Players: 1-4 In local Co-op.
Online Trophies: No Online available.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to 100%: 150+ hours with Tolkienesque ~15 without
Minimum Playthroughs: N/A
Collectibles Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: Black holed
Glitched Trophies: None.
Special equipment: At least one spare controller for the Tolkienesque trophy.


Big Sky Infinity is fast and frantic twin stick shooter set in space, developed by Boss Baddie and Voo Foo studios published by Ripstone and released for the PSN, It features randomised area and enemy generation and lots of upgrades available for your ship.
There is an online high scores section to compare yourself to everybody else in the world, with 2-4 player local Co-op and Asynchronous Multi player support for the PS Vita (Turn based)
Big sky infinity is PSN Cross buy and Cross save supported, it also has Stereoscopic 3D available on the PS3 version.
The game is available for free for members of PS+ During December 2012, otherwise it will cost $9.99 USD

This guide can also be used as somewhat of an reference for the Vita version as all trophies are identical apart from Tolkienesque, the only variation is you will have to do something with the Asynchronous multi player on the Vita instead of see all four multi player ships as with the Ps3 version.
Any confirmation from someone who has this on Vita as to what exactly this calls for would be appreciated.

This game has very simple controls, left stick controls flight around the screen and right stick controls our laser fire, whilst and is the last control for drilling to achieve various different outcomes hitting the button will pause the game either letting you quit or resume.
Three other players may join by hitting on the main menu prior to selecting the play menu.

At first glance the control scheme and game in general may seem simple but do not go into this game thinking it will be a quick and easy trophy set to add to your collection as that is not the case.
Getting the 100% will quite easily be as long as many of the other retail games platinum, it involves lots of time to get all your upgrades for trophies such as Check out My Shop! and Tolkienesque and you may have some trouble obtaining the King of the Skies trophy, this game is quite time consuming to get 100%.

I would not suggest playing this game if you have ever had any issues with light sensitivity or seizures, as there can be quite a lot going on screen and the colour scheme will invert multiple times whilst playing through, I've had to have many more breaks than usual while playing video games whilst playing.

This is my first trophy guide so any feedback would be appreciated, anyway that is enough about the game lets get started.


You should begin working towards mastering game mechanics and collecting starbits for the Check out My Shop! trophy by playing the Classic game mode, this will get you used to playing at a more relaxed pace compared to some later unlocked modes, always try to last as long into the round as you can whilst playing Classic as you may get lucky and pick up the King of the Skies trophy along the way.

Start working towards the Highscorer trophy once you feel confident with your abilities to play.

