Players: 1
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 10+ hours
100% Difficulty:4/10
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: Data Manager and Moneybags
Missable Trophies: Data Manager, Big Heart, Gamble King 1, Gamble King 2, Racing Champion, Bounty Hunter, Wildlife Photographer and Moneybags
Glitched Trophies: N/A

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Always search for new animals. If you see an animal and you think you haven't taken a photograph of it yet, do so. There are more than enough animals for you to get the trophy, but I wouldn't take my chances
  • Just like with the animals, always search for new pearls. There are 88 of them, so you can only miss 8 of them.
  • Try to finish the first mission for Mr. De Castellac as soon as possible so that you meet the IRS Network and get access to the Ming-Tzu store, which has the Animal and Pearl Detectors (they sell them both for 1,500 each), which will make finding them easier than before.
  • Don't worry about getting money, chances are you'll have more than enough due to taking photographs of every animal.
  • After finishing any story mission, try to search for areas you couldn't visit before, that way you'll find more pearls and animals, and maybe a Looter's cave.
  • Try not to hit your companion, for you can actually damage him.
  • Remember to buy any health upgrade you may find, whether it is for you or for the hovercraft.


1.- As soon as you get the camera, refer to Wildlife Photographer and find all the animals listed that you can find in the Lighthouse. Then, continue with the story.
2.- After you leave Mamago Garage, explore every place you can before going to Black Isle. This will help you find the first 2 Looter hideouts, to complete the first 2 Races and to find some animals and pearls (both outside and inside the city, and around Black Isle). Afterwards, go to Black Isle and remember to look out for pearls and animals while doing the mission.
3.- After finishing the Black Isle mission and meeting with IRIS, go to Mamago Garage and buy the new upgrade. Then, inside the City, go to Ming-Tzu's shop and immediately buy the Animal and Pearl detectors, which will make your life easier (and in case you missed a pearl and/or animal, remember that you can go back to every place in the game that has a pearl or an animal that you need to photograph). Now leave the city and visit those places guarded by the flying robots in order to get more pearls and animals. Afterwards, go to the Factory and remember to look for pearls and animals while doing the mission.
4.- After finishing the Factory and meeting with IRIS, go to Mamago garage and buy the Jump Kit. Now, south of the Lighthouse, you may find the last 2 Looter hideouts and a lot of animals to photograph. Now go to Races #3 and #4 and beat them, then go to race #3 and search for the passage to go to the Slaughterhouse. Remember to look out for mdisk #5 and #6, animals and pearls, and in case you can't figure out how to access a specific animal, check the description for Wildlife Photographer.
5.- After finishing the Slaughterhouse and going to the Lighthouse and finding the Beluga (in case you need help, refer to Project Apollo), go buy the last two upgrades from mamago Garage, then go to the top of Black Isle, where you'll find a lot of Crochax, all of them having a pearl. In case you are still missing a pearl, animal, or mdisk, refer to Data Manager, Wildlife Photographer and Moneybags to know how to find them.
6.- Now all you need to do is go to the Moon and finish the game.


Power up the hovercraft

This trophy is story related.

After getting the camera and powering up the shield, Pey'j will tell you about an mdisk. After picking it up and 'watching' it, you'll find him trying to fix the hovercraft. In order to do this, just push the big crane that's near him towards him, he'll then help you push it and, after a short cutscene, the hovercraft will be repaired and the trophy will pop up.

Gamble King 1
Win 3 times in the coconut shell game against Peepers

This trophy is missable.

After finishing Mr. De Castellac's mission, go back to the city and go to the Pedestrian District. Once you get there, go to the Akuda Bar and climb up the stairs. At the other side of the hallway, you'll find Peepers (a human who appears to be blind). The game consists of him hiding a red ball inside a turtle's shell out of 3, and then he scrambles them. After he is done, you must select which shell has the ball inside it. If you call it right, you win.

To make things easier/harder, you may bet 50, 100 or 200 units. The less you bet, the easier it is, so if you have problems following the shell that has the ball inside it, just bet 50 units all the time, and win 3 times.

Gamble King 2
Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis (except Tutorial)

This trophy is missable.

