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Players: 1-2
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: NA
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2+chapter select
Collectible Trophies: Explorer
Difficulty Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: You can use Chapter Select but the following trophies take several chapters to earn so it's best to get them during your playthrough.
In Love with Ryan A Better World Entities Master Uncontrollable Together Till the End Saved All All Endings...
Glitched Trophies: None
Other You will need 2 controllers or a phone for Two Souls Together Till the End

[top]Tips & Strategies

-You can turn the game to Easy to make the Quick Time Events easier. This will not affect trophies at all.

-Throughout the guide I will be referring to Quick Time Events as QTEs

-If you need a certain trophy or collectible you can replay chapters. The trophy will not unlock until you finish the chapter or quit out to the main menu though.


To earn this platinum in as few playthroughs as possible it is wise to plan out your choices. While Chapter Select is available, some trophies require multiple chapters to earn which means you could end up playing a large chunk of the game again in order to earn 1 trophy. So make sure to read up on every missable trophy before starting a playthrough.

Collectables are obtainable through Chapter Select but I would just go for them on your first playthrough to get them out of the way. See Explorer for more information.

Finally before we get started this guide will contain spoilers, I will keep them out of the Road Map but after that you are on your own. If you do not want the game spoiled then play through it once not caring about trophies and then use the guide afterwards.

Make sure you start off the game in Duo mode and you DO NOT turn it off at any time during your playthrough. Duo mode makes you switch controllers when controlling Jodie or Aiden. If you don't know anyone who wants to play through the whole game with you it is not a problem to do it on your own. You never have to control both characters at the same time and the only challenge is remembering which controller is for which character.

You are going to want to use Aiden to cause mischief on this playthrough so see Uncontrollable for tips on how to do that. By doing all of Aiden's events you will earn a lot of trophies and lock yourself out of a lot of trophies. So this is why it is good to get it out of the way as soon as you can.

Finally you will need to make sure certain people stay alive during this playthrough so see Saved All... for tips on doing that.

Once the game ends choose BEYOND to see that particular ending. Then reload the final chapter and play it again. This time choose LIFE and choose to live with either Ryan, Zoey, Jay or Alone. After you have watched that then replay the chapter Epilogue and choose one of the other 3 (keep doing this until you have chosen all 4 different endings).

The last step is to replay the Black Sun chapter one more time and when you reach the Condenser and the entities are attacking you just put the controller down and let Jodie die. This will give you another ending. After seeing 6 different endings it is time to start your second playthrough.

Trophies earned during Step 1

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Now start a new game but this time play with just 1 controller (or 2 if your friend still wants to play ).

During the The Embassy you will have to choose whether to get Clean Job or Possessive Spy . You can get the other one during Step 3.

This time we are going to follow the steps to fall In Love With Ryan (the most boring man on the planet). Also we are going to make sure to kill off the NPCs to get A Better World .

At the end once again choose BEYOND and then replay the final chapter and choose LIFE and choose to live alone. After this you should earn All Endings

Trophies earned in Step 2

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Step 3-Clean Up
Now you will have to replay The Embassy chapter and go for either Clean Job or Possessive Spy and you should have the platinum

If you missed other Chapter Related trophies or collectibles go for those now as well...and then enjoy your platinum


Beyond: Two Souls Master
Collect all trophies!

2 souls, 1 plat...well unless you own both the PS3 and PS4 versions

Somebody Else?
Played as Aiden for the first time.

The Experiment-Story Related

During the first chapter of the game you will be asked to take control of Aiden. When prompted hit and you will switch to Aiden.

Stopped the experiment voluntarily.

The Experiment

Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

As the experiment goes on you will be asked to move some objects with Aiden. Keep smashing stuff in the other room until you are told to stop. You then need to switch back to Jodie and press to end the experiment before Nathan and Cole can get into the room.

Did 3 mischievous things with Jodie and Aiden.

My Imaginary Friend

For this trophy you need to use Aiden to interact with stuff around the house. There is quite a bit you can do all over the house but you can quickly find 3 things to do right in the kitchen.

For convenience sake switch to Aiden and turn on the radio, lift up the chairs , then switch back to Jodie and look at the cookies on the fridge. You will ask your mom for a cookie and when she says "no" use Aiden to drop a cookie to Jodie.

This will be enough to unlock the trophy.

Entities Apprentice
Vanquished the entities with Aiden.