Clean up any remaining trophies that you have left, and return to Classic mode to work towards Tolkienesque and any remaining starbits you need for the Check out My Shop! trophy which will require the longest amount of time out of all the trophies.
King of the Skies will hopefully come sometime during the attempt for Tolkienesque.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Tutorial this is my first tip, play through the quick tutorial it will automatically start unless you have gone into the options already and disabled it.
    Doing this first will familiarize you with the general idea and basics of the game and ease you into it, you will also get an introduction to the narrator... which you will quickly find out why I have suggested my next tip.
  • Narrator Turn off the narrator as soon as you can .. seriously unless you want to listen to this guy for many many hours at a time, the game is already distracting enough with all the fast movement and flashes of colour, occasionally he will help with a a warning about an upcoming planet and a few funny movie or game references (like humming the Jurassic park theme or yelling SNNNAAAKKKKKKKKKKKE!! they were funny the first few times but come on.) but generally he is just quite annoying.
  • Options I would suggest turning the music down to 60% or so if you want to stay focused, or off entirely along with the narrator tip earlier you may wonder why in some of the earlier stages but modes such as nightmare you will understand why.
  • Hold your fire Sure just holding the right stick in the direction of the enemies to keep down a mass of lasers does have its uses, but if you notice when you stop firing your lasers will turn into what is known as back pressure lasers, these will be two times more powerful and 4 times as fast as your regular lasers, also they will be MUCH much wider allowing you to kill stuff easier, if there is nothing else on the screen save your lasers for times when you need them.
  • Drilling you will need to always be ready to hit or to burrow through various things, from asteroids to incoming planets for power ups to Bosses and everything in between, this will however not really do much against regular enemies and will result in you dying quite quickly, always remember to hit or AFTER you have passed through whatever it was you were drilling as you are not able to fire your lasers whilst in this mode (your ship will have a blue spinning aura around it whilst it is active).
    Always be ready to hit or you generally will be warned of planets approaching whilst flying along and prompted to hit X by a red text indicator, but it is quite easy to miss in those more hectic moments also it will sometimes not appear at all.
  • Multipliers are everything when trying to get high scores, you will find these lovely yellow pads whilst drilling through planets, defeating some bosses breaking through gas giant gates, these are blue vertical gates that appear whilst traveling through the gas giant planets which are kind of like the regular planets you come across but require no drilling.
    They also appear inside the center of the red spinning circles you will come across whilst playing, they aren't always circles they are randomly generated with parts missing for you to fly through but they are generally in somewhat of a circular shape. be careful not to hit the walls of this as you will quite quickly die, it is worth it for the multiplier but remember to be wary of running into almost everything in this game.
    Whenever you enter a wormhole you will slowly build up a multiplier the longer you stay in it, try to steer into the center black section of it.
  • Asteroids, Either be ready to avoid these or use them to your advantaged to drill into following their path along and avoid taking damage, using or there are a trophies (see Close Encounters and Home Potato ) involved here but again use them wisely and remember to take your drill off after leaving them or you wont be able to fire on incoming enemies.
  • Starbits, these are light blue little chunks that float about after killing enemies during all game modes and also whilst passing through Gas giant gates alongside the multipliers they give you. you will get a lot out of these but don't sacrifice your star ship just for them alone.
    You will get score towards your total during most game modes but the main use for them is in Classic which allows you to buy upgrades for your ship whilst playing that mode. your upgrades from classic are also used whilst playing in peaceful mode, but generally every other game mode is unaffected.
    Collecting enough of these will let you use your charge beam cannon that will clear up whole screens of enemies, it won't last to long but is very helpful for cutting down the amount of enemies around you.
  • The Fog Not going into the fog is usually a good idea in most games this game is no exception, there is a blue fog around in the sections you fly through that look somewhat like a space junk graveyard, just shoot it away or else your ship will be destroyed as soon as you go through it.
  • Cascade events there are two types of these, they are great for boosting your score quickly if you happen to get a back charge laser or whilst spinning about (hold or : to spin into enemies you only have four uses of this each round though so remember that) but the area gets flooded by many enemies and it is very very easy to die during one because there is so many laser and enemies flying around, try your best to get through it.
  • Spike Cascade events on the other hand you do not want to shoot anything, trust me enemies will throw out a bunch of spikes that look like the mines out of minesweeper and they will instantly destroy your ship. You will know you are in a spike cascade event when the colours get inverted and the music will also change. This is also the requirement to unlock one of the game types, completing an event without dying.
  • Multiplayer If you have somebody willing to play this with you at home, even a parent or someone who doesn't know what you are doing this should help you greatly on many trophies, as the game will not end until every ship has been destroyed I don't have much experience with this as I only have a single controller currently, unfortunately there is no online co-op available. King of the Skies and Lucky Number Seven should be much more easily obtainable whilst playing with even just one other person due to this I also think i read during the games tips that appear on the main menu the other players will respawn if the last player left kills a boss alone, the "dead" players ghost ships can also still pick up starbits, so this will allow you to boost your score up nicely.

  • Basic enemies There are a couple of enemies you should know about as they can cause a few problems, namely the ice blue pill shaped enemies, Also there are purple enemies of the same shape as the above blue ones, who have a shield that will absorb all lasers you fire in that direction they can seriously mess up your day if they stop you from killing a swarm of enemies coming your way, fly inside the purple shield to shoot at them.
  • Frozen Being frozen sucks whilst frozen you which will not allow you to move very quickly at all, and you will not be shielded during this time, and cannot drill through asteroids/bosses/planets and anything else.I have been killed a fair percentage of the time just by getting frozen by the blue enemies and then having a planet appear a matter of seconds later, deal with them ASAP.

  • Purple lasers (of death) these things will appear from right of screen they are black and purple and shaped like a sideways U and fire one or two large purple energy beam at you, you do not want to go anywhere near it and should try to avoid it at all costs, there is generally three that appear at a time (middle top and bottom of screen) this will vary randomly, they may shoot once, they may shoot twice once.

