Players: 2-24 players (Multiplayer Only)

Online Trophies: 5
Online Pass Required: Yes when activating the game
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-8 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: No
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: None

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[top]Tips & Strategies

"Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran, Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation."

New Maps:


Epicenter is a new map which is located in the post-earthquake Tehran, Supposedly where the earthquakes epicenter was. The map contains the same modes as all normal maps that came with the game but also has the new Scavenger mode.

Azadi Palace

Azadi Palace is a located in a Iranian parliament building which has been affected by the earthquake. The map has a maze like function to it to confuse the players and add a different sort of gameplay feel to it.

Markaz Monolith

This is another urban terrain map with lots of uneven area's similar to some of the other maps, having anything from small tanks to infantry combat here. The map is very similar to some of the B2K maps, also it contains a construction site, a mall, a power station and the new vehicles present.

Talah Market

The maps setting is an Iranian hillside village, with lots of sand and hills it's encouraging players to play vertical gameplay. Just like all the other maps the modes playable are all the original modes as well as the new Scavenger mode.

New Mode:
Scavenger mode is a new multiplayer mode added with this DLC pack. The mode very much resembles a standard game of conquest, but Conquest Domination style on a much bigger range. The goal is to deplete the enemy of their tickets, but to catch you out you start with only your pistol. Having said that you will need to look around for weapons which are distributed into three different tiers. Tier 1, 2 and 3, which I'm not sure how well tiered they are, you need to find weapons you can be comfortable with to get the kills. Many weapons will come with different random attachments as well as different amounts of ammunition available. The mode can be played on all four of the new maths, and is exclusive to them.

Tier 1:
Personal Defence Weapons - P90, PP-19, etc
Tier 2:
Shotguns pump-action
Shotguns full auto
Shotguns semi-auto
Tier 3:
Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns

Each comes with different attachments and limited ammo.

The Crossbow is the new weapon added to the game. It has different types of bolts which can be unlocked for it to maximize the use of the weapon. It works similar to the crossbow from other FPS's and it is pretty much a normal assault rifle with a scrap xbow part attached to it and a sight mounted on. It can be used by any class and on any map. The starting ammunition is only 10 bolts and it is a single-shot weapon. It can be used by both factions and upon unlocking there are two sights available to use.


Trophies can be earned in any order, but this is the way I recommend going for them. Of course it is up to you to follow this bit, as all the guides for each trophy are covered below in the appropriate section.

Step 1: Extreme Hoarder and unlocking the XBOW
Get this one out of the way first, as it is probably one of the easiest and you need to scavenge 50 of the weapons. Just play a load of scavenger and make sure to pick up every weapon you see, but dont just run around pointlessly getting weapons, have some fun playing the game, cause it's great

Step 2: Bite your finger
While this is likely to be earned from normal playing of Scavenger, I suggest you do this straight after or during the above, finding him is not difficult and can happen easily by chance, just passing it will net you the trophy so please refer to the section if you have any problems. This is hands down the easiest trophy as it requires no actual skill.

Step 3: Handyman
Unlock all the XBOW parts so the 3 bolt types and the scope, they shouldnt be too difficult as the assignment are fairly moderate and just take a bit of time of playing the game. Just check out what else you need to get for assignments and do it. The explosive bolt will be helpful in the last part of the trophy set

Step 4: Home made Javelin
This step requires you to destroy a vehicle, and it is quite annoying but can be easily done by shooting an EOD or a Spawn beacon with the explosive bolts. Now you unlocked it this should be the next trophy you go for before the grand finale.

Step 5: Pocket full of death
The final most difficult trophy, now you have everything done you can just concentrate on this trophy and not worry about the rest. Just make sure if you're struggling to use the explosive bolts on the crossbow, and the best modes for this are Conquest, Rush, Scavenger or Deathmatch in my opinion. This can be done on any map and on any mode, and shouldn't be too difficult to achieve.

-Destroy a vehicle and do the Xbow+Granade+Primary Wep kill


Unlocked all xbow parts

This trophy will require you to obtain all of the parts for the XBOW. This is fairly easy, all you have to do is complete a couple of assignments, which are listed below. There is 4 assignments you need to complete (5 including the one to actually get the XBOW). To unlock it you need to get the scoped version, as well as the 3 different bolt types for the crossbow. After you complete all the assignments regarding the XBOW unlocks the trophy should pop

Win 3 rounds of scavenger - Fairly easy, just get it from casual playing, be on the winning team at the end of a game of scavenger 3 times.
Unlocks - Crossbow

Get 20 Spot assists - Fairly easy, this can be done with any gun, all you need to do is aim at a target and press select for them to be spotted and then someone kill them or place down a TUG-S and if the person is scanned and killed by your teammate that will also count.
Designate 10 vehicles - Here you need to laser designate 10 vehicles using the SOFLAM, it isnt that difficult just play a match of Conquest on a vehicle heavy map and get scanning. This should be fairly easy if you have Armored Kill and just hop into Tank Superiority and get laser designating. The ones in vehicles also count for this trophy.
Get 1 designated assist - From all that laser designating you should get one of your teammate will kill one of the targets you designated. If not, keep trying and it shouldn't take too long.

