Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes, all of them.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 23 hours (at a rate of one kill per minute)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: see Tips and Strategies

[top]Tips & Strategies

You can view various stats regarding your progress in-game under the Weapons and Gadgets or My Stats menu items. If you'd like to view them offline, you can also try using Battlefield Stats or Statsverse.

At the moment many players are having there stats reset and there kills and points are not getting added. This mostly happens at peak times. If when you start a game and you can not select a SPEC 1 or 2 then your kills will not count and you will not get any trophies. Also, if at the end of the game it says that you earned 0 points your kills will not count and you will not get any trophies. This seem to happen mostly at peak times and there appears to be no way around it. Some people say resetting your PS3 works sometimes but not always. DICE say they are trying to fix the problem.


Step 1: Get Gold Stars on All Primary Weapons
The fastest way to get all the trophies is go for Ecstasy of Gold by getting 100 kills each primary weapon, one at a time, doing this will also get you Every Gun has a Silver Lining then go for Great Balls of Fire. The team victories and best squad on Operation Hastings will come in time so don't worry about Can I Go Home Now? or 2nd Tour of Duty, just play on Rush or Conquest until you get them.

Step 2: Go for Vehicle Kills
You should go for the vehicle kills as you play, getting Cantankerous Chauffeur, Ride of the Valkyrie and Doing the Rounds. But, if you don't have all the vehicle kills by the time you get Ecstasy of Gold just go for the vehicle kills.

Step 3: Clean Up the Missing Trophies
After this go for Can I Go Home Now?, 2nd Tour of Duty, Would you Kindly STFU?, Just Because I Can if you still need them.


Can I Go Home Now?
Win a round of either Rush or Conquest on all four Vietnam levels

For this trophy you must be on the winning team on these four maps:

  • HILL 137

You don't have to do anything really to get this. However, getting kills would help though! I would think that Rush would be the easiest to win. As long as you have a few good players in your team you shouldn't have any trouble. You can see which maps you have team victories on at Battlefield stats and just play the map(s) your missing victories on until you get the trophy.

Every Gun has a Silver Lining
Get silver stars on all primary Vietnam weapons (Veteran weapons not included)

There are 12 Vietnam-era Weapons that you must get a sliver star in all of the primary weapons. To get a silver star in a weapon you must get 50 kills with that weapon. I would suggest that you get the gold star in one weapon before moving on the the next one (see Ecstasy of Gold for more info).

List of primary weapons:
  • M16A1 aka M16 (Assault kit)
  • AK47 (Assault kit)
  • M14 (Assault kit)
  • M60 (Medic kit)
  • RPK (Medic kit)
  • XM22 (Medic kit)
  • Mac 10 aka M10 (Engineer kit)
  • PPSh (Engineer kit)
  • UZI (Engineer kit)
  • M21 (Recon kit)
  • SVD (Recon kit)
  • M40 (Recon kit)

Ecstasy of Gold
Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons (Veteran weapons not included)

There are 12 Vietnam-era Weapons that you must get a gold star in all of the primary weapons. To get a gold star in a weapon you must get 100 kills with that weapon. I would suggest that you get the gold star in one weapon before moving on the the next one. I would start with the weapons/kits that you least liked from the normal online. If your using the sniper rifles it may be better to play Rush and sit back. The other guns are better for close quarters combat.

For a list of the primary weapons see Every-Gun-has-a-Silver-Lining.

I would get the worst weapons out of the way first. I hate the mac 10, its not powerful at all, has very bad range, accuracy and rubbish sights. Using Magnum is a must with this weapon and keep in mind you don't get much ammo with it, so use the Ammo Upgrade if you can live longer than your ammo lasts. I also don't think much of the sniper rifles, so I would get them out of the way ASAP. When using them your best of playing on Rush and being the attacker if you can. With the Sniper rifles (with the exception of the M40) you can use them like a assault weapon, by not using the X12 you will have a scope with less zoom and the closer you are to your enemies the more damaging your bullets are. This works well if your not a very good sniper.

The best weapons are the Uzi, the Medics and Assault guns. All of them pack a lot of punch and tear your enemies to shreds. The Uzi doesn't have good sights, but unlike the Mac 10, it kills your enemies quickly and has better accuracy. Just make sure you use the Ammo Upgrade because you will need the extra mags. With the AK47 (and the other Assault weapons) i like to use the Lightweight Pack to quickly pop an enemy then run to the next one. The Assault weapons are very good all-rounders so you should have fun with them. The Medic weapons are awesome ! They have great sights and have a nice weight to them. You will have no trouble tearing it up with them.

