Players: 1 SP, 2 Co-op, 8 - 24 MP
Online Trophies: Yes
Estimated Time to Platinum: 75 - 90 hours (15 hours SP, 10 hours co-op, 50 - 65 hours MP)
Estimated Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 Singleplayer runthrough on Hard, 6 Co-op Missions on Hard, MANY matches of Multiplayer
Collectible Trophies: N/A
Missable Trophies: There is chapter select, but these trophies can easily be missed: Involuntary Euthanasia, The Professional, Army of Darkness, Practice makes perfect, What the hell 'are' you?, Roadkill, You can be my wingman anytime, Scrap Metal, Butterfly, Twofor, Between a rock and a hard place, Push On, Car Lover, In the nick of time, Bullseye, Untouchable, Ninjas
Glitched Trophies: Not on my watch can glitch


DICE's highly anticipated game in the award winning series is finally here. Battlefield 3 takes place in 2014 during a conflict on the Iran-Iraq border. Players will assume the roles of SSgt. Henry "Black" Blackburn, Corporal Jonathan "Jono" Miller, a Russian named Dima and Air Force Fighter Jet Pilot Jennifer "Coleby" Hawkins as they fight the People's Liberation and Resistance as well as Russians. Armed with Destruction 2.0, the return of jets, and an action packed singleplayer and the ever so popular multiplayer DICE is aiming to surpass Call of Duty and become the top dog of the FPS genre.

Thank you to PowerPyx for the SP mission specific trophies and Co-op mission specific trophies.

Thank you to Kevinnummer1 for his stellar Battlefield 3 Fan Made Trailer!!!!!!!!!

[top]Tips & Strategies

Cover - Your best bet is to stick with rocks or building's walls. Fences, thin walls and sheet metal can easily be destroyed and shot through.

Allies - They actually aren't too bad. They take out enemies but sometimes they seem rather useless.

Resupply Stations/Ammo Cashes - Some levels have them so definatley use them to the fullest. Stand by them and keep throwing grenades if you like.

Grenades - You can not throw them back, or you'll die trying . You can not cook them and they will have a decent delay before exploding.

Prone - Yes, you are able to go prone in Battlefield 3. Hold to do so.

Take Your Time - Don't rush it, sit back and scope the battlefield. Know where the enemies are, look for the best route to take and plan your attack. The singleplayer has no time restrictions, in co-op one mission has a bomb you must defuse in under 60 seconds and in multiplayer there is no time cap (until the kills are reached, bases destroyed, flags capped etc.). Taking your time can be a big help in the game.

Running and Gunning - Do not run and gun. Odds are you will die on Hard mode in the singleplayer and co-op by doing so. Online you may be killed by a sniper, vehicles or someone you happen to cross paths with. Take it more slow paced. Move slowly and quitley as possible.

Squads - This is another key element to Battlefield multiplayer. Working as a squad can help you destroy objectives, cap flags or kill the enemy quicker. Since there are four people per squad each person could pick a different class. That way there is one person per each class: Support, Assault, Engineer and Recon.

Classes - Battlefield multiplayer wouldn't be complete without classes. There are four unique classes, each with their own abilities.
  • Assault - This class will contain Assault Rifles as well as the Defibrillator and Med Pack.
  • Engineer - This class has Carbine Rifles as well as SMGs. You will also have the Repair Tool to repair friendly vehicles. Also, you will have RPGs and AT Mines to destroy enemy vehicles.
  • Support - The main focus of this class is to support your team. Equipped with LMGs, Ammo Packs and Explsovies you will be covering your team and positions.
  • Recon - You will be covering your team with this class. Use your sniper to give cover support. You will also have a Spawn Beacon and Motion Sensors to help your team spot enemies.

You will also have guns that are available for every class.

Vehicles - Even though they are not really used much during the story they are heavily emphasized in the multiplayer. You are also able to rank up vehicles and unlock things such as smoke for ground vehicles or flares for helicopters and jets. With a wide variety of vehicles use them to your advantage to turn the tide of the battle.

Perks - Each of the seven perks have their own specific ability. They are unlocked by ranking up in multiplayer. The Squad varient of each will apply the perk to the whole squad.
  • Sprint - Allows you to sprint faster and reduces fatigue.
  • Ammo - You will have more ammo for your primary weapon and sidearm when you spawn.
  • Flak - Reduces damage you take from explosions.
  • Explosion - Basically Ammo for your explosives, except grenades. If you have an RPG, Claymore, C4 or AT Mine you will start off with more ammo for it.
  • Cover - Bullets will have less of a supressive effect on you.
  • Supression - Bullets will have more of a supressive effect on the enemy.
  • Frag - You will have more standard grenades and 40mm grenades for the launchers.


  1. Campaign - Hard: You will start the campaign off on hard straight away. It isn't too hard and isn't that long. You will get all story based and difficulty trophies along the way. You will also figure out where in the missions you do the missable trophies.
  2. Campaign - Clean Up: Here you will get any of the missable trophies you didn't get during your Hard runthrough. You should have an idea of where to obtain them and should get them without a problem. Make sure to play on Easy while doing so.
  3. Co-op - Hard: Instead of wasting time playing on Easy you will hop right into Hard. You will obtain points for weapon unlocks and get the trophies for beating all the missions on Hard. You may get a few mission specific trophies as well.
  4. Co-op - Clean Up: Here you will get any mission specific trophies you missed and grind out the points you need to unlock all of the weapons.
  5. Multiplayer: This is where the majority of your time will be spent. If you are a good BF3 player getting to rank 45 and getting all ribbons will come naturally, if you aren't too good this may be a pain. The Air Warfare Ribbon will most likely pose the biggest problem for the new to BF gamers ... or people who aren't good at flying.


