Players: 2-24 Players (multiplayer only)
Online Trophies: 5
Online Pass Required: Yes
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-3 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

"Battlefield 3: Armored Kill ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield™ can do.
Featuring new drivable tanks, ATV’s, mobile artillery and more, this expansion pack also delivers huge battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault. Armored Kill also includes the biggest map in Battlefield history."

Video Credit to EAVision.

Battlefield 3's third DLC pack, released on the September 4, 2012 for PS3 Premium and September 18, 2012 for the rest of PS3, and upgrades the whole of Battlefield to a brand new level! The new Armored Kill DLC expansion to the game features 4 brand new multiplayer maps, 4 new vehicles, new assignments, and a brand new game mode titled Tank Superiority. This DLC pack focuses on Vehicle warfare, and so tank and flying skills will come into play.

New Maps:

Alborz Mountains

new map located
in the snow-covered Alborz mountain range, located in northern Iran.
First snowy map of Battlefield 3.
Bandar Desert

Bandar Desert is located near Bandar Abbas; a seaport in southern Iran, as it is surrounded by a desert.
This is the Biggest map in Battlefield 3 History, two and a half times the size of Caspian Border.
Death Valley

A night time forest map, featuring bridges and destroyed woodlands as well as a big office building.
Armored Shield

A plain fields map located in Russia, is the first map so far to be located in Russia and the only map out of the 4 that does not feature jets.
New Vehicles:

AC-130 Spectre
All AK Maps

Quad Bike
All AK Maps,
All objectives
M1128 (US)
Tank Destroyer
All AK Maps
at Deployment

BM 23 (RU)
M142 (US)
All AK Maps
Random Flags
depending on map.

New Mode: Tank Superiority
The new Tank Superiority mode is a great mode which uses the new maps brilliantly. The goal is to capture the middle point and deplete the enemy tickets, before they deplete yours, similarly to conquest, but there is only one objective in the center of the map. The Mode is available on all of the 4 new maps and has a big influence in the use of vehicles, in order to easier win the mode. The majority of players will be in tanks in this as this is the main sort of warfare suited for this mode, due to the big space area, high amounts of vehicles, and only one conquest point to take/defend. It is very similar to a classic game King of the Hill where a point has to be controlled and then defended against incoming enemies.

The Pictures in this guide were found through the use of Google Images and they are free to use. These are not my pictures.

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Trophies can be earned in any order, but this is the way I recommend going for them. Of course it is up to you to follow this bit, as all the guides for each trophy are covered below in the appropriate section.

Step 1: Superiority
For the first step I suggest you get the easiest one out of the way the way which is to win a game of Tank Superiority. This will let you move onto getting the rest of the trophies in Conquest, which I found to be far easier than in this game mode. Just win a game for this step.

Step 2: Offroad
Another easy one out of the way, get a kill with the Quad Bike, and this should not take long either. Just make sure you're the one driving the vehicle, and not sitting on the back as it wont count. Roadkill somebody in order to get the trophy.

Step 3: Death from Above
You should now be playing conquest, and when your team has captured the Gunship Conquest point, a gunship will be available to use. When you capture the point, quickly suicide and wait for the gunship to appear then take it and get a kill with it. It has to be you killing not your passenger and there are two slots in a Gunship so be quick.

Step 4: Dropship
Now the opposite, blow up a gunship. This shouldn't be too difficult, just use a jet and it shouldn't take too long to get, it can be achieved when the enemy has the gunship conquest point, and by using any vehicle to destroy it. It doesn't have to have anyone in it, and disabling it wont count, you actually have to blow it up.

Step 5: Destroyer
The most time taking trophy, you need to get 10 kills with the Tank Destroyer vehicle class and 10 kills with the Mobile Artillery vehicle class. This should take a couple of conquest games, but both those vehicles are available on the Armored Kill Maps. The Tanks spawn at the base, while the Artillery spawns randomly on each map.


Death from above
Get a kill with the Gunship.