First Night

Needed for Entities Master

This is done much the same way as the Condenser fight earlier. Just lock on with and then fling the Right Analog stick to defeat the entities. You have to keep Jodie from harm until Nathan and Cole can come in and save her.

If you did this and Portal Shutdown correctly you will get Entities Master as well.

Forgave Jodie's father.


Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

Very simple trophy. As Jodie's parents are leaving you have the chance to choke her father with Aiden. Just don't do anything and the chapter will end.

Not My Father
Choked Philip with Aiden.


Needed for Uncontrollable

This is the complete opposite of Sorry . When Jodie's dad starts glowing red, hold down and move the right analog stick to choke that son of a bitch. Just keep doing it until you are forced to stop.

Taught 3 or more of the teens a lesson, or started the house fire, with Aiden.

The Party

Needed for Uncontrollable

During the chapter you will be locked in the closet by the other kids at the party. After you escape you will get the choice to leave or get revenge . Well...let's get some revenge

Using Aiden you can do a whole bunch of stuff (like scaring teens and knocking stuff over) but what we are interested in is setting the house on fire. You will see some candles on a small table by the window that you can knock off. After doing that you need to lock on to the candle and ignite it by using the Right Analog stick. This will set the curtains on fire and your revenge is complete

Cold Blood
Did not impress or scare the teens with Aiden.

The Party

Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

During the party you will be asked to show off your powers. Just keep refusing or denying your powers at every chance. In the end you still get locked in the closet and once you escape you are given the chance to leave or get revenge ...just pick leave

Together Forever
Protected Jodie from her attackers.

Like Other Girls

Doing this will lock out In Love With Ryan

After being told you cannot go out, use Aiden to smash up your room a little. Once Jodie tells Aiden "this will not work" that is your clue to go through the window and posses Cole. Use Cole to unlock the door and let Jodie out.

You will be stopped by a guard and you have to convince him to let you out. When give the option make Cole grunt (press ) and that will be enough to get you out of the facility.

Once you get to the bar go to the pool table and start playing. Eventually one of the customers will come up and start talking to you. Just respond back until he gets angry and tries to rape you. Now use Aiden to destroy the room until the customers get scared. You can kill them or let them go but as long as Aiden protects Jodie the trophy will unlock.

Portal Shutdown
Successfully shut down the condenser portal.

The Condenser

Needed for Entities Master

There are many different obstacles that will try to prevent you from shutting down the Condenser. If you fail the QTEs then this trophy (and later Entities Master ) won't unlock.

1. You will hear a scientist crying after putting out some fires. If you go near him he will attack you. So either avoid him from the start or defeat him to move on.

2. The room after the scientist you will encounter some entities that will throw things at you and try to attack you. Just complete the QTE prompts to avoid them.

3. When in the ice hallway (after you get the key card) the corpses will become possessed and try to kill you. Run towards the locked door and use Aiden to keep the corpses away from you.

4. Finally in the last room you must defeat all the entities with Aiden. Lock on using and then use the Right Analog stick to defeat them before they get too close.

After they are all defeated you will flip the switch and the level will end.

Channeling Master
Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound.

The Condenser

You get to use Jodie's new ability where she can read the thoughts of whatever she is channeling. It is a little tricky to do but just have one part of the beam attached to Jodie's head and the other to the thing you are trying to channel.

For this trophy you need to channel 8 different corpses to see their last thoughts. When you switch over to Aiden you will see a blue glow around certain corpses and this means you can access them.

1. The first one is story related and happens when you step into the elevator.
2. After exiting the elevator move to the door at the end of the hallway. You need to use Aiden to open the door via a switch but afterwards go towards the switch to channel the corpse next to it.
3.In the next room channel the corpse lying directly to your left.
4. After exiting the air vent you will be in a burning room. Look for a corpse leaning against a desk.
5. After smashing the window to get out of the burning room you will see a body lying next to a desk and a tipped over Soda Machine
6. Walk away from #5 and you will see a fireman lying on the ground.
7. After the possessed scientist you will see a group of dead soldiers.
8. After the icy hallway you will see a scientist slumped in his chair.

Perfect Soldier
Completed most of the physical training successfully.

Welcome to CIA

You don't have to complete all the exercises just most of them. When prompted just complete the QTEs and if you feel you have failed too many simply restart the chapter. All the events are very easy to complete and it is very generous with the QTEs.