After being pulled over to the Mamago Garage and buying the upgrade, you'll have a 'boss' battle outside against the Teratosaurus Imperator, which is a giant skeleton-like snake. Once you beat it, you may be able to go to the city. Once in the city, take a right in the first chance you get to go to the Pedestrian District and search for Akuda Bar. Inside, you'll see a giant shark that goes by the name of Francis who is in front of what looks like an air hockey machine. Talk to him and tell him you want to play. Play the tutorial so you get to know the controls, and after you get good at the game, bet 100 units and beat him 2 rounds. Do this 2 more times and the trophy will be yours.

Here are some tips if you are still having problems:
  • Remember to aim first, and shoot later. I've been very close to losing a round many times because of firing right off the bat.
  • Francis is very slow and even if there's only one disk left in his side, it might take him forever to throw it right at you, meaning you can sometimes take your time.
  • Avoid having too many disks in the middle of the field, because if Francis shoots a disk right at you, all the other disks might get to your field alongside that one.
  • Practice until you are very good, that way you can win an easy pearl and 100 units until Francis is broke.

Kicking ***
Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

This trophy will be available to you as soon as you start the first mission handed to you by IRIS. For this, you simply need to find an Alpha Section guard, throw a disk to his breathing tank (or sneak behind his back and kick him) and then get to him and kick him (again, if needed). Afterwards, he'll just float and die. Do this 10 times, and the trophy will be yours.

Racing Champion
Score 1st place in all 4 hovercraft races

This trophy is missable.

The description is pretty self explanatory. All you must do is find all 4 races, and win as #1, which shouldn't be a problem for anyone. I'll begin by telling you where you may find the races, followed by some tips..

  • Race #1: It is inside the city (first turn to the left), which you'll be able to visit after going to Mamago Garage and fixing your Hovercraft.
  • Race #2: It is right next to the first race, meaning it is inside the city.
  • Race #3: This one is near (or practically inside) the Slaughterhouse, meaning you won't be able to get to it until you buy the Jump Kit from Mamago Garage (which costs 15 pearls).
  • Race #4: It is located right next to the third race, meaning it is near/inside the Slaughterhouse

Now, for some general tips that might come in handy.

  • Always keep pressed down, and don't stop doing so unless you think you might crash against a wall.
  • The races have shortcuts, so try to look out for them in the first lap so you can't take advantage of it in the next ones (or in case you lose and have to try again).
  • You can shoot other racers, which will slow them down a little for a couple of seconds, so don't hesitate to start spamming the button at the beginning of a race.
  • Every race has some sort of "speedway" that temporarily gives you a speed boost, so do your best to use them all in each lap, which might help a lot.
  • In the last two races, there are parts in which you could stumble against some random land and lose speed. Try to remember where they are so you can jump them with help from the Jump Kit.

Bounty Hunter
Chase down all 4 looters

This trophy is missable.

The looters are thieves in cars with a skull painted of them that can be found inside 4 different caves. Every time you enter one of the caves and advance a couple of meters, a cutscene will start in which the looter appears and steals 100 units from you. Afterwards, you must chase him throughout the cave in a linear path full of obstacles, including mines, lasers and other stuff. Sometimes you will get hit by a yellow lighting, which will then follow the looter and activate a door that will start falling down, meaning you must be fast enough to pass through the gap before it becomes too small for the Hovercraft. Every looter cave has 5 doors, each one being numbered, and after passing through the one that has "1", you'll reach a small open area in which you must destroy the looter's car to get back your unites and to get a Pearl. If anything, my best suggestion is to always press and to evade everything you can.

The following are the cave locations and when you can get to them.

  • Cave #1: You may get to this one after leaving Mamago Garage. It is located west of the city's entrance, surrounded by sand.
  • Cave #2: Available after getting the Neutralizing Cannon from Mamago Garage. East of the city-s entrance, there-s one of those annoying flying robots. Take care of it with your new upgrade and advance until you find a cave. The cave is home to the second looter.
  • Cave #3: After getting the Jump Kit, go back to the Lighthouse. Jump the lasers that are to the left of the lighthouse, near a little island. Go around the island and you should find the cave.
  • Cave #4: To get to this cave, you must first jump over the laser borders behind the Lighthouse. You should see a little island to your right. That's where the cave is.

Big Heart
Get 10 hearts for Jade's HP

This trophy is missable.