Platinum Trophy
Collect all other Battlefield 3 trophies

Not on my watch
Protect Chaffin from the soldiers in the street in Operation Swordbreaker

This is story related and can not be missed.

During Operation Swordbreaker you will come to a parking lot and Chaffin will get shot. After pulling him to safety you will clear out the parking lot and work your way up a building. Once at the top of the building another group of Marines will come and get Chaffin. You will have to defend them as they make there way up the street. There will be two waves of PLR on the left and finally a wave coming from straight ahead. Once the Marines get to the other side of the road you will get the trophy.

This trophy may glitch. If it does you will just have to replay the mission.

Involuntary Euthanasia
Kill the 2 soldiers before the building falls on them in Uprising

During Uprising you will come across a bus that is blocking your path. You will have to walk through it to get to the other side. There will be about four PLR on the other side of the bus. Their will be a bulding that falls after you exit the bus so you must kill two of the enemies before you leave the bus. They are very easy to spot due to the flashlight attachment on their guns. Don't leave the bus until you are sure two have been killed. You may have a few spare seconds after you exit the bus to get one extra kill in.

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The Professional
Complete the street chase in Comrades in under 2 minutes 30 seconds without dying

After fighting your way through the building in Comrades you will have to chase a PLR soldier who has a nuke down the street. If you do this on Easy you can run down the whole street and only have to kill two people maximum. The only thing that may slow you down is having to go around the a bus. The PLR soldier will eventually make a right and turn around. He will shoot an RPG which will kill one of your men. After pulling your ally aside you will resume chasing the PLR soldier. You will get the trophy after the chase resumes.

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This is the end
Failed to prevent the attack

This is story related and can not be missed.

Towards the end of Comrades you will have to run up stairs that lead to the train tracks. You will be met by the PLR soldier you have been chasing. After a victorious fist fight your ally will tell you the nuke is a dummy. The real nuke will explode and the dust will fly.

Where are the other two?
Found the nuke

This is story related and can not be missed.

The main objective of the mission Operation Guillotine is to get to the bank. Once there you will fight PLR soldiers and work your way down to the bank vault. Once there your squad will open the door and you will find a nuke in a container.

Shock Troop
Survived the quake

This is story related and can not be missed.

Towards the end of Operation Swordbreaker you will use an MG on the back of a truck. As you fend off against the PLR the building in front of you will collapse. You will be knocked off the MG as the building comes down. You will wake up in the very beginning of the next mission, Uprising. You will have survived the earthquake and will receive the trophy.

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Captured Al Bashir

This is story related and can not be missed.

During Night Shift you will have to cover Marines that are entering a building in search of Al Bashir. After holding off the PLR for a bit Al Bashir will take off in a car. Follow the waypoint on your screen. It will lead you to a ledge where Al Bashir will drive by. You have to shoot his tires. If done correctly the car will spin, crash into a light pole and Al Bashir will be laying on the hood of his car. Campo will pick him up and move him to another location. You will get the trophy while you fend off some PLR soldiers.

Army of Darkness
Shoot out the 4 lights with 4 bullets in Night Shift

This trophy is at the very beginning of Night Shift. You will be with Campo to the left of a generator/big silver box. I found it easier to go to the right side of it on the corner of the roof. This can be tricky because the lights are swaying and you can only see the brightness of the light and not the whole light itself. A good trick is to get your crosshairs in the middle of the light. Then move the crosshairs up until they are on the line right above the light. Press to hold your breath and shoot. If you do it right you should get every light every time.

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Practice makes perfect
Headshot each of the targets in the gun range in Kaffarov

Once you get to Kaffarov's safehouse you will make your way to the basement. There are really two firing ranges, one to the right when you first enter the basement and another down a set of stairs. The one on the right will not have any targets. The one down the stairs is the one you want. There are anywhere between one to three targets per room and around one or two Russians per room. I suggest using an Assault Rifle and pressing on the D-pad to make the gun single shot. This will make it safe that way you don't accidently hit a target's torse. Make sure to take out any Russians first then aim at the targets head. The only "hard" target is in the last area. It will move back and forth. Just get an idea of where its head is lined up and wait for it to come across your sights.

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What the hell 'are' you?
Take a russian Dog Tag in the forest ambush in Rock And A Hard Place (1)

At the very beginning of A Rock And A Hard Place your convoy will get ambushed. In order to take a Russian's dog tag you must melee him. You can either go up to one and press or press and hold to pull the knife out then run up to one and press . There is a good amount of Russians you can do this to. This trophy can only be done in the ambush area.

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Kick the car to kill the soldiers in Uprising

While playing Uprising you will come to an area right before a building where you can go left and go down with the enemies or go to the right and have an overlook of the enemies below. There will be a yellow taxi cab sitting on the ledge. If you go up and rapidly press you will kick the car off. It will fall and kill a few PLR.

