Players: 1-2
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-50 hours

[top]Tips and Strategies

NOTE: In this guide I will use both in game codes for combat moves as well as their default controls. All combos are inputted assuming you are Player One starting a match facing the right.

DISCLAIMER: Player Two can only be involved in the process of obtaining some trophies. Perfect wins, Distortion finishes etc. performed by a second player will not add to your trophy count.


Power of the Azure
Conquered the world of BlazBlue.

Collect every single Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophy for BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger to get the Platinum trophy.

[ARCADE] Beat Arcade mode on HELL difficulty.

There are two ways to go about doing this. You can do this legit with your best character or you can use Jin and his trusty ice car move to make the entire thing look like a joke. If you choose to go the legit way than choose the best character you can play with and remember the key element of guarding, which is to use it. Don't worry about losing because you have an unlimited amount of continues to blow through. Take your time and just keep cool. If you want to use the alternative method simply pick Jin and spam his ice-car to grab. The computer is pretty stupid for the most part and most they will do is block your grab. If they do this simply jump in the air backwards to avoid their attack and go straight back into an ice-car and repeat the process. There are a few ways to do the ice-car, simply hitting right on the Right Joystick will make him do it or hit 214+B, C, or D. Grab is done by hitting either R1 or hitting both B+C. Also make sure you set the arcade rounds to "1 to win" and 30 second rounds for the easiest and fastest path through.

[SCORE ATTACK] Beat Score Attack mode.

Score Attack mode is hard. Insanely hard. Harder the HELL difficulty hard. You will fight every single character in BlazBlue in a sort of Survivor mode here. My advice is to use your best character and spam the crap out of your best ranged and faster moves. I prefer Jin for he has the most balanced amount of speed moves and ranged moves. If you don't know the now popular trick to beating Score Attack, have a Second Player controller set up and if you're about to lose the fight on Score Attack, press start on the other controller and bring up a versus match. After this match you'll restart your last round of Score Attack and try again. Tedious trophy indeed. Make sure to go into options and set versus matches to one round infinite time in case you need to take a break. You can also use the Jin "technique" mentioned in Dante.

Here is the list of opponents in order (difficulty ranges with player's skill level):

Toggle Spoiler

Here is a video of how easy Ragna is to beat using the ice car method:

Toggle Spoiler

I Am the Just Sword
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated Hakumen.

The easiest route is to simply play Arcade mode on any difficulty and defeat Hakumen. He is tough, but if you play on Beginner that doesn't mean much. Just don't let him string together any of his deadly combo attacks. You will fight him using most of the characters.

Murakumo Activated...

This works the exact same as the previous trophy concerning Hakumen. On the easiest difficulty Nu/ V-13 is a cakewalk (I found her easier then Hakumen on Beginner). You will Fight Nu as most characters.

Welcome to the Azure Nightmare
[ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK] Defeated "Unlimited" Ragna, and obtained the power of darkness.

There are two ways to this. Either beat him at the very end of Score Attack (he is a beast, cheap, @&$#ing bastard) or make him appear by a much easier method. On any difficulty setting, play Arcade mode. Do not lose a single match, and perform ten Distortion Drives during the course of the ten characters you're pitted against. Unlimited Ragna will appear as the eleventh fighter. Fighting him through Score Attack with the "Jin Method" also makes him bearable.

Victory Is an Illusion
?ARCADE / SCORE ATTACK? Defeated "Unlimited" Rachel.

Unlimited Rachel appears as a boss for some characters in Arcade mode on any difficulty. She is also in Score Attack just like Unlimited Ragna. Beat her in either one of those two modes and you will get the trophy

Devil's Advocate
Used Ragna's "Gauntlet Hades" over 100 times.

Perform Ragna's special Gauntlet Hades one hundred times. The move is set as SP2 with Easy Special on (where you can use the right stick to shortcut certain combos). The combo is as following: down + left + B ( + + default ). Simply go into training and perform this move 100 times for the trophy, the move doesn't even have to hit the opponent.

Ride the Icening
Used Musou Senshouzan or Tosshougeki over 20 times in one round, and finished the opponent off.

Play as Jin in any mode (except training) and spam his Musou Senshouzan (SP2 or combo down + left + A, B, or C ( + + default , , or ) twenty times. Most will have to miss your opponent so aim careful. Your best bet is to start a Vs. match with a second player and just surf over their head twenty times. After you perform the move defeat your opponent and the trophy is yours.

This Is Important...
Heard Noel say, "Hands off the panda!" over 100 times.

Play as Noel and fight against Litchi in any mode. As you fight you will hear from time to time Noel scream "Hands off the panda!" at Litchi (referring to the cute little panda on her head). The fastest way to earn this trophy is to spam Noel's down, forward, right + A or B or C or , forward, + default or or . Here her say this one hundred times culmulatively and the trophy is yours.

Spoonful of Sugar
Stayed afloat for over 25 seconds with Rachel.

