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Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 3 or 4/10
Time to 100%: 8-10 hours, 2-2 1/2 hours per trophy

[top]Tips & Tricks

NOTE: Each trophy requires 3 medals (5 killstreak, 8 kills in 1 match, and 100 kill overall) and for each trophy I will give tips on how to acquire each medal. Remember, all SPECACT weapons are orange when you choose them rather than white.

Here's a tip from our good friend LAWLZilla:
Also a note to anyone working on these and haven't downloaded the DLC yet. You can obtain these weapons through picking it up from other fallen players/squad mates. BUT you can't unlock any of the pins/trophies doing that. But you can obtain kills, and points using the weapons!!


SPECACT Assault Elite
Get all SPECACT Assault awards.

  • 5 Killstreak - You could either sit back or go into combat with the M16. If you sit back you'll have a greater chance of being shot by a sniper. If you go in you'll be moving too much for a sniper. What I did is go into battle then find a bush or house you could hide in. Good thing with the M16 is that with 2 or 3 quick pulls of the trigger the enemy will be dead.
  • 8 Kills in 1 Round - You'll get this in regular play. Make sure to play Rush or Conquest as they last longer. I've gotten this pin 4 times in 1 match. This should be easy.
  • 100 Kills - Just get 100 kills with the M16 SA and you'll get the 100 Kills Insignia. Might take you a while but you'll get it.

SPECACT Engineer Elite
Get all SPECACT Engineer awards.

  • 5 Killstreak - This might be difficult. 1. Since the UMP 45 SA is silenced the bullets will spray 2. You can't sit back with it, even in bushes close by the fighting 3. It could take a whole magazine, maybe more to kill an enemy 4. Most you could kill with 1 magazine is 2 or 3 enemies in close quarters. What I did and I highly recommend doing is waiting to go for this until you get the Africa Harbor map on Rush to pop up. Then you sit at one of the objectives, attacking or defending, and get anybody that comes in. It will still be hard but I found that to be the easiest way.
  • 8 Kills in 1 Round - Easy. Just play Rush or Conquest, you'll have it probably within you're 1st hour of play.
  • 100 Kills - Play, play play, just make sure you use the UMP 45 SA!!

SPECACT Medic Elite
Get all SPECACT Medic awards.

  • 5 Killstreak - This is the easiest killstreak medal of them all. Do whatever you want, rush into battle or sit back and provide cover. There's no telling what you could do with a 100 shot capacity. You should be able to kill all 5 with 1 mag.
  • 8 Kills in 1 Round - Easiest one to get of the 8 kills awards. There's no tips I could give you for this because you won't need any to get this one. If you do have trouble just sit at an objective in Rush or Conquest and get anyone that enters.
  • 100 Kills - Play Rush or Conquest. This should be the quickest 100 kills with a SPECACT weapon that you get. I played a Rush match that took 1 hour and got 40 kills.

SPECACT Recon Elite
Get all SPECACT Recon awards.

  • 5 Killstreak - Probably the hardest of them all. Many people snipe now and some how an assault guy can pick you off from across the map. Go for this on Rush on Isla Innocentes as an attacker. Go up on the hill to the right of the spawn, hide in a bush then look for any snipers first then get any runners. Option 2, get into a helicopter and parachute behind the enemies base on the island. Get up on top of the blue half destroyed house and snipe. Lay down a motion mine and no scope anyone that comes up the ladder. NO SCOPING IS YOUR FRIEND. It saved me twice when i was going for the killstreak.
  • 8 Kills in 1 Round - Again, the hardest of them all for all the reasons I stated above. Use the exact tips I provided above or just find good cover on any map and lay down a motion mine.
  • 100 Kills - Easy, but the most time consuming one. This will probably take you 5 or 6 hours to get. If you are a good sniper like me, it will take you about 4 hours. Just kill, kill, kill.

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