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You can be my wingman anytime
Complete Going Hunting in a perfect run

This is probably the hardest of the single player trophies. You can not get hit by a rocket, every rocket you shoot has to hit and you must deploy flares at the appropriate time. There are seven planes to take out. The key to deploying flares is to wait until you hear "Enemy locked on", "Flares out, flares out" or "Dump flares". The enemy jets will also run out of flares at some point. It is best to wait until you are sure the enemy has deployed all of it's flares until you shoot. If you get hit, miss a jet or reload a checkpoint you will not get the trophy. If any of those things happen you must restart the mission.

Note: When I did this trophy I didn't get the chance to fire at one of the jets and it got away. I still got the trophy.

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Scrap Metal
Destroy 6 enemy tanks before reaching the fort in Thunder Run

During the mission Thunder Run you will be the driver of a tank. Pressing on the D-pad will allow you to control the tank's main gun and pressing will let you fire it. At the begging of the mission you will have to make your way to a PLR fort. Along the way you will come across eight tanks, six in a group and another two after you destroy the six. Enemy tanks are luckily a one hit kill and putting the tank's crosshairs right on the enemy tank should ensure a direct hit. For the most part there is very little to no bullet drop on the main gun. You won't have to worry about friendly tanks killing the enemy tanks either. Your friendly tanks will be luckily if they even get one kill in.

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No Escape
Captured Kaffarov

This is story related and can not be missed.

The main objective of the mission Kaffarov is to assault his safe house. After working through the house and basement you will eventually come outside and Kaffarov will be trying to escape in a helicopter. Run up to it and jump on. A fist fight will ensue and the both of you will fall into a pool. You will get this as you see Kaffarov trying to crawl away.

Take down the jet in one attempt in Rock And A Hard Place

The rquirements for this trophy begin at the start of the enemy jet sequence. Once the jet comes you can not die on the way to the SAW or restart your last checkpoint. This means that once the jet comes you have to get the SAW and shoot it down in one try. Getting caught in the jet's fire will kill you right away. Here is the number of runs the jet makes and where you should hide.
  1. When the jet comes around go to the right side of the street and hide behind the pipe.
  2. Next, run to the left side of the street and hide behind that pipe.
  3. As you run to the bridge go to the left side and hide behind the car.
  4. Run to the left side of the bridge and go prone in between the two cars. They are in front of and to the left of a big rig.
  5. Now go to the left side and hide behind the trailer.
  6. This is the jet's final run. Go to the vehicle that has the SAW. Go prone and go behind the vehicle and grab it. After the jet passes over stand up, take aim and shoot. The SAW will hit the jet as it comes back near the river.

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Take down 2 enemies with 1 bullet in Night Shift

There will be many opprotunities during Night Shift to obtain this. Your sniper is very powerful, one shot can take out three PLR. I found four easy places to get this, two result in you failing the mission while the only two you have to kill the enemies.
  1. After rappeling off the building you will have to go across the street with Campo. There will be PLR on the right and left sides of the street. You should be able to line up two very easily. This will reult in a "Mission Failed" signal but you will still get the trophy.
  2. Immediatley after the first place to get this you and Campo will go over a wall and you will have to take out a PLR sniper next to a sign. After you have killed him there will be three PLR that walk dirctley in the ally in front of you. Two of them should line up perfectly. This will result in a "mission Failed" signal.
  3. After the first ladder you have to climb you will get on to a roof. Directly in front of you on the right side of the street two PLR soldiers will line up perfectly for you.
  4. Finally, the last easy place is when you have to escort Campo and Al Bashir out of the mall. On the way to the exit four PLR will come out. If you are lucky and quick enough you can kill three of them with one shot.

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Completed Semper Fidelis

This is story related and can not be missed.

Semper Fidelis is the very first mission of the game. It is also the easiest mission of the game. You will have to make your way through a train. After going through a few cars you will be knocked on the ground and a man will be pointing a gun at you. The mission will end and you will get the trophy.

Complete the campaign story

This is the standard beat the game trophy. It will pop during the credits after the mission The Great Destroyer. The game isn't too hard and shouldn't give you much trouble, especially if you play on Easy. See Semper Fidelis for tips and videos.

Between a rock and a hard place
Beat Solomon, flawlessly, in The Great Destroyer

After Montes crashes into Solomon's car you will engage him in a fist fight. In order to beat him flawlessly you must hit the correct button when it appears on screen. You will only have to press buttons five times throughout the fight. They will always come in this order: (tap), (tap), (tap), (tap) and (tap repeatidly). The button icon will appear on screen when you need to press it. More then likely you will get this without trying.

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Semper Fidelis
Complete the campaign story on Hard

Hard isn't brutal ... but it's not completely a cake walk. It can be compared to Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran, maybe a few hard parts but overall not too difficult. Here are some general tips: use cover wisely .. this is Battlefield and has destructibility, allies can be useful, resupply whenever an ammo cash is available, take your time even if you are moving like a snail from cover to cover and sit back so you have a better view of the battle.
  • Semper Fidelis
This is a very short and easy mission. Most enemies will die within a few shots.

