Players: 1 (up to 24 online)
Online Trophies: Yes (20)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 7-10 hours for campaign, 25+ online
Collectible Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No

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The campaign portion of this trophy guide was written by Curse, and the online portion by AgentZero.


Bad Company Elite
Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies

Like all others you just need to gain all the other trophies!

I knew we'd make it
Campaign: finish Operation Aurora

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Operation Aurora."
  • It takes about 4 minutes for the action to start, from there knife the guy on the left and move forwards, you'll get thrown a weapon. From there it's mainly just running and gunning with your teammates. Nothing much changes in this mission 'cept the scenery, it's just run and gun and watch some cinematics, the main purpose is to set the scene and give you a backlog. So there really isn't much I can say to help with this one, except is shoot and is to skip the videos.

Retirement just got postponed
Campaign: finish Cold War

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Cold War."
  • At the start you decide when the action starts, there's a group of three enemies and a vehicle. Grenade launcher the group, then take out the gunner atop the vehicle. Then take the right-hand path through the buildings and pickoff any leftover enemies, after that you'll get to the end of the buildings and there's a slight hill and the same road. Hang back at the last building and wait for them to come to you, whilst you take them out from a distance. Forwards again and at the top of the street will be a bus full of enemies, one or two grenade launcher's should do the trick, then take out anymore leftovers and go through the door next to the bus.
  • Next up, you're taking the courtyard. I'd recommend hanging back in the upstairs of a building and just taking them out from there. When you see enemies rappelling in it'll help if you take most of them on their way down. Hold off more enemies after the checkpoint passes, you need to keep it for one whole minute, if the tank takes out your building just move along to the next one. When you can, get the binoculars out and take out the tank! Then it's just moving forward to the next point, you'll find the rooftops to be a better place to be, take a cautious approach forwards and you'll get there eventually. Then the truck sequence, just aim for the drivers coming towards you, if you're struggling then just aim for the guys with guns. When the chopper comes just shoot at it all you can. Then when you get into the tunnel for the second time it'll follow you in, just spray the chopper and then that'll be it! You cannot take it out before this.

It's bad for my karma man!
Campaign: finish Heart of Darkness

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Heart of Darkness."
  • Nothing happening at the start, after you get dropped off by flynn just go to the point.
  • Take out the squad that comes for you then go up and grab the rocket launcher. Take out the boat by firing into it's path (I.E slightly infront of it)
  • Head downriver in the boat you get and you'll get to some more enemies, from there just keep moving forward and eventually you'll get to your first weapon box, probably the most useful box on the game.
  • Kill the enemies in the log cabins and make your way to the logging camp
  • Make your through the camp, i'd recommend using a close-range gun here!

They got all your intel?
Campaign: finish Upriver

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Upriver."
  • Knife the sniper to start the section. To avoid getting caught you need to shoot when the thunder and lightning goes off, you'll be informed when this is. The enemies will always be close-by to your squad-mates. After taking out 3 sets of two people go down and meet your squad.
  • When going through the woods go cautiously and you'll easily find all 3 tripwires.
  • After the woods, you'll be at the top of a hill looking down at an enemy camp. Take one shot and your squad will join in, jump into the river and switch to your close-range gun and take out the remaining enemies.
  • The rest of the mission is just taking out enemies from a distance with your sniper, then running in with the close-range gun. Anything else will be explained by your squad.

Salvage a vehicle
Campaign: finish Crack the Sky

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Crack the Sky."
  • You'll start off in the chopper gunner seat and this is a great time to help with the Destruction Part 2 trophy. Just go crazy firing at enemies and explosive objects
  • When you get out there will be more enemies, it's recommended to use a sniper on this mission
  • Pick off targets with your sniper then move forwards again, using a good close range gun
  • Use the building tops as a vantage point and keep on sniping! If you aren't the best of snipers there are a few guns that are good medium - long range, but they still aren't as effective as the snipers.
  • Bomb it in the jeep towards the satellite and it's mission over

