Players: 1
Online Trophies: 1
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum:
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: Yes
I'm Rich
Treasure Hunter
Missable Trophies: No, there is chapter select
Glitched Trophies: None that I know of

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Use Time Rewind as much as possible, especially when in a mob of enemies and using the machine gun.
  • When selected abilities, be sure to select Shadow Friend, this will come in such good help. This nice feature has a Ayumi Clone come out when your health is low and they start to attack the enemy.
  • On hard, don't rush into things until you are used to the damage dealt.
  • Look for notes and chests. They are not hard to find and can be simple to get out of the way.
  • Read your equipment and attach items you will find useful depending on what you are doing.

[top]Related Guides

X-Blades Trophy Guide by: Compalicious
This is the prequel to Ayumi's journey.


Step One:
  • Start the game on normal.
  • The game automatically starts on normal. You can get to hard by exiting out and selecting Hard. There is a trophy however for collecting all the chest on hard, so you will need to play on Normal and Hard anyway.
  • Collect all notes and chest through out the levels. There is chapter select if you miss one.
  • All the equiptment you find on Normal transfers over to your Hard playthrough, so this is why it is best to start on normal.
  • You should be able to collect all trophies for the story in this playthrough if you get Double Attack and Rain of Bullets (these two you can grind for in the end of Chapter Nine) and Your Fire Is Nothing and Too Hot For You (which are the two that you need to defeat the boss without getting hit by their massive attacks) except Treasure Hunter and Hard Times are Over.
Step Two:
  • Start a game on Hard.
  • Replay the game again on hard difficulty using the chapter select and selecting Hard.
  • All chest will be added back in, so be sure to collect them all on your journey.
  • By the end of this playthrough you should have gotten and will be getting Treasure Hunter and Hard Times are Over.
Step Three:
  • Select Outbreak
  • There are a total of 4 Outbreak trophies. Three of them can be done versing the AI and one requires online. This trophy would be Out of My Way.


Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies

Gather Chi
Get the ability to gather Chi

This is story related and can not be missed.
You get this fairly early in the game, in Chapter One - Volcanic Dale. When you fight your second or third round of monsters a cut scene happens where you walk up to the first Altar. This will tell you about the Chi. You will notice now when you kill monsters you will collect little white orbs.

Find the rifle

This is story related and can not be missed.
You will get this rather early in the game as well, in Chapter One - Volcanic Dale. As you are traveling the cave you will enter a room where it will zoom in on a guy lying on the ground. Walk over to him and hit to pick up the rifle.

To shoot:
  • Press to pull the rifle out.
  • Using the right analog stick, aim and move the small X on the screen to the target.
  • Press to shoot the rifle.

Coral Dash
Get the ability to dash to the corals

This is story related and can not be missed.
In Chapter One - Volcanic Dale, you will run into Humans and poisonous bugs. Defeat the Humans and Bugs and walk over to the Altar. This is a neat little trick that you learn to help you get to high or far places.

To Dash to Coral:
  • Walk as close as you can to the hovering coral
  • Hit to lock on to it
  • Hit to dash to hit
  • Keep hitting to dash to each one to get across.

Enemy Dash
Get the ability to dash to enemies

This is story related and can not be missed.
In Chapter One - Volcanic Dale, after you cross some of the coral you will end up on a broken bridge. Drop down to the Altar to learn this ability. This is a neat little trick that you learn to help you get to high or far places.

To Dash to Enemies:
  • Walk as close as you can to the flying enemy
  • Hit to lock on to it
  • Hit to dash to hit
  • Keep hitting to dash to each one to get across.

Time Rewind
Get the ability to rewind time

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the end of Chapter one - Volcanic Dale, when you defeated the boss, the Fire version of Ayumi with wings appears. This is where you will get the ability to rewind time.

To rewind:
  • In the upper left hand corner where your health is, there is a circle to the left of the health. When this circle is blue, it means you can use time rewind.
  • Hold to rewind time.
  • You can do it multiple times to have multiple "Ayumi" 's around.
You will need to use time rewind to stand on the two portals. Stand on one for a bit then run to the other. Press to rewind time making the past Ayumi go stand on the other portal.