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  • Operation Swordbreaker
The only difficult parts of the mission are the parking lot ambush and defending the walkway with the machine gun. During the ambush it is best to stay in the garage you drag Chaffin into. There is also a resupply crate so you can spam grenades into the parking lot. Exploding cars is also a quick way to take out multiple PLR soldiers. Towards the end of the mission you will be told to go on to a walkway and use the machine gun. You actually do not have to do it and would recommend not doing so. Instead sit back by the cars and humvees and take out the soldiers from a distance. It will also help for when you have to jump on the back of the truck that way you don't have to run through enemy fire.

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  • Uprising
There are only two parts that might, and I'm using the word loosely, give you trouble. During the beginning of the mission you will crawl through a pipe. After you exit you will open a big wooden door and have to knife a PLR soldier. Quickly take out the two soldiers then throw a grenade to kill the next few that come. When you turn the corner throw the rest of your grenades and most of the soldiers should be killed. Next, after exiting the building and killing a few soldiers you will come to the part where you can kick the car over the edge. Kick it over and then work your way down the right side.

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  • Going Hunting
Personally, I didn't see a difference from Easy to Hard on this mission. Just deploy flares when an enemy locks on to you and shoot when you see an opprotunity.

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  • Operation Guillotine
This mission isn't overly hard but has some tricky spots. When you get to the points to where your squad has to take out the machine gun nests move cover to cover. Your squad will take them out and you will only have to worry about the PLR that come to the destroyed nest. As you move towards the building hug the wall on the left. It should provide good cover. There will only be a few PLR hiding behind rocks. The trickier part seems to be the bank. Once inside you will be told to knife a soldier. Instead of knifing the soldier at the door just shoot him so you don't have to waist time switchign from your knife to your primary weapon. Will your friendly moves up sit back and take out the PLR from a distance. As the friendly moves up you should move up a little, but not too much so you don't get caught in the line of fire. After all of that you and your squad will rappel down an elevator shaft to the lower level. I recommend using your shotgun as well as throwing a few grenades down the middle of the room. Then work your way along the left side. You can hide behind a small set of stairs and peek out every now and then to shoot.

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  • Comrades
Comrades can be a rather hard missions at times. During the parking garage fights take it slow and sit back. It's best to stay back and take out the enemy with your gun set to semi-automatic. While moving through the building most of the walls are easily destroyed. Make sure to hide behind desks or foundation walls. Also, grab a shotgun the very first chance you get. The building will be close combat fighting so shotguns and grenades could easily take out multiple enemies at once. The street chase is the hardest part if you don't know what you are doing. Right when you get out take out the PLR. Once they move one take out the police. Then move up slowly with your comrades. There should be too much of a problem after the first area on the street. During the second phase of the chase you are able to just run through it.

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  • Thunder Run
Like Going Hunting I noticed no real difference between Easy and Hard. The beginning can be a little tricky since there are six enemy tanks at once and your friendly takes aren't much help. Just keep moving and when you notice that a friendly tank has stopped hide behind it. Also, when you have to get the detonator for the Marine you can practically run to it and back without getting shot.

  • Fear No Evil
This mission is VERY easy and will not give you any trouble.

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  • Night Shift
This mission doesn't get tricky until the end. After securing Al Bashir you will have to defend a position until you are told to move. The area you have to defend only has one enterence and I found it a lot easier to just sit in there and watch if someone came. Inside the mall isn't too hard either. Sating inside the rooms with Campo and Al Bashir will provide you with cover and a good view of the PLR enterences. When you leave the mall about seven PLR soldiers will come from straight ahead. Sit backa nd take them out quickly. When you get outside you will have to defend the helicopter. In front of the back hatch of the helicopter is a little cement wall on the steps. Hiding there will provide you with perfect cover and will allow you to get inside the helicopter quickly.

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  • A Rock and A Hard Place
With the amount of Russian soldiers and the openess of the level you my think this level would be hard. It is actually easier then I thought it would be. As long as you sit back you will be fine. There is always a good amount of cover. There are also ammo chaches in very good spots. You can sit there and spam grenades.

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  • Kaffarov
Personally, I found Kaffarov to be the hardest mission. Mainly due to the fact that it's close quarters fighting and many of the enemies have shotguns, light machine guns and a few have RPGs. Make sure you have a shotgun at all times as well as grenades. They will work well for this fight. You will die a few times from one shot of a shotgun. Just take it slow, learn where the enemies come from.

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  • The Great Destroyer
This is another easy level. The first half of this mission is actually the first mission of the game. You will only be able to carry one gun during this mission. There aren't many enemies to fight but there is one part that you need to be careful on. Before you jump from the train into the sewer you will see a PLR soldier pulling an injured soldier to safety. You MUST kill the PLR soldier that's dragging the other before you jump down. If you don't he will kill you with his shotgun has soon as you drop down.

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Push On
Reach the garage without going into man-down state in Hit and Run

Definatley play on easy for this. Make sure you take your time as well as sit back that way you are not right in the middle of the fight. Remember, it is always better to take it slow then to rush. Make use of the ammo crates in the mission as well. You can stand by them and spam grenades. Since most of the fighting is close quarters make sure to pick up a shotgun and do not knife. You won't reach the garage until the end of the mission. Also, you OR your partner cannot go down or you won't get the trophy.

Complete all co-op missions

Just complete all co-op missions on any difficulty. None of these missions should give you difficulty, although Fire from the Sky may if you don't know anyone who is a good flyer. There is not ime limit for completing the mission (only exception being having 60 seconds to defuse the bomb in The Eleventh Hour). For tips and video walkthroughs see Army of Two.

