Players: 2 - 24
Online Trophies: Yes, all of them
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 20 - 25 hours
Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 100 matches
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: Best Squad


Welcome to Battlefield 1943! Set in World War 2 this PSN game by DICE takes place right in the heart of the Pacific Campaign. Play as the United States Marine Corps or the Imperial Japanese Navy and fight for victory using three classes. Even though there are only three maps there are vehicles and much fighting to go around. Pick your class, grab a vehicle and see if you have what it takes to win the Pacific!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Classes - Battlefield 1943 only offers three classes: Infantry, Rifleman and Scout. Good thing about this is you can master your class quickly.

Maps - Unfortunately,only three maps are offered in the game: Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal and Wake Island. Due to the small amount of maps you should be able to learn them quickly.

Air Raid - On the maps you will see cement buildings with a spinning radar on top. By entering it you will be able to take control of a group of planes and drop bombs on a position. You can tell if a raid is ready if the radar is spinning. If it is not moving it means that you cannot call a raid at that time.

AA Guns - During play you will see big guns on either the ground or on roofs. Use these to take out enemy planes. They are only good for a certain range but can do a great deal of damage.

Vehicles - It wouldn’t be a Battlefield game without them would it? You will find the usual tanks, jeeps, planes and boats on every map.

Squads - It works like any other Battlefield game. You can play solo or find a squad. Squads seem to be dying down so find one quick!

Game Modes -Battlefield 1943 offers two game modes: Conquest, which is the normal catpure the flag and drain the enemies' points, or Air Superiority, in which you use planes and try to reach the kill limit first.

Ammo - Certain things in the game like explosives, tank shells and plane bombs will take time to reload after being shot. Also, you will have infinite ammo in the game.


The controls are a little different from other Battlefield games so I figured I’d give a little section for the controls. Some people (including myself) find them a little odd. Also, this way you won’t have to fiddle with learning the controls when you play for the first time.


- Movement

- Look, Press to Crouch/Stand Up

- Jump

- Reload

- Pull Out and Use Melee Weapon


- Secondary Weapon

- Aim Down the Sights

- Use Explosive


- Switch Camera View/Angle

- Front View

- Steer

- Look

- Drive Forward

- Reverse

- Shoot (if applicable)

- Secondary Fire (if applicable)

- Enter/Exit

- Switch Seats


  1. Step 1: Play the 100 Matches - Since this is a Multiplayer Only game you don't have playthroughs. You will just have to play the 100 matches. All trophies will come naturally over the course of the matches. Just stay focused and keep track of your games played either on your own or using the official Battlefield 1943 website.


Capture five flags

If done correctly you will get this in one match. From the start grab a vehicle and drive to either nuetral or enemy flags and cap them. Nuetral flags are white, enemy flags are red and friendly flags are blue. When you attempt to capture a flag , the flag on the pole will lower and rise. Once it is at the top the base is now yours. There is also a circle on the top middle of your screen that will be completely blue once you capture the base. Also, you don't need to be the first person to the flag. You can get there at any point during the capture. If you focus on this and nothing else you should have it knocked out in about five minutes.

Best Squad
Be in the best squad on all three maps

First off, this trophy is actually misleading. You can't just be in the best squad once on each map. According to the official Battlefield 1943 website, the real description is to be on the best squad on each map three times.

Now while this is more work then first thought, it is still very easy and will come naturally while going for Tour of Duty II . Since many people play squadless nowadays odds are if you join a squad of three or four and have a low point total you still have good odds of getting Best Squad. I suggest either getting a group of friends and playing or pressing when you enter a game, which puts you into a squad. The way Best Squad is calculated it by total/most points for a squad per the amount of people.

Warning: This trophy may glitch on some people. If you meet the requirements and do not get it play solo and try to get into the top five in a match. If you do the trophy should unlock. If it doesn't unlock keep playing solo until it does

Tour of Duty II
Play one hundred matches

This is the only trophy that is a grind in the game. Fortunately, it is a small grind. It will take you around 20 - 25 hours to complete this. The game's stats will ALWAYS count a full game played. When it comes to starting a match and exiting (either by disconnection, your own will or being idle) or joining a game mid match the stat tracker can be kind of buggy. Sometimes it will count it as a game, other times it won't. So you may actually play 120 games but only 100 full ones. Don't worry thought, it wouldn't add too much play time to the total.