Fight Apprentice
Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits.

Welcome to CIA

During this chapter you will have 3 different sparing matches testing your fighting skills out. You have to perform QTEs in order to dodge or attack and you must do it all with getting hit less than 5 times. If you get hit more than that just quit to the main menu and retry as this will not affect the trophy.

You will go into Bullet-time mode which will give you more time to complete the motions needed. Just follow the prompts and you shouldn't have much trouble unlocking this on your first try.

Stealth Apprentice
Completed all the stealth training without being spotted.

Welcome to CIA

The final part of your training will require you to do a stealth test. Here you will have to get from the start to the flag without being seen. If you are seen the instructor will yell and you need to quit to the main menu before the chapter ends. This will allow you to retry without penalty.

Go slow and wait until guards come towards you. Once they do press and Jodie will take them down. You can also use Aiden to distract guards so that you can sneak up on them or lure them towards you. Once all the ground troops are down you should just have 2 guards left. The one on top of the container needs to be taken down with Aiden. Once he is done with, climb up on the container and jump down to take out the guard with the flag.

Clean Job
Shut down the monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden.

The Embassy

Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

Once you are back in control of Jodie head towards the bathroom and enter the stall. Switch to Aiden and don't possess anyone.

Now head up the stairs and you will see a door slightly ajar. Enter it and interact with the monitor. You will be told you need to distract the guard. Interact with the TV or coffee and then interact with the monitor again. Now go to the end of the hall into the Sheik's office and interact with the picture of the Sheik. Now open the drawer in the desk and interact with the switch. Deactivate the hand-scanner and knock down the file to finish the trophy.

Possessive Spy
Finished the mission using only the Sheik.

The Embassy

Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

A much easier method than Clean Job . After switching to Aiden, leave the bathroom and look for the Sheik (he will be glowing orange). Possess him and then head up the stairs towards his office. Once there open the drawer in the desk and flip the switch. Use the hand-scanner and get the file out of the safe. This will unlock the trophy.

Perfect Lover
Cooked a meal, cleaned the apartment, took a shower, wore the elegant dress and put on some music.

The Dinner

You must get ready for your big date with Ryan but Aiden seems to hate Ryan almost as much as the player does. So throughout the evening he will continue to do stuff to slow you down and you need to prevent this all while getting everything perfect.

Clean Up
-Pick up the trash and bring it into the kitchen to throw in the garbage bin
-Walk over to the Radio next to the TV and turn it on to whatever you want.
-Interact with the Games/controllers by the TV and Jodie will kick them out of site
-Interact with the books lying around and place them in the bookshelf
-Pick up the clothes in the living room and put it in the hamper in the bathroom (you will find the bathroom in the room connected to the bedroom)

-Head to the kitchen and interact with the recipe book. Pick anything but Pizza and start cooking
-Gather all the ingredients needed and start the QTEs to start the cooking

Get Dressed
-Go back to the Bathroom (or you can combine the cleaning up the laundry and this step into one) and take a shower
-Put on some lingerie and then head to the wardrobe. Pick the elegant dress

Finishing Touches
-Set the table with dishes, wine glasses and candles
-Aiden will mess up the table so make sure it stays clean
-Aiden will also ring the doorbell and if you answer it then you will be locked out for a little bit costing you time

If you did everything correctly then the trophy should unlock. If you missed anything then Ryan or Jodie will comment on it.

Casual Girl
Ordered a pizza, watched some TV and wore something casual.

The Dinner

This one is easy-peasy compared to Perfect Lover .

-Head to the kitchen and interact with the recipe book
-Flip to the Pizza page and select it.
-Head to the living room and call for a pizza

Getting Ready
-Head to the bedroom and interact with the wardrobe.
-Change into the cool clothes

Head back to the living room and turn on the TV...and that's pretty much it. You can do other stuff if you like but really you just have to kill time until Ryan gets there.

In Love with Ryan
Slept with Ryan.

The Dinner

Doing this will lock out Uncontrollable

To earn this trophy you need to first NOT go to the bar in the chapter Like Other Girls. So when you are walking with possessed Cole and the guard stops you JUST DO NOTHING. The guard will eventually touch Cole and he will wake up preventing you from going to the bar and getting potentially raped.

Now back at The Dinner just go through with either Perfect Lover or Casual Girl and make sure NOT to use Aiden during the whole chapter. If you do everything right you will get the chance to sleep with Ryan. and unlock this trophy.