  • Invisibads These are bright white enemies you will occasionally run across, they will not be able to be harmed by your lasers or anything else, just try and kill everything else around them and avoid being hit.


Destroy 1,000 bad guys

See Massacrertastic for more information regarding this trophy.

Simply earned by killing 1,000 enemies whilst playing, this will be one of the earliest trophies you get through natural progression.

Close Encounters
Make a nearby bad guy envious of your drill

Earned by drilling through an asteroid whilst an enemy gets destroyed by hitting the rock while you are going through it , usually one of the earliest trophies you will get.
If you are having trouble, try playing on the peaceful game mode. and focusing on drilling into an asteroid while enemies are nearby, the cascade events are usually quite a good opportunity to try this.

See everything

This trophy will probably be the most time consuming of all of the trophies available for the game.
It involves unlocking EVERYTHING under the library section of the game to check your progress towards this either look through the library section from the main menu, or go to the Stats section, and view your progress towards all trophies within the game and find this one.

You will need at least a spare controller to do this, as you need to of viewed the three other Multiplayer ships there is unfortunately no online co-op for this game, a local co-op is what is needed you only have to see the ships appear in game so you don’t have to have somebody to play with but coop should make the King of the skies trophy much easier to obtain as the game will not end unless everybody has had their ship destroyed.

Another one of the requirements you to rank up ten different named ranks within the game for 100% completion, each entry in the library will be filled in automatically as you level up,

You must at see every enemy type and boss in the game this should come easily through naturally progression.
There are also various random objects that can be dropped by enemies when killed and/or are randomly generated and float around in space you it will keep tallying everything up for you, it only has to of spawned the object whilst you were playing

You need to have unlocked and used at least one super weapon, the costs are detailed under the Check out my shop! trophy description star bits to use and increase the effects of any of the abilities you have ranked all the way up from the store.

At the time of writing, nobody actually has this trophy, I only know what the requirements are thanks to the library section, and the percentage done under the stats section.

Home Potato
Spend 20 seconds in the heart of an asteroid

Do not confuse this with the large planets that you have to bore through that contain power ups they are the rocks floating around randomly about during the game, this seems to happen more frequently during a cascade event.

This trophy can be quite troublesome as asteroids do not like to stay on screen for very long, luckily this trophy can be obtained by burrowing into multiple asteroids (just hit or DO NOT hold it down or you will start spinning and this will just get you destroyed) during one round and not just staying in a single asteroid for the entire 20 second duration which would be almost impossible to complete.

It is also suggested like quite a lot of other trophies in this game that require you to do specific things to attempt this in peaceful mode as the round will not end until you decide to quit by pressing and the difficulty of enemies is generally lowered.

Average Scorer
Get a highscore of 50,000 on each mode

Simply get a score of 50,000 in every game mode (exhibition and peaceful modes are not applicable to this or the High Scorer trophy)
See the High Scorer trophy for more information.Get a score of 50,000 in every game mode

Lucky Number Seven
Smash through difficulty level 7

The game will adjust its difficulty the better you are playing which is the idea behind this trophy.

I found the easiest way to get this is to play pacifism mode which does not allow the use of lasers, whilst still allowing you to drill through asteroids and planets, you can also quite easily do this when you have little or no upgrades just playing classic mode as well.

Choosing the 40x multiplier and radioshield/base engine helps you move around and stay alive whilst the multiplier will add towards the difficulty as the game thinks you already started off playing well since you have the boost straight away.

I tried getting this trophy whilst playing Hell and Nightmare modes (they indicate they start at 5 star difficulty) but even getting myself a score of 1.5Million in hell didn't net me this trophy, doing well on pacifism and getting a score somewhere around the 300,000 mark however it popped right away.

Attack of Boomer V
Destroy 5 enemies at once using a Boomer

The boomer is a type of enemy that will explode when destroyed, causing all close by enemies to be destroyed; this is quite a simple trophy that will most likely be one of your first you get whilst playing the game.

This enemy will look like an stationary black circle until it is fired upon; it will then turn red and start spinning around moving directly away from your laser fire use this to your advantage to push it towards a group of enemies, if you trigger and destroy one of these in a crowded cascade event you will quite easily take out the required five enemies.
If you want to work on this trophy individually playing peaceful mode is again quite beneficial as you have unlimited respawns to work with eliminating menu time.

