This is quite a popular and old game and is good to see it on Playstation Network!
For those who donít know how this game works though, I shall explain:
  • There are four different Modes and 4 secret Modes (none of the secret modes need to be played to get any trophies so Iíll let you guys figure those ones out ) Classic, Action, Puzzles and Endless are the four main game Modes.
  • What you will see on the game screen when you start to play is the main game board that has all your gems inside of it, a progress bar right under the game board, some options on the bottom left like a Hint if you cannot find a match anywhere on the game board (note that if you use the Hint it decreases your score and progress bar a little bit), and your score and the game Level your on at the time.
  • What you need to do is very simple (but so addictive!), you hold down the X button on a jewel and when you press up, down, left or right it will switch with the gem that is beside it in that direction and what you aiming for is to match up 3 of the same kind of jewel, when switching the gems around they will ONLY stay switched if there is a match to be made from that switch, otherwise it just goes back to where it was originally.
  • Classic Mode is just a simple fill the progress bar up and proceeds to the next level sort of thing. Endless Mode is the same thing but the Levels never stop (obviously ).
  • Action Mode is more challenging because what happens in this mode is that the progress bar starts at half way full, but decreases over time. So you got to think fast with this one, especially since the bar goes down faster as each level passes by.
  • Puzzle Mode is a lot of fun, its 80 puzzles in total and what you do is you need to figure out the pattern in which you can get rid of all the gems on that game board, there isnít any puzzles where there is only a certain amount of steps required, just need to get them all off the board some how, I personally liked this part of the game.
  • There are Gems called Power Gems and Hyper Cubes, Power Gems are made from combining 4 gems of the same kind, and a Hyper Cube is when you combine 5 gems of the same kind. A Power Gem when combined to make 3 of its kind (donít need to be all power gems, just the color) it will explode and destroy all the gems around it (so 3x3 radius is the explosion) and the Hyper Cube is a neat one, when you switch a hyper cube with a gem its near, the color of that gem that it was switched with will be shocked by lightning and take every single gem that is the same as that one with it on the entire game board. Those two types of gems can really change the board around.

[top]Tips and Strategies

For the Jewel Keeper, Hyper Cube Hoarder, Powermad, and Six Shooter Trophies you can go to the Leaderboards and look at the bottom of the screen and see how many Gems youíve destroyed, Power Gems/Hyper Cubes youíve made, highest Cascade, total points, how long youíve played Bejeweled 2, and some other stuff. Iím sure that would come in handy for most of you so I thought I would share that.


Classic Rock
Complete Level 5 in Classic Mode

This is a very easy Trophy, when you begin the game choose the Classic Mode and just bring the progress bar up until you beat game level 5. Of course getting Power Gems, Hyper Cubes, and Cascades are a lot of help for getting that bar up fast. Also you must BEAT level 5, not just get to it, so the trophy unlocks when you get to level 6.

Action Hero
Complete Level 5 in Action Mode

This is bit of a challenging Trophy I must say. All you need to do is choose the Action Mode and start the game, this time the progress bar is going down over time and if it reaches to the left end then you lose, so you got to think and act fast to be able to make this Trophy. By the time you get to level 4 the bar goes down quite quickly, so got to act even faster now! I just suggest to make as many Power Gems as you can because those to help a lot, since they make many new gems come down and a chain reaction of Power Gems gives even more points, and to use the saving system as well, if your playing badly or you get a Hyper Cube or something that will help very much in the higher levels then save and quit so that you can reload from there. Also, once again, you got to BEAT level 5, so the trophy unlocks at level 6.

Complete Puzzle Mode

This is a very easy Gold Trophy! Choose Puzzle Mode in the game selection and there will be 80 puzzles to complete (I explained how Puzzle Mode works at beginning of Guide). I could give you a small guide to every single puzzle, but I wonít because I donít need to. There is about 2 to 4 different ways you can complete the puzzles and also the Hint button will literally tell you how to solve it from beginning to end of the puzzle without deducting anything (like in the other modes where hint deducts score and progress bar). So if you want to cheat a little bit you can go through the puzzles by hinting all the way through the 80 puzzles. I personally found it fun to figure them out on my own, but I did use the hint when I was stuck which can be often sometimes after half way through them. You can get this Gold Trophy in probably 30-45 minutes max.