Stealth Master
Made it to the cathedral without being spotted.

The Mission

For this trophy you must make it from the start to the Cathedral without being seen by any guards. If you are spotted simply quit to the main menu and start again and it won't affect the trophy.

-Creep up the beach until you get to the first enemy. Use Aiden on some barrels to the right and the enemy will go over to them. Sneak past him and interact with the fire barrel. The guard will approach the fire and then you can sneak behind him and take him out.

-Go into the house and up the stairs and hide behind the sandbags. Wait until the guard turns around and then take him out from behind

-Go around the corner and fall down the hole and then use Aiden to blow open the wall. Next use Aiden to scope out the hotel

-Next go until you come across a group of guards around a fire barrel. Sneak past them by crawling along the ground and then hide behind cover as another guard approaches you.

-When the guard gets close to your position take him out.

-Go until you see 2 guards standing over a hostage. Use Aiden to posses 1 guard and then have him kill the other guard. Next press to commit suicide

-Keep moving until you see two men coming out of the hotel. Wait until they enter their truck and drive away before you run inside. Use Aiden to figure out where to go next (look at bloody shirt on ground).

-Once you know where to go jump off the balcony and move along the wall to the guard next to the sandbags and take him out.

-Now ignore the camp of guards and run to the ladder opposite you. Climb up it and the next ladder and quickly take out the guard on the roof.

-Run across the roof tops until you get to a broken cement wall. Jump down and kill the guard below you.

-Now run forward and you will see a guard by some broken pillars. Take him out and run down the alleyway with the orange sheets over top.

-Stop at the end and hide behind the barricade as a guard approaches take him out. Now head down the right alleyway until you hear some guards talking. Use Aiden to choke one of them, which will cause the rest to flee.

-Head to the right and take cover. You will see some guards kicking a hostage and this is your clue to possess one of them and kill the rest (and then commit suicide)

-Now run forward and when Jodie starts talking about the cathedral take cover. Some men will get into a truck and after they are gone there are no more guards. Just finish up the chapter and the trophy should unlock afterwards

Catch Me if You Can
Escaped the train without being arrested.


You must first wake Jodie up. Use Aiden to get her attention by hitting the water bottle. Quickly move to the back of the train and use Aiden to break open the window and this will lead to the roof. Complete some QTEs with the police on the roof and then jump off the train using Aiden as a force field to break your fall and earn the trophy.

Aiden's Apocalypse
Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter.


IMPORTANT-If you are caught you will not get the opportunity to attempt this trophy so it is important you get to the last town. To do this you must escape through the woods and correctly perform all QTEs to avoid the dogs and officers. After scaling the wall you will see a police bike that isn't guarded so steal that and take off. When you come to the police blockade use Aiden to protect Jodie so she can smash on through.

Once you reach the town you need to destroy certain things with Aiden (the gas station, church, gun store and helicopter) The first 3 can be done in any order but you have to leave the helicopter for last (or else the chapter will end).

Gas Station-Use Aiden and fly over to the gas station to the left. Knock out both gas hoses and gas will spill on the ground. Next possess the guard behind the Swat truck and have him shoot the gas.

Gun Shop-Fly to the right of Jodie and you will see another SWAT truck. Possess the driver and drive it into the gun shop

Church-Fly up towards the church clock and interact with it twice to knock it over.

Jodie will run towards the movie theatre behind her so use Aiden to open up the door for her.

Helicopter-Finally fly towards the helicopter and possess the pilot to cause it to crash.

Got arrested three times and escaped each time.


This will lock out Catch Me If You Can and Aiden's Apocalypse .

There are 3 opportunities to get arrested in this chapter so you have to do each one.

1. When the police board the train you can either wait until they ID you or fail all the QTEs. Either way you end up locked in a room. Use Aiden to possess the guard outside and have him open the door and unlock the cuffs. Then take the guard to another room and knock him out.

2. Dogs will chase you as you run through the woods. Fail the QTEs to get arrested again. This time you are in a police cruiser with a driver in front. Use Aiden to choke the driver and then he can free Jodie. Flip the other police car and then steal the police bike.

3. While you are riding the bike you will come to a police blockade on the bridge. You are supposed to use Aiden to protect Jodie but instead do nothing to get arrested a 3rd time. You are now in a SWAT truck with a guard. Possess the guard and shoot the driver to cause the truck to tip. You will escape the truck and get the trophy.