Alright, here it is
Campaign: finish Snowblind

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Snowblind."
  • You'll be holding off a satalite, you need to kill the ground assault guys aswell as taking out the RPG guys. Your squad can take out the assault men so your main focus should be the RPG's. They're normally on rooftops
  • After you take out the enemies on the left, you'll hear sarge say they're coming from the right, or something along those lines. Look behind you and you should see a set of steps and there's an RPG. Don't use it yet, just forget about it. There will be enemies on your right (Assuming you're looking down the hill) so take them out, then fall back to your squad and take out the enemies behind you with RPG's whilst your squad takes out most of the assault guys behind you.
  • After most of the enemies are dead a chopper will come. Remember that RPG from earlier? Take it out using that, it always takes the same path > [Go to one side] - [Turn around and hover] [SHOOT AT IT NOW] [It'll go to the other side and hover] [SHOOT AGAIN]. Keep doing this until it's shot down, and buy shooting it when it's hovering it shouldn't do any damage to your precious satellite.
  • After the cutscene you're on your own in a blizzard, if you stay out too long your screen freezes up and you'll die. SO you must either get inside or get near the some fire, to get the fire just blow up some barrels and stand close AFTER they've blown up of course. Also beware of the odd enemy around the mountain
  • When you find your squad try not to stay in the same building for long, and just hold it off

Nobody ever drowned in sweat
Campaign: finish Heavy Metal

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Heavy Metal."
  • First off take out the two EXM radars by firing with your tank in their direction. You should be able to find them easily enough.
  • The next is the same again just with the TOW launchers, just fire in the direction again.
  • Take out the enemy tanks and buildings with the UAV, it's easy to bring the pain to your enemy in this amazing little helicopter. So easy and amazing that it's here where you should go for the Demolish Part 2 trophy.
  • Keep going forth with the tank and take out any enemies with these ace tank.
  • Next you need to designate 4 targets, easy enough but if you're on a harder difficulty you might want to take cover by the building between shots
  • Head through the final section on foot, using assault rifles and buildings to your advantage.

Ghost rider's here!
Campaign: finish High Value Target

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "High Value Target."
  • At the start there isn't much you can do, gun at whatever enemies you see, and when there are enemies running across the water shoot them down as quickly as possible.
  • Take out the zulu with the binoculars
  • When it comes to whether you want to shoot the enemies or not, you might as well leave it out and let your squad do it

Sierra Foxtrot 1079
Campaign: finish Sangre del Toro

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Sangre del Toro."
  • You'll get dropped off by flyn, and hell. Run the SOB enemy over at the start of the mission. Activate the computers under the tarp. And you'll get 3 points you need to get to, I'll be doing the Alpha Bravo Charlie just to save confusion
  • ALPHA: It's full of snipers so use cover well, and clear out the area. In the second area make sure to take out the snipers and the towers as they can be a pain, clear out the area and watch out for lurking enemies. Hop in the jeep and just drive past any enemies you meet, clear out the final area and activate the computer
  • BRAVO: Move forwards and take out any enemies on walkways, a bigger clipped weapon would help here. When you get in the courtyard take out the rappelling enemies if you can, then clear out the courtyard. In the next area try to not move to far forwards and trigger the chopper, instead hang back on the roof taking out enemies then wait for your squad to say something along the lines of "they're coming over the wall" and then move forwards towards another tarped area. This triggers the chopper, so grab the rocket launcher. There should be decent enough cover for you, and try to take it out when it isn't moving too much, then head over to the computer again.
  • CHARLIE: A combination of sniper and assault rifle works like a charm here. You'd be advised to take out the snipers as they're in some good positions and can get annoying. When you get to the chopper section, use the stationary rocket launchers on the edge of the building, and like always try to shoot it down when it isn't moving too much.
  • Go back to the start of the mission to get your final point you need to get to. After that it's a matter of stopping when you get to the containers and blowing your path through by shooting the red barrels. Then drive to the ship and make your way through. There are no more enemies so don't worry!