Order Spell
Survive Chaos event

This is story related and can not be missed.

Chapter Two - Jungle is where you learn about the Order Spell. After the first cut scene you will be told about the Chaos areas. These areas basically have the color drained out of them and enemies are hidden within. This also makes it very hard for Ayumi to move.

To use Order Spell:
  • Press to activate the Order Spell.
  • It only does a small area around you so to continue forward, you have to keep pressing .
As you continue forward a bit, Ayumi will run into some Chaos Monsters. Defeat them like any other monster to get the trophy.

Free to go!
Kill the Gateguard

This is story related and can not be missed

You will run into the Gateguard in Chapter One - Volcanic Dale. The Gateguard is a giant machine looking monster with two fire rockets as arms. You want to destroy these first.
Steps to destroy:
  1. Use to lock onto one of the arms.
  2. Use to dash to the arm in which you are locked onto.
  3. Hit the arm several times. You may need to lock onto it more than once to destroy it.
  4. Do the same for the other arm.
  5. When both arms are destroyed, you can start hitting him in the legs.
  6. Watch out for his head. He will eventually use it to try to slam into you.
  7. When he breaks into two different pieces, start hitting them.
If he happens to get back up before you destroy him, just repeat steps 5-7 until he is defeated.

Clear the Jungle
Kill the Shaman Boss

This is story related and can not be missed.

See Your fire is nothing for a walkthrough on how to beat the Shaman Boss.

Your Fire Is Nothing
Kill the Shaman Boss without taking damage from his massive fire spell

You will find this boss in Chapter Two - Jungle. You will find him on a bridge with a lot of floating coral around him. These will be very useful for you when you try to not get hit with his fire spell.

To Destroy the Boss:
  1. Use the coral dash to dash to each coral surrounding the Shaman boss. to lock on and to dash.
  2. Dash around in circles around him until you land in front of him.
  3. Hit him a few times and when you see him raise up, dash to the corals . This means he is about to use his massive fire attack.
Keep an eye on your health gauge as you are going from coral to coral. His attack can reach a distance and it could be very easy to get hit by the edge of it. When dashing from coral to coral, stop for a split second on each to ensure you avoid the blast. If you happen to get hit at anytime, you can hit and restart the checkpoint to try again. Repeat steps 1-3 to beat the boss.

Old Temple
Reach the Sanctuary

This is story related and can not be missed.

This occurs in between the end of Chapter Three - Human and the beginning of Chapter Four - Temple. At the end of Chapter Three, a cut scene will trigger showing Michelle ordering her men to kill you. Using the gun, aim up at the ledges and shoot the men. When you have cleared the area, you will go through the gate where Chapter Four begins. Here, you will be shown three men who try to shoot you from a distance. Shoot the me and kill them. Clear everyone out of the area and go open the gate at the top. (Watch for the little bomb up there). Go through the gate where you find the laser traps. The trophy should pop now.

World of Order
Defeat Skyguard Commander

This is story related and can not be missed.

This boss is found at the end of Chapter Four - Temple. He can be rather annoying and hard if you're not expecting much.

Steps to beat the Boss:
  1. Run up to the Skyguard Commander and continually hit him till he is damaged enough the goes into the air.
  2. Watch your back as he summons some reinforcement. The big guys are really nothing to worry about, it's the fast little guys you will want to kill.
  3. The Commander will slam back down on the ground eventually, so look for the red mark on the ground and avoid it.
  4. When he is back on the ground, go over and hit him more. Remember, his reinforcement is still there, so occasionally use Earthquake to back them up.
  5. The Commander will go back to the air several times before you are able to kill him.
  6. Sometimes, instead of slamming down, he uses a light attack, making lasers come out. Run around the area as there is a spot where the lasers don't touch, but it changes each time.
  7. Keep repeating these steps until he is defeated.
  8. Remember to watch your health. If you can, use the button to increase your health.

Big Corpse
Defeat Giant Worm

This is story related and can not be missed.