This is a very tricky trophy to get. The best method is to start a Versus match with a Second Player and both of you play as Rachel. Use Rachel's drive (default ) to make her summon a gust of wind. Make sure you're pointing the wind . Now, deploy her umbrella by pressing and holding down C (default ). Now, this is why you need a Second Player. Player Two's Rachel must perform the Down + C combo ( + ) and then press Up + D ( + ) to send their gusts of wind up at you to keep you a float. When they run out of drive energy, you must then use all of your drive energy. Do this for twenty-five seconds and the trophy is yours.

Here is a video posted by ReXXXSoprano on YouTube for those who need further visual assistance:

YouTube - BlazBlue: Rachel's Spoonful of Sugar Achievement

Threw a Kaka kitten using Taokaka's "Kitty Litter Special!".

Spam Tao's Kitty Litter Special (SP2 easy special or combo + + , , or ) and eventually she will throw a Kaka kitten. Simple and random.

Hit the opponent with Tager's "Spark Bolt" more than six times in one round.

In one round, press left, forward, down, forward, right + D (, :forward:, , forward, + default ) with the Electric Gauge at max to unleash a Spark Bolt attack. Hit the enemy six times to get the trophy.

In one match, successfully pulled off "Thirteen Orphans", "The Great Wheel", and "All Green".

Pick Litchi, for each of these moves are her distortion drives. Next, set a versus match to 5 rounds and perform a different distortion drive each round. Here drive combos are as followed:

Thirteen Orphans - , back, , back, , + default (without Rod)
All Green - , , , + default
The Great Wheel - , back, , back, , + default (with Rod)

This trophy is a lot easier then it looks considering two of her three distortion drives are also Easy Special triggers on the (default) right stick.

Beautiful Arakune
Had a perfect match using Arakune.

This trophy can best be done by having a Second Player face you in a stanmdard Vs. mode match. Player Two does not even have to move. Depending on how many rounds your Vs. mode is set to affects this trophy. For example, if you have it set to the standard 2 rounds, you must win both rounds with perfect matches.

Fought against Bang as Bang, and both activated the "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan".

Play as Bang in Versus mode with a Second Player also as Bang. Use the D button (default ) to attack your opponent. When the four different symbols appear above your heat gauge (which will need to be at 50% to unleash the distortion drive), player two must do the exact same. Taking turns one at a time, unleash the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan with , back, , , back, + . Don't worry, this distortion drive is one of the Easy Special triggers on the (default) right stick. When you are both flashing from the special, the trophy is yours.

I Can Rebuild Her...
As Carl, decommissioned Nirvana three times in one round.

This is an odd trophy. Play as Carl in a standard Vs. mode match against Player Two, who will also be Carl. Have Player Two hold down the Drive button (standard ) to make their Nirvana fully operational. Only while their Nirvana is operational can it be hit. Drain their Nirvana's health bar to zero, which will appear as a little green bar underneath Player Two's character icon near the top, and wait for it to regenerate. Simply do this two more times and the trophy is yours.

It's over 10,000!
Dealt over 10,000 damage using Hakumen, without the use of an Astral Heat.

(All info and the video for this trophy is credited to YouTube user Osirisky)

Go to the Training mode and make sure you turn on the tabs for Wake Up, Aerial Roll, and Emergency Roll in the Training options menu. These are to prevent the dummy from breaking out of your combo.

-- Start with activating Infinity: down, back, left, down, back, left + B.
-- Next perform a combo charge by performing right, back, down, back, left, right + C and hold until Hakumen unleashes the move on his own
-- Rapid Cancel with a dash: right, down, forward, right + A.
-- Follow up with a right + B.
-- Then left, forward, down, forward, right + C.
-- Then down, back, left + B.
-- Finally right, back, down, back, left, right + C.

Here is a visual guide:
(, back, , , back, + default )
(, back, , back, , + default ), Hold till release.
(, , forward, + default )
( + default )
(, forward, , :forward:, + default )
(, back, + default )
(, back, , back, , + default )

If done right this should dish out 10,000 damage and unlock the trophy. Here is the YouTube video:

YouTube - BlazBlue It's Over 10,000! Achievement/Trophy

Activate Termination Protocol
Completed a 60+ hit combo using Nu.

(All info and the video for this trophy is credited to YouTube user Osirisky)

This is much easier then Hakumen's combo challenge, though still very difficult. Build up your heat gauge to 100% (unless you're in training then you can just set your gauge to 100%). If using Training mode then make sure you turn on the tabs for Wake Up, Aerial Roll, and Emergency Roll in the Training options menu. These are to prevent the dummy from breaking out of your combo.

-- Start with Distortion Drive combo down, forward, right, down, forward, right + D.
-- Repeat.
-- Then run up to your opponent and press right + C.
-- Then down + C.
-- Jump, then cancel + C.
-- While still in the jump, down + C.
-- Finally press down, back, left + D.

Here is a visual guide:
(, forward, , , forward, + default )
(, forward, , , forward, + default )
( + default )
( and default then + )
(, back, + default )

NOTE: You might not even have to jump cancel a second time if you connect right + C (:right + default ) and down + C ( + ) well enough.

If done right you'll rank over 60+ hits in your combo. Here is the YouTube video:

YouTube - BlazBlue Activate Termination Protocol Achievement/Trophy

[Player Match] Played first Player Match.

