Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No cheats
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20 Hours (depends on your skill)
Minimum Playthroughs: 1 (per minigame stage)
Collectible Trophies: First One's Free, Gotta Collect 'Em All, Spread The Wealth, Walk-in Closet
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None


On February 5, 2013, the long-awaited Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was released in North America, but along with it came a secret title: Bentley's Hackpack. This game sets players ("playing" as Bentley) into the middle of Bentley's, an arcade in Paris where the characters of Thieves in Time go to hang out in their off time (cough cough). Three different arcade machines are available to the player:

System Cracker is the re-modeled version of the hacking minigames from Sly 2 and Sly 3, where Bentley takes control of a ship and attacks the system's firewalls and security drones to dock the ship at the end.
Alter Ego is one of the new minigames, in which Bentley takes control of a way more buff version of himself and battles the core of the computer in a side-scrolling shooter reminiscent of old.
Spark Runner is the other new minigame, where tilting the DUALSHOCK3 or PlayStation Vita will move a spark of electricity across a motherboard to a tunnel at the end, which will claim the motherboard to the Cooper Gang.

There are 20 stages for each of the three minigames adding up to 60 stages, and five challenges for each stage giving a total of 300 challenges. There are also 65 prizes to be unlocked by completing said challenges, and last but never least, fifteen trophies (1 gold, 1 silver, and 13 bronze) to be earned. Bentley's Hackpack is available for USD$2.99 on the PlayStation Store, and purchasing the PlayStation 3 version will grant the PlayStation Vita version absolutely free. However, unlike Thieves in Time, the trophies are only in one set, and there is no Cross-Save between the systems.

Ready to hack our way to that 100%?

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Check out the trophy guide for the main game that gave way for the Hackpack, Thieves in Time! Mask and stripes forever!

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • System Cracker
    • If the stage is not timed, do not speed through! Being as slow as possible will help a lot in maximizing a high score and finding that secret passage hiding that one Sly mask.
    • When it comes to the high score challenges, do not leave any enemies, blue gems, or pink firewalls un-touched. Shoot to kill, and kill them all.
    • For the full health challenges, if there are no enemies or blue gems left and you're not at full health, try switching to another tank, if you can. You might have full health on that tank.

  • Alter Ego
    • Don't get held back because of the scrolling speed; always keep up, or risk going back to level zero!
      • Then again, this can also be used to your advantage if you just missed something like a Sly mask you were looking for...

    • Try to keep your concentration, as there can be a lot happening at once on the screen.
    • For high scores or destroying enemies, make sure to get to level 10 and stay there! When you collect an ion bit at level 10, you get 10 points, whereas collecting an ion bit at level 1 gives only one point. Plus, the firepower you gain at level 10 will help you take out a huge number of enemies and clear the path a lot faster.
      • Conversely, if you're trying to stay away from enemies (i.e. "Do not destroy any turrets"), then staying at a lower level (typically level 2, since level 3 gives a missile launcher) is in your best interest.

    • When fighting the CPU boss (which only appears on certain stages), hide behind corners and walls as much as you can. It's recommended to save some bombs for the boss as well, and use those instead of just shooting it.

  • Spark Runner
    • Do not be intimidated by the timer. Slow and steady wins the race!
    • When going for a high score, always make sure that when you pick up one of the orange atoms, you pick up the remaining four that are glowing before the glow disappears - you get bonus points for doing so!
    • "Collect all of the atom pickups" and "Reach a high score of ____" should mean the same thing to you, because the former will grant you the latter almost always. Sly masks are a good way to boost that score as well.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

As it turns out, there are no possible cheats in this game, and there are no glitches or exploits to be used to your advantage. This means that you'll need to really shine in your arcade and hacking skills!


The goal here is to hit 311 tokens in total, and to hit 111 tokens on any one of the arcade machines. So, without further ado:
  1. Figure out which system you're doing this on, since the PS3 and PS Vita are not Cross-Save compatible. This probably depends on your preferred screen size for these minigames as well as your preference for Spark Runner (the controller's tilt or the Vita's tilt).
  2. Determine the order in which you wanna tackle the arcade machines, but make sure that you play at one arcade machine at a time. Switching between minigames may not be in your best interest from the get-go.
  3. Once you've got the arcade machine you're going to play, go stage-by-stage, starting with the first one, and complete all five challenges. This may require way more than just one playthrough of the stage. If you're having way too much trouble with just one of the challenges, move on to the next stage. Once you've finished as many challenges as you can, move on to the next machine.
  4. Complete step 3 for the other two arcade machines.
  5. If you're still missing challenges that you need for the trophies, try out each and see which you can complete after enough trial and error.
  6. 100%!


Thievius Old-Schoolus
Unlock any 3 arcade stages by collecting tokens.

See Auto Fire.

Auto Fire
Unlock any 20 arcade stages by collecting tokens.

As you collect tokens in one arcade machine, future stages on that machine are unlocked (by default, only the first stage is unlocked). You can scroll over to the locked stages to see how many tokens you need for them to be unlocked. Note that unlocking stages does not deduct any of your tokens.

