Bionic Commando Trophy Guide
By dajmer79

x42 x4 x3 x1
Players: 1
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: N/A
Cheat Codes: None*
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Time to Platinum: 12-20 hours**

*Costume, weapon, and Matrix keys can be unlocked by playing Bionic Commando: Rearmed and locating the hidden icons.
**Approximately 20 hours if attempting the platinum trophy in two playthroughs.

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • While all trophies can be attained in one playthrough, it is advisable to play through the game at least twice. Play on Commando difficulty and focus on beating it. It is much easier to get all the collectibles and complete some of the harder Challenges - mainly the few that require you to kill "x" amount of enemies while swinging - on Normal difficulty. You can also take much more damage on Normal difficulty before dying, making Challenges and reaching some out-of-the-way collectibles easier.

  • Remember that if you pass the final waypoint in a stage and you don't have all of that areas collectibles, you CANNOT go back to get them. Although there is a level select feature in the game, it specifically states you cannot earn trophies from it. If you do accidentally finish a stage without all the collectibles in an area, quit the game before it saves (it won't save until the next stage starts).

  • When facing the Mohole boss, when it rises straight into the air to charge its shockwave attack, move to one of the holes it had emerged from and stand on the highest piece of concrete sticking out from it. This way you don't have to worry about jumping over the shockwaves; you can simply wait until it's done without worry.

  • When it comes to defeating Biomechs, there are a few key strategies to remember. With Shield Biomechs, simply run circles around them after they have planted their shields into the ground. Their weak spots will be exposed and make for easy targets. With the Air Biomechs, try throwing objects at them before wasting ammo. If there is nothing around to throw, wait for them to fly up into the air and to put their hands together. They will be charging an air attack and during this time you can shoot their hands to detonate their own attack against them, stunning them and leaving their weak point exposed to you. With the Hip Cutter Biomechs, you can use the same strategy with them as the Shield Biomechs. Also, after knocking them down you can grab the Hip Cutter weapon and use it against them.

  • Remember, if you die before reaching a save point, any Challenges and collectibles you have cleared since the previous save point will be gone, and you will have to redo them. If you are on the verge of dying from enemy fire, find a spot to hide for a few seconds to regain health. Every little bit counts.


Go-Go Bionic!
Complete all other Bionic Commando Trophies.

Self explanatory. Earn all other trophies to unlock the platinum trophy.

Blood Trial
Complete "Blood Trial" challenge.

"Kill 10 Grunts". There are only nine Grunts in the first stage, so you'll get this trophy with your next kill on the following level.

Close Up
Complete "Close Up" challenge.

"Shoot an enemy while zoomed in." Clicking will zoom in with your current weapon. Point and shoot.

Leap Up!
Complete "Leap Up!" challenge.

"Perform a Leap Up." Press the button twice while hanging to leap up to whatever surface you're gripping.

Complete "Kaboom" challenge.

B]"Use a grenade to kill 1 Grunt."[/B] Self explanatory.

Train Wreck
Complete "Train Wreck" challenge.

"Pull down 3 train cars." Train cars are suspended in the air on railway tracks. Point your cursor at one and wait for it to turn green, then grab hold and hit repeatedly to yank it down.

I Got Hard
Finish the game in Hard mode.

Self explanatory. Note that this trophy is stackable, and can be earned if you beat the game on Commando difficulty too.

Complete "Swinger" challenge.

"Complete 3 consecutive swings." When you release from a swing, simply attach to another grabbable object. Do this three times and the trophy's yours.

Man Locked Up
Complete "Man Locked Up" challenge.

"Use the Tarantula's lock-on ability to kill 1 infantry unit." When you unlock this challenge, simply grab the Tarantula and kill the roaming Polycraft with it. Alternately, hold R2 while targeting an infantry unit to highlight them all and fire. If you don't have enough ammo for this, use another weapon to kill any extra enemies, and then finish off the rest with the Tarantula.

Stroke of Luck
Complete "Stroke of Luck" challenge.

"Kill 1 enemy by using the Bulldog." Self explanatory.

Kick In The Back
Complete "Kick In The Back" challenge.

"Perform 2 Zip Kicks on an enemy." With an enemy targeted, grab hold of them with your arm and press twice to Zip Kick them. Repeat this process to put them out of their misery and the trophy's yours.

Receiving End
Complete "Receiving End" challenge.

"Throw an object at an enemy." Flashing objects can be thrown. After grabbing an object, kite it into the air by pressing and then press to throw it.