Get a x100 multiplier!

This will be a bit more of a challenging trophy than some of the other easier ones, but do not worry to much about it, it may seem quite hard to get a 100x multiplier whilst grinding classic mode but unlocking and attempting some of the other game types will allow you to pick between 1-3 perks to start an round with 40x multiplier being one of these, 40% of your work is already done for you!

Multipliers are obtained in various ways, positioning your ship over the large yellow MULTI pads is the quickest way to boost up your multiplier bonus, but you can also get a smaller boost for collecting a lot of Starbits whilst playing, killing bosses will also give you a boost towards a multiplier on occasion, and generally playing well will slowly raise it, MULTI pads are by far the quickest method however.

Check out My Pad
This ship is fast and powerful

Thanks to the vague trophy descriptions and the fact the trophies will only pop once you leave a round this took some figuring out, basically you just need to collect "enough" of the upgrades labelled ship speed, laser spread and laser strength whilst playing a round, peaceful mode seems to be the best choice again if you are going for this trophy specifically as you will not get a round end, only a re spawn.

You are looking out for the Cyan laser spread pads, the bright Red laser speed pads and the pink ship speed pads that appear during drilling through a planet or .

Just continue to try and fly over these pads as much as possible as it is quite difficult to determine exactly how much is needed for this trophy since they will only pop once you have finished a round.

Alternatively you should be able to do this in one of the game modes that allows you to pick between one and three perks before the games round starts, and choose the 2x boost to power ups.

It may possibly also be earned during the arcade game mode picking up the various power ups that appear during this mode.

Check out My Shop!
Buy the shop!

To buy out the shop means just that, you will need to purchase every upgrades available within the store.

The store is accessible only while playing the Classic game mode and using star-bits earned within that mode as currency to purchase upgrades, the upgrades cost varies significantly for each different ability the cost will also raise each time you purchase a higher tier of upgrade.
It will cost you roughly 250,000 to 300,000 star bits to get a single stat completed there are twelve abilities in total.
You can view the store by pressing whilst the classic game mode is selected in the PLAY menu or it will be shown after each round you have played of classic.

Each ability also has a super version which you have to buy before starting the round I will mention their effects and costs in the underlined text beneath each entry.
  • Total: This shows you how many star bits you have collected and available to spend in the shop, also the bar will show you how far you are towards purchasing everything within the store.
  • Wideband: This ability will add two extra lasers fired at a 45 degree angle from your ship. 40 Starbits
    Ultra: Removes reload delay, Wideband lasers become 10x more powerful. COST: 44,880.
  • Polarshot: This ability adds two lasers fired at an 90 degree angle not usually as useful as wideband whilst still starting out at the same price at 40 Starbits
    Ultra: Removes reload delay, Polarshot lasers become 10x more powerful. COST: 44,880.
  • Contra: Similar to Polarshot and Wideband, this ability adds only a single laser that fires BEHIND your ship, not as useful as either Polarshot or Wideband It does however start out at a cost of 25 Starbits.
    Ultra: Removes reload delay, Contras lasers become 20x more powerful. COST: 43,050.
  • Coherence: Increases the Strength of the Lasers.. enough said it will make you do more damage. starts out with a cost of 14 Starbits.
    Ultra: Stops lasers from pausing once racing an enemy, they will continue the full length of the screen . COST: 105,570.
  • Frequencey: This ups the speed at which your lasers can be fired (delay between shots not the speed they travel) good for saturating the bad guys with sustained fire. 49 Starbits
    Ultra: No reload delay for forward facing lasers, they will also be 5x the strength of normal. COST: 110,745
  • Magnetcoil: Boosts the collection range of your ship, this will net you more starbits as the reach of your ship shall be greater than normal. This only costs 3 Starbits.
    Doubles the collection area and increases starbit value by 50% COST: 61,509.

  • Electromagnet: Will increases the damage radius of your ships spin attack (hold or ) slightly, this will set you back 8 Starbits.
    Doubles the vortex caused by spinning COST: 41,616.

