Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required for Platinum: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None Known
Estimated Time to Platinum: 8-12 Hours
Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Yes, PEGS!
Difficulty Trophies: Yes, (Stackable)
Missable Trophies: None, Chapter Select
Glitched Trophies: No


  • Boy are you in for a ride. The game features action-packed gameplay: As a side story to the (now released) Universal Pictures' film, this fast-paced FPS puts you at the forefront of an extreme alien attack. Facing hazards across land, sea, and air - this won't be a walk in the park
  • "Spectacle at Sea" Tactical Battle Command: Take real-time control of naval units as you strategize a map-wide plan of attack by directing your fleet to launch air strikes, conduct radar sweeps, and engage in ship-to-ship sea conflict.
  • "War on the Shore" Battling: As a member of the elite E.O.D., take the fight to the Hawaiian shores to put down the invading threat.
  • Upgradeable & Customizable: You are in total command! Fend off alien foes throughout the game with badass weapons and upgradable naval units, all with specialty attacks and attributes.
  • Drop bombs, bullets, grenades and even the enemies own ammunition back at them to help rid the world of this alien infestation!

[top]Tips & Strategies

- Play through the game on Admiral Difficulty - it's not going to be that difficult and the difficulty trophies stack saving you multiple playthroughs.

- None of the kills reset when you die. This means both with weapons and ship kills. If you gun down 20 aliens with your pistol and die, those 20 kills are saved and count towards your 40 kill trophy count. If you find a spot that you personally like farming in, use it.

- Always have your ships in support positions on the map (they will be highlighted when you hit L2) this will allow you to drop the LRAD, artillery
strikes or cannon fire which will save you from grinding so much for the Rain of Fire

- For the Locked and Loaded trophy, I personally used the USS Laredo (the submarine) - it only has 3 slots that need to be maxed out (for a total of 9 wild cards).

- If you down an alien that spawns a Wild Card and then cross a checkpoint without getting the Wild Card, that Wild Card will be there if you die again. This is especially useful for the Down But Not Out! trophy - have a ship destroyed with the "Recovery" Wild Card on the field and you can die and keep recovering the same ship for an easy


1. Just Play the game
Play through the game on "Admiral" difficulty to net you Navy Cross and all subsequent difficulty related trophies. Try to focus on getting your 40 kills with each respective weapon; there are plenty of aliens to obtain this on your first play through. It is up to you if you'd like to go for the PEGS! trophy. I opted to go for them and get them out of the way to avoid having to replay whole levels.

2. Clean-Up
There are a couple of mission specific trophies that you'll want to take note of - Naval Mastery and Brought a Gun to a Knife Fight? These are easily obtainable through your first play through and will save you time going through the levels in order to obtain them.

3. Farming
Reload Mission 7, "End Game" and start farming the 200 alien kills for Rain of Fire and, if needed, Fish in a Barrel

4. Play every other game you own so that you can bury this towards the bottom of your collection!


A Global Force
Collect all Trophies.

You know how this works. Gather all of the other , and 's to get yourself this shiny new

Welcome to the Islands
Complete "The Arrival" on any Difficulty.

Story Related, cannot be missed!

There are a total of 7 story missions. The maps aren't that big and are pretty straightforward and linear. Each mission should take you no more than 45 minutes or so to finish. This trophy will unlock after completing the first of them.

The Dome
Complete "Construction" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing story mission 2

Complete "Overrun" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing story mission 3

Mighty Mo
Complete "The Big Guns" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing story mission 4

No Man Left Behind
Complete "They're Back!" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing story mission 5.

Complete "Retaliation" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing story mission 6

The Bigger They Are...
Complete "End Game" on any Difficulty.

Story related, cannot be missed!

Unlocks after completing the final story mission - 7

Earth's Hero
Complete the game on any Difficulty.

See Navy Cross

Navy Distinguished Service
Complete the game on Captain Difficulty or higher.

See Navy Cross

Navy Cross
Complete the game on Admiral Difficulty.

You are able to start the game off right away selecting the "Admiral" difficulty. Do this. The game is not overly challenging and you shouldn't find yourself in too many 'controller smashing' situations. Just use cover as best you can, and if possible aim for the head. The AI is pretty bad in this game; even to the point where sometimes they will just be standing there and not moving or shooting. One thing to note, on the last level, "End Game," - when you are fighting the final boss (the Mothership) enemies will spawn in groups of 5 endlessly until the mother ship is defeated. This is a great spot to farm weapon kills, ship recoveries ( Down But Not Out) and also maxing out your ships upgrades for the Locked 'N Loaded trophy.

Used your first support call.

Story related, cannot be missed!

You will be required to do this on the very first level to progress through the story, the trophy will unlock shortly after.

Naval Mastery
Occupied all support positions in "Overrun".