Jabber Man
Complete "Jabber Man" challenge.

"Kill 10 Grunts in hand-to-hand combat." Self explanatory. Two hits will kill any soldier.

Complete "Incoming!" challenge.

"Kill an enemy with a Death From Above attack." When you're up high enough, press the button while falling to the ground to perform a DFA. Note that repeatedly pressing the button will "charge" the attack and the resulting impact will be more powerful.

Complete "Slayer" challenge.

"Kill 25 enemy Grunts." Self explanatory. You'll earn this easily as you progress.

I Went Commando
Finish the game in Commando mode.

Self explanatory. Beating Commando mode will also unlock the trophy for beating the game on Hard difficulty.

Torn Into Pieces
Complete "Torn Into Pieces" challenge.

"While in the air, destroy 1 Polycraft." There are two ways to do this. Either make sure your final shot kills it while you're in mid-air, or kill it with a Zip Kick. The latter is much easier to do.

Fair Fight!
Complete "Fair Fight!" challenge.

"Defeat 1 Biomech." When you unlock this challenge, you'll be faced with two Shield Biomechs. Simply kill one of them to earn the trophy. Refer to "General Tips" section for help on defeating Shield Biomechs.

Complete "Cracker" challenge.

"Defeat 5 Biomechs." Unavoidable, as you'll be facing a lot more than five throughout the game.

Complete "Whoo-paah!" challenge.

"Kill 1 Grunt with a Whip Spin attack." You'll unlock this challenge immediately after regaining the Adrenaline ability. Press + when your Adrenaline meter is full to unleash a Whip Spin attack.

Down To Earth
Complete "Down To Earth" challenge.

"Kite a Grunt and pull him down on another Grunt." Kite an enemy into the air by pressing . With another enemy nearby, simply press to bring him down on top of him.

Rocket Man
Complete "Rocket Man" challenge.

"Use the Tarantula to kill 10 enemies." Self explanatory. Biomechs and Polycraft are also fair game, and count towards the overall total.

Two Hit Wonder
Complete "Two Hit Wonder" challenge.

"Kill 2 Grunts with a single HIKER shot." The HIKER has a rather wide spread, so as long as you are facing two enemies that are relatively close to one another, this won't be a problem. For better results, aim between the enemies so the spread hits both of them. Not a long range weapon, however.

Explosive Delivery
Complete "Explosive Delivery" challenge.

"Kill 2 Grunts with the Bulldog while swinging." As long as you are hanging from an object while firing, you can get this. You don't necessarily have to be swinging, which makes aiming much harder.

The Pinball Effect
Complete "The Pinball Effect" challenge.

"Kill 2 enemies with one Throw." You'll have a better chance of getting this if you throw larger, heavier objects (i.e. boulders, cars, oil drums) as they tend to bounce around after landing, increasing your chances of taking out more than one enemy.

Worthy Foe
Complete "Worthy Foe" challenge.

"Kill 3 Biomechs in hand-to-hand combat." So long as you finish them off with melee attacks (Zip Kicks), you can still weaken them with weapons if desired. Note that thrown objects count as hand-to-hand combat, so use this to your advantage.

Spence is in the Air
Complete "Spence is in the Air" challenge.

"Finish off a Polycraft with an Adrenaline Finishing Move." First, start by weakening it in whatever way you fancy. When down to about one quarter health, grab it with your arm and press + to perform the finishing move.

The River
Complete "The River" challenge.

"Kill 5 Grunts with a single grenade." When you reach the halfway point in the game, you'll notice the enemies start appearing in larger groups. If you see five of them, throw a grenade in the middle of them to take them out. If they are not grouped together, get their attention by firing your weapon or making yourself visible, then head to cover. They will all relocate to your position, making them easy targets.

Let the Dog Out
Complete "Let the Dog Out" challenge.

"Kill 3 Grunts with 1 Bulldog shot." The same strategy for "The River" applies here as well. Aim at a group and fire.

Complete "Barrage" challenge.

"Kill 3 enemies at the same time with a Death From Above." See "Shellshock" Challenge.

Air to Surface
Complete "Air to Surface" challenge

"Use the Tarantula to kill 6 enemies while swinging." This is cumulative and doesn't have to be done in one shot. The Tarantula and its ammo are hard to come by in the game, so make your shots count. Most Polycraft and Biomechs only require three shots from the Tarantula to put down.

Complete "Drive-by" challenge.

