Band Hero is a rhythm game, a spin-off title of the Guitar Hero franchise. It includes a 65 track setlist constructed of Pop hits spanning as far back as the 1960's. It supports full band play as well as a carrer, competitive game types, and GHTunes, giving you the ability to make and share you own custom songs.


Players: 1-4 (Local), 1-8 (Online)
Online Trophies: 3 Mandatory; M.C. , Face to Face, Till Do Us Part.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15 - 20 hours (Depending on skill & Boosting time)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: N/A
Special Equipment Required: Corresponding instrument controllers.
Online Pass Required: No

[top]Accessory Requirements

At least one of each of the following;

Guitar Controller
Drum Kit Controller
USB Microphone

[top]Tips & Strategies

Like most rhythm based games, practice makes perfect. If you're having trouble nailing a certain part of a song in order to pass it, hop into practice mode and keep at it until you've got it down. Alternatively any help you need with challenges and multi-instrument trophies can be found by boosting in the Band Hero forum.


Most of these can be unlocked during your career by completing certain challenges, and once activated, could disable trophies and or challenges. Works for some, and not for others, use at own discretion.

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1) Getting setup - You must have the required controllers to platinum this game. Challenges for instruments you don't have CAN be done by online friends on that particular instrument, but, you need all of them yourself to complete the tutorials.

2) Tutorials - From the main menu, select Training, then select tutorials. They are self explanatory.

3) Online trophies & Boosting - Go ahead and find some friends to tackle these first. The online portion of this game is quite a ghost town. So round up whoever you need to get what you need done and vice-versa.

4) Career - Playing through the career is very simple. Just play every song in every venue at your leisure, completing what you can when you can.

5) Clean up - Here you'll go back and finish things like challenges, gaining more stars, and simple trophies like 'Studio Time' if you haven't already.


Platinum Trophy
Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Band Hero

Complete all other trophies for this Bandtasic Platinum.

Welcome to Band Hero
Complete all of the tutorials

From the main menu, select Training then select tutorials. These are very very self explanatory and most of them you can skip around through, so it shouldn't take you longer than 15 minutes to run through.

Rise to Fame
Complete 25% of the gigs in Career

See The Long Road Ahead.

Nation's Star
Complete 50% of the gigs in Career

See The Long Road Ahead.

World Known
Complete 75% of the gigs in Career

See The Long Road Ahead.

Earn 111 Stars in Career

See Shine.

Earn 333 Stars in Career

See Shine.

Earn 555 Stars in Career

Here you need to 6-star, or 100% every track in the career, plus do most of the challenges and extra events until you reach your starry goal. Now this isn't as hard as it sounds because the 6-star score isn't difficulty sensitive, so you can fly through on beginner and have it done in no time.

If it comes down to it, just set a mic next to the TV speaker or fan and play through every song, then clean up the challenges later.

Platinum Blonde
Earn Platinum level on a Career Challenge

See Iced Out.


Iced Out
Earn Diamond level on a Career Challenge

Stackable with Platinum Blonde, each song in the career is paired with a specific instrument or band challenge. Read the instructions of the challenge and meet the criteria to the best of your abilities. If you can't do it personally, look up an online friend to help.

My First Gig
Complete a Career gig on any difficulty

This will unlock after completing your very first song in your career. Nothin' fancy here.

Road Most Traveled
Unlock every venue

As you progress, the stars total you earn will unlock further venues for you to play in. They are;

Mall of Fame
Smoke & Water Festival
Club La Nova
Summer Park Festival
Luz De Madrid
The Wormhole (Complete the song The Adventure)
Everpop Awards
Red River Canyon
Amp Orbiter
Hypersphere (Complete the Career)

The Long Road Ahead
Complete Career on any difficulty with any instrument

To finish the career you need to play to unlock all of the the venues, and the definite end is the gig where you play 'The Impression I Get' by The Mighty Might Bosstones.

Once you complete the song, you will unlock the final venue and the credits will roll while you play through the classic hit 'American Pie'.


Host an online Career game and play a song

This is very simple. Instead of waiting hours for someone to pop up in online searching, just invite a friend into your band in your career, and play a short song.

Remember, CAREER, not quickplay.

Face to Face
Complete 25 online Pro Face-Off matches, win or lose

Like most GH type games you can test your chops online by selecting Competitive mode from the main menu, and duking it out in Pro-Faceoff. The best way to tackle this now, due to the ghost town of an online community, you can easily boost this with a friend. All you need is some time.

When you two have connected, start up a game of Pro-Faceoff and play only one song. You don't even have to play just let it run, it counts win or lose. By picking only one song each time saves a lot time since after every single track it counts as a match played, whereas if you choose more songs the game will count the entire setlist as a single match.

If the trophy doesn't pop after exactly 25 matches, just play one or two more to make sure. It will pop, but it's just fickle.

Till Death Do Us Part
Play an online Do or Die game

Due to a dead online community, it's far far easier to boost with a friend, it will save a ton of time.Just invite your friend and select the Competitive mode from the main menu, and from there select Do or Die. Pick any song and play. The trophy will pop at the end of the match.

Nice to Meet You
Complete the gigs and unlock all of the celebrity characters

All the songs with the star to the left of the title in the career, once played, will unlock a celebrity character.

Love Story, Picture to Burn, You Belong With me - Taylor Swift
She Will Be Loved - Adam Levine
Don't Speak, Just A Girl - No Doubt

A New Challenge Awaits
Complete 50 of the Career Challenges at Platinum or Diamond

Each song in the career is paired with a specific instrument or band challenge. Read the instructions of the challenge and meet the criteria to the best of your abilities. If you can't do it personally, look up an online friend to help. But if it comes to it, just practice, practice, practice.