"Overrun" is the 3rd mission that you will find yourself on. The goal of this mission is to get to, and then disable, an enemy turret. The very first support square that is open is within firing range of the turret and it will make quick work of your ship if you place it there. As you plant the explosives on the beacon signals (done by holding down square when you get to them) that will unlock the other 2 support squares on your map when you hit L2. After you disable the turret, you should be able to hit L2 and you will see a total of 3 open support squares on your map. Wait until the turret is disabled and then just send one ship to each support square BEFORE you run to the objective and end the level. The trophy will pop shortly after you have the third ship on the support square.

Brought a Knife to a Gun Fight?
Downed a Thug with the pistol.

The very first chance to obtain this trophy will be in mission 2. Your first instinct on this mission will be to swap out your secondary weapon (the pistol) for the carbine or the shotgun. For this trophy, hang onto your pistol from the beginning and swap your carbine for the shotgun. The thug is first introduced near a crashed plane shortly after you can get the shotgun. There will be somewhat of a small cut scene where your character looks at a cliff and the thug will jump down and charge you. Pump 3 or 4 shotgun shells into the thug and then finish him off with your pistol to net you this

Extra Credit
Downed 3 or more enemies with one shot from the Railgun.

The Railgun is first introduced in Mission 4 of the game. It's basically the sniper rifle in the game. You use the scope by pressing L1, and then you can charge it fully by holding down R1 and firing by letting go of R1. The alien commander's have them, and you'll know it's a Railgun when you see an alien holding a rifle with the end of it lighting up a charged shot. You will eventually be tasked with defending a weapons cache at the end of a dock. You will have access to the Railgun here. You will see alien spaceships flying in to drop off more aliens, and they will rappel down. When you see the enemy ships hovering overhead enter scope mode with L1 and have a charged shot waiting when they drop. You can use the shadows of the aliens on the ground to get an idea of where they are going to land to help guide you and then fire when they hit the ground. They won't be perfectly lined up but you'll have 3 different chances in this area. If you fail, just blow yourself up with a grenade; the checkpoint is right there and you can keep trying until you nail it.

Bombs Away!
Downed 5 enemies with one support call.

You will have plenty of opportunities to get this throughout the missions, but if you're having difficulties with it see the video under Rain of Fire! It shows a nice spot to farm for the 200 kills and you can get this one out of the way at the same time.

Disarm or plant 20 charges.

This is borderline story related. Almost every mission in the game requires you to either plant or disarm some kind of bomb that the alien places. Each one that you do counts towards that 20 goal. If you find by some miracle that you don't have this by the end of the game, just replay any level and just keep disarming and arming until it pops.

Officer of the Deck
Defeated 40 enemy vessels in Ship Control gameplay.

Pretty simple. One of the random wild cards that the aliens drop are yellow cards called, "Ship Control" cards. When you pick these up you can hit L2 and choose one of the ships that you want to use it on. It will go and let you take control over the ship's guns, torpedoes and missiles for 20 seconds. Once either 1) the 20 seconds are up, or 2) you destroy the other ship, controlling the ship ends and you'll have to pick up another wild card to be able to control a ship again. Simply take down 40 enemy ships this way for this trophy to unlock.

Note: You will only ever be able to down 1 ship in this sequence, so it will require at least 40 different ship control sequences.

Locked and Loaded
Fully outfit a ship with the maximum number of Wild cards available.

You will literally find alien ship wild cards littered all over the field. The more aliens you kill, the more wild cards you will find. During my playing I didn't notice the cards disappear like they were on a timer so go after them after the battlefield is cleared of aliens. Each ship will have X amount of open "upgrade" slots (ranging from 2-5 open slots). This trophy just requires you to outfit one of your ships to the maximum. The thing here is each spot can have 3 cards attached to it. For instance, the USS Laredo has 3 available upgrade spots (the other 2 will be grayed out) - this is going to require a total of 9 wild cards (i.e. 3 missile cards, 3 torpedo cards and 3 armor cards). The game will not let you add the same card to the same ship if it's at it's max.

NOTE: The upgrades all have to be done during ONE mission, if you find yourself not able to max out your ship with the random cards that drop, remember that mission 7 has unlimited enemy spawns until you defeat the final boss. This is a perfect place to farm cards for this trophy.

Fish in a Barrell
Down 40 enemies that are stunned by the LRAD.

Some folks have issues with this trophy but I didn't mind it that much. When you place a certain one of your ships in the support squares you will have access to that ships weapon to help you battle the aliens on the ground. The ships weapons are on a timer, so farming without dying is kind of a pain. The weapon the USS Laredo has is called the LRAD. When you select this, it's going to give you a large circular target area to "paint" where the firing of the weapon will land. This one is tricky because when it hits the ground, it will 1) distract the aliens (they all run to it and start shooting at it until it explodes) and 2) it will put out a "pulse" every couple of seconds and any aliens that are near to it are stunned (picture a guy getting hit with a tazer..they bend over like a homeless guy puking in an alley). The aliens MUST be in the bent over "stunned" phase when you kill them for it to count towards the 40 kills. If the projectile kills any aliens it hits when it is first fired that will NOT count towards the 40 kills.