You will find this boss at the end of Chapter Five - Desert. The worm has three tentacles that attack you. They only attack you one at a time though so it makes a bit easier. You need to destroy all three of them to destroy the worm itself.

To destroy the Giant Worm:
  • Each tentacle has two attacks. Slamming down and swooping down and grabbing you.
  • Slamming down can be avoided by jumping up and out of the way when it comes down. The swooping one can not be avoided, so instead, use time rewind to reverse it and move out the way that way.
  • When the tentacle slams down, go over the "head" of it and start hitting it. It will eventually go back up though.
  • Eventually, when you have destroyed one tentacle, one will attack as one throws rocks at you.
  • Focus on the tentacle slamming down and attacking you more than the one throwing the rocks as it is easier to avoid the rocks.
  • When all three tentacles have been destroyed, you will have beaten the tentacle.

Sky Islands
Leave the Sky Islands

This is story related and can not be missed.

At the end of the Skylands you will need to first defeat the Skyguard. He is much easier then the past Skyguard.

To defeat the Skyguard:
  1. Run around the arena and find the rocket launcher.
  2. Once you shoot the Skyguard he will go into the air where he will call on some Skyguard Rippers.
  3. You really don't need to pay attention to the Rippers because as you are running around they won't be able to touch you, so ignore them if you want.
  4. Start shooting at the Skyguard with the Rocket Launcher to cause damage.
  5. If you don't destroy him, he will come back to the ground where you will just need to repeat the steps from before.

Brutal Lands
Kill the Vicar of Chaos

This is story related and can not be missed.

You will notice at the start of the level, there are two Brutal Mauls. You need to take them out first as they help power up the Vicar so he can use his vacuum spell on you. This is a good time to use the rewind feature. Rewind a bit so that the Vicar is focused on your clone, giving you time to take out the Brutal Mauls. The Brutal Mauls can be taken out a lot faster here them early in the game for some reason.

To defeat the Vicar:
  1. Once the Brutal Mauls are gone, dash to the Vicar and start hitting away.
  2. Watch for his spinning attack. Just get back far enough to avoid them. Good time to use that machine gun.
  3. When he stops spinning, dash to him again and start hitting.
  4. Use Time Rewind to do a bit more damage to him with your clone.
Note: Try not to rewind to far, this will only help him by restoring his health.

Ayumi receives her Dragon form

This is story related and can not be missed.
During the final chapter, Chapter Ten - Dragon Temple, you will come to a room with a bunch of empty stands with the turn wheels in front of them. These just give you some advice, so go over to the balcony where a small cut scene happens. After the cut scene, jump off the balcony into the air and just fall. A cut scene will activate showing the Dragon Ayumi joining Ayumi thus giving her the power and wings.

Keeper Is Dead
Finish the game on any difficulty level

This is story related and can not be missed.
Whether you start on Normal or Hard, as soon as you complete on of them, you will get this trophy.

Hard Times Are Over
Finish the game on the Hard difficulty level

This will most likely be your second playthrough since you need normal and hard. As soon as you complete the hard playthrough the trophy will pop.

Everything is the same as in the Normal run, with everything in the same place and all the same enemies. The only key difference is the power behind the enemies. They take a lot more hits to kill. The good thing though, is everything transfers over from the Normal run. All your power and weapons. This will only happen if you select story, then change difficult via chapter select. If you start New Game, nothing will carry over.

Too Hot For You
Kill Brutal Maul without being frozen by his shockwave

In Chapter Eight - Brutal Lands is where you will be introduced to the Brutal Maul. They are semi big armored knight who hold a big hammer that they slam into the ground causing the shockwave. The shockwave has some distance on it too, so be cautious about it.

It's pretty pointless to even try to go in and get close enough to melee attack him. It's best to stand back, out of reach of the shockwave and just shoot him with your guns.

It could go a bit faster if you shoot, then you time rewind and shoot again. This will have your clone shooting the Maul as well as you.

Brutal Kill
Kill 5 enemies at the same time

This can be very simple to get, when you go to an Altar and obtain any massive spell. When it brings you into the training area, wait for there to be five enemies on the field and release which ever massive spell you have.