  • Orbital: One of my favourite abilities to use, this will give you a shield energy ball that spins around your ship, whenever it hits lasers it will
    remove them from the field so you wont take any damage from them. Putting Starbits into this skill increases its size and area that it travels.
    Starts with a base price of 60 Starbits
    Ultra: Doubles the orbital shields speed and size COST: 67,980.
  • Claymore: This upgrade throws out a red mine every now and then, the more points you place into this the larger the mine becomes.This will cost you 45 Starbits to begin with.
    Ultra: Increases explosion radius whilst halving the reload time COST:109,725.
  • Base Engine: This ability will gradually upgrade the speed at which your ship can move
    Drop some points into Base Engine to make yourself more maneuverable. 40 Starbits
    Ultra: 50% faster ship movement COST: 67,320.
  • Radioshield: Regarded as one of the more useful upgrades by myself and is also why it is one of the two upgrades I suggested getting while only attempting the King of the Skies trophy.
    This ability will cover your ship in a blue aura-like shield that will deplete while hit but stops any damage, it will last longer the more points you invest, and will recharge slowly whilst not taking any hits.
    Will set you back 35 Starbits
    Ultra: Doubles the amount of damage the shield can withstand COST: 86,940.
  • Wing cannon: Adds two extra lasers to the wings of the ship, these will travel a bit faster than the regular lasers on your ship. Will set you back 20 Atarbits to begin with.
    No reload time 20x stronger COST: 42,840.

Black Holed
Peacefully survive a Black Hole!

This one confused me for a little while, Black holes should not to be confused with wormholes, in a wormhole the game changes from a side scrolling type to your ship flying forward and you having to control it towards the black center of the wormhole while being dragged to the sides, the strength of the pull increases the further you get into the worm hole.

Black holes however are relatively rare, and are described in the in-game tips as to only appear when you are “doing well” I’ve had them appear a few screens into playing a round and other times it will take much longer or not at all.

You will quite easily know when you have found a worm hole as the screen will start darkening/flashing a deep red combined with an Air raid type sound will begin playing.

Oh did I mention the flying dinosaur skulls? I didn't did I... well yeah even the Library wont give you an explanation as to why they are there under the library section.

However they are the main reason this is a fairly tedious challenge, they shoot lasers and fire out of their mouths, and as with most enemies running into them will destroy your ship very quickly.

Do not worry to much about running into these in Classic mode, as this trophy requires you to complete it whilst playing the Pacifism game type (possibly also the peaceful game mode but I have not confirmed this with anyone else)

I had tried and succeeded in going through 3 wormholes in, classic and arcade game types without firing any bullets and could not get this trophy to Pop, the first successful attempt at doing this in Pacifism mode (where you cannot fire anyway) netted me this trophy.

Destroy 20,000 enemies

This trophy is pretty self-explanatory and will quite easily be obtained before you have finished trophies such as Tolkienesque And Check out my shop

If you wish to boost your kills just to get the 20,000 required playing the peaceful game mode is probably a good idea, as you have unlimited lives free usage of the Spin attack (Hold or to activate), no score to worry about and the difficulty doesn’t change to drastically and is set lower than other modes already.

Most enemies will be destroyed quite quickly, this trophy took me roughly five hours of game time, which is nothing compared to the rest you will need for this games 100%

Get a highscore of 125,000 on each mode

There are only a few modes that should give you any trouble thanks to the ability to choose between one and three different perks before you start on most of these game modes.

These range from more powerful lasers to more powerful engines allowing you to move your ship faster to the 40x Multiplier, they will only last for the round you selected them for you will not start a round other than classic or peaceful with any abilities other than what you pick here, so remember all your classic store bought abilities will not be available to you.

Whilst not all of this list is available during every single game mode, Pacifism for example does not let you choose any of the laser abilities for obvious reasons you still will have some choice involved.
  • Max laser speed - Maxes out your lasers speed for the round your shots will travel much faster reducing the time it takes to get to what your aiming at eliminating much of the need to lead your target.
  • Max laser spread - Maxes out your laser spread so that your fire will become much wider than normal, pretty much like a constant back pressure laser I would suggest this if you wanted to make your lasers more useful during any non Classic game mode over the +50 to wideband or Polarshot abilities.

  • +50 Wideband - Adds 50 points into Wideband ability not usually recommended whilst going for the 125,000 points as survivability is more important.

  • +50 Polarshot - this will put 50 points towards the Polarshot abilty, Again not recommended whilst attempting only 125k High scores.