Lock 'n' Load
Unlock all unique co-op weapons

There are sevon weapons you unlock for multiplayer by playing and obtaining points in co-op. It will take a grand total of 441,000 points to unlock them all. Your points for each mission are shown at the end if you complete it. You will get points even if you fail but you won't know how much. A number of things are taken into account whe points are given to you like: kills, headshots, assits, number of downs, mission difficulty as well has other things. You can check your progressing via the My Soldier selection on the main menu then select Co-op.
  1. MP 412 Rex - A sidearm for all classes unlocked at 63,000 points.
  2. KH2002 - A primary weapon for the Assault Kit unlocked at 126,000 points.
  3. MP7 - A primary weapon for all classes unlocked at 189,000 points.
  4. M39 EMR - A primary weapon for the Recon Kit unlocked at 252,000 points.
  5. 93R - A sidearm for all classes unlocked at 315,000 points.
  6. SG553 - A primary weapon for the Engineer Kit unlocked at 378,000 points.
  7. G3A3 - A primary weapon for the Assault Kit unlocked at 441,000 points.

Car Lover
Complete the mission without losing a humvee in Operation Exodus

First off, this is best done on Easy. There are five Humvees and you can not lose any of them. There are only three enemy vehicles that you have to destroy, and three waves of enemies. Your main threat are the enemy vehicles. They take three Javeline missles or three AT Mines to destroy. There will be PLR soldiers with RPGs but they will more than likely shoot at you. They is a resupply area to the left of the walkway as well as in a building during the second phase of defense.
  • Wave 1/Vehicle 1: Enemies will come from straight ahead. Stand on the walway for the best view of the scene. After a bit a PLR vehicle will come from the left side of the street. It is best to use the Javeline missles on it so you can take it out from a distance.
  • Wave 2/Vehicle 2: Enemies will now come from an alley on the left and be in the building on the left. Also, an enemy vehicle will come from the alley. You and your buddy grab three AT Mines from the resupply and place them right at the opening of the alley. That vehicle shouldn't give you any problems.
  • Wave 3/Vehicle 3: This begins the second phase of defense. You will now have to go and defend the road to the East. Grab a few AT Mines and place them at the end of the road on the right side. After fighting off some PLR soldiers a vehicle will come from the left. It will then turn and go to where you place the AT mines. Make sure to have your Javeline ready just in case it misses a mine or you didn't have enough time to put three down.

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In the nick of time
Disarm the bomb in under 20 seconds in The Eleventh Hour

During the mission The Eleventh Hour you will enter a subway. At one point you will have to go defuse a bomb that is inside a train to the left. It will start counting down from 60 seconds. You have to start defusing the bomb before it hits the 40 second mark. It is best done on Easy that way you can run to it while hip firing. There aren't too many enemies here so this shouldn't be much of a problem.

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Reach and save the hostages without alerting any enemies in Drop ‘em Like Liquid

This is probably the most difficult of the co-op trophies. You and your partner must cover the Marine squad via sniping from across the river while the make there way to the buses and the US Embassy. They key to killing quickly is using your bipod, headshot or an upper body shot. Also, it never hurts to pump an extra shot into the enemy. There are three easy ways to know if you failed:
  • If you ever hear a soldier say "We've been made/spotted."
  • When you exit the building you are in (to cover the Marines while they make their way to their base) and there are enemies outside the door or on the street below the building.
  • If there are any enemies on your side of the street on the way to the embassy

The hardest part of the mission is when you have three groups of three PLR soldiers coming from the left, right and directly ahead of you. I personally prefer taking out the people coming from the left, then the right and finally the middle. Also, it is best to take out the soldiers on the left and right of the group first that way if one person kills his enemy quicker he can quickly scope in on the enemy in the middle. When at the embassy it is key that you do not let any PLR soldier that is out front of the embassy have the chance to get back inside. Finally, when the Marines flashbang the enemies in the embassy take them out quick because if you don't they will kill the hostages.

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Complete the mission without using the fire extinguisher in Fire From The Sky

This is pretty much self explanitory. You can not press the button at all during the mission. Keys to this are havign a good flyer, staying high up, keeping a good distance but still being close enough to see enemies and to take them out quick. Your main threat is the PLR vehicles. As long as the pilot uses the rockets or the secondary gunner uses the lock on missles the vehicles shouldn't pose a threat.

Army of Two
Complete all co-op missions on Hard

Hard should be a lot easier in co-op. You will have your friend to revive you go down. Make sure to stay close together while playing. Also, take it slow. There are many parts where just running out can get you killed. Also, there will be ammo cashes that come in great use. Make wise use of cover, don't hide beind things that can get shot through or fall apart.
  • Operation Exodus
At the very beginning set up three AT Mines in the left alley so the enemy vehicle that comes from that way won't give you a problem. For teh first wave both partners should stay prone on crouched on the walkway. When teh PLR start to come from the left have one person stay on the walkway to kill enemies on the building while the other player goes to ground level to kill enemies coming from the alley. When you have to move to the east both players should go up on the roof of the building on the right. There is an ammo resupply up there. One person shoul grab the sniper rifle. The person with the sniper will focus on the enemies coming from the far left. The other person will take out enemies coming from the right side.

