[top]Introduction to Second Assault

Battlefield 4 Second Assault brings back four popular maps from Battlefield 3; Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm. If you have experienced these maps from Battlefield 3 you will notice changes in each of the maps in addition to the graphics due to the Frostbite 3 engine. Players will be able to collapse and bring down several new structures as well as being able to light objects on fire. There will also be five weapons being brought back to the franchise including the dune buggy vehicle. Lastly Second Assault offers 10 new assignments with their own unlocks.


Players: 2-66 multiplayer (Minimum of 4 players boosting)
Online Trophies: Yes (5) All trophies have to be earned in multiplayer game modes.
Estimated Time to 100%: 2-5 hours...Shorter if you are skilled (30min - 1hour Boosting)
Collectible Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None at this time.

[top]Tips & Strategies

All trophies can be boosted by using the empty server exploit.

Boosting Method:
Follow these guidelines if this trophy feels like a hard task for you:

1. Go to the Server Browser from the Multiplayer screen.

2 . Press to edit the filter.

3. Select your preferred game mode and maps then select the free slots to "empty."

4. Press to go back to the Server Browser and pick a server to join.

Following the above steps will place you in a match by yourself. Your friends will see this and be able to join you. Be mindful that other players may join as well. You will need four players to start the match to begin using this exploit.

Unlock night vision and thermal for your attack helicopter if you haven't done so already.

BattleField 4 PS3 Boosting Thread

BattleField 4 PS4 Boosting Thread


1. Torched Head into a game of Conquest preferably on the map Caspian Border so you can also attempt to achieve Dirty Job in the same game. Just remember to use the engineer layout with your repair tool equipped. This will also be a good start for you if you are not used to playing Conquest.

2. Dirty Job Play a game of Conquest and spawn in and drive/run yourself to the destination of fulfillment. Nothing special is needed for this trophy, but awareness to ensure you make it into the tunnel.

3. Blind Bomber Enter a game of Conquest yet again and continuously spawn in on the fighter jets and attack helicopter until you achieve your 5 kills. If you are better at being a gunner inside the helicopter go for it.

4. Risky Business Capture the Flag time finally join a game and capture the flag in addition to chasing down the other flag carrier.

5. Falling Down Most likely it'll be the hardest trophy just because this doesn't happen to often. Join the Conquest game mode once again and attempt to shoot the roofs of building onto somebody. For this I suggest Operation Metro or Gulf of Oman.


Falling Down
Kill an enemy with a ceiling collapse in Operation Metro

Start by entering a game of Conquest on the map Operation Metro. This trophy is earned easier on the U.S. team rather then the Russian because of the way the spawn points are and the opposing team having to go to your point than the other way around. You can get the trophy on either side just a lot harder for Russia players. There arenít many of these collapsible ceilings in the map so you just have to wait and be patient for the other team to make it back by C point.

You will see wooden pillars holding pieces of the ceiling up as you run across the map to capture the points and these are the areas in which you can get a kill with the collapse. What you want to do here is set the trap for a member of the opposite team; sit back and aim at the roof or the wooden pillars and shoot them immediately when they are underneath the ceiling. Once you shoot the roof the collapse is almost instantaneous so donít be to afraid of dying yourself. Best bet is to use a 40mm or a shotgun to ensure you get a wide spread of destruction to the point of contact thus giving you the best chances at earning the trophy.

A video for those that need some assistance.

Toggle Spoiler

Dirty Job
Find the hidden tunnel in Caspian Border

This is earned within the game mode Conquest like most, but this trophy doesnít require you to kill anyone, however more than likely you will need to in order to reach the tunnel unless you spawn in the game quickly and grab a jet to eject over the destination. The point you want to reach in order to enter the hidden tunnel is the smoke tower (silo) relatively in the middle of the map which is also where point D is located. Just be aware that there are two ways of unlocking this trophy during gameplay.