  • +50 Radioshield - Adds 50 points into radioshield this will let you take much more damage whilst playing in a round remember, let it recharge by not taking any damage for a little while or it will not stop any of the incoming damage
  • +50 base engine - By selecting this will give you half the boost towards your base engine skill, allowing you to move faster I would suggest using this in modes such as pacifism alongside the Radioshield ability
  • 40x multiplier - you will start the round out with a 40x multiplier instantly, very useful for going for the Highscorer trophy, highly recommended if doing so.

  • 7x Starbit Value - Makes all the starbits you collect work seven times as much as normal, not all game modes have an equal point value assigned to starbits, this should however help you use your charge beam more often.

  • No starbit fade - The Value of starbits fades the longer you wait before picking them up, this eliminates that factor.

  • More boomers - This perk will spawn more boomer enemies allowing you to clear out areas by shooting them, not recommended but still something you may like to try out.

  • Longer B.P.B - Halves the rate you need to stop firing to recharge your back pressure lasers.

  • 2x Powerup Rate - doubles the rate at which your power ups will charge whilst over a power up pad.

  • +50 Laser coherence - adds 50 points, roughly 50% into the coherence skill during the round.

  • Max claymore - fully upgrades your claymore ability, not recommended to select whilst going for 125,000 score as there are clearly better options.

I would suggest getting the X40 multiplier if you are trying to get 125,000 score in most modes, as your score will immediately benefit and you won’t have to work as much toward getting your multiplier high enough to score this much and therefore less chance of dying before you reach it,
the same goes for the +50 radio shield stat as otherwise you will just have a ship with no shields which means you won’t last too long.

If you manage to get the choice to pick 3 the 7x star bit multiplier is another good option as this will let you use the powered up laser more often and in any mode that isn’t Classic you will get score towards your total for picking these up, remember not to get yourself killed just for the sake of star bits as lasting for a longer time in some modes will get you far higher score than a few star bits.

The only game modes that will require a lot of time should be Nightmare and Hell modes as the difficulty is already raised quite substantially right from the beginning, even though they are both listed as starting with 5 star difficulty, nightmare is a much more intense experience, this alone took me 11 attempts just to reach 125,000 score whilst all other game types apart from Classic took me 1-3 attempts.

At first some of these modes may seem daunting but due to the fact you can start with a 40x multiplier and all the practice you should of had whilst playing Classic, combined with the fact starbits give you score and not just spending money should let you finish this quite easily.

Again trouble with the Nightmare mode is to be expected as it is probably the hardest to live through.

There are twelve game modes in Big Sky Infinity for the Ps3 version, the Vita has an exclusive 13th, you will only need to get 125,000 score in 10 of these for this trophy however.
  • Classic
    This is where you will spend the majority of your time for 100% it is fairly basic you rely on things that you buy from the shop by collecting starbits during classic instead of modifiers at the start of the round like almost all the other game modes not particularly hard to last long in, you will however get much lower scores than other modes since you cannot start with 40x multiplier and receive no score for picking up starbits.
    You will begin with this game type unlocked.
  • Arcade
    A game type akin to more classic side scrolling shooters, pick ups appear throughout the game instead of inside planets, there is a full selection of perks from the beginning of the round.
    Get 50,000 points in any round to unlock this mode.
  • Pacifism
    A game type for those who don't like to take pixelated lives, so I'm guessing that would be almost nobody who's playing this right? probably one of my favourite game types you have no lasers and only rely on your flying ability and shields relatively easy to get the 125,000 score on if you try to dodge everything instead of having the mindset of staying back and spraying lasers, flying past enemies is sometimes more useful.
    Survive a spike cascade event to unlock this mode.
  • Hell
    This is where it starts getting hard, no more Mr. Nice big sky to quote the game description and it suits it, more cascade events more lasers more enemies more of everything pretty much the bosses are also remixed like the remix mode, I.E they will sometimes function differently than normal incidentally starting out with a boss is usually a good way to put yourself towards the 125,000 score as there is much less to focus on generally.
    Survive a hell cascade event to unlock
  • Nightmare
    A walk in the park, not quite.. quite a lot more difficult than hell.
    the difficulty starts at five starts the same as hell but gets much harder much quicker this will probably be your most frustrating experience in Big Sky Infinity, you can get killed almost instantly after you start if you aren't careful.