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  • Fire From the Sky
This mission is pretty easy. Make sure you have a good pilot, stay high the the air and keep a good distance. Also, use the fire extinguisher if you need to by pressing .

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  • Exfiltration
During the extraction of the VIP try going through without alerting anyone. Escorting the convoy through the streets is also easy. The only hard part can be the very end of the mission. Your Marine group and the VIP will hide inside a building. You and your partner will have infer-red scope so I suggest going in there with them.

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  • Hit and Run
For this mission definaltey grab a shotgun when you can. Take this mission slow since there are a lot of corners and enemies with shotguns. There is one point were the door is jammed and you can not open it. There is an ammo resupply there. Just sit there and spam grenades. Also, at one point you and your partner have to go to seperate doors. On the upstairs soor there will sometimes be an enemy that will knife you as soon as the door opens. If it does happen to you the only way to avoid it is to start backing up as soon as you open the door.

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  • Drop 'Em Like Liquid
This mission is probabaly the easiest of the six. For the most part you are always across the river from the enemies. Go for headshot and take them out as quick as possible. Sometimes if you take too long to kill a set of enemies some more will show up.

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  • The Eleventh Hour
During the first half of the mission you will be in the subway. Male sure you have grenades and a shotgun. They will come in handy during this part, and for the whole mission. May sure you and your partner stick together as there is a lot of enemy shotgunners and enemies hidden behind corners. Overall, just like the other mission this one is also very easy.

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Reach the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration

This si a fairly easy trophy. You will definatley need your silenced pistol to do this. There is a VIP on the top floor of the building. In order to get to him you and your partner will need to kill ten PLR soldiers and destroy five cameras. Cameras will take one shot to destroy while the soldiers may take two or three. It will make it a lot easier if you and your partner have headsets but at least one person having one will due. The best way to do this is to count down "3 ... 2 ... 1" and to shoot on one. There are two parts in particular you need to worry about. The first one is going up the stairwwll and there will be a camera and a soldier. One person take out the camera while the other takes out the soldier. The second part is at the top of the stairwell. There will be a camera and two soldiers. Taking out the camera is easy but making sure you get both enemies is the harder part, even though it is still easy. You will need to line them up and unload the pistol onto them. When you breach the room the VIP is in the two soldiers in the room don't count towards the trophy.

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Vehicle Warfare
Obtain all 3 vehicle warfare ribbons

There are three ribbons you need to get to unlock this trophy. The three are the Air Warfare, Armored Warfare, and the Transport Warfare Ribbons. For the Air Warfare Ribbon, you will need to get six kills with an air vehicle in one match. The consist of jets or attack helicopters. For the Armored Warfare Ribbon, you will need to get seven kills with land vehicles. The easiest and most obvious land vehicle is the tank/ Lastly, for the Transport Warfare Ribbon, you need to get four kills with transport vehicles. These are vehicles that fit six people such as the helicopters with two machine guns or the ground vehicles that have one gun on top as well as two side guns plus two passenger seats.

Infantry Efficiency
Obtain all 4 weapon efficiency ribbons

This sounds like a hard trophy, but it really isn't. Basically, you have to get seven kills with a sniper, assault gun, carbine, and a light machine gun. But, those seven kills have to be in one game, but you don't have to do them all in a single match. Basically, you can get seven kills with a sniper in one game, and others in other games. This trophy will also help for getting ribbons, since you will get the Assault Rifle Ribbon, Sniper Rifle Ribbon, Light Machine Gun Ribbon, and the Carbine Ribbon.

Obtain one of each ribbon in the game

There are 45 ribbons in the game that stretch from Class Specific, Vehicles, Game Modes and Others. None are overly hard or should take too long.

Class Specific

Assault Rifle Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Assault Rifles.

Simple, seven kills in a match. The Assault Class contains the assault rifles.

Light Machine Gun Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Light Machine Guns.

By using the Support Class you will ahve access to LMGs.

Carbine Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Carbines.

Carbines are found in the Engineer Class.

Sniper Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Sniper Rifles.

By playign as the Recon Class you will use sniper rifles.

Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon
In a round, get 5 Motion Sensor Assists.

Motion Sensors are used by the Recon Class. The normal Motion Sensor will not get you this ribbon. You must use the MAV. You fly it and mark enemies by pressing . If they are marked when they get killed you will get a Motion Sensor Assist.

Medical Efficiency Ribbon
In a round, get 5 Revives.

The Defibrillators are the first unlock of the Assault Class. If the friendly has a skull and crossbones over their body they are dead and are able to be revived. Press no the D-pad to pull them out and to use them.

Resupply Efficiency Ribbon
In a round, get 7 Resupplies.

The Support Class gives out the Resupplies. Press on the D-pad to throw a Resupply Pack.

Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon
In a round, get 7 Repairs.

The Repair Tool is in the Engineer Class (who would have thought). You press on the D-pad to take it out. In order get a repair a squad mate or a friendly team member must be in the vehicle while you repair it.

Vehicle Specific

Anti Vehicle Ribbon
In a round, Destroy 3 enemy vehicles.

You can gain this by using another vehicle such as tanks or LAVs/APCs. You could use RPGs, C4 or the emplaced rockets as well.

Air Warfare Ribbon
In a round, kill 6 enemies with Air Vehicles.

