Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes, only online
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No... the codes are just for weapon tags
Estimated Time to 100%: 70+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectibles Trophies: Yes
Missable Trophies: Unknown
Glitched Trophies: Unknown

[top]Tips & Strategies

1. Always aim for the head it kills people way faster.
2. When low on health find a health depot using HRV... stand next to it and it'll heal you up nicely.
3. Keep an eye on your ammo and use HRV to find an ammo depot... stand next to it just like a health depot.
4. Pick up weapons by holding when prompted.


1. First try and get the trophies for doing matches. At the end of this step you should have N00b,Tour of the City,Field Officer

2. Now try and get the kill specific trophies. At the end of this step you should have Opportunist,Dodge This,Way of the Gun,Flatten and Reinstall, and possibly Commissioned Officer.

3. Play Domination until you get Hack the Gibson... by this time you should have Commissioned Officer

4. Now go crazy and try to get as much XP as you can, the best way to do this is Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. At the end of this step you should have Command Officer,General,Gearhead


Win 1 quick match! Welcome to the winning team!

Pretty self-explanatory, just win a match and you got yourself a trophy.

Kill 10 opponents in a public match while they are affected by a Digi Grenade

For this trophy you need to kill 10 people that are being affected by a Digi Grenade. This is stackable and can be done throughout all your matches.

TIP: While a Digi grenade is active you are not able to see anything but static, so you will probably have to resort to randomly spraying into the dome. When your reticle turns red, it means that there is a guy, you can use this to your advantage but most of the time, randomly spraying works best. Another tip is to throw a Digi Grenade and then a frag grenade right behind it, killing anyone that is hit with the Digi grenade.

Tour of the City
Achieve a win in any game mode on every map in quick match games!

To get this you need to win a match on every single map, this can be a bit time consuming because all the maps randomly rotate so you may not get the one you need.

Here is a list of all maps:
and the PS3 exclusive map Crossover

Field Officer
Reach the rank of Sergeant

To get Sergeant you must reach level 7. See General for more info.

Dodge This
Headshot 25 opponents while they are using HRV in quick match games

For this trophy you need to get headshots on enemies while they are using HRV. This can prove difficult because HRV does not last very long, so you have a small window of opportunity to get the kill. A good tip is to sneak around so as to get behind guys and just aim for heads.

Best mode for this trophy is Deathmatch.

Way of the Gun
Kill an opponent with their own weapon in a quick match. Ouch!

All you have to do is kill an enemy with their weapon... so just pick up the weapon of the last enemy you killed with and use it until you die.

Flatten and Reinstall
Kill 25 opponents in quick match games while they are EMPed!

For this one you need to kill enemies while they are affected by an EMP grenade... so just use the same tactic used for Opportunist

Commissioned Officer
Reach the rank of Second Lieutenant

To get Second Lieutenant you must reach level 38. See General for more info.

Command Officer
Reach the rank of Major

To get Major you must reach level 50. See General for more info.

Unlock all gear and weapons!

You unlock gear as you level up... so you will get this on your way too General

Achieve the rank of Brigadier General. Hats off to you!

Brigadier General is the highest rank in the game. To achieve this rank you must reach level 70.
Below is a list of the ranks required for trophies and how much XP you need for each one:


Second Lieutenant(lvl.38)---260,000XP


Brigadier General(lvl.70)----660,000XP

This is one of the most time consuming trophies... the best way to achieve Brigadier General is to play Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch because they net you the most XP

Hack the Gibson
Hack every control point on every multiplayer map in quick match games

For this trophy you will need to extensively play Domination because you have to hack every control point on every map:
You hack Control Points by using ,,, in a game similar to Simon Says.
SKY FIRE------------3CP
SLUMLORD----------1CP(there is only one in the middle)
*CP = Control point

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