    Once again keep picking that 40x multiplier when going for 125,000 score and trying your best to avoid enemies fire/the enemies themselves there will be LOTS going on screen and it is easy to loose track of where your ship is amid all the laser fire and enemies but try your best and you will get it eventually.

    Radio shield is useful again as a perk pick along with something to do a bit more damage this time such as +50 coherence.
    Congratulations are in order once you get this, unless you luck out and get really easy waves in a row of course. but still well done.

    Get to difficulty level five to unlock, you will most likely unlock this as soon as you play a round of the Hell game mode.
  • Boss Rush All bosses all the time! well not quite but they come at you quite quickly this mode is good practice for going for the King of the skies trophy.
    Another fairly simple 125k score I would suggest picking the radio shield ability first off and then the 40x multiplier, you may pick any other perk you wish apart from more boomer's.
    Kill each boss at least once to unlock this mode.
  • Marathon
    This is another quite fun mode, your score is based off of your distance that you travel, again you can start with a 40x multiplier and just choose everything else you can to survive long enough to make it to 125,00 the power ups and speed you travel at will increase the further you go.

    Cover a lot of ground is the only description for this game types unlock, it couldn't be any more vague than that this is unlocked by scoring a high distance (you can track your distance traveled in each game mode under the stats section) whilst playing a game I would suggest playing Peaceful mode to try and achieve this.
  • Countdown
    You have two minutes to score as high as you can my first attempt netted me quite a high score more than 4x the requirement just make sure you pick your perks appropriately you have unlimited lives in the two minutes but your score multiplier will reset if you die.you may choose any 1-3 perks depending on your luck in selection.
    Kill any boss within 20 seconds to unlock this game mode.
  • Remix
    The Remix game mode contains enemies and bosses that are different to normal, they will vary more and more as you progress, as usual try and get that multiplier and try to notice if something works differently than it normally would.
    Also you will travel through many wormholes and the game will vary between all the other game modes so be on your toes.
    You will have to unlock every other game mode to be able to play this.

  • Naked
    Zero Zip Nada nothing.
    That's exactly what you will get to start with just be careful of rouge laser blasts as usual and try and build up that multiplier/collect starbits while not putting yourself into unnecessary danger this is the only mode that took me more than two tries to get the 125,000 besides nightmare.
    Unlocked by maxing one ability in Classic mode
  • Peaceful
    Ahh hows the serenity? automatically set on easiest difficulty this mode is useful for trying to get those pesky trophies that require obscure objectives in, this mode is based off of your classic game so you will have everything you have there.
    You will begin with this game mode unlocked.
    This game mode is not required for the Highscorer trophy
  • Exhibition
    The exhibition mode is a mixed bag and will send you through many game modes your score is just based on how long you fly around for, each time you die the game mode will change.
    Unlock any other game mode.
    This game mode is not required for the Highscorer trophy

  • Horse
    This game mode is a PS Vita exclusive, if anyone has any information they would like to add to this for me would be nice, as I only have a PS3.
    I assume it would be somewhat like most horse games with you having to pick a word for the other player to finish of with some method in-game.
    Apparently you can challenge people on the leaderboards or friends to a game with this.

    This game mode is a PS VITA exclusive is not required for the Highscorer trophy for PS3

King of the Skies
Classic Mode - Defeat all bosses in one round!

You will need to kill all four of the bosses in one round of the Classic game type, at first this sounds somewhat simple but after playing for a while you will see just how difficult this is.

The trophy is very much based on your luck of how the randomization works out for you whilst playing classic mode, there are 4 bosses in total one tip is to not spend any points on upgrades until you familiarize yourself with the game play mechanics.

Some people have suggested removing your game data after saving to a USB/Cloud storage to make it easier to get this trophy but I would still suggest doing this if you have not achieved it after getting the Check out my shop! trophy.
I would still recommend buying the radio shield ability as you will die quite quickly and not be able to make it through to the bosses without it.

While attempting this trophy myself I still have yet to spawn all four bosses in one round, even with scores in classic of over 1.7million.

Remember you always have the option of coming back to this trophy after finishing all the other trophies, saving your game data to a USB device and then trying for this trophy separately with less upgrades may help you with this, there is still a very high chance you will be able to get this whilst grinding for your star bits for the Check out my Shop! trophy and the leveling up required for Tolkienesque

Information on the four bosses.