Air vehicles consist of jets, helicopters with a driver seat and gunner seat or the scout helis. The helicopters with the two machine guns do not count. This is the hardest ribbon of all of them. If you can't fly make sure you have a good pilot. Conquest on Kharg Island or Caspian Border are the bets places to do this.

Stationary Emplacement Ribbon
In a round, kill 2 enemies with Emplaced Weapons.

Emplaced weapons count as the Emplaces RPGs or the AA guns that can not be driven. I found it a lot easier with the emplaces RPGs. They are abundant in the Rush game mode for the defenders. On most maps the enemies will have a lot of vehicles thus giving you more of a chance. See the Vehicles Guide for a list.

Transport Warfare Ribbon
In a round, kill 4 enemies with Transport Vehicles.

Transport vehicles consist of the helicopter with two machine guns or the vehicle that has multiple passenger seats but only one gunner.

Armored Warfare Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Land Vehicles.

Land vehicles are by far the easiest to get kills with. They consist of tanks, LAVs/APCs and Humvees.

Game Mode Specific

Flag Defender Ribbon
in a round, get 5 Flag Defends.

In Conquest, you defend a flag by having a a friendly controlled flag and killing an enemy who is trying to take control of it.

Flag Attacker Ribbon
In a round, get 4 Flag Captures.

Flag Capute Assists do not count towards this ribbon. You must be the first person to the flag in order for it to count as you nuetralization and your capture.

Conquest Ribbon
Finish a Conquest round.

Simple, just finish a round.

Team Deathmatch Ribbon
Finish a Team Deathmatch round.

Simple, finish a round.

Squad Rush Winner Ribbon
Win a Squad Rush round.

Squad Rush is a 4 vs 4 version of Rush. There is one objective and the enemy gets 20 lives. As the attacker you win by taking out objectives. As the defender you win by your squad killing the enemy 20 times.

M-COM Defender Ribbon
Defend 4 M-COM stations.

You must be a defender on Rush to get this ribbon. A defense is if you kill an enemy that is planting the charge at an objective. Disarming the objective does not count.

M-COM Attacker Ribbon
In a round, blow up 3 M-COM.

You have to be an attacker on Rush for this ribbon. In one game must must destroy three M-COM stations. If you are having trouble play with some friends and work together to get to the objective.

Squad Rush Ribbon
Finish a Squad Rush round.

Just like it sounds.

Squad Deathmatch Ribbon
Finish a Squad Deathmatch round.

As easy as it sounds.

Squad Deathmatch Winner Ribbon
Win a Squad Deathmatch round.

Squad Deathmatch pits four squads against eachother. In order to win your squad must get 50 kills total first.

Rush Ribbon
Finish a Rush round.

Just finish a round.

Rush Winner Ribbon
Win a Rush round.

Rush is a 12 vs 12 game mode. The defenders have two objectives to defend at a time. The attackers must try to destroy the two before the defenders can get 75 kills.

Conquest Winner Ribbon
Win a Conquest round.

Conquest is a 12 vs 12 domination type mode. You and your team have to capture the flags and drain the enemies' point count.

TDM Winner Ribbon
Win a Deathmatch round.

TDM is a 12 vs 12 game mode where the object is to kill. In order to win your team must get 100 kills.


Disable Vehicle Ribbon
In a round, Disable 4 enemy vehicles.

This is easiest done on Rush as the defenders. Loads of enemy vehicles will be used. Disablign the vehicle is the state it will enter before it gets destroyed. When it's disable it will not be able to move. This is best done with RPGs, G4 or if you are able to get a tank.

Melee Ribbon
In a round, kill 4 enemies with Melee Weapons.

The only melee weapon is your knife. If you want to use it at the spur of the moment press . If you want to run around with your knife press and hold to pull it out. Then press to use it. Try to find snipers poeple that are camping. Sneak up behind them and watch the show.

MVP Ribbon
In a round, be the Best Player.

In order to be the best player you must have the most point. Conquest is a good game mdoe for this. Capture objectives and destroy enemy vehicles. Odds are that even if you only kill a few enemies you will get high on teh scoreboard. If you can try to chain kills together. This will come naturally while playing for Rank 45.

MVP 2 Ribbon
In a round, be the 2nd Best Player.

See MVP Ribbon.

MVP 3 Ribbon
In a round, be the 3rd Best Player.

See MVP Ribbon.

Suppression Ribbon
In a round, get 7 Suppression Assists.

A Supression Assist is gained by shooting the area around an enemy but a team mate kills the enemy. Supression makes it to where if the enemy's health is at 40% and you are shooting around him that his health will not recover. If a friendly gets a kill while this is going on you will get the assist. There is also a Supression Perk unlocked at Rank 17 that will help you wil this.

Avenger Ribbon
In a round, get 2 Avenger Kills.

In order to get an Avenger Kill you must kill an enemy who just killed one of your team mates.

Savior Ribbon
In a round, get 2 Savior Kills.

A Savior Kill is defined by killing an enemy who is shooting at your team mate. Your team mate must be on the brink of death (low health).

Accuracy Ribbon
In a round, get 5 Headshots.

This is another one of those ribbons that you will get through natural play. I find that the Recon Class is good for this. Grab a sniper rifle and sit back. Odds are you will find enemy snipers or other players just standing still at some point. Line up your shot and BOOM! HEADSHOT! Remember, Battlefield 3 does have bullet drop.

