Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 3- Difficulty trophies do not stack
Collectible Trophies: 1
Missable Trophies: All specific kill trophies are missable
Glitched Trophies: None known as of yet


Konami and Colombia pictures join together to release the tie-in game for the movie Battle: Los Angeles. This first person shooter will guide you through the basic premise of the movie as you move to stop an alien racing from claiming dominance in LA.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Do not rely on your unit: Your CPU allies are useless, they rarely hit the enemy and will walk directly in front of your shots. The only thing they do very well is absorb bullets, so let them do that.

Be aware of burning cars: It is not always easy to tell if the car you are behind is on fire, if it is it will blow up shortly- get back.

Covering your CO: Three times during the course of your gameplay you will be tasked with providing cover fire for your CO. Concentrate on keeping yourself alive, as your commander is one tough marine and (even on the hardest setting) it is unlikely his health will fall below half as he accomplishes his task.

Turret use: On the hard difficulty setting the turrets are the one area that may provide some trouble. If you find yourself having some trouble in these areas try these tips:

-During the first fire fight, before mounting the turret, approach the car just past it and use it for cover to take out a small group aliens just beyond. This group is fairly aggressive and with them gone you will have an extra moment to get your bearing once on the turret.

-Once you have control of the first turret strafe your fire. There is no cover once upon the turret, yet simply moving the gun back and forth at about mid screen will hold off any of your attackers from delivering enough damage to do you in.

-During the final fire fight, once you have mounted the turret, concentrate on taking out the enemies air support. The airships are the only real danger for your CO, though not much, and their charged attack can kill you. Only target the ground forces if they turn their fire on you.

Bringing down the airships:Twice your unit will encounter enemy airspaces while on the ground. Both times you will be given a rocket launcher and have a weapon cache nearby to constantly reload. When the ship charges you will be given enough time to fire two rockets at it, furthermore the ship travels in a predictable pattern, if it strafes left next time it will go right without exception- aim a little off the side of the ship in the direction it will move next and you can score some extra damage to wrap these fights up quickly.


You will have to clear the game on all three levels of difficulty in order to unlock all trophies for this game.

First Run: Normal difficulty

Use this run to experience the general layout of the game and get use to how the targeting and collision detection work (hint: aiming for the head doesn't always register). Find the areas that may give you some trouble and plan accordingly for the harder difficulty. Try to get Color Me Impressed done in the first level, and work on kill specific trophies.
Estimated completion time: One hour

Second Run: Hard difficulty

Now that you have an idea of how the game plays and where the trouble spots may be, use that knowledge to move through this run. The Sniper rifle is your friend. Just take your time, the AI is no smarter and will not advance on you, find a nice place to crouch and line up your shots.
Estimated completion time: One hour and thirty minutes

Break time:

Go to the Unlockables section and pick a video to watch for Seen Your Video, they are all pretty short.

Third Run: Easy difficulty

If there are any combat trophies you still need now is the time to get them. Nothing really to worry about in this run, just push through to your 100%.
Estimated completion time: 30-45 minutes


Complete the game on Easy Difficulty

On Easy it is very difficult to die in this game. You will be able to take a lot of damage and recover fairly quickly. Just watch out for exploding cars as they will still do you in, and you should be able to run through this in about 30-45 minutes.

Destroy the gas station

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

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Pool and Dive
Survive the pool attack

This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.

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Droppin Bombs
Call in the airstrike to defeat the Command Center

This is story related and cannot be missed.

Toggle Spoiler

Seen Your Video
Watch an unlocked video

Once you have beaten the game on any level of difficulty you will unlock several videos in the Unlockables section. Pick one and watch it from start to finish, the trophy will appear soon afterward.

Staff Sergeant
Complete the game on Normal Difficulty

There is always something to use for cover, though you will only need to use it sparingly at this level. Use the Sniper rifle, when you have it, if you run into trouble.

Long Range
Kill 20 enemies with a sniper rifle

The rifle does one hit kills on all difficulty levels and appears in all levels. Your first oppurtunity will be in the first level, just after crouching under the airduct (they call it a pipe) you will see a weapon cache with a sniper rifle next to it. Pick it up and you'll have 50 chances to put this one in the bag.

Aim for the body of the aliens as the headshots have a tenedency not to register, and this trophy should be yours before the first level is over.

Color Me Impressed
Complete a mission on Normal without dying, failing, restarting, or continuing campaign

Fairly easy. Just be proactive about your status, if the screen shows any lack of color get to cover, and watch for burning cars. You can also use the Sniper rifle to stay further back from the main fire and pick off the enemy one by one.

It is possible to fail a mission by letting your CO die while you are suppose to be providing cover, but this is almost impossible to accomplish on normal- unless you do absolutely nothing.

Kill 15 enemies on the HMV turret

You will have two oppurtunities to use a turret in a fire fight, once at the beginning of the second level and again at the final fire fight. It is relatively easy to rack up fifteen kills the first time upon the turret. However if the trophy hasn't appear after the first turret use, just target the ground forces during the final fire fight and it will appear quickly.

Kill 2 aliens with one Rocket

This is probably the most difficult trophy in the game for two reasons:

- First there are only a handful of areas where you will have the rocket launcher and be fighting ground forces.

-Second the impact area for the rocket launcher is rather limited and without direct contact most aliens will get up from or be uneffected by the blast.

That said there a few places where you can get this without to much hassle.

-The first is just after defeating your first airship. As you move down the street passed the weapon cache you will encounter three groups of enemies (in pairs of two) kill the first two groups and you'll move to a small alley to fight the third. Wait for both aliens to be onscreen at once and aim for the one who is BEHIND the other. If you hit the one in front the second won't even be effected by the blast, however if you hit the one in the back there is a good chance the front alien will fall to the blast.

-The second area is on route to the final fight area. You will encounter three aliens on a destroyed building. Get behind some cover and wait long enough and the aliens will eventuially move closer together. Once they bunch up, take your shot and hope for the best.

-The third area is during the final fight, do not immediatly mount the turret. Instead stay on the ground for a minute and let some of the ground forces gather. Look for a group of 2-3 and line up your shot. Fair warning, this will leave your CO unprotected from the airships.

Sergeant Major
Complete the game on Hard Difficulty

This game is not nearly as difficult as some other shooters at this level, so with a little experience you should have little trouble grabbing this one. Use your cover frequently and take your time when you need to.
When you have enemies at higher elevation find an area of cover then, while still crouched, walk backwards unitl the top of the enemy is in view. They still won't be able to hit you and you can use this angle for a sniper shot ot just to put them down with your machine gun.
See the tips section for advice with the turret areas.

One Hundo
Unlock all the unlockables

All content is unlocked by beating the game on the three different difficulties.
The trophy will appear once you have beaten the game on the third difficulty.

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