The Core boss is probably the easiest to deal with, as there are no enemies that are spawned during its fight.
To quote the in game Library this boss looks like a small planet, there is an outer ring which you MUST bore through using or Once inside you must destroy the middle section that has an yellow/orange energy core inside it, with rotating plates that protect it for damage.
You will do much more damage to it when this is visible to you.

It also has two small laser shooters mounted randomly within the inner ring of the ship that will periodically shoot at you, but the main threat is from the two rotating sections that will fire a large yellow laser that will instantly destroy your ship, you will be warned that this is about to go off by a humming/charging sound a second or so before it goes off.
But basically the idea is to never cross between the two of these unless you have to get a shot on the middle core be prepared to move quickly if it starts to charge whilst you are in this area, also be mindful the walls of this ship as they will kill you almost instantly also if you hit them.
Remember to hit or after you have picked up your multiplier the boss drops when passing through the outer wall or you will die.

This one is a bit more annoying than the core boss in my opinion, it looks like a square asteroid with 5 or so laser launchers/engines that will periodically fire blue beams at you and it will trail blue clouds that can freeze your ship (fire your lasers to break free of this as you can die very easily whilst in this state) It will also spawn random lower level enemies such as the blue freezing type, and the pink/purple shielded enemies.
Fly within the shields of the pink/purple enemies to be able to destroy them, they are a high priority in this fight as they will block your shots on the turret/engines of the ship which is the only way to destroy it.
If you ever see the ship fly to the right and off screen get ready to press or to drill through it as it will quickly fly back and try and crush you, if you are frozen (shoot to free yourself quickly) at this time you will instantly die also if you try to drill through an area with a turret on it you will get your ship broken, make sure you are lined up with an area which you have already destroyed once it starts moving to the right off-screen.

Each engine you destroy will drop star bits for you, you may collect these if you wish but surviving is your main priority in these fights.

Remember to hit or to pass through the rocky parts of this ship after it is dead, or you will die. the parts will fall off as it is destroyed but activate the drill just to err on the side of caution.

Its description pretty much sums it up, it fires lasers... lots of them in varying patterns depending on its movement as it tracks where you are flying, this is very similar to many of the boss type enemies in older side-scrolling shooters of this type I have played, they all take a similar method to destroy them.
This boss appearing will be indicated by a dark background that looks like bits of space junk which can also be the beginning of various other stages such as the blue fog area (shoot this if you ever get it to clear it out of the way or your ship will blow up), however the screens forward movement will stop and the boss will appear from the right hand side.

The boss itself looks similar to the junk piles but with more detail it has a red central area upon it that you must shoot at to destroy it and move forward.

Avoiding the lasers is obviously a big key here as they will mess your shields up quickly, move yourself appropriately keeping within the clear channels of fire or this fight won't last that long.
Keep your eye on the lasers more than the actual boss itself as they will cause you more trouble than anything else, it will start off slowly then increase the amount it fires, be ready to move through its arc of fire when it ceases as it is about to fire a supercharged laser and continue where it left off with the laser spam.
This laser will travel straight on from the central area of the boss and it will stop moving to face you as it charges, use this to your advantage to move out of the way this central area of the boss is also the only place you can shoot to significantly damage it.

Red low level enemies will fly in from the upper and lower sides of the screen occasionally during this fight, try to just avoid them rather than shooting them as this could distract you into flying into the lasers if you notice they will be flying right where you are and have no space to move between the bosses lasers you should shoot that single enemy and then re-focus your attention back on the boss.


Ok now I remember why I didn't know what this boss was, probably the easiest boss besides the core boss, the firewall is a purple ball of energy with a broken purple circular shield not unlike some of the regular enemies, you will do most of your damage just shooting the inner purple/pink ball so remember to save those back pressure lasers up till it's shield isn't in the way.

You may think, wow its dead already? but its not over yet it will transfer itself to another area of the screen, just make sure your not caught in between the one you just destroyed and the new one as a blue energy beam will transfer between the two.
If you get in the way of this you will take a bit of damage and will remove your shield quite quickly which as you guessed it ends with death, the very last energy ball will usually begin to turn orange and will start firing laser blasts at you more frequently they are quite easy to deal with however, you should almost be done by this point and will be rewarded with a shower of starbits.

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