Ace Squad Ribbon
In a round, be part of the Best Squad.

In order for your squad to be considered the best you and your squad must have the highest combined score total out of all of the squads. Go for the objectives, destroy vehicles and get a lot of kills. Odd are you will get this before Rank 5.

Hand Gun Ribbon
In a round, kill 4 enemies with Handguns.

Handguns are available for every class. You will have one fron the start. Handguns aren't too bad, but they do leave you more prone to getting killed.

PDW Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Personal Defense Weapons.

The first PDW you unlock will be the PP2000. It will be available for all of the classes.

Nemesis Ribbon
In a round, get 2 Nemesis Kills.

An enemy becomes your nemesis once they have killed you three time. You won't have to kill the same person twice either. You can kill two seperate nemesises. The hard thing about this is you won't be able to pick out who your nemesis is while playing. The good thing is that this ribbon will come naturally.

Squad Wipe Ribbon
In a round, get 2 Squad Wipe Bonuses.

In order to get a Squad Wipe you must kill an entire enemy squad. In order to ge tthe ribbon you must kill the same squad twice or every member of two seperate squads. Squad Rush will not work for this ribbon. I have also heard you get this killing enemy squad members so the dead ones can not spawn on one of their teammates.
Example: One member is left of an enemy squad. The other three members are dead. You kill the last remainign member before his dead teammates can spawn on him. Basically, all members of a squad are dead at the same time.

Anti Explosives Ribbon
In a round, Destroy 2 Enemy Explosives.

You may get this by throwing grenades and unknowingly destroying enemy Claymores. Odds are you will get it in a tank. You may be driving to an objective and see AT Mines on the ground or see an enemy placing them. One shot with the tank will destroy them all.

Squad Spawn Ribbon
In a round, get 7 Squad Spawn Bonuses.

This is really simple and will come naturally. Seven squad mates will need to spawn on you in a round.

Combat Efficiency Ribbon
In a round, get 3 Streak Bonuses.

This is a ribbon that everyone gets but few actually know how they got it. There are two ways to obtain it:
  • One way, which is the easiest, it to the three different five killstreaks.
  • A harder way is getting a five kill streak. Then for every three kills after that you will get a Combat Efficiency. So you'd get a combat efficiency at eight, eleven and fourteen kills.

Shotgun Ribbon
In a round, kill 7 enemies with Shotguns.

Shotguns are available for every class. The first one you will unlock is the 870CMS. For the most part it is a one shot gun, maybe three from a distance. Playing Rush and being the defender is your best bet at getting this ribbon easily.

It's better than nothing!
Finish as 3rd MVP in a ranked match

All you need to do is finish in 3rd place in a match. Go to Most Valuable Player for tips.

Support Efficiency
Obtain all 4 support efficiency ribbons

There are four ribbons that you will need to get for this trophy. These are for the Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon classes. For the Assault classes, you need the Medical Efficiency Ribbon, which is for getting five revives in one match. For the Engineer class, you need the Maintenance Efficiency Ribbon, which is for getting seven repairs in a match. With the Support class, you need the Resupply Efficiency Ribbon, which is seven resupplies in a match. Last but not least, with the Recon class, you need the Surveillance Efficiency Ribbon which is obtained by getting five motion sensor assists.

Achieve rank 45

This trophy is the one you are going to spend most of your time going for multiplayer trophy hunting on. You need to get to rank 45, which from beginning to end is 1,600,000 XP. I found the game type Conquest to be able to get a lot of points. It is the game type that I believe has the most vehicles, and you can get some easy ribbons. Here are some tips that I use when I play:
  • If the map has land vehicles, place anti-tank mines by the objective. You can get vehicle disables, destroys, and enemy kills. They are unlocked in the Engineer class.
  • Play objective! Just by sitting or by pressing circle can get you 300+ points and possibly a ribbon.
  • If you are using a vehicle, make sure to equip what upgrades you want on it.
  • If you are playing Conquest, try to be the first on to capture the flag so you will get a lot more points.
  • Blow up vehicles. You will get a lot of points, even assists.

1st Loser
Finish as 2nd MVP in a ranked match

All you need to do is finish in 2nd place in a match. Go to Most Valuable Player for tips.

Most Valuable Player
Finish as MVP in a ranked match

This can be a hard trophy if you are new to Battlefield, or are just a n00b. The way you are ranked in a match is by your score, not your amount of kills. You can get points in a lot of ways besides just killing people. Here are some tips to get some points.
  • Objectives, you can get a lot of points by arming/disarming M-COM stations as well as capturing flags.
  • Help your teammates! If you give them ammo, revive them, or drop a med-kit, you still get a lot of points.
  • Go for the head! You get extra points for headshots. Also, you can get comeback, avenger, and other kill bonuses as well.
  • Use vehicles! If you are in the vehicle, and someone else in the same vehicle gets a kill, you will get a bonus for just being in there.
  • Knifing nets you extra points as well as a cool kill animation.

Obtain your first enemy Dog Tag

This is a relatively easy trophy to obtain. What you need to do is sneak behind an enemy and press . It seems if you try to knife them while they are facing you, you only get a hit marker. I found this trophy easy to get on Team Deathmatch since a lot of times when you spawn, you will be by enemies.

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