1. If you are playing on team Russia your spawn will be closer to the point where you can drive a vehicle over to point D without having to worry about flying a jet if they are already taken before you enter the game. Once you get to the D point you want to enter the building next to the flag, which has a green roof and gray paint. Once inside the building there will be a staircase on the right side, proceed downward and you will come to another door that you need to enter where you will then see a computer to destroy the silo. Ignore the computer and turn to your right once you walk in the doorway and you will notice some pipes going through a wall. Go to the pipes, crouch down and melee the 2 chicken wires and climb down the ladder. From there you just run through the passageway into some water where you will swim down through it where the trophy will unlock. If you need a video for a visual representation one will be posted in the spoiler below.

Toggle Spoiler

2. If you are playing on team U.S.A. you will be further away from the point so using the jet is your fastest approach to get to the tunnel, however taking another fast land vehicle will get you there just fine if you are able to avoid detection. Head towards point C where you cross the border through the gate or by the area where it has been destroyed (this is preferred since it is closer to the tunnel). From the broken wall you want to run diagonally towards point D where you are going to run into source of water as you will be able to swim under and into the hidden tunnel thus unlocking the trophy. For those of you needed a video display a video will be displayed below for additional help.

Toggle Spoiler

Ignite a brush fire using the repair tool in Operation Metro or Caspian Border

Enter a game of conquest on Caspian Border or Operation Metro preferably Caspian Border so you could complete Dirty Job requirements in the same round. You need to be an engineer to earn the trophy since you will need the repair tool to start the brush fire. Once you spawn in with your engineer and repair tool equipped stroll outside of the spawn and you will see dry grass/bushes from there all you need to do is walk up to it and press down on . After you have done that you will hear your character make grunting noise so you will know you have completed this in addition the grass begins to catch fire.

Be sure you're not torching just any grass as there is a difference between what you can light on fire and what you cannot. The grass is basically all yellowish straw which s completely unlike the surrounding enviornment.

Risky Business
Kill an enemy flag carrier while carrying their flag in CTF

If you havenít read the description yet it does say you need to play some Capture the Flag to earn this overwhelming trophy that could become very frustrating if you are not lucky or boosting. This can be done on any map just as long as the game mode is correct there wonít be any issues. You donít have to return the flag so donít worry about that at all.

Obviously you need to capture the opposing flag while at the same time the opposing team needs to have your teams flag which in turn you have to kill the flag carrier in order to be awarded with the trophy. The best way to do this is by entering a vehicle preferably a helicopter since it is quick and very powerful, however the tank is also a good choice because it is also very strong where you cannot get shot out of unless you are blown up. If you are going to be in a vehicle consider integrating the reactive armor into your vehicle loadout.

Another option you can choose to do is to wait by the opposing teams flag waiting for the enemy carrying your teams flag. Once he/she gets near grab their flag and get ready for a duel and hope you have other teammate to back you up from other enemies.

Blind Bomber
In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman

This trophy can only be obtained while playing the game mode Conquest/Conquest Large in addition to the map Gulf of Oman. First begin by going to the multiplayer selection from the main menu followed by server browser and check off the Gulf of Oman and Conquest accordingly to your preferences. This can also be earned in either of the aerial vehicles; the attack helicopter (gunner included) or the fighter jet.

I suggest you take the gunner seat inside the attack helicopter just because the intense storm that comes through during the round, however itís suggested because of the thermal/ night vision attribute as well. This makes it much easier to see opposing players below or in the air. A complete round starts with 800 tickets and can last awhile so earning 5 kills shouldnít pose a problem unless youíre not good at flying and shooting from the air. If you are having issues meeting the requirements of this trophy be sure to visit the boosting threads found at the top of this guide in the tips & strategies section.


Pancake Model deserves a BIG thank you for all the banners found in this guide!
ShockblastMedia for Dirty Job U.S.A. & Falling Down videos.
The Box Bros. for Dirty Job Russia video.

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