Money to Eat
Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner.


Stan will show you how to beg for money but you decide to go out on your own. The fastest way to earn enough money is to walk to the end of the street where the ATM is and use Aiden to steal from it. This will instantly give you enough cash to end the scene.

Smart Thief
Deactivated the supermarket's camera.


After Tuesday goes into labour you need to get some supplies from the Supermarket. Before breaking in though use Aiden to go inside first and you will see a security camera above the entrance. Hit it with Aiden to deactivate it and now you can enter safely.

Looked after Tuesday's baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan.


While eating supper with everyone you will get a chance to learn a little more about them. Eventually they will ask about you and this will give you the chance to perform the miracles. Make sure you do Stan last as that will end the chapter.

Jimmy-Use Aiden to heal Jimmy's wounds

Tuesday-Use Aiden to see her baby and tell her it is all OK.

Stan-Use your channel ability on Stan to communicate with his wife.

Medicine Girl
Successfully performed the entire ritual.


At the end of the chapter a giant sandstorm (Entity) is about to hit and you need to perform a ritual to seal it off. Talk to Shimasani inside for instructions on how to do it.

-Go outside and pick up some wood and gas to light a fire.

-Next use a stick to draw the symbol for the ritual. You will be force to pick which symbol to draw and it is the one that looks like a Peace sign (press )

-Finally you, Jay, Cory and Shimasani stand on one of the points. Then select Aiden to activate the fifth point to complete the ritual.

If you do it correctly you will get the chance to kiss Jay at the end which will also get you the Never Alone trophy

Not Just Sand
Ran from the sandstorm and took less than 3 hits.


After the second night Jodie will wander outside and witness the giant sandstorm (Entity) you will have to run from it and dodge its attacks as you are only allowed to get hit twice.

Watch Jodie and when the QTE prompt comes up move the right analog stick in the direction that Jodie is moving. If done correctly she will dodge the attack. If you get hit too many times quit to the menu and try again. You are given more than enough time to complete the QTE so there isn't much need to worry about missing this.

Eye for an Eye
Didn't speak during the interrogation.

Dragon's Hideout

While being interrogated you will be prompted to press to save Ryan. Just don't press anything throughout the scene and Ryan will lose an eye...but you will get a trophy

Agent 894732
Told the truth during the interrogation.

Dragon's Hideout

While being interrogated you will be prompted to press to save Ryan. Press and you will tell the guards everything. You may be a horrible spy...but at least you have a new trophy

Almost Too Easy
Went to the containment shield with the General.

Dragon's Hideout

During the chapter you will drive a submarine down into the enemy base. Once there possess the General and have him lead you to the containment shield. Once you reach the shield you will lose control of the General but the trophy will unlock.

Chose Afterlife
Entered the Infraworld.

Black Sun

At the end of the game you will be given 2 choices a white and black wall. If you walk towards the White Wall you will get the Beyond option. Select this to pass on to the other side.

See All Endings... for all the different ending choices needed.

Chose Life
Stayed in reality.

Black Sun

At the end of the game you will be given 2 choices a white and black wall. If you walk towards the Black Wall you will get the Life option. Select this to return to the land of the living.

See All Endings... for all the different ending choices needed.

Convince Dawkins
Helped Dawkins see the truth.

Black Sun

This will lock you out of A Better Tomorrow and is needed for Saved All

Right before you get to the Condenser you will be confronted by Nathan. Select Reason twice to help him see the error of his ways.

Black Sunset
Deactivated the Black Sun.

Black Sun

After your conversation with Nathan you will encounter the Condenser. Entities will attack you and you must complete all the QTEs to fight them off and deactivate it. If you fail too often you will die and get one of the endings need for All Endings...

Two Souls
Launched a scene in Duo mode.

See Together Till the End for details

The End
One possible reality has been uncovered...

This will unlock once you beat the game for the first time. See All Endings... for details on how to unlock all the different endings.

Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden.

You must play from The Experiment to The Dinner and complete the following actions. Remember these actions will lock out a lot of trophies so read the roadmap to see which trophies you should be going after in the first playthrough.

The Experiment-You will be asked to move some objects with Aiden. Start smashing stuff up and you will scare the lady in the other room. Keep smashing stuff until the woman begins to glow orange and then proceed to choke her until the scene ends.