Casual Carat
Complete Level 10 in Endless mode

This is a very easy Trophy just like the Classic Rock one. Just choose Endless Mode and fill up the progress bar till you beat level 10 in Endless Mode, the bar doesnít decrease so this is just like Classic Mode only that it goes on forever in Levels. As the two you must BEAT level 10, so Trophy unlocks on Level 11.

Destroy 12 gems in a single move

This is probably going to the first trophy you get in about five minutes at max into the game from when you bought it; super easy Trophy. When you take out Gems and the new ones fall from the top of the game board sometimes they fall right into place with the ones already there and automatically eliminate the Gems the news one fell on which is still in the one move, these are called Cascades. You canít set this up, it is all by chance, but I can promise you that this trophy will take no time at all.

Diamonds are Forever
Make 3 blue matches in a row

This is another complete chance Trophy. You need to eliminate blues (by 3, 4 or 5) threw times in a row with cascades; you canít eliminate any other color of Gems in between the three blue eliminations. The most you can really do is try to set up a bunch of blues everywhere or in one half the game board or something like that and just kind of hope that they fall into place when the new Gems fall. This is all chance because you canít choose or see what Gems come next (kind of like in Tetris ).

Jewel Keeper
Clear 5,000 gems

Another easy Trophy; Just got to play as normal and you will get it because you just got to eliminate the gems which is what you need to do to play the game. Also the number the Trophy requires of Gem eliminations is racked up in any Mode of the game.

100K Club
Score 100,000 in Action Mode or Classic Mode

As it says, pretty straight forward. Just got to play Classic or Action Mode until you get 100 thousand points in the score board in the top left corner of the screen when playing the game board. This should take like maybe 10 minutes and I suggest Classic Mode if youíre new to this game because in Action the progress bar decreases over time and Classic doesnít.

Six Shooter
Get a 6x Cascade

This is all by chance because you cannot choose what comes down next in the Gems to make the cascades or plan it so it does. But what you need to do is to eliminate Gems by switching the two and then hope that when the new Gems fall they make a chain reaction that eliminates 6 more Gem combos in the one move. Some things you could do is make a Hyper Cube and use it to shuffle up the game board a bunch (choose a color that there is a lot of on the board), or pill up 3 or 4 Power Gems and blow up a big chunk of the game board. Classic Mode or Endless would be the way to go for this one because its just smooth sailing all the way through.

Create 200 Power Gems

Just got to combine four of the same colored Gems together to make Power Gems, that is all you have to do. When you make the 200th Power Gem you will get the Trophy. The required number needed for the Trophy is racked up in any of the game Modes combined, just play as normal and this will be unlocked fairly quick.

Hypercube Hoarder
Create 50 Hypercubes

Just go to combine five of the same colored Gems together to make Hyper Cubes and when you make the 50th Hyper Cube you get the Trophy. The required number needed for this trophy is racked up in all the Modes combines, this may take a little longer to obtain because combining five is a bit more rare the four and might need some planning and strategizing.

Dimensional Rift
Have 5 Hypercubes on the game board

Okay, this one is probably the most challenging Trophy on this list. You have to get 5 Hyper Cubes on the game board at the same time, so have 5 of them sitting on the game board anywhere. So you got to plan this out and strategize a lot, making five of the same color happen can be very tricky and when there is about 4 Hyper Cubes on the board making that 5th can be frustrating because of the room they are taking up. Now, you DO NOT want Power Gems on the board, if gems fall into place and make one, try to make sure you get rid of it because if you blow up in that 3x3 radius and a Hyper Cube is in there, consider it gone. You can use a saving system to help you out here, when you see that you made it possible to make 5 gems to come together then save by exiting to the menu screen in the pause menu and then quit the game itself, start up the game again and make the hyper cube then do it again with each hyper cube and reload if you mess something up. There isn't to much I can say to help get them because how your game board will be laid out to help you strategize will always be different, which of course is why the saving strategy is good because when you reload the gems that fall will always be different from the game you were playing before you reloaded, and you can also get this one by a bunch of luck from Gems falling into place right. I am going to warn though, that if you see that you are about to form an L shape of the Gems that will make up 5 (if you catch my drift here) it will make a Power Gem and not a Hyper Cube, I donít know why but this should be known so that you can minimize the Power Gems on the Board as much as possible. Good Luck!

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