Thanks for the smokes, brother!
Campaign: finish No One Gets Left Behind

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "No One Gets Left Behind."
  • You're safe to go and find your squadmates at first, you won't get shot at until you're in the building. Before going in though, there's a weapon box so pick two weapons you're good with for medium to long range. You'll be given the bolt action sniper when you go in there
  • Take out the first wave mostly from a distance with your sniper, then after that's over grab the RPG and move next door.
  • In the next wave there will also be armored vehicles which is where the RPG comes in handy. After you've taken them out just finnish off any remaining enemies with your remaining RPG's and bullets.
  • Then go switch to your choice of assault rifle and sniper and move forwards
  • When you get to the cliff-top, get out your longer ranged gun and go mad, taking out as many enemies as possible. Then go down the hill and to a grassy area to the right to get an even better position on your enemies. When it's clear move into the actual base (May need to knife through the fences)
  • Move forwards with your assault rifle and take out any remaining enemies. Then move forwards and trigger a SHOCKING cutscene
  • Get on the quad and move forwards until you reach a turned over truck. Grab a rocket launcher from the supply crate and take out the vehicle on the bridge. Switch back to your previous weapons and go forth, eventually you'll get to a chopper that you can't fly, but you can fire from. Shoot at EVERYTHING until it doesn't move anymore. Hop out and go to the chopper that Flyn can fly, and spam bullets at any other choppers with the gunner seat.

Save me some cheerleaders
Campaign: finish Zero Dark Thirty

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Zero Dark Thirty."
  • Shoot the first two enemies and all hell brakes loose. Assault rifle and sniper as always, try to take cover most of the time and snipe enemies that are trying to snipe you. Prioritize the RPG shoters.
  • When the mortar section starts, the best route is to stick with your squad, it worked for me on one of the first tries whereas nothing else worked for me.
  • Go into the canal and use your sniper now, there will be enemies popping up in groups, so just take them out as soon as you see them.
  • When you head through the doorway on the freeway don't go rushing straight through, a breaching charge goes off. Just spray with you assault rifle when they come around the corner, there's only 3 or 4 of them.
  • Fire at the truck and step to the side!

Turn on a light
Campaign: finish Force Multiplier

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Force Multiplier."
  • Literally the only tip I can give for this mission is snipe when outside, and use your assault rifle when you're inside. It's a really short mission and the hardest part is now over.

P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir
Campaign: finish Airborne

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Airborne."
  • Sneak up on the first enemy and knife him, grab his weapon and shoot the second one
  • You're supposed to "Sneakily" kill the next enemies, but it doesn't matter really
  • Use the mega shotgun and spam bullets at everyone
  • Fire at the spinning orb globe ball thing
  • Shoot

    Toggle Spoiler

It sucks to be right
Campaign: finish Airborne on Hard

You'll gain this trophy after finishing the mission "Airborne" on the Hard difficulty setting. You can get the trophy by choosing the mission in "My Campaign", so you don't need to complete the whole game on hard. It's probably the easiest mission on the game also - if you have troubles just take it steady and you'll get it.

New Shiny Gun
Campaign: find 5 collectable weapons

Just pick up every new weapon you see, even if you aren't going to use it. The pistol icon on the mini-map shows a weapons crate, and usually these contain level-specific collectable weapons. You should get this after a few missions.

Guns Guns Guns
Campaign: find 15 collectable weapons

Seem though most levels have the same basic weapons until near the end, you'll soon learn which ones these are. So once you've collected these (You'll find there are about 6-7 of them) just go for the weapon crates when you see them. There is no need to purposely look for these crates on the full map just go to them every time you see one. By doing this you'll find yourself with about 2/3 or 3/4 of the weapons found after completing the campaign. There are only 30 weapons so this is more than enough.

Link to the Past
Campaign: destroy 1 satellite uplink

You get this on the third mission of the Campaign - you can't miss this. See Complete Blackout below.

Communication Issues
Campaign: destroy 15 satellite uplinks

See Complete Blackout below.

Complete Blackout
Campaign: destroy 22 satellite uplinks

I am taking no credit for this - this is the website I used to get the trophy. All of the information is on there, and there are screenshots of the locations in the spoiler box below if you find that easier.