There are 13 additional hearts available through the game (meaning you can miss 3 of them and still get the trophy), so there's room for error. The following is the order in which I found them, and where they are:

  • Lighthouse - Get to the second floor, go to the bathroom and open the door. It should be right there, in front of you.
  • Vorax Lari - To the east of Mamago Garage, there is a cave surrounded by sand. Get in there, dock the Hovercraft, and right next to the mdisk reader, there's a cabinet with the PA-1 inside it.
  • Black Isle Main Shaft - It's available to buy in the vending machine, which you find after a wire fence.
  • Black Isle Surface - After Pey'j gets his new weapon, make him cut the fence that's through a machine next to a pond, and drop down to a cabinet that's below, containing the PA-1
  • City - Go to Nouri's shop and you may buy one from her.
  • City - Go to Ming-Tzu's shop and you may buy one from her.
  • Factory - Behind an electrical field, near a power generator.
  • Factory - In the sixth room of the Shipping Room, inside a cabinet behind a guard (there's also another guard, patrolling the area).
  • Factory - Can be found after fighting the DomZ robot at the end.
  • Slaughterhouse - In the North Wing you will find a room with two of the robots that shoot lasers and shield themselves, and an electric field. Behind the electric field lay a couple of guards, mines and modules that you can evade, you will find the PA-1
  • Slaughterhouse - In the Nort Wing, after going down an elevator, you'll find a ramp full of mines, and at the top, a guard. After killing the guard, you may find behind him a room containing the PA-1.
  • Slaughterhouse - In the East Wing you'll find a couple of cranes moving some boxes. Simply grab a box and let the crane take you to an area where you'll find the PA-1
  • Selene (the Moon) - Inside the Transmitter Base, you'll find a vending machine that will sell it it you.

Wildlife Photographer
Take 6 film rolls of animal photos

This trophy is missable.

There are 56 animals in the game, and to fill a film roll you need to take a photograph of 8 different animals. There are up to 7 film rolls you can fill, so you can miss only 8 animals throughout the game. Below is a list of all the animals in the order in which I found them, a little description of what they look like and where you can find them.

NOTE: I suggest everyone to go immediately to Ming-Tzu's shop after leaving the IRIS Network's hideout so you may buy the Animal and Pearl Detectors (each one costs 1,500 units). This will make your search even easier.

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Data Manager
Collect 11 Mdisks

This trophy is missable.

There are 14 available mdisks in the game, so you can miss 3 of them and still get the trophy. Good news is you start with 1 right off the bat, so you only need to find 10 more. Below is a list with the other 13 mdisks and where/how you can get them.

  • Mdisk #2 Mr De Castellac - You'll get this one at the beginning of the game right after you activate the Lighthouse's shield and go to where Pey'j is at.
  • Mdisk #3 The Pearl and the Currents - You'll be given this pearl by IRIS soon after finishing Black Isle.
  • Mdisk #4 For Jade - Pey'j will give you this mdisk at the Factory during a cutscene.
  • Mdisk #5 Surveillance Camera - You'll find this inside the factory, in a cabinet right next to where Pey'j's boots and jumpsuit are.
  • Mdisk #6 Hillyan Army Databank - This one is found near mdisk #5.
  • Mdisk #7 Beluga Check-Up - After finding the Beluga, this mdisk will be over the desk that has the Flgith Stabilizer.
  • Mdisk #8 Animal Species - This mdisk will be given to you once you've taken a photograph of every animal (there are 56 of them).
  • Mdisk #9 IRIS 511 - This is an IRIS report that you can get in Ming-Tzu's shop after telling her the IRIS Network's password.
  • Mdisk #10 IRIS 512 - Same as the one before, this one will be at the store's backroom after telling Ming-Tzu the password.
  • Mdisk #11 IRIS 513 - Same as before, but this one won't be available until you've published the Factory report.
  • Mdisk #12 IRIS 514 - Same as before, but this one won't be available until you've published the Slaughterhouse report.
  • Mdisk #13 Disk Game - This one could be a pain to achieve. First, create an account at Ubisofts's website here. Then, go here and login. Afterwards, go load your save in the game, and you shall see a green code at the bottom. In the site, you'll be asked to enter your code (if you can't, simply refresh the page).After you enter it, you should be shown a "mission". Accept it and that will open a new window that will ask you for a password. What I did here was simply take a guess and I kept failing until the password "Jade" worked for me. After you succeed, the window will give you a code. In the game, go to Akuda Bar and to Francis. At the other side of the table, there's a machine that needs a code. Input the code the website gave you in here and you should be given a new mdisk.
  • Mdisk #14 Pearl Game - You'll be awarded this one after finding every pearl (there are 88 of them).