Annihilation Kill
Kill 10 enemies at the same time

This will be very difficult to get in story mode. You need to use a Massive spell and it has to KILL all the enemies. The best thing to do to get this trophy is to go for it in an Outbreak match.

Stay away from the outpost so that they do not target you. Wait for the enemies to spawn and come to you. Keep hitting them until your magic is on level two. Once on level two, make sure most of the enemies have been hit a few times as with a Massive attack, it still may not kill them.

The good thing with doing this in an Outbreak match, is it will let you know how many you have hit, and how many you have killed. Keep trying to do it in an Outbreak match and it will come.

Quote Originally Posted by DaveyHasselhoff
When you first get the dragon form, at the first room you enter, you will get attacked by a bunch of generic enemies that will all die in one or two hits. Build up to the second stage of your special abilities then let them all congregate around you. Since you are in dragon form they won't really hurt you. Once they are all there use the Second Stage Heavy Attack and you should be able to get 10+ with one attack.

Famous Hunter
Kill 1000 enemies in total

This should come naturally throughout the game. There is enough enemies to get this by the end of the first playthrough. Some will get this sooner then others depending on how many times they die and respawn. Most levels and areas within the level require you to kill all enemies before you are allowed to move on, so just keep killing.

Faster Than You!
Use Counterattack 100 times

This will come possibly in your first playthrough. This depends on how many times you use it though and how many times you die to respawn the enemies. Only a seldom few enemies allow you to counter them such as Tribal Zombie Heavy, Brutal Zombie Fighter, Brutal Zombie Heavy, Tribal Zombie Fighter, and Humans wielding large swords. The counter attack is where you a prompt to use on an enemy. Do note though, finishing moves are NOT counters.

Counters are when an enemy is about to strike you, so the button will only appear when they are close to you and weapons raised. If an enemy is a bit away from you and has the above it, that is to finish it, not counter.

Use Dash 30 times without touching the ground

This can be a bit tricky but not really. With enough patience, this can be done anywhere where there are more than 4-5 coral you need to dash. Dash to the first coral then keep going to each one. When you reach the last one, jump and turn around quickly pressing to lock onto a coral and to dash to it before you fall. Keep doing this back and fourth 30 times and the trophy will pop.

Find half the notes

This will unlock when you have found 16 notes. Please see Collector for more information and locations.

Find all the notes

There are 32 Notes throughout the Game. There is a different number per chapter. You can see them due to their gold light that shines off of them.

For locations, see the bottom Chests and Notes Locations.

Ready To Fight
Find all types of equipment

There are a total of 4 different types of equipment. There are swords, guns, amulets and rings. This trophy will pop after you have found the machine gun. This is because the trophy says to FIND each type, and technically the rifle was handed to you, so you didn't really find it.

Each piece of equipment has a different ability for Ayumi to make her stronger and faster and such.

You can see the items when you hit and use the button to go to the page.

Win any Outbreak match

This isn't hard at all. From the main page, select Outbreak then select Outbreak Single. Defeat each wave of monsters and destroy the statues. Watch out though, as the statues will send out weird orbs that will harm you. You can always retreat back for a bit to let your health come back.

At the start of the level though, it will ask you to choose 3 abilities. Keep killing enemies and if you die, your Chi is collected and you can get more abilities.

Try to not die so often though, as this will affect your own bases and will slowly lead to them getting destroyed. The object is to destroy the opposing side, not your own.

Recommended Abilities:
Earthquake: This is because it requires no magic to use and is good for a mob of enemies.
Heavy Strike: This is a powerful attack that requires Level One of magic.
Avoid: This makes it easy to avoid attacks from the enemies as well as the magic orbs shot out by the outposts.

When the match starts, allow your little army to go first so that the outpost targets them with their magic and not you. This allows you to focus on the enemies coming out. Kill a lot of enemies to get a lot of Chi then die on purpose. When you respawn you will be asked to choose some new abilities. Choose Massive Heavy Strike so that way when your magic reaches level 2, you can stand semi close to the outpost to activate it and hit the outpost as well. There are a total of 5 outpost statues and then a tree looking outpost at the end. Once all are destroyed you have one the match.