Toggle Spoiler

Overlooks has showed me the brilliance of the video guide by RoosterTeeth. So check it out below! Again no credit to me for the video.

Toggle Spoiler

Ten Blades
Campaign: 10 melee kills

You can either purposely go for this or get it naturally. Even if you're purposely going for it don't just tell yourself to not shoot until you get it as you'll make it more difficult than it is. Just knife when it makes sense to knife. If you're going to leave it and just get it naturally you might end up nearly missing it. So just knife every time you're behind someone, but the best method is to get it out of the way.

Campaign: drive 5 km in any land vehicle

You'll get this naturally so long as you choose to drive the vehicles instead of walking every time you get the option. There are a few missions where you'll have to walk quite a while if you don't like driving, so i suggest getting on your bike! (Quadbike that is..)

Campaign: destroy 100 objects

Another that you'll get naturally, but if you want it out of the way just drive and shoot like a mad-head every time you get in a tank or the UAV. Or try going trigger happy with the grenade launcher when near the ammo.

Destruction Part 2
Campaign: destroy 1000 objects

You SHOULD get this naturally, and again just go crazy with the tanks. If you try taking an aggressive manor to killing people by making explosions everywhere you'll get this quicker. Remember it's any object, including stupid things like PARTS of a fence etc. So if you do miss this after one playthrough you can always play Heavy Metal and go berserk with that tank!

Campaign: demolish 1 house

Completely annihilate a house. Easiest with the two-story kind as when you take out the bottom story you'll watch the top one go crashing down. Take your pick of C4, Grenade launcher or RPG. My favorite was the C4 on each wall then BOOM!

Demolish Part 2
Campaign: demolish 50 houses

You most likely wont get this on your first playthrough as you can't really accidently demolish 50 houses unless you're really clumsy. The best mission to get this on is Heavy Metal. After the tank sections you'll take over a UAV, you'll be prompted to take out quite a few tanks etc. But this isn't what we're going to do, instead you take out all of the houses with the missiles, it should only take one shot (Which is great compared to how hard it is with RPG/Grenade launcher/ C4) to take them out. Make sure you don't go past this section, as you may need to do it more than once (I needed to do it twice). If so just press and restart from the last checkpoint, rinse and repeat.

Assault Rifle Aggression
Campaign: 50 kills with assault rifles

See Wall of Shotgun below.

Sub Machine Gun Storm
Campaign: 50 kills with sub machine guns

See Wall of Shotgun below.

Light Machine Gun Lash Out
Campaign: 50 kills with light machine guns

See Wall of Shotgun below.

Sniper Rifle Strike
Campaign: 50 kills with sniper rifles

See Wall of Shotgun below.

Wall of Shotgun
Campaign: 50 kills with shotguns

These 5 trophies are all the same just with different guns. There are two ways I will explain this, one for the newcomer to war games and one for people who've played them before.

The first gun you'll get is the Assault rifle and it's the most all-around average gun on the game, so get your 50 with this first. From there it's your call, you'll get the shotgun near the start so that would be my second choice to get 50 kills with. Now you're left with the close range sub-machine gun, the mid-range light machine gun and the long range sniper rifle. So just use them in the right circumstances E.G running between buildings use the SMG, on the top of a cliff/hill looking down you'd use the sniper, etc.

You should already have your own style that you play with, run and gunner, camper, etc. So you'll probably know what you're doing for these 5 already, below is the order that I think is most practical for any style. You should list the guns in order before doing this, with 1 being your favorite and 5 being the least favorite.

Start off with guns #1 & #5, this way you'll be able to use your favorite and kill people exactly how you do it the best. Then in-between kills with your best gun try using your least favorite. You'll soon have #1 done but you'll be stuck with #5 left. So switch to your #4 as you'll probably dislike using both of these guns so there will be no favorites. You'll more than likely get these both at the same time. Then you're left with #2 and #3, just keep switching between the two and you'll end up getting them at around the same time.

Multiplayer Knowledge
Online: reach Rank 10 (Sergeant I)

See Multiplayer Elite below.