Testing the Waters
Play through every Band Hero song once

There are 65 tracks on disc, and you'll definitely get this by the time you've finished your career playthrough.

In the Moment
Successfully complete a Band Moment

Band moments occur during songs playing with a band at pivotal parts of the track. Basically, once you see one coming (The highway glows orange), you and your band mates must play that phrase perfectly to trigger the band moment. The trophy will pop immediately after the moment is over.

One easy way is to have two controllers of any type set to Beginner and since there aren't any specifics to what you play when the multi-colored line comes down, you can can strum, tap, or hum along on multiple instruments.

Star Light, Star Bright
Score over 10,000 points while in a single Star Power deployment in Career or Quickplay

Much easier than it sounds. The key here is to keep your score multiplier at 4x. This way once you activate Star Power, it doubles and boosts your score tremendously. So save up your star power for when you see a good patch of notes headed your way. Activate it and rack up those points.

A Cool Mill
Score over 1,000,000 points as a band in any single song in Career or Quickplay

As you're playing in a band, take advantage of things like band moments and simultaneous Star Power activations. Remember not only are there individual multipliers, but also an overall band multiplier. Picking longer note heavy songs will also help too, but be careful, if you or some one in your band is inexperienced, harder songs can be your downfall in reaching the 1 Million mark.

Studio Time
Create a GH™Studio song

Very simple. From the main menu select GHStudio. Once there select GHMix 2.0, then create new song. After that it's up to you what's in you custom song. It could be as simple as one note, if you'd like, hell, be creative. Either way once you SAVE the song, the trophy will pop.

Fevered Pitch
100% a song as a vocalist

This is super duper easy. Since there aren't any difficulty restrictions, just pick any song and select The Beginner difficulty. This way you can hum your way through the song, or even better, place the mic in front of a fan or the speakers of your TV until the song is over.

Jack of All Trades
Complete at least one challenge for every instrument at Gold level or better

This is much much easier than it sounds, because gold is the very first level of the three. So just do your best on those unfamiliar instruments, even if you're not the best at, you don't have to go above and beyond to reach Gold. And as always you can always have a friend to help.

There's no 'I' in 'Band Hero'
Complete a song with 4 players without any members failing on expert in Career or Quickplay

Unless you're some sort of Rocktopus, you're gonna need to find some Expert players in the boosting thread.If you're having trouble playing on Expert, then Bass might be your best bet as an instrument choice, and if it isn't, just make sure your band mates keep you afloat with their Star Power activations.

Four of a Kind
Complete a song as 4 of the same instrument on any difficulty in Quickplay or Career

Unless you have 4 of any of kind of instrument, you'll need to boost to find a quartet of a certain instrument. Guitar is the easiest to come by, most folks who own these types of games have 1 or 2 around.

Star Powered
Earn an 11x multiplier

The key to this is keeping all of your multipliers at 4x, where the band multiplier will be at 4x. Once all of you are streaking, you have to successfully hit a band moment, pushing it up to 7x. Then all four of you activate Star Power at the same time, pushing the band multiplier to 11x. To make things easier you can be on any difficulty, so you can have something like, 4 Vocals on Beginner next to a fan, and it'd still work.

Picture Perfect
Streak through an entire song without missing a note on medium or harder difficulty

A perfect streak, or Full Combo (FC), is hitting every note in a song with out breaking you note streak. So no silly strummin' here. If you're not very good at this type of game, pick a short, lower tiered song on medium, and keep at it until you've hit every note.

Treasure Hunt
Collect all of the Secret Notes

There are 19 songs with secret notes in them the you have to find and play. These notes could be any note in the song, on any instrument, and you'll know if you've hit it when the song is over and the trophy pops. The guides below will give you clues to where to find each one.

Another tip would be the ol' fan trick. Just set the difficulty to beginner, select one of the songs below, and place your mic in front of a fan or your TV speakers to get a 100%. That way, you'll never miss the note, where ever it might be.

Secret Notes 1
Hint: *e*** *c******y

This note is in the song Beautiful Soul.

Secret Notes 2
Hint: **n** ***k***

This note is in the song Black Cat.

Secret Notes 3
Hint: *** *ol**** ****e*

This note is in the song Honkey Tonk Woman

Secret Notes 4
Hint: **l* *ll**

This note is in the song Take What You Take.

Secret Notes 5
Hint: A** * A*

This note is in the song Like Whoa.

Secret Notes 6
Hint: ***o*n 5

This note is in the song She Will Be Loved.

Secret Notes 7
Hint: **v** *o***

This note is in the song Let's Dance.

Secret Notes 8
Hint: *v***s***c*

This note is in the song Bring Me to Life.

Secret Notes 9
Hint: H*****

This note is in the song Lips of an Angel.

Secret Notes 10
Hint: *a* B****a*

This note is in the song Love Is A Battlefield.

Secret Notes 11
Hint: *o ***b*

This note is in the song Don't Speak.

Secret Notes 12
Hint: ***v** **y*

This note is in the song I Heard It Though The Grapevine.

Secret Notes 13
Hint: **i** *i***

This note is in the song Wannabe.

Secret Notes 14
Hint: **ll*** ****l*

This note is in the song Y.M.C.A..

Secret Notes 15
Hint: **l*** **ff

This note is in the song So Yesterday.

Secret Notes 16
Hint: *e***w***d

This note is in the song Ocean Avenue.

Secret Notes 17
Hint: *h* *ll-**e***** **j****

This note is in the song Dirty Little Secret.

Secret Notes 18
Hint: **y O******

This note is in the song Oh Pretty Woman.

Secret Notes 19
Hint: **r* **u****

This note is in the song Kung Fu Fighting.

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