Out of My Way
Kill an enemy player in an Outbreak match

Pretty simple. Get a friend and play against one another. All you have to do is kill the opposing person.

Outbreak Hero
Kill each Outbreak boss at least once.

There are 6 different bosses you need to defeat. They could all appear in one match or take a few. I played twice and got all 6 of them.

Blaster - Also known as the Brutal Maul from within the Story Mode
Shaman - Also known as the Shaman Boss in the Story Mode. You run into him in Chapter Two - Jungle in the Story.
Invisible Assassin - Also known as the annoying Chaos Slashers from the Story Mode. These are the creatures that can go "invisible".
Giant Spider - There are two spiders that appear, the Giant Poisonous Spider and a Silver spider. I would suggest killing them both for the trophy.
Chaos Monster - There are a few Chaos Monsters that appear. Only one is the "boss" so kill them all.
Skyguard - Also known as the Skyguard Commander in the Story Mode.

They all appear over time. Some appear more than others, some faster than others. You just have to keep playing till they all do. Remember, YOU have to be the one to kill them, not your troops. If your troops kill them, it will NOT count.

Play 5 Outbreak matches

See Unstoppable for some techniques. You just have to do this 5 times for this trophy.

I'm Rich
Find all the chests in story mode on the Normal difficulty level

There are a total of 22 chest throughout the levels. There is a different number of chest in each level. To locate a chest, press to pull out the compass. As the arrow gets big and brown, it means you are getting close. Many of the chest are hidden and require you to press to use the Order Spell to reveal them. When you find one, press to open it.

For locations, please see down below in Chests and Notes Locations.

Treasure Hunter
Find all the chests in story mode on the Hard difficulty level

This is the same as collecting all the chest on the Normal run. When you start on hard, all the chest are put back and need to be refound and reopened. Again, use the compass and Order Spell to find them.

Locations in the the Chests and Notes Locations.

Double Attack
Kill 25 heavy enemies using the Time Rewind double attack

The double attack this is referring to is when you have to hit on an enemy then Time Rewind and hit again as your clone is doing the first move. There are only a few enemies in which you can do this to, them being Brutal Mauls and Brutal Zombie Heavies. The Skyguard Heavy Infantry (the giant guys with the backpack that regenerates their health) is iffy because granted you use this move on him to disable his backpack, you don't actually kill him.

You will most likely not get this during your first playthrough unless you grind in Chapter Nine - Brutal Town in the last room. Good thing though, is all your kills carry over from your normal run, so this should come at some point in your Hard Run.

Kill 100 enemies during your Time Rewind Berserk buff

The Time Rewind Berserk buff happens every time you use Time Rewind. When you activate Time Rewind, the screen turns a light colored red. You know you are in Berserk buff when the color red gets a bit darker. This means your Time Rewind is almost over. You must kill the enemy within the Berserk buff, not before or after.

There is no real grinding for this as it will come naturally. You may get it your first playthrough or on the second, but you will almost get it without trying too.

Rain of Bullets
Shoot off Magic Armor from 50 enemies using Time Rewind clones

These are the enemies with the red orb surrounding them. The only way to get through is to shoot and then use time rewind and shoot more. Even after two playthroughs and some dying, you still probably won't have this trophy. There is a good place to grind this though in Chapter Nine -Brutal Town. When you enter the castle and get to the room with the Chaos Observers, kill them. This will make other enemies come out. At first there won't be any with the magic shield, but as you take them out, they will get it. If the last enemy is one with a magic shield, and still no trophy, let him kill you so that it restarts. Keep doing this until you get the trophy.

[top]Chests and Notes Locations

There are a total of 22 Chest and 31 Notes throughout the levels.

