Players: 2-24 players (Multiplayer only)
Online Trophies: 5
Online Pass Required: Needed to play online.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-10 hours (depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

[top]Tips & Strategies

"Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is a themed expansion pack bringing the team play of Battlefield 3 to tight indoor environments. The frantic close quarters infantry combat is amplified by unprecedented high definition destruction, new ways to play, more weapons and added persistence."

Credits to OFFICIAL EA UK for the video.

Battlefield 3's second DLC pack, Close Quarters brings us 2 new multiplayer modes, 4 new maps, 10 new guns, and new realistic HD-Destruction system into the online experience. It came out on the 4th of June for Battlefield 3 PS3 Premium Members, and will come out on the 19th June for the rest of the PS3 Community.

I will go through the Modes, Maps and Guns here:


The new modes are Conquest Domination and Gun Master.

  • Conquest Domination - A new mode that is almost identical to the normal Conquest, but it is adapted to a smaller environment, especially for the Close Quarters maps. It's objectives are the same as to a normal Conquest, capture the flags, and hold them until the enemy has run out of tickets. It's faster paced than the normal Conquest and you will be forced to move around quicker, as well as there is less tickets either side.
  • Gun Master - To those who have played Counter Strike and Call of Duty: Black Ops/MW3, this is the Battlefield 3 version of the mode Gun Game, where every kill you advance through different gun tiers until you reach the knife at the end. You go through 17 different weapons including the knife, in order to win the match.

  • Donya Fortress - Narrow Indoor and Outdoor map for the Conquest Domination Mode.
  • Operation 925 - An Indoor map, located in a 3 floor building with an underground car park, designed for both Conquest Domination and Gun Master. The map is represented in the urban environment, with many office cover parts and each floor is a separate zone of combat.
  • Scrapmetal - A map based indoors as well as outdoors, with a factory setting, with many floors as well as sky-bridges between the flags in CD. Can be played on both Conquest Domination and Gun Master game modes.
  • Ziba Tower - The smallest map ever on a Battlefield 3 game, but the vertical combat and the detail make up for it. It is the map from the original Trailer of the game and is the main focus map of the DLC. The map only supports 16 players, but clearly shows the HD Destruction factors.


Weapons are unlocked just like in the previous DLC, B2K, by completing the online assignments, which are not really difficult.
  • Assault Rifles: AUG A3 and SCAR-L
  • Carbines: ACW-R and MTAR-21
  • Light Machine Guns: L86A1 and LSAT
  • Sniper Rifles: JNG-90 and M417
  • Shotguns: SPAS-12
  • Personal Defense Weapons: MP5K

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Trophies can be earned in any order, but this is the way I recommend going for them. Of course it is up to you to follow this bit, as all the guides for each trophy are covered below in the appropriate section.

Step 1: Deadly Tools

For the first step, I'd go for the most difficult of the trophies, as the trophy requires you to kill 3 enemies with 3 different weapons in one life. This can be done on any map pack, and should be the first real trophy to get.

Step 2: Domin
ator and Men of Calibre

Complete a round of Gun Master and win a round of Conquest Domination, if you haven't gotten these in the first step, you should get these now, as they are easy and you will get them sooner or later to get the other trophies. More difficult one is Dominator but it should not prove to be a challenge, as you will be required to win for assignments later on anyway.

Step 3: Assignments and Show of Force

The most time-taking trophy of them all you are required to complete all of the assignments, which are not really that difficult, to unlock the guns and then get 10 kills with each of the gun. You can also get this buy picking the guns up from the ground, but I recommend getting the assignments done as it will be much quicker than just hoping you'll find others with the gun.

Step 4: Grinding the Crack!

The easiest trophy of them all, you might chose to get this earlier, but assuming you haven't just get this here It was one of my lasts as I didn't get to play on the map until much later on. Simple here, just jump off on Ziba Tower.

Step 5:
The Clean-Up

Clean up any trophies you have missed in the previous section. You might have chosen to get one now instead of when I suggested.

THANKS TO: In2 for the Trophy Guide Banner, and to all who I have used video's of, have been credited in the spoiler.