Multiplayer Elite
Online: reach Rank 22 (Warrant Officer I)

As long as this may seem, it isn't too bad as the highest rank is 50 for this game. Getting to 22, depending on skill, I would say it takes 25 hours give or take. It seems that Medics can get the most points if you're good as if you can heal and revive a lot of people (especially in your squad), then you will get probably an extra 1000 right there.

Another way to get some massive points is to go for the Insignias. Most of them range from 5000-10000 and aren't as much hard to get as time consuming. Refer to the Pin/Insignia Guide to see how to get some of them if you need to.

Assault Expert
Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit

If you go to Weapons and Gadgets you can see how much XP you need with that class to unlock the 3rd weapon. My advice for quick XP is supply ammo to people as much as possible to rack up some points along with getting kills.

Also if you want use the Tracer Dart when you get it so you get 30+ XP every time you tag something. Doing squad resupplies will give you more XP and complete the objectives such as arming and destroying a crate in Rush or capturing a flag in Conquest.

A tip for this trophy: If you hate using this Kit then pick this to spawn and then kill someone that has a kit that you are better with as even though you are using a different kit's weapons, they still go to the original kit you had selected.
Thanks to Leftoutseany for reminding me you can do this.

Engineer Expert
Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit

Go to Weapons and Gadgets to see how much XP you need. For Engineer try to stay behind tanks to repair them at all times or take out other tanks with RPGs along with killing people.

Again use the Tracer Dart for 30+ if you want to go faster and doing squad repairs will give you bonus XP and complete the objectives such as arming and destroying a crate in Rush or capturing a flag in Conquest.

A tip for this trophy: If you hate using this Kit then pick this to spawn and then kill someone that has a kit that you are better with as even though you are using a different kit's weapons, they still go to the original kit you had selected.
Thanks to Leftoutseany for reminding me you can do this.

Medic Expert
Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit

Go to Weapons and Gadgets to see how much XP you need. Medics probably the easiest to get points with as reviving someone is easy and it gives you 50+ every time or 80 if it's squad. Along with throwing out Med Kits you can rack up some serious points with these. And again, use a tracer dart if you want the 30 XP extra and complete the objectives such as arming and destroying a crate in Rush or capturing a flag in Conquest.

A tip for this trophy: If you hate using this Kit then pick this to spawn and then kill someone that has a kit that you are better with as even though you are using a different kit's weapons, they still go to the original kit you had selected.
Thanks to Leftoutseany for reminding me you can do this.

Recon Expert
Online: unlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit

Go to Weapons and Gadgets to see how much XP you need. For Recon all you can really do is just snipe people to get the XP or use C4 or Mortar Strikes to destroy some vehicles.

A tip for this trophy: If you hate using this Kit then pick this to spawn and then kill someone that has a kit that you are better with as even though you are using a different kit's weapons, they still go to the original kit you had selected.
Thanks to Leftoutseany for reminding me you can do this.

Battlefield Expert
Online: obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks

Below are the XP amounts you need for each class to get all unlocks:
  • Assault: 47000
  • Engineer: 43000
  • Medic: 57000
  • Recon: 34000
  • Vehicle: 10000

The speed on how you get this just really depends on if you use one class more often than another and how good you are with each class. I would probably say that getting all Vehicle perks is the easiest and fastest because even if you just sit in a tank or helicopter doing nothing you will still get 50xp for getting a passenger assist. If you can get a whole squad in a tank or helicopter who can get a lot of kills then you should be good to go on this.

But if you aren't really in to using vehicles then use a kit that fits for you and stick with it. It just takes time to get this trophy.

15 Minutes of Fame
Online: play for 15 minutes

Just play online for a total of 15 minutes to earn this trophy. You'll probably get this in your first game playing unless you join late.

Mission... Accomplished
Online: in a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7

You unlock the M60 at 25000 XP with the Medic class. After that you can use that and the Engineer class to get the M60 and RPG kills.

A map and mode I would recommend is Rush on Valparaiso as when you're attacking you can flank a lot of snipers on the first base easily getting you a knife kill and possible an RPG kill. Then after that it's just switching classes and getting the M60 kill.