This applies across the arcade. Unlocking 10 stages in one machine and unlocking 10 stages in another will give you the trophy.

Mushroom Collected
Unlock a question block on any game grid.

See Bites and Bytes.

First One's Free
Unlock your first prize in the Prize Gallery.

See Walk-In Closet.

Gotta Collect 'Em All
Unlock 15 prizes in the Prize Gallery.

Ignoring that blatant Pokémon reference... see Walk-In Closet.

Spread the Wealth
Unlock 30 prizes in the Prize Gallery.

See Walk-In Closet.

Is Keep Respawn
Collect every arcade token in a single game type.

In other words, this trophy is asking you to get a total of 111 tokens from any one of the arcade machines - which, in other words, is asking you to complete EVERY challenge in one arcade machine.

The best way I found to do this was to do each of the challenges one-by-one without paying attention to the others. For example, in one of the Alter Ego stages, I would first finish the stage concentrating on getting all of the Sly masks. Then I'd replay it to get all of the Ion Bits, then I'd replay it for the other missions (such as not getting damaged, finishing with full health, etc.), and the final replay would be for the high score challenge. I believe this is the most efficient way, as you're not stressing about a ton of challenges at once. Slowly but surely, you'll knock each challenge off the list, and that 111 will be achieved in no time!

Climbing the Ladder
Beat 10 high score challenges.

See Get the Spread Gun!.

Get the Spread Gun!
Beat 40 high score challenges.

So this trophy is specifically asking to complete 40 high score challenges. You don't need to complete 40 on one machine - it's not even possible. This will most likely be achieved along the way to other trophies, but if you're really looking to knock this one out, complete the first few high score challenges on each of the machines until you hit 40.

For the System Cracker high score challenges, it will be very beneficial to not lose any health - you get a bonus when taking out enemy drones with full health. Destroying all of the blue and pink gems, as well as taking out every single enemy drone, and finding every Sly mask will definitely boost your high score up there as well.

For Alter Ego's, take out as many goo enemies as possible. Destroying an entire group of them will grant a bonus score. Also, don't waste time on destroying all of the purple barriers; they don't even award any points. Collecting all of the Ion Bits and Sly masks will definitely help a ton, and whenever possible, attack the Score Bones (the blocks with a treasure chest icon) to get more bonus points.

Spark Runner's is probably more difficult to get a high score in since there's very few sources of points: time boosts, atoms, and Sly masks. All I can really say here is to collect ALL of them. Nothing more to it, really.

Bandit Masks
Beat 30 Sly mask challenges.

Similar to the previous trophy, you'll have to complete 30 challenges asking you to collect those ever-elusive Sly masks. This trophy can only be achieved by completing the challenges on more than one machine, because there aren't 30 challenges on one machine!

The Sly Masks are hiding absolutely everywhere. There isn't much to say other than to check every single part of the stage you're playing in before moving on. You may have to replay the stage a couple of times if you skipped over that one part where there was a Sly mask and you knew it. One notable place to be wary of, in System Cracker, there are sometimes paths that seem blocked by the wall but still attached to the wall. This wall can be destroyed by the purple Panzer code.

Ape Assert
Collect a total of 100 tokens.

See Rock Gods.

Bites and Bytes
Unlock every question block on all three game grids.

Question blocks are unlocked by unlocking the block above it, below it, and to the left and right of it. To unlock every question block on all three game grids, you'll need the following: 52 tokens in System Cracker, 47 tokens in Alter Ego, and 55 tokens in Spark Runner. You'll definitely get this trophy while going for the others, so there's no need to worry.

Super Jackpot
Collect a total of 300 tokens.

See Rock Gods.

Walk-In Closet
Unlock 50 prizes in the Prize Gallery.

As you earn more and more tokens, you'll be eligible to unlock prizes at Dimitri's Prize Gallery. The tokens are not used up, and the prizes are nice little tid-bits from Sly history.

If you don't unlock any of the prizes in the top-middle row (which are obtained by unlocking the question blocks, see Bites and Bytes for more information on that), you'll need a total of 260 tokens to unlock the first 50 prizes in the Gallery (the 50th is the Temporal Sprocket (right shelf, second row, farthest prize on the right)). This is on the way to the 311 tokens for the following trophy, so keep unlocking those prizes as you go!

Rock Gods
Rock out with The Cooper Gang!

This trophy is code for "Collect a total of 311 tokens and unlock the last prize in the Prize Gallery."

311 tokens is a huge task (especially considering the highest amount of tokens possible in the game is 333). There's no easy way to say this, but you've got to do amazing in each of the arcades to accomplish this difficult task. My suggestion would be to stick with the starting stages and work your way from there, but only after you've achieved all five challenges in the stage.

Once you've hit 311, go to Dimitri's Prize Gallery and unlock that last prize on the very bottom-right: the Special Arcade Key. Now that that's open, hit circle, go right, activate the secret fourth arcade machine, and enjoy your new gold as well as the epic rock show!

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