Won a round of Conquest Domination.

Pretty self explanatory trophy, you need to win a game of Conquest Domination. That means being on the winning side when the game ends. Shouldn't be too difficult and should come naturally while going for other trophies, and especially, the Assignments which require you to compete in this game mode. It's the second new game mode in the game that is similar to the normal Conquest, but takes place in a much smaller area, the flags capturing is quicker, and the maps are smaller, as well as there is no vehicles. These are specially designed for the new maps, and has the same rules as the old Conquest. There is less tickets available in these matches as well as they're only available on the CQ maps. Make sure you're on the winning side, but if you want to get this quickly out of the way just hop teams when you feel one is loosing quite badly, though I wouldn't recommend that as it isn't really the fairest of things to do, and leaves your squad feeling betrayed.

Shouldn't cause much of a problem.

Deadly Tools
Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher.

Most people will find this one difficult, as it isn't that easy to achieve. To get this trophy in a single life, you need to get a minimum of three kills in a single killstreak, one with a Rocket Launcher (the RPG and SMAW fit this criteria), the Carbine (Engineer use these weapons, though make sure its not a PDW or Shotgun) and a Pistol, which every class has as a secondary. The easiest way to achieve it, is probably to get the RPG/SMAW kill first as that is the most difficult to successfully perform of them all, then I'd go for the Pistol as it is the second most difficult, and lastly the Carbine, which is the easiest.

This trophy is far more easier than the Complete Warrior trophy from Back To Karkand, but still can cause a problem. This trophy can be boosted if one really needs to, but it will come easy if you just casually play as an engineer.

Video Help

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Show of Force
Got 10 kills with all CQ weapons.

To get this trophy, you will need to get 10 kills with each of the 8 new guns. The new guns are unlocked by completing the assignments, which are not that difficult but might take some time to complete. In order to complete all 8 you need to firstly complete the first four, then they will unlock the next line of assignments. Getting the kills isn't really difficult as it is just about using each gun and getting ten kills each. Due to some assignments beign a problem I have made a short assignment guide with tips on what to do to quickly achieve it. You may choose your own way of getting these but most can easily be achieved through normal play.
To speed the process I suggest you play on High Ticket matches of each mode (best 300%-500% or MAX ticket) as the games will be longer and you will have more time to do it. These apply to all the assignment tips below, hence why I did not suggest it on each one.

Assignments Guide:

1st Line

Shepard - AUG A3

  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle Kills
Tips: The easiest from the lot, Just play as Assault and remember to have the Defibrillators set, as you will need to complete 10 squad revives. Just hang around with your squad and revive them when they're down, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

No Shortage - L86A2
  • 20 Squad Resupplies
  • 20 Kills with Light Machine Guns
Tips: This one is pretty much the same as above except you just need to chuck your ammo box when playing as Support. Hang around with your squad and just chuck on down when you're in an area that you can't progress through, easiest being conquest when defending a base or rush when defending the M-COMs. The LMG kills shouldn't take long, just play with the Support class and it should come quickly.

Done Fixing - ACW-R
  • 20 AT Rocket Kills
  • 30 kills with Carbines
Tips: This one is a bit time taking as it requires you to get kills with the AT Rockets, which are the SMAW and the RPG. Just use either and play a vehicle map (so conquest or rush) or play team deathmatch and shoot down small allies or from a distance, as the explosions are likely to kill people. Same with the Carbine kills, just use Engineer class while using the one above and it should come in no time. This one is just gotten by playing as Engineer and shouldn't take too long.

Team Player - M417
  • 10 T-UGS assists
  • Capture 20 flags
Tips: I suggest getting these while playing Conquest, and using the Recon class. Just throw down your T-UGS near a main path or near a base and let it do it's work, T-UGS assists are when your T-UGS spots an enemy, and then he is killed. If you play offensive on Conquest or Conquest Assault you will get this in no time as capturing flags is easy, just make sure you are there first and not just getting the capture assist.