Doing the Rounds
Get a kill with all Vietnam vehicles

There are 6 Vietnam War Vehicles and you must get at least 1 kill with all of them.

List of Vietnam War Vehicles:
  • M48 - US Tank
  • T54 - NVA Tank
  • GAZ69 - NVA Jeep
  • M15 - US Jeep
  • HUEY - US helicopter
  • PBR - US Boat

You DO NOT need a kill with the Tuk-tuk. So don't bother with it. A good place to get kills with all the vehicles is PHU BAI VALLEY on Conquest. Apart from the PBR - CAO SON TEMPLE on Conquest is best for the PRB as both teams can easily get to one. You can check what vehicles you have a kill with on Battlefield Stats.

Cantankerous Chauffeur
Get 100 kills with Vietnam tanks

To get this trophy you must get get 100 kills in the M48 and T-54 tanks. I would suggest you get in one of the tanks whenever one is available.
The M48 Patton is a Heavy tank on the American side. The T-54 is a Heavy tank on the Vietcong side. Kills with both tanks count to the same total, assist kills do not count. This should not take to long if you get at least 1 tank kill a game. The tanks can be taken out with just 2 RPGs so watch out for them and if you hit a mine GAME OVER. Being an engineer or playing with someone you is and using the Vehicle Armour pack will help you keep your tank rolling. Also i find if your in the driver seat the cannon can destroy a Huey in one hit, and unlike shooting a Huey down with a gun, it will blow up straight away giving the enemies in the Huey no time to get out. Its very easy to do and can get 1-5 kills and over 300 points .

Ride of the Valkyrie
Get 50 kills with the helicopter

The only helicopter in the Expansion Pack is the Huey. You are best off making sure your on the American side to get the Huey at the start. I would play this on PHU BAI VALLEY and OPERATION HASTINGS on Conquest as both sides can get Hueys at capture points. Air road kills, rocket kills and gunner kills count ! Assist and passenger kills do not count. As far as i can tell the Huey is just a flying cardboard box, this is because it gets shot down very easily. This makes getting kills very hard. I think its easiest to get kills it the gunner seat as long as the pilot keeps it steady. However, if you are a good pilot you can get kills in the pilot seat. I would aim for cars and people as tanks take lots of hits to destroy. Also as tanks can take you down in seconds so your best off not drawing attention to your self. Using the Vehicle Armour pack will stop you getting shot down so easily.

Would you Kindly STFU?
Destroy a Hannoi Hannah propaganda speaker

What you have to do is shoot or blow up a Vietnamese propaganda speaker. Also, to do this you must be on the American side (however, some people can do it as the NVA). I found the easiest way to do this is on a conquest map. What you need to do is sneak over to the Vietcong side and destroy the speakers in there spawn area. The video in the spoiler shows you how to do it.

Toggle Spoiler

You don't have to do it this way though. There are lots of Hannoi Hannah propaganda speakers on all maps and modes. As long as your on the American side and the speaker is a Vietcong propaganda speaker you can destroy it and get the trophy !

Great Balls of Fire
Get 20 kills with the flamethrower

This one is very simple, the M2 (flamethrower) can be used in any kit. It also has good range and kills quickly. You can get this in 1 or 2 Rush matches. I wouldn't try to get multiple kills with it, just try to kill one person at a time and don't worry about your K/D !

Just Because I Can
Finish 1st on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level

This one is easier than you may think. I would be a Medic because you can heal and revive team mates and the M60 packs a lot of punch. If you focus on healing and reviving your team and arm/disarm/capture flags when you can. Even rubbish players can get more points than the best players. I think that most people find Squad Rush the easiest to get this with but if your a COD player you may think Squad Deathmatch is best for you. Keep in mind that arming a M-COM station gets you 50 point + 250 more if it blows up ! And 150/75 points for capturing Flags !

2nd Tour of Duty
Achieve the best squad award on Operation Hastings

The Operation Hastings map is unlocked. Now you have to be in the best squad on that map to get this trophy. To be the best squad you normally have to have 3 or 4 guys, 1 or 2 players in the top 4 and 1 or 2 players in the middle and you will probably get it. If you can, invite some skilled friends who you know can help you out. Having them drop ammo, heal, revive, repair your squad and your team will help a lot. If you can get any friends to help you out and your in a rubbish squad, leave and find a new one. You can only get this trophy on Rush or Conquest.

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