then continue to complete each of the 8, 16 and 32 team seasons. During the 8 team season, you should try not to lose a game, which will get you the Flawless Trophy. On completion, each of the different season lengths will give you a trophy.

Step Four: Now for the hardest trophy in the game - you need to complete all 100 waves of Tackle Alley to obtain both Half Wave There, and Parting Wave. Since this is so difficult, please see the Parting Wave section for advice on how to complete it.

Step Five: Take your Custom Team online, and win 20 online exhibition games. This will get you all three online trophies.

Step Six: Clean up any trophies that you don't yet have.


Platinum Trophy
Win all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies.

Pretty self explanatory, get all the other trophies to platinum Backbreaker.

End of the Road
Complete Road to Backbreaker.

You need to take your created team through separate 8, 16 and 32 team seasons in the Road to Backbreaker mode. Aside from the advice listed above to help you win, remember that it's very useful to draft players in between seasons to strengthen up your squad.

Complete a season undefeated in Season mode.

This is easiest to do on the 8 team season, simply because you have less chance to fail. If you do lose a game, just quit and reload to keep going. For advice on how best to win games, see the Tips & Strategies section.

Online, On form
Win 20 online Exhibition games.

Simply win 20 online exhibition games - you could just go for it against anyone online, or try the official boosting thread to find someone from the forum to play with:

Official Backbreaker Boosting Thread

Parting Wave
Complete the final wave in a single player Tackle Alley game.

Without a doubt the most difficult trophy in the game. The most important advice for taking on tackle alley to a high level is to switch to alternate controls, which has as spin move. This is much easier to use quickly, and for higher levels you will need to string multiple spins together at once.
Aside from spin, juke is very useful too, which is controlled by the right analogue stick being moved to either side.

There is no substitute for simply trying this a few times. The first time I tried this i reached the mid 70s, and the following time, i reached level 92. The more you try it, the better you will get. The temptation is to give up after a couple of trys because you have to start all over again afterwards.

As an extra thought, you should not worry about scoring points at all, simply worry about getting the touchdown.

I will link to a high level video on youtube which shows possible ways of completing waves 90 - 100.

Best of luck with this trophy; once you get it, you're on the home straight for the platinum.

Season Finale
Win the 32 team league in Season mode.

A pretty easy trophy, just quite time consuming. Simply win a 32 team season. Again, check Tips & Strategies if you are having trouble.

Big Fish, Small Pond
Win the 8 team league in Season mode

Again, a fairly easy trophy. Simply finish top in an 8 team season mode season. It is useful to attempt to get Flawless while doing this trophy.

Boys to Men
Successfully complete all of the drills in Training Camp.

This should be one of the first things you do. It is important to learn to use the controls effectively, since they are very unlike any other american football game out there. Completing all 25 drills in the training camp will net you this trophy.

Good Eye, Strong Arm, Safe Hands
Throw 10 complete passes in a single player Exhibiition or League game.

A trophy which you should accomplish simply by playing through all of the season games. If you have trouble accomplishing this, I suggest playing an exhibition game with an extrely good offense against a poor defense, as well as setting the game mode to easy, and making the game length very long (to give yourself more time to get 10 passes off successfully).
Also remember that it's quite easy to get intercepted, so try hard not to throw into double coverage.

Half Wave There
Reach Wave 50 in a single player Tackle Alley game.

Still fairly tricky though no where near as hard as Parting Wave. Check out the Parting Wave section for the best advice on how to complete tackle alley.

Head to Head
Win an online Exhibition game.

Check out Online, On form. You'll get this on the way to that.

Moving the Chains
Pick up 500 offensive yards in a single player Exhibiition or League game.

This is a little tricky if your playing with standard settings. However, since the settings make no difference to the trophies, it's perfectly fine to tweak theem to 15 minute quarters, and easy to give yourself a much better shot at getting 500 yards.

On the Up
Win the 16 team league in Season mode.

Simply win a 16 team season mode season, and this trophy is yours.

Quarter Pounder, with Cheese
Sack the Quarterback 3 times in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.

There are a couple of ways to do this one. Firstly try and do it during normal game play: choose a blitz play for your defense, and always put yourself as a blitzing Linebacker; then wait for a whole to open up, and go in and level the Quarterback.

An alternative way is to set up an exhibition game against a poor standard offense, and set yourself as a Cornerback. Position yourself quite near your Defensive End, and then simply run around the line of scrimmage for the sack once the snap has gone off.

Shut Out
Win a single player Exhibition or League game without your opponent scoring.

You will almost certainly get this while playing through the seasons. If you can't and are having some trouble, then set up an exhibition game with the lowest time length and on easy. Score once and then try to run the clock out.

Something from Nothing
Create a Custom Team.

If you are following the roadmap this will be your second trophy. Simply enter 'My Teams' and create a Team of your own. You'll need to use one of your created teams in Road to Backbreaker, so you might like to take a little time over it, but if you don't want to, you can simply alter one thing, save it, and you'll get the trophy.

To the Hizzy
Score a defensive touchdown in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.

This can be fairly tough. The real kicker is no player switching. The best way to get this is to take control of a Cornerback, and then give your Wide Reciever a few yards of space. This will make the QB pass it his way. Once the ball is in the air, you have to try to position yourself between the ball and the Reciever, and then hold to pick it off. You may also find that moving the stick around to let you look at the QB will help you anticipate the ball.

Once you have the ball, you need to get into the opponents endzone to get this trophy. This will be easier if you get the pick while fairly close to their endzone already.

Armed and Dangerous
Stiff arm an opposing player in a single player Exhibition or League game.

With the ball in your possession, you need to be in agressive mode by holding , and then pull the right stick in the direction of an advancing defender to stiff arm them and recieve the trophy.

Create and Dominate
Take a custom team online.

Take a team which you have created online, and you will recieve this trophy

First of Many
Pick up a 1st Down in a single player Exhibiition or League game.

This is one of the easiest trophies in the game. If you don't get this while playing through normally, unfortunately you are likely to have trouble with most of the other trophies.

From the Hurt, to the Dirt
Tackle the ball carrier in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.

This is easiest to accomplish as a Linebacker, but will most likely just come while you are playing the game.

Hustle and Muscle
Perform a x5 combo in a single player Tackle Alley game.

This will come as you are trying to get to wave 100 in tackle alley. Simply spin a few defenders and showboat a little.

In the Bag
Win a single player Exhibition or League game.

This will come when you win your first game - an easy trophy

Perform a x5 streak in a single player Tackle Alley game.

The goal here is to complete multiple waves of tackle alley without getting tackled. This is easy when done from wave 1.

Score a Touchdown in a single player Exhibiition or League game.

Easy again. Will definately come while you are playing the game normally.

Quarter Pounder
Sack the Quarterback in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.

See Quarter Pounder with Cheese for the best way to obtain this trophy

Stealing the Feeling
Intercept the ball in a single player Exhibition or League game, without player switching.

See To the Hizzy for the best advice on getting this trophy

Showboat 25 yards towards your opponent's endzone in a single player Exhibition or League game.

This is quite difficult. The default controls have as the button to showboat. You'll need to be in lots of space to make it 25 yards without being caught; and to make it worse, if you get hit while showboating, you will fumble the ball.
The best way to do this is to create a custom team with 11 gold offensive players, and play against a team with a terrible defense. Try an outside run play, and cut straight upfield once past the line of scrimmage. Start showboating before you reach the 25 yard line. Hopefully your guys can keep them off you.

The Last Gasp
Convert a 4th down in single player Exhibiition or League game.

You should come across this while playing. If you don't just load up an exhibition game and go for it on 4th and short.

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