A very easy trophy, in order to get it all you have to do is get a kill with the gunship. To do that you will need to capture the Gunship Conquest point, in a game of conquest (you will see it by the little icon next to the Conquest point icon) and then this will spawn the gunship. You can then die, and quickly jump in, as there are only two slots available. Being in the gunship is easy, just shoot at anything on the ground and hope to kill it, and this trophy should not take long from casual playing. Also the gunship wont spawn until the enemy gunship is defeated, so make sure you destroy that first.
Video Help

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Destroy the Gunship.

This is the easier of the two silvers, and will require you to destroy the AC-130 Spectre Gunship which flies around the map when the Gunship Conquest point is captured. It is different for every Armored Kill map, but the gunship is the same. To get the trophy, you will need to be the one that blows up the Gunship in an online game. It is not too difficult, the gunship can shoot back but in a jet or a helicopter (recommended) you can easily dodge it and kill the gunship. The Problems will be that others will try and kill steal as most people will be attacking the gunship as it can deal a lot of heavy damage to ground forces. In order to get the trophy you will need to be the one destroying the gunship, and disabling it wont count. You can easily get it with a jet and use it's thermal missiles which should easily hit the gunship, beware the gunship does have flares.

For those who don't know what the gunship is, here is an image... hard to miss really

Video Help

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Get a kill with the quad bike.

This trophy is really simple and straight forward but can drive some people nuts, to get the trophy you will have to roadkill an enemy in the Quad Bikes. They're easy to distinguish quad bikes, which are at every command point, and in multiple numbers. They're to date the fastest land vehicle in Battlefield 3 and are very easy to control. The problem is to get this trophy you have to drive over the enemy, which wont be easy. Shooting one from the back wont count.

For those who have no idea how they look they look like this:

Video Help

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Win a round of Tank Superiority.

Probably the easiest trophy of them all, all you have to do is win a round of Tank Superiority, the new multiplayer mode available with the DLC. This should not take long, as all you have to do is be on the winning side of the mode. To win you need to capture the middle point on the map, and defend it from enemies until the tickets run out. If the enemy captures the point, your team will have to recapture it or else the enemy will gain more points. The best strategy is to use the tanks and go in teams, as going on foot or on your own in a tank will result in getting overwhelmed by the enemies. The mode is available to play on all four of the new maps. This is the first trophy you should go for, as it is the easiest, and afterwards you wont need to play this mode again (as I recommend conquest to be the mode you use for the remaining four trophies). You do not have to play the whole match, and if you need to, you can be a coward and switch teams half way through the game, or near the end in order to win, but this may not always work if teams are full.

Get 10 kills each with Tank Destroyer and Mobile Artillery.

For me hands down the most annoying trophy in the DLC set, this trophy requires you to get 10 kills with the Tank Destroyer Vehicle class and 10 kills with the Mobile Artillery class. Both are new to the game with this DLC and the vehicles are all available on the DLC maps. The first lot, getting 10 kills in tank Destroyers should be a piece of cake. It is very easy to achieve, by doing just casual tank killing, and shouldn't take too long. The other one is more annoying. Mobile artillery's work weirdly, they have only one seat for both driver and shooter, and you have to switch between them. You will need to aim from a distance in order to actually hit something, or you can roadkill enemies. The artillery is very slow, and very week, it dies from two tank hits. Also they spawn differently on each map, and are very hard to get. The aiming takes a while to get used to but the easiest is to just keep shooting at conquest flags from a distance. This way you can get the trophy easier, as if the enemy is taking the base he wont see it coming. You have to get 10 kills with the two vehicle classes, and they accumulate from both US and RU versions, so if you use the US Version to get 5 kills in tank destroyer and 5 kills in RU, then 9 kills in US and 1 Kill in RU artillery, you get the trophy as long as they both add up to 10.

Tank Destroyers:
M1128 (US)

Mobile Artillery:
BM 23 (RU)
M142 (US)

I would like to make a small suggestion for getting kills with the Mobile Artillery. If you are decent with the gunship and can unlock the Anti-Air Missiles for the Mobile Artillery, getting the 10 kills is a lot easier. Also makes getting the service star a lot easier. Just a little tip I ran across last week that got me the trophy in no time.

For those still stuck here is a video:
Video Help

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