Volcanic Dale (5 Chests, 5 Notes)
  • Chest 1-3: In the very first room you are in, after you learn the basic fighting commands, there will be three chest. The game directs you to all three or you can press to use the compass to find them.
  • Note 1: This is picked up during the cut scene.
  • Note 2: When you first run into some Chaos Observers (floating ball like creatures) , you will find the note on the floor.
  • Chest 4: When you get to the room where you must use the coral dash for the first time, stay on the bottom level and go to the left around the pillar a bit.
  • Note 3: Once you open the huge gate, go inside and you will run into two more Chaos Observers. Look on the ground to the left to find the note.
  • Chest 5: When you enter the room with the broken bridge and some Tribal Lost Souls (Flying skull headed things), go to the left and behind the tree is the Chest.
  • Note 4: From where you found Chest 5, shoot the corals to free them from the parasites. Between the second and third coral, the note will be on some sort of rock structure.
  • Note 5: You will enter a room with the big Gateguard (he is a boss), so look to the right to find the note on the ground.
Jungle (3 Chests, 3 Notes)
  • Note 1: As you enter the area where you are first introduced to the Enemy with Armor, look on the ground right in front of you.
  • Chest 1: Right where you found Note 1, look up to the right to see the coral with the parasite on it. Shoot it free and use the coral dash to get to it. Jump to the rock ledge next to it and go up for the chest.
  • Note 2: You will eventually get a cut scene with the Guildmaster. Right after the cut scene the note will be right in front of you on the path.
  • Chest 2: When you get to area with the ship, you will activate a cut scene. The game will let you know there is a chest nearby. Go through the water and to a spot under the ship. You need to use the Order Spell to reveal it.
  • NOTE: Every chest from here forward requires the Order Spell.
  • Note 3: When you are aboard the ship, you will need to fight a few Tribal Lost Souls. Proceed forward and you will run into two Tribal Zombie Fighters. Here is the note.
  • Chest 3: When you run into Michelle, you will have a cut scene. After the cut scene, walk over to some planks and jump to level below. Jump on the section down there for the chest.
Human Base (2 Chests, 1 Note)
  • Chest 1: When you go through the gate you unlocked, you cross a Human and Spider fight. Kill all the enemies but don't go to the Altar just yet. This will activate a Chaos Slasher to come out. o to the left of the Altar along the edge to find the chest.
  • Note 1: When you get into the next room, the note will be right on the path.
  • Chest 2: From the note continue to up the path and you will find the chest at the end right before the path turns right.
Temple (2 Chests, 5 Notes)
  • Note 1: At the start of the level, you will need take out a few of Michelle's men who are shooting at you. Look behind you from where you started for the note.
  • Note 2: From note 1, open the gate to find Note 2 right along the path.
  • Chest 1: When you find the first laser trap, take out the two enemies in the distance and jump over the spikes. Go to the right, right before the large room.
  • Note 3: When you have defeated the Skyguard Infantry, there will be a small little cut scene showing some enemies fighting on the bridge. You will find the note about halfway along the bridge.
  • Note 4: You will come across another room filled with laser traps. As you progress through them you will find the note.
  • Chest 2: This is in the same room as Note 4. Once you have made it through all the laser traps and deactivated them, the chest will be on the right side by the statue.
  • Note 5: In the room with the portal and boss fight, you will find the note on the right side of the room.
Sky Islands (2 Chests, 3 Notes)
  • Chest 1: When you go down the ramp you will activate a cut scene with the guildmaster. Coral dash up the corals to the metal path. Go down the path into the water and the chest is on your left.
  • Note 1: In the area with the chest, kill the enemy Locusts and look at the waterfall. The note is behind the waterfall.
  • Chest 2: When you enter into the castle and defeat the Skyguard Infantry. This will break 2 of the 3 locks. Use the coral to dash to the metal platforms. When you come to the next set of coral, don't use them yet, instead go to the left and then to the right to find the chest.
  • Note 2: When you have gotten the ability to fly, fly to the right to the small narrow platform.
  • Note 3: When you have completed the flying area, you will need to coral dash along the coral to the next area where you run into some Skyguard Ripper. Defeat them and shoot the parasite infected coral to free them. Coral Dash on the corals and when you are about halfway through, drop down on a small rock platform for the note.
Sky Docks (1Chest, 3 Notes)