Quick Draw
Down 40 enemies with the Pistol.

This is just as easy as it sounds. The Pistol is one of the first weapons that you start the game with, which unfortunately also makes it the weakest. Just gun down 40 baddies with this and the trophy is yours.

Down 40 enemies with the KRAW.

The Kraw is the default weapon that the aliens carry. Any aliens that you kill will drop this giving you access to blowing them to pieces. It's effective and you'll have no problem killing 40 with this bad boy.

Pro tip: Just walking over the other Kraw weapons will NOT replenish your ammo. You will want to drop and pick up different Kraw's whenever you can. Any new Kraw that you pick up will have a full fresh 300 ammunition.

Sharp Shooter
Down 40 enemies with the Carbine.

The weapon that will probably be most comfortable in your hands. You start most missions with the carbine and should have no problem at all putting all kinds of holes into all kinds of aliens. After the 40th drops, this will pop!

Up Close and Personal
Down 40 enemies with the Shotgun.

I opted to get the shotgun kills out of the way as soon as possible. Most of the regular aliens die with just one shot at close range from the shotgun; while the thugs can take about 4-5 point blank shots before dying. Just blast away 40 alien invaders and this one is yours. Just watch your ammo count and make use of the random ammo crates sprawled throughout the map.

High Velocity
Down 40 enemies with the Alien Railgun.

Alien Railgun is introduced in mission 4. Just drop 40 aliens with this and you'll have another locked up.

Couple of pros and cons about the Railgun:

The Railgun only has 3 bullets, but at the same time you have unlimited ammo. The reloading does take some time so be sure to have cover. A fully charged Railgun shot will kill Thugs, and just about every other life form in the game with just one shot.

Fire in the Hole!
Down 40 enemies with Grenades.

Throw grenades by pressing R2. Blow up 40 invaders to pop this trophy. All of the ammo boxes that you come across on the missions will have ammo for the guns you have equipped and 1 grenade if you find yourself running short.

Oliver Hazard Perry
Destroy 10 enemy ships with the USS Chesapeake.

Every mission that you play will have you fighting aliens on the ground (your 1st person shooter) and then your ships in the water who are taking fire from enemy vessels. When one of your ships is attacked it will auto target the ship attacking it and fire back. It is very easy to get overwhelmed and have 3 or 4 enemy ships on your 1 ship so keep an eye on your ships health bar in the upper left hand corner. The good news is this; there are only a limited number of enemy ships on each mission so once one is dead, it stays dead. If you manually control the ships weapons and down an enemy ship with the "Ship Control" wild card this will count towards the 20 kill total. The bad news is, there is no place to check how many ships you've sunk with each vessel so just keep dropping ships until the trophy pops.

The Chesapeake can be found in missions: 1, 2, 3 and 7

Arleigh Burke
Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS John Quincy Adams.

See Oliver Hazard Perry

The John Quincy Adams can be found in missions: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7

Los Angeles
Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Laredo.

See Oliver Hazard Perry

The USS Laredo can be found in missions: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7

Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Yukon.

See Oliver Hazard Perry

The USS Yukon can be found in missions: 3, 4 and 6

Destroy 20 enemy ships with the USS Missouri.

See Oliver Hazard Perry

The USS Missouri can be found in missions: 4, 5, 6 and 7

Rain of Fire
Down 200 enemies with artillery support calls.

There is no way getting around it. You're going to be farming this trophy. My best advice - beat the game completely, load up mission 7, and follow the video below. Use your support calls as much as possible during your normal play through to help cut into the end game grind for this. Luckily the farming isn't THAT bad - just repetitive. ('s farming). The video below is the method I used and it worked after about 45 minutes or so.

Side note: I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but after about 30 minutes of grinding (other folks commenting on this Youtube video have said that it should only take 10-15 minutes of grinding this way to get the 200 total kills) but I quit to the main menu and went back into the same level, repeated this method about 5 more times and the trophy popped. Also, one last note: the spot RIGHT before the checkpoint: make sure that you don't use your artillery strike right before you reach the checkpoint or you'll find out that when you grenade yourself you're going to spawn with the timer strike call in not full and unable to be used right away.
(Thanks again to 360GameTV for the awesome video!!)

Down but not Out!
Recover 5 ships.

The requirements for this trophy are as follows: Pick up a "recovery" wild card and use it to revive one of your destroyed ships 5 different times. in my experience I was never able to pick up a recovery card until one of my ships was actually destroyed. This trophy does NOT have to be done all on the same mission, but rather can be spread out throughout the game. If you happen to die and have a recovery card in your inventory when you continue, you can just keep having a ship go down, use the recovery card to bring it back, die and repeat this process 5 times to unlock this trophy.

Found all 28 hidden pegs.

There are 28 pegs in total, with 4 per level. Most of them are pretty easy to find, but if you're having trouble follow the video below:

(Thanks to 360GameTV for the video!)

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