But easily, Rush or Conquest maps work well for this as well.

Pistol Man
Online: get 5 kills with every handgun in the game

You unlock the handguns as you continue to rank up. Just when you unlock one go get 5 kills with it. If you lost count on how many you have with each you can check in stats or weapons and gadgets.

Online: roadkill an enemy with any helicopter

Most easily done with the UAV. Just once you get a UAV and get to enemy base, fly real low on road and try to aim for someone. If you hit them dead on then you will get it for sure.

Et Tu, Brute?
Online: knife 5 friends

Easiest way to do this is to get some friends on the opposite team, and then have a designated spot to go meet and trade off knife kills as you actually have to knife 5 friends with a legit kill.

Demolition Man
Online: get 20 demolish kills

Demolish kills are where you get a building or parts of it to collapse on anybody inside of it. In Rush, there is usually one or 2 M-Comm Stations that can have the building collapsed on it using an RPG, Grenade Launcher, or Tank.

Here is a tip on an easy way to get it from our good friend Phoenix:

Toggle Spoiler

You can check how many kills you got by going here, then go to Achievements and it will tell you how many demo kills you have out of 20.

Careful Guidance
Online: destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG

Can be tricky as the stationary RPGs don't aim very high so you're going to have to track the helicopter until it gets low or if someone who sucks is flying it to dive bomb. Just anticipate where they are going to go on it if they aren't hovering and you should be able to hit them.

Here is a tip from our good friend vanishingpoint:

Toggle Spoiler

The Dentist
Online: do a headshot kill with the repair tool

Very simple. If you're too lazy to try and get a legit headshot up close, then try to sneak up on enemy lines and find a sniper to do it with. Getting the kill isn't the hard part but you gotta make sure the Repair Tool is as high as possible for you to be able to hit the guy.

Again, I would recommend the game mode Rush as you can find a lot of situations where someone doesn't notice you and can pull it off.

Won Them All
Online: win a round in all online game modes

You have to win in Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush and Squad Deathmatch. The hardest I would say to win is Squad Deathmatch if you don't have friends in your squad as usually you won't be with very good people and 4v4v4v4 can get a lot crazy. Conquest and Rush may take time but if you have maybe 4 or 5 solid players on your team, you should be good.

Squad Player
Online: obtain the Gold Squad Pin 5 times

Getting the Gold Squad Pin means that you had the best squad in the whole game. Pretty much if you have 3 or 4 guys, if one or 2 guys are top 3 on your team and the other 1 or 2 guys is in the middle and your team wins, you'll probably get it.

But if you don't want to chance getting stuck in a bad squad, invite some skilled friends who you know can help you get it.

Combat Service Support
Online: do 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists

  • Resupply: Ammo, Assault
  • Repair: Repair Tool, Engineer
  • Heals: Medkit, Medic
  • Revives: Defibrillator, Medic
  • Motion Mine Spot Assist: Motion Sensor, Recon

You will unlock all of these for each class fairly early so that shouldn't be a problem. Heals and Revives are very easy as you just have to run around and be ready to revive people or toss medkits to people who have a cross on your minimap.

For resupplies just find a group of people huddled around and toss one in there and you're bound to get some. For repairs just follow a tank from behind and be ready to repair it at any second that it's needed.

The hardest will probably be the Motion Mine Assists. Probably the easiest way to get this is if you're playing Rush or Conquest, throw one near the objective to spot out anybody who is camping around it. That way you can get a teammate to go up and kill him for the assist. Just really if you know there are a lot of guys in an area, chuck a Motion Sensor over there and you're bound to get an assist.

NOTE: This does not have to be in one round if anybody thinks this.

Award Aware
Online: obtain 10 unique awards

See Award Addicted below.

Award Addicted
Online: obtain 50 unique awards

Awards are much easier to earn in this game. Most of them are very common as getting 6 kills with each class or getting kill assists. Pretty much though the awards are straight forward so that you know what to do. Refer to the link below if you're stuck on one.

Insignias and Pins Guide

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