The Embassy-Go up the stairs with Aiden and possess the guard with the orange glow. Walk towards the balcony and interact with it. Keep holding the right analog stick until you are prompted to shake your controller. Do this to make the guard commit suicide.

The Party You need to set the house on fire, see Revenge for details

My Imaginary Friend-At the end you will see some kids throwing snowballs. Join them until a kid starts picking on Jodie. Use Aiden to choke the kid until the game forces you to stop.

Alone-You need to Choke Jodie's dad. See Not My Father for details

The Dinner-During the dinner you will be in control of Aiden. Just keep interacting with objects until Ryan gets scared and leaves.

If you did all 7 of these without skipping chapters you will unlock the trophy after The Dinner

Never Alone
Started at least one romance.

Navajo, The Dinner or The Mission

Time to meet and kiss some hunky boys . It doesn't matter which of these 3 chapters you get this in as long as you do at least one of them. If you are going for In Love With Ryan then you will get this regardless.

Navajo-If you performed the ritual perfectly (see Medicine Girl for details) you will get the chance to kiss Jay when saying your goodbyes. Pick this option to start your romance.

The Dinner-If you choose to sleep with Ryan then that will begin the romance with him.

The Mission-Alternatively you can also start a relationship with Ryan by choosing to kiss him after the mission briefing (but this will not earn you In Love With Ryan )

Entities Master
Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities.

You must play from The Condenser to First Night and earn Portal Master and Entities Apprentice to unlock this trophy.

A Better World
Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld.

Homeless, Navajo, Norah and The Black Sun

This trophy requires you to kill certain NPCs throughout the game. This is a requirement for getting half of the endings so make sure you see All Endings... for advice on what to do there. Since this covers several different chapters you have to play from Homeless until the end to earn this trophy.

Here are the people you need to kill.

Homeless-Walter and Jimmy

At the end of the chapter the house will be on fire. You are supposed to help everyone get out but on this playthrough you need to make sure Walter and Jimmy die. You can do two things, either go through the house ignoring Walter cries for help and leaving Jimmy behind or you can just wait until Jodie passes out and finish the chapter that way.


Simply don't heal Paul after he is injured and instead speak directly with Shimasani


For this one you actually have to do something to get the kill. While confronting Norah use Aiden on her and go through the steps to crush her heart. Once that is done you can leave the room.

The Black Sun-Cole and Ryan

-For Cole just leave him to die when the Entities attack.

-For Ryan, when confronting Nathan choose Cold and Blame to get Ryan shot.

Now when you beat the game and select Beyond the trophy will unlock

Found all the bonuses.

There are 20 collectibles in the game that Aiden can collect and another 2 that unlock once you beat the game once. As I said Aiden has to collect them so if you are controlling Jodie they won't show up. When you see one lock on with and use the analog sticks to pick it up. If you happen to miss one you can use chapter select to pick it up but you will have to beat the chapter to save it.

I will list the 20 in game collectibles bellow as well as a video of them all. I will put a time afterwards so you know where in the video to skip to to see a particular bonus.

1. The Experiment Once you are controlling Aiden head behind the window where the scientists are and you will see one of them glowing orange. Behind him in the corner is the bonus- 0:05

2. The Embassy Once you are in control of Aiden leave the bathroom go across the room and you will see an entryway with a guard on either side. Go between them and turn right and in the corner is the bonus - 0:38

3. The Embassy In the Sheik's office, look to the right as you enter - 1:02

4. First Interview At the beginning use Aiden and go through the door on the left. Turn left right away and you will see the bonus on the ground- 1:37

5. Hunted After climbing the wall you will see 2 police cruisers and the bike you need to steal. Behind one of the cars is a knocked over tree and the bonus is next to that - 2:04

6. My Imaginary Friend When you head outside to play, use Aiden to fly to the left side of the house and next to a buss is the bonus - 2:34

7. The Condenser When you enter the facility you will pass some turn-styles and see a broken office on the right. Use Aiden and go into the office to see bonus behind the counter - 3:04

8. The Condenser In the ice hallway use Aiden to enter the second office on the left to find the bonus behind the wall - 3:33

9. Homeless When you can leave Stan's home, use Aiden and go to the left and you will see the bonus next to the blue dumpster- 4:07

10. Homeless While begging you can cross the street and there will be a man standing next to the Restaurant who offers you money for...:|...well just ignore him and go all the way down the alley next to him and you will see the bonus at the very back next to a door - 4:41