Defend five flags

This trophy is very easy and will come in due time. In order to get a "defend" the enemy has to be trying to take your flag. While he is in the process of taking it kill him. You will be awarded with "Defense Points". This is how you will know if you defended the flag.

Master of Domain
Get one kill playing as each class

Battlefield 1943 only offers three classes in the game:
  • Infantry - In this class you will get a semi-automatic rifle similar to the M1 Garand. You will also get a grenade launcher and grenades as your explosives. Your melee weapon is a bayonet. This gun is very strong and should be around a two shot kill.
  • Rifleman - You will get an automatic gun that models the Type 100. You will also be given a RPG and grenades. Your melee weapon is your wrench which you can also use to repair vehicles. While not a strong gun it's fire rate more then makes up for it.
  • Scout - The game wouldn't be complete without a sniper would it? You will get a sniper rifle with C4 explosives and a pistol as backups. Your melee weapon is a katana/sword. The sniper is a one shot kill but the pistol may take a clip or more.

Fly a plane for 10 minutes

Planes are located at three points on the map: two on the friendly starting base, two on the enemy starting base and one at the airfield. If you are unable to get one just wait at the plane's spawn until a new one appears. They are a little tricky to fly but you should get the hang of it quickly. Luckily, you don't have to fly ten minutes at once. The ten minutes is for your total time flown. You should easily get this within ten matches.

Get one kill with car, tank and plane

There are only four vehicles in the game and you only have to get a kill with the three easiest. They can be found on every map.
  • Jeeps - They are found all over the map. The only main gun it has is the MG on the back. You could sit at a flag and wait for an enemy to come and when he gets close gun him down. Another easy way to get the kill is to drive and run someone over, netting you a roadkill.
  • Tanks - When you think of a tank you may think of destruction on wheels. In this game the tank seems to be the opposite. The tank shells only seems to kill an enemy soldier if it is a direft hit or close to it. When it comes to enemy vehicles it has to be almost a direct hit to damage an enemy tank, but luckily it will take out an enemy jeep with one shot. There will be plenty of them driving around the map. The tank also has an MG as secondary fire. If you are having trouble try and go for a roadkill.
  • Planes - This may be the hardest kill for some people. The controls for flying take some getting used to before you become a decent flyer. Once you are able to grab a plane you can take the more difficult route and try to shoot down an enemy plane. Alternately, you can do strafing runs on enemies. Get high, the start dipping and shoot the plane's guns. When you get close drop the plane's bombs. If you are still having trouble find the one air raid location on the map. Get inside and direct an air raid. Getting a kill with it will count as a Plane Kill.

Use the parachute once (2 seconds)

When you find a plane start the engine and get a decent amount in the air. When you fell you are high enough exit the plane and press and hold to deploy the parachute. Even at a low height you can get the two seconds with ease. Also if you find a high enough mountain and jump you may get it. Alternately, you could attempt jumping off one of the aircraft carriers.

The Pacific Campaign
Win once on every map as any team

Battlefield 1943 features three, easy to learn maps. They are:
  • Wake Island - This map is U shaped with a large lagoon in the middle. For the most part it is a rather flat map with a few bumps here and there. Panes and boats are good vechicle choices for this map.
  • Iwo Jima - This map is a long, thin strip of land. One side has an airfield while the other has a large mountain. This maps fairs well for plane and boat transport.
  • Gaudalcanal - This map is short and wide. An airfield is at either end. This map has amny hills and may make it harder for planes to manuever. Jeeps and tanks work well here. Also, this map is a snipers paradise.
To win, kill the enemies as well as capturing and holding flags.

Tour of Duty I
Play 30 matches

Simple trophy, just play 30 matches. Matches only usually last around ten to fifteen minutes. It should only take about six to seven hours to complete. See Tour of Duty II for details.

Cap 25 enemy flags

Just follow the same strategy as in the Attacker trophy. Get a vehicle and drive around. Capture any nuetral or enemy flag. You should get this in ten to 15 matches.

Melee Man
Melee kill one enemy player

No matter what, a melee kill will be a one hit kill. Here are the classes with weapons:
  • Infantry - You get a bayonet on your gun. It seems to get the most range of the three classes.
  • Rifleman - You will get a wrench. You will have to be close to the enemy in order to melee him.
  • Scout - You will have a katana/sword. It has a mid-ranged slash.

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