"Kill 3 grunts with the HIKER while swinging." Unlike the similar challenge with the Tarantula weapon, the HIKER and its ammo are rather plentiful throughout the game. Try and get this challenge out of the way early on, as things becomes tougher later on as you progress. And remember - the total is cumulative.

Complete "Pull!" challenge.

"Kill an airborne enemy with a Throw attack." The easiest place to get this trophy is in the Fissure III stage. You will encounter a pack of flying drone robots upon entering the clearing, and you will also see throwable objects scattered all over the place. Simply grab an object and throw it at them; you will more than likely take out half a dozen of them (if not more) in one shot.

Come Out and Play
Complete "Come Out and Play" challenge.

"Finish off a Biomech with an Adrenaline Finishing Move." See "Spence Is In The Air" Challenge. Make sure to grab the weak spot on their back though.

Bionically Challenged
Complete all challenges in the game.

This includes finding every collectible in the game as well, as they are classified as Challenges. You will not receive this trophy until after the final boss fight when the credits start rolling.

Crowd Control
Complete "Crowd Control" challenge.

"Kill 6 Grunts with one Whip Spin attack." The best and easiest spot to get this is in Port Anderson I. After the battle with the Hip Cutter Biomech, a group of about 8-10 Grunts will come barging in all grouped together. Swing into the middle of them and use your Whip Spin attack to take them out.

Shoot 'Em Up!
Complete "Shoot 'Em Up!" challenge.

"Use the Kite ability on 15 Grunts and kill them in the air." While you have an enemy kited in the air with your arm, kill them with any weapon. They have to die before hitting the ground for it to count. Cumulative.

Out of the Bush
Complete "Out of the Bush" challenge.

"Destroy the Buraq." Story-related and cannot be missed.

Can you dig it?
Complete "Can you dig it?" challenge.

"Defeat the Mohole!" Story-related and cannot be missed.

Choke on That
Kill Groeder - Kill him for good.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Pitcher
Complete "The Pitcher" challenge.

"Kill 50 enemies with the Throw attack." Cumulative. Depending on how often you use the Throw attack, you can earn this trophy early on.

Feel the Beat, Y'all!
Complete "Feel the Beat, Y'all!" challenge.

"Kill 30 Grunts in hand-to-hand combat." Self explanatory. As you progress in the game you'll be facing more and more Biomechs and tougher varieties of Grunts; many times in large numbers. You'll want to make sure you have enough ammunition for these situations, and it is advisable to engage certain Grunts in hand-to-hand combat as opposed to wasting valuable ammo, especially if there is only one or two of them.

Complete "Shellshock" challenge.

"Kill 5 enemies with a single Death From Above." Remember to charge the DFA by repeatedly pressing . To make matters easier, unleash an Adrenaline-charged DFA by repeatedly pressing both + while falling.

Headshot Bonanza
Complete "Headshot Bonanza" challenge.

"Kill 50 Grunts with a headshot." Make sure you zoom in with your weapon and aim for the head. As long as the killing blow is a headshot, you can fire multiple times beforehand. You should be aiming for the head anyway, so this trophy will come in due time and without you even realizing it.

Poly Cruncher
Complete "Poly Cruncher" challenge.

"Destroy 10 Polycraft." Self explanatory. Try to avoid using Tarantula ammo on Polycraft, and use either the pistol or Bulldog. Better yet, use Zip Kicks to conserve ammo entirely. Use any environmental objects to protect yourself from their rockets, and to lure them closer to you.

Complete "Nemesis" challenge.

"Kill 350 Grunts." It might sound like a lot, but you'll end up facing almost twice that amount by the end of the game. Play normally and you'll get it no problem.

Biomech Sweeper
Complete "Biomech Sweeper" challenge.

"Defeat 15 Biomechs." Unmissable, as you'll encounter more than 15 Biomechs throughout the game. This includes all varieties of Biomechs (Shield, Hip-Cutter, and Air).

Whip 'Em Good
Complete "Whip 'Em Good" challenge.

"Kill 50 Grunts by using the Whip Spin attack." As long as you're regularly using your Whip Spin attack after you regain the Adrenaline ability, you'll probably accomplish this challenge before even beginning it. If not, there are plenty of opportunities on the final three stages to get it.

The Collector
Find all collectibles in the game.

Self explanatory. See "General Tips" section at the start of this guide.

For a detailed list of every collectibles location (including video) click the following link: Bionic Commando Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide.

End Game
Complete the final mission.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

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