11. First Night When you are left alone use Aiden to go through the mirror and next to Cole is the bonus- 5:17

12. Like Other Girls You have to go to the bar for this (which means you can't get In Love with Ryan . Once in the bar use Aiden to go in the men's washroom to see the bonus - 5:48

13. Navajo While taking care of the sheep with Jay, use Aiden and go to the fence next to the gnarly tree and you will see it at the trunk - 6:11

14. Navajo At the Navajo burial grounds (at the end of the chapter) walk to the back near a small stick structure and use Aiden to see the bonus behind the structure. - 6:48

15. The Dinner While Jodie and Ryan are talking use Aiden to go to the small room next to the tub to see the bonus on the ground - 7:24

16. Night Session When Nathan tells you to get the book, go into the room and turn to the right. You will see the bonus in the corner- 7:46

17. The Mission After killing the first two guards you will drop down to street level. Jodie will send Aiden off to scope out the surroundings, after he sees where to go fly down to the rooftop in front of him to see the bonus- 8:20

18. The Mission At the end of the level when Jodie sends Aiden to kill Jamal instead of going to the first floor, fly up to the second floor to find the bonus - 8:49

19. Norah Go to Room #38 and use Aiden to get inside. The bonus is next to the man sitting on the floor - 9:26

20. Dragon's Hideout When you and the group are walking in the snow trying to find shelter you need to switch over to Aiden and go into the dilapidated house next to the one you take shelter in. Aiden can only go so far from Jodie so you may need to walk closer to give yourself enough room to reach the bonus- 10:11

Remember to like and subscribe to PowerPyx to support his videos

Together Till the End
Finished the game in Duo mode.

For this trophy you must play the whole game from start to finish in Duo mode. You have to start a new game to do this so don't just select the first chapter via Chapter Select as that will not work. This trophy can easily be obtained by yourself, if you do not have someone to play with, as you never have to control both characters at the same time.

Now not everyone has 2 controllers to do this with but Quantic Dream has a solution. They created an App you can download that turns your smart phone into a second controller to allow you to play the game that way. Follow this link to download the free app and experience the game in a different way.

All Endings.....
Saw all endings.

See Saved All and A Better World for tips on killing/saving everyone.

To earn all the endings you have to play through the game at least twice but you will have to beat the final chapter The Black Sun 5 times to do all the choices.

All Saved Playthrough

1. Beat the game and Choose Beyond.

2. Chapter Select The Black Sun and beat the game and this time choose Life and then choose Ryan

3. Chapter Select Epilogue and choose Life and then choose Jay

4. Chapter Select Epilogue and choose Life and then choose Zoey

5. Chapter Select Epilogue and choose Life and then choose Alone

6. Chapter Select The Black Sun and at the end while you are trying to shut down the condenser Entities will attack. Just put your controller down and let them kill Jodie.

A Better World Playthrough

7. Beat the game and choose Beyond

8. Chapter Select The Black Sun and beat the game one more time and choose Life and then Alone

Saved All
Saved every character that could be saved.

Homeless, Navajo, Norah and The Black Sun

This trophy requires you to keep certain NPCs alive throughout the game. This is a requirement for getting half of the endings so make sure you see All Endings... for advice on what to do there. Since this covers several different chapters you have to play from Homeless until the end to earn this trophy.

Here are the people you need to save.

Homeless-Walter and Jimmy

-At the end of the chapter when the house is on fire you need to save at least Stan and Tuesday to end the chapter. For this trophy we have to go out of our way to save Walter and Jimmy as well. Walter is on the floor in the door right before the stairs. Use Aiden to smash open the door and Walter will be free. If you go up the stairs first you will lock yourself out of saving him.

-For Jimmy, you will find him upstairs and you need him to jump to safety. He is too scared to do it on his own so possess him with Aiden and force him to jump out.

-Near the end of the chapter Paul will get hurt. When you carry him inside you can use Aiden to heal his wounds. If you talk to Shimasani first you will not get the chance to heal him.

-After speaking with Norah leave the room without doing anything to her.

The Black Sun-Cole and Ryan
-While racing to the condenser Cole will get attacked by entities. Pick him up and tap to get him to safety.

-To save Ryan you must reason with Nathan twice and that will allow Ryan to arrive safely.

After you beat the game this will unlock with whatever ending you selected.

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