Unlocks - Scan Bolt (A bolt which will scan nearby enemies and display them on the radar once shot.
Get 50 kills with sniper rifles - This should come naturally from using sniper rifles, and it shouldn't take too long playing conquest or Deathmatch, seeing as other assignments from other DLCs also need this, you're familiar with the difficulty.
Get 10 headshots kills using a sidearm - These are your secondary pistols, and these shouldnt take too long either, but will be a bit tough from a distance. I suggest maps like Norshahr Canals deathmatch or Close Quarters maps where everything is compacted and you can have more of a chance getting a kill with the sidearm.

Unlocks - BA Bolt (A long range bolt, which is much better at great distances)

Get 5 kills with hand grenades - Very easy, you'll most likely get it while trying for A Pocket Full of Death Trophy, and it is very easily done on Close Quarters or Norshahr Canals map. Also try and chuck them where the objective flags are on Conquest maps, especially the ones being taken as you're likely to get a grenade kill that way.
Get 5 kills with underslung grenades - The Underslung grenades are your grenade launchers, known as the M320 attachments. Any of them should suffice in getting the assignment done. Again try a close quarter map where if you're at range they have no chance to dodge the grenade.
Get 5 kills with C4 - Get 5 kills with the C4, very easy as you can just run up to vehicles and plant them on, in modes such as Conquest this is very easy as usually the tank is near a base and sneaking up to it and planting the C4 is easy enough. Just 5 kills should be fairly quick

Unlocks: HE bolt (explosive bolt which explodes after impact on a vehicle, can be used to also to blow up people)
Total of 150m headshots with Sniper Rifles
Total of 150m headshots with Assault Rifles
Total of 150m headshots with Carbines

All of these are cumulative and are very easy to get. This means if you get fifteen 10m headshots with a sniper rifle you will get that task done. Just keep using each weapon and aim for the head to get this. The ones with Sniper rifles can be done in a couple of kills but the others shouldn't take long either. It's just about using the weapons all the time and aiming for the head.

Unlocks - Crossbow Rifle Scope (a scope so now sniping with the XBOW is much easier)

Bite your finger
Found the secret reptile

A very easy trophy. The secret reptile is found on the map Epicenter, to be more specific, it is near the Base C known as the Crossroad when playing the mode Conquest, and it is right near the flag area, where there is a pipe that you can crawl into and about halfway through it the little dinosaur is hidden. Impossible to miss if you fully crawl through, but just to make sure, point your camera at it directly. The toy dinosaur is similar, if not the same one you see in the campaign.
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Home made javelin
Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the xbow

This trophy requires you to destroy an enemy vehicle with the XBOW. This can be quite tough and annoying as the explosive bolts dont do that much damage, but it is possible to do it on vehicles. There is an easier way though and thats by destroying an EOD, Spawn Beacon, TUG-S etc, where the trophy will also count! These are fairly easy to find and destroy and just take a bit of time but it is much easier than blowing up a tank. Of course you might want to get to blow up a tank then I suggest harming the vehicle until its disabled, then blow it up with the explosive bolts, as the other bolts have absolutely no effect.
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Pocket full of death
Without dying, got a kill with xbow, primary weapon, and hand grenade

Probably the most difficult trophy of them all, it is once again a trophy that requires you to kill with 3 different weapons/vehicles without dying. This one is a lot more based on luck as there is a grenade kill involved which I would tackle first. The grenade kill is the most difficult so when you get that one, I recommend going either after your crossbow if you dont feel confident or with the primary if you find using the xbow effective. It doesnt matter which order you do them in as long as all three are used to get kills in one life. You dont have to do one kill each, you can get two kills with grenade, then one kill with primary then one kill with xbow and it will still count. Using other things to kill inbetween like vehicles wont affect your chances either, as long as you still kill one person with each of the specified weapons. If you're having it tough I recommend playing Deathmatch on Noshahr Canals where the players are running around containers, and just dropping a grenade in somewhere, hoping for a kill, then killing with the other two weapons. Also if you unlocked them, use the xbows explosive bolts, as they might be more effective if you're having it hard using the normal bolts.
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Extreme Hoarder
Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode

Scavenger is the brand new multiplayer mode added with the DLC, where you start with a pistol, and you have to look around the map to find guns and capture bases in order to deplete enemy tickets. The weapons you find have different tiers and are all over the map, as long as you pick up 50 weapons (the same one should work if you vary it with a different weapon) off the battlefield, then this trophy should be yours. This is very simple and should come over time of playing the mode. I have included some Scavenger info in the Tips and Tricks section.



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