  • Chest 1: You will get to a room where this a platform in front of you. Get onto the platform and kill the enemies up there. Use the Order Spell on the structures to connect them. This will release some coral outside where the ships are. Coral dash to the to get to the top of the weird tall structure.
  • Note 1: You will run into a few Skyguard Interceptors on a metal path. Head down the ramp to where to Obelisks are. You will find the note on the way.
  • Note 2: When you are on top of the ship that is carrying Zero, you will need to fight a few enemies. A cut scene will activate soon where a Commander will cut off the platform. Right after the cut scene you will find the note to the left ahead a bit.
  • Note 3: When you have unlocked the cells, there is an empty cell next to Zero, this one has the note.
Brutal Lands (3 Chests, 5 Notes)
  • Chest 1: After you have passed the room with the Altar, use the coral in the next room to cross. Once on the otherside, you will find the chest to the right, right before the next pathway.
  • Note 1: After you get through the Chaos area, you come to a room with two Brutal Mauls. When the cut scene activates you can see where the note is.
  • Note 2: You will come across a room where there is nothing but ice and you need to free the coral from the ice at the bottom. Doing so will trigger some enemies to come out including a Brutal Maul. When you have all the coral free, coral dash across them. When you get to the other side, there is a small ledge below you with the note on it.
  • Note 3: When you get to the next area with Brutal Mauls, you will notice that they keep respawning. Kill about 6 of them to be able to get to the next little area where there are 3 Obelisks. Use the Order Spell on the three of them. If you are facing the Altar, turn around and face behind you and to the right a bit. There is a path to an area. This is where you will find the note.
  • Chest 2: You will come to an area where two enemies come up a slope. Kill the enemies and look behind you. You will see a small ledge in which you can jump onto. Follow the pathway down to find the chest.
  • Chest 3: You will come to area where there are Zombie enemies in the center of the area. You have to use the cannon and time rewind to kill them. When they are gone, go down to where they were and you will a small little area to your left.
  • Note 4: Soon you will come across a broken bridge with some Brutal Lichs. Kill them and on the other side of the bridge you will see the note.
  • Note 5: Continue down the path now and you will come across the note on your way.
Brutal Town (4 Chests, 6 Notes)
  • Chest 1: At the start, after you leave the room, you will see across the way humans fighting. Don't move forward, but instead look up to see the coral with the parasite on it. Shoot it to free it and coral dash to it. Jump to the roof next to it and go to the area in front of you for the chest.
  • Note 1: After you defeat all the human enemies, cross over and jump to the room on the left. Hit the switch in there (watch out for the Chaos Slasher) then go to the room on the right. You will see the note right there.
  • Chest 2: You will now get to an area where there are enemy humans around. Go to the left to get the rocket launcher and take out all humans and the Interceptor that flies in. Go down to the area where the humans were and go down the stairs. The chest is at the bottom.
  • Chest 3: When you come to the steep set of stairs, you will also run into a bunch of Brutal Lichs. You will also run into some other enemies at the bottom and an Interceptor will fly in. Right after the cutscene where is shows the Shaman boss, look to your left to see the wall. You can jump right over the wall for the chest.
  • Note 2: In the same area, you will see the iced covered coral. Shoot it to free it then double jump and coral dash over to it. The note is on the ledge on the left side.
  • Note 3: After you kill the Shaman Boss, keep going into the next courtyard where there are many enemies fighting amongst themselves. Wait for the Interceptor to fly in and get destroyed and then kill the Brutal Lich around. Defeat the Heavy Infantry and go to the door on the left and up the stairs.
  • Note 4: You will come to an area with two cannons on one level and enemies on the bottom level. Use the cannons to clear out the enemies and open the door. You will find the note here (along with a few humans).
  • Chest 4: The next area again has more enemies fighting amongst themselves. There is a tree right in front. Jump onto the tree and go to the highest part. Jump to the right to the building. Cross over the little boards for the chest. This is the last one.
  • Note 5: Once you go through the blue doors in the courtyard, there is a frozen statue and stairs. Next to the statue is some glowing flowers in which the note is with as well.
  • Note 6: ********Use the corals to dash over past the half drawn bridge. Kill the enemies on the other side and continue to the next room where you run into a Chaos Observers. Go to the other side of the room and behind the big structure is the last note.

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