You should get at least 11 mdisks by playing through the game normally, even if you don't find all 88 pearls, photograph all 56 animals or go to the game's website..

Discover 80 pearls

This trophy is missable.

There are 88 pearls in the whole game that you are awarded for multiple reasons. The trophy requires you to get 80 of them, so in case you are lazy and don’t want to spend your time getting more than you need, you can do so!

NOTE: I suggest everyone to go inmediately to Ming-Tzu's shop after leaving the IRIS Network's hideout so you may buy the Animal and Pearl Detectors (each one costs 1,500 units). This will make your search even easier.

Below is a list of all the pearls and where/how you can get them.

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Project Apollo
Pilot the spaceship to the moon

This trophy is story related.

After finishing the Slaughterhouse mission, talking with IRIS and going to the Lighthouse (which has been attacked), you'll need to find the Beluga. In order to do so, you must first open your inventory and check Pey'js Jet Boots. Move them around so you can see the codes that are written under them and then input them in the computer at the top of what's left of the lighthouse (next to the Jet Boot's blueprints), and at the Lighthouse docking bay (again, the computer is next to the Jet Boot blueprints). Afterwards, a secret place will open, showing you Pey'j's space ship. Go to the desktop in front of the ship, grab mdisk #7, the Flight Stabilizer, and jump on your Hovercraft. Go all the way to Mamago Garage and buy the second Flight Stabilizer. Go back to the Ligthouse and isntall them both on the Belugia. Now, go to Mamago Garage and dock the Belugia in there. Go buy the Stellar Motor and have it installed in the Belugia. Congratulations! Now you can go to space! But before doing so, remember to go to Black Isle's volcano to get those last pearls and a picture of the Aurelia Magnificens. After doing so, go to space, fire like crazy to the blue meteor to reveal the Space whale (Megaptera anaerobia) and take a picture of it. Now, just fly towards Selen, Hyllis' moon, to see this trophy pop up.

Beyond Good & Evil
Complete the game

This trophy is story related.

This trophy will pop up once you complete the game. In case you are having a difficult time beating the three-eyed last boss, here is a little walkthrough:

  • The fight will start with him taking Pey'j as a prisoner and him releasing spectres over you. Simply take them out and whenever you can, throw a gyrodisk at the boss' middle ye.
  • Now the boss will summon clones of Pey'j, which you must throw against the purple crystals so you can hit the boss with a Pey'j clone. To do this, simply make Double H use his special attack (you do it with ), then get close to the Pey'j clones and hit so you can launch them towards the crystals AND the boss.
  • The boss will now summon Spectres, so just kill them until they stop respawning.
  • Now, the boss will take Double H as a prisoner. Here's where the fight gets personal and the boss goes down after you. He'll start floating around and suddenly teletransporting to one of your sides or at the top of you. If it's the former, just attack towards the direction he is at. If it's the later, evade and try to hit him before he teletransports again.
  • Here is where Double H's clones attack you while he launches green 'bullets' at you. This could be tricky for some, since they take 2 hearts off your life with a hit and they can surround you. Simply evade them until you see an opening and attack them (or let the boss' bullets hit them) until there's none of them left. A simpler way to get rid of them is to start charging your attack by pressing down , and releasing it after the clones materialize.
  • Now he summons more Spectres for you to obliterate, but before that, he'll do some Jedi mind tricks and will make your controls get reversed. Now, instead of going to the right when pressing the right button, you'll go the opposite way (same applies with going up/down). Take advantage of this part so you get familiarized with your new controller setup, because after you finish off the last spectre, the boss will go after you again.

After beating the boss with your controllers inverted, the fight will be over, the final cutscene will start and the trophy will pop up. Congratulations! You've finished a very good game that we have the advantage of being able to play in HD. Now watch those credits and the final scene.

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