These Hurt too - SPAS-12
  • 20 kills with pistols
  • 20 kills with shotguns
Tips: Really easy one, will work on any of the modes, using any classes, though I'd recommend Team Deathmatch as the mode you use as all the enemies are packed together and the maps are small. Just switch your main gun to a shotgun and then get 20 kills with that as well as get 20 kills with your secondary. The Secondary one will probably come naturally when playing assault or recon as you will be frequently using the secondary gun, as it's faster than reloading.

2nd Line

After completing Shepard
Set us up the bomb - SCAR-L

  • 20 Kills with underslung grenade launcher
  • 15 kills hand grenades
Tips: To get the kills with Underslung grenade launchers you need to select the M320 launcher from the Assault class and then just shoot away, and any version of it will count towards this assignment. The best places are maps like Operation Metro or similar maps where the area is small. Team Deathmatch seems to be the best but SQ deathmatch isn't far off. The grenade kills will come from natural play or should anyway, but if you still aren't getting any just throw them down and use the FRAG specialization which gives you an extra nade to throw. Again play team deathmatch or close quarters maps.

After completing No Shortage
Point Blank - LSAT

  • 10 Kills with C4
  • 10 knife takedowns
Tips: A really fan assignments, you need to get 10 kills with C4, by throwing them down near enemy territory or simply sticking it on enemy vehicles and 10 knife takedowns which should come from normal play and are the ones where your character preforms an animation of cutting off the dogtag with the knife. The C4 one can be easily gotten on a vehicle map, especially rush or conquest will do, while the knife one is best achieved on close quarters maps.

After completing Done Fixing
My Own Terminator - MTAR-21

  • Get a kill with EOD bot
  • 100 kills with carbines
Tips: To get this one play as engineer and use the EOD bot which is a little robot you deploy that can burn or kill enemy. Best to be done on enemies who do not see you or on small crowded maps where shooting the little weak robot is a difficulty, just kill one enemy for this to be complete. While doing it you can get 100 kills with the carbines which are default Engineer weapons, just use any of them, and keep playing Engineer class to eventually get it.

After completing Team Player
Bullet Point - JNG-90

  • 50 Kills with Sniper Rifles
  • Win 3 rounds of Conquest Domination
Tips: This one requires you to play as Recon and getting kills with the sniper rifles, as well as winning 3 rounds of Conquest Domination. This one is not really difficult, but will take some time as sniper rifles are to be used, but with some good upgrades and experience of using recon, it will not take long. The Conquest Domination is the same as normal conquest but only on the CQ maps, so just play that, and eventually you should win these 3 games, as you are required to win one for a trophy, just win two more.

After completing These Hurt too
Hold the Trigger - MP5K

  • Finish Top 5 in Gun Master
  • 100 kills with Sub Machine Guns
Tips: This one can prove the most of a challenge, as you will have to play the Gun Master mode which requires you to use many different guns in order to go through them all and advance stages/ranks. Just get through all the guns as fast as possible and if you are in the top 5 of at the end of the match you will complete half of this assignment. This can be easily boosted or just keep playing and hoping you will find some easier enemies where you will go through the guns quickly. The 100 kills with Sub Machine guns is easily gotten by just keep using the Sub Machine guns in the game and playing team deathmatch or Conquest domination on the Close Quarters maps.

Men of Calibre
Completed a round of Gun Master.

This should provide no challenge at all. All you have to do is complete a round of Gun Master, which is one of the two new game modes in the DLC. This mode is similar to the Gun Master from Counter Strike or Gun Game from the COD series, where you start off with the secondary guns, and you go through exactly 16 different weapons, and end on the 17th, the knife. You have to get a kill with each weapon to advance to the next, and you lose your old on every stage. The game mode can be played on two of the maps available from the DLC, and you will be required to play it anyway for the assignments, but more on that in it's own section. You only have to finish a match and not exactly win it, you don't even have to play the full match, but join near the end or halfway through.

Shouldn't cause any problem.

Grinding the Crack
Fell over the ledge on Ziba Tower.

The hidden trophy of the lot, and probably the most fun, Jump off the roof on Ziba Tower for this easy trophy.

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