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    Ok, so- as far as Collectibles (guns and tags) go in Campaign; does the game get confused? Because my Lady just got the trophy for 'unlock every assignment and collectible' meanwhile has many 2/3 of the stuff, not all. O__O We went to Replay Missions to check each levels progress, some levels she found most (and all on her own, btw lol) but mostly it's about half for each level, or less! She still plans to use the guide and provided videos to get 100% of all Collectibles just to be safe.

    As for me, the fun part is that I was nearly to the part of the Campaign, on Hard, where you head to blow up the Dam near the end. System froze. Has happened before, just makes me have to restart level - this time it was the dreaded corrupt save file bullsh*t. I got a lot of the Campaign trophies on my way through previously, so now it'll be oh so fun having to pretty much start from absolute scratch. DICE need to fix more story bugs while they're at it, I'd say...

    Point being, if you're going to try to Plat this game, I'd suggest quitting often to let it save and reboot the system. I'm sure that doesn't even really matter since the corruption seems random, but it might help a touch. Good luck, and hooah!

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    Full arsenal is a very buggy trophy and most of the time it won't pop early so I'd say you guys got lucky with that

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