Go to Network on the main menu screen. Select Player Match from there. Then simply play against someone from start to finish (you do not have to win the match to get the trophy).

[Player Match] Fought a total of 150 battles.

Played 150 different matches in online Player Match mode. You do not have to win any rounds for this trophy.

[Player Match] Witnessed over 20 battles.

Spectate twenty different matches in Player Match mode while online.

Ruler of Kagutsuchi
[Ranked / Player Match] Fought against all characters.

Face all 12 different characters while playing online. This trophy is mostly luck of the draw. You can also meet with a friend online and face each other 12 times as each character to get this trophy.

Be Gentle... It's My First Time.
[Ranked Match] Played first Ranked Match.

Simply start and finish a match in the online Ranked Match mode.

That Was Incredible!
[Ranked Match] Won first victory in a Ranked Match.

Win against someone in an online Ranked Match for the first time. Difficulty depends on who you face up against.

You Brute!
[Ranked Match] Three consecutive wins in Ranked Matches.

Win three Ranked Matches in a row. Can be tricky depending on who you face. The easiest way to do this is find a friend online and cooperate.

100 Trials
[Ranked Match] Fought over 100 battles.

Play 100 matches in Ranked Match mode. You do not have to win any matches to get this trophy.

200 Trials
[Ranked Match] Fought over 200 battles.

Play 200 matches in Ranked Match mode.

Hands Where I Can See Them
[GALLERY] Collected over 50 illustrations.

Go to the Gallery and view your unlocked artwork after you have collected at least fifty pieces to get this trophy. You can unlock artwork by branching the many different paths of Story mode or by beating Arcade mode with different characters.

I Like to Watch
[REPLAY THEATER] Collected over five replays, other than your own.

Go to a user's profile on the Rankings menu while online. It will give you an option to download their latest saved replay. Do this for five times with five different users and the trophy is yours. You may delete the replays after you receive the trophy. You should not have to watch all five of the replays to get the trophy.

Hello World?
[STORY] Watched the opening.

Watch the opening sequence to Story mode from start to finish. This is the easiest trophy in the game.

Duh Dun DUNNN!
?STORY? Saw the "True Ending".

Complete the Story mode to get this trophy. You do not need 100% for every or any character to get this trophy.

You're the Best! Around!
[TRAINING] Dished out a total of over 1,000,000 damage.

Simply play Training mode and abuse the daylights out of a dummy until you get this trophy. This is cumulative, but if you want it in one go, the best way to keep track is to beat Ragna (with his exact 10,000 health points) one hundred times.

Carpal Tunnel
Exceed a total playtime of 25 hours.

Simply play the game for said amount of time. This is also an easy trophy, just tedious and can be achieved whilst working towards other trophies such as the online ones. You can not check your amount of in game play time.

Reached Lv.10.

Reach Level 10 by fighting and winning online. You can rank up more points by winning a match and doing/ not doing various moves (ex. more points for ending round in a distortion drive, or more points for not using a barrier burst during the match). Ranked Matches will earn you a lot more points then Player Matches.

Praetorian Guardsman
Reached Lv.30.

Reach Level 30 by fighting and winning online.

You Never Forget Your First
Performed your first Barrier Crush.

Simply break your opponent's barrier on any mode.

It's Go Time
Performed your first Astral Heat.

A special finisher move that uses 100% of your heat gauge, and can only be performed on the last round of a match with your opponent at 20% or less health. Perform it once with any character to get this trophy.

Discouraging Finish!
Use an Astral Finish with every character.

Here is a list of every character's Astral Heat:

Toggle Spoiler

Their Numbers Count for Nothing
Performed an instant block 300 times.

Simply block at the immediate moment your opponent hits you to deflect the blow. Your character should flash a white shield when this happens. Just do it three hundred times cumulatively.

Nothing's Gonna Keep You Down
Earned a Perfect victory 30 times.

Simply win thirty different matches without taking any damage. This does count Vs. mode as well as Arcade, Score Attack, and any match online.

Stop Hitting Yourself
Used Counter Assault 30 times.

After you block your opponent's attack, press forward +
A + B (forward + default + ). It will use 50% of your heat gauge. Best done in Traning mode and is a cumulative trophy.

Restraining Order
Used Barrier Burst over 30 times.

When you have your Barrier gauge full, located under your health bar, you can perform a Barrier Burst by pressing A + B + C + D (default + + + ) to unleash a short burst of energy. This knocks your opponent back and gives you time to get back on your feet when cornered. Do this thirty times cumulativly for the trophy.

Animation Conservation
Used Rapid Cancel over 100 times.

Press A + B + C (default + + ) during an attack to cancel out of the animation movement. Normally you would Rapid Cancel to string a series of combos or to do more damage to your opponent. Simply perform them 100 times cumulativly over the course of play. This can be done in Training mode.

Designated Driver
Used Distortion Drive over 100 times.

Distortion Drives consume 50% of your character's Heat gauge (or half of your Magatama if you're playing as Hakumen) when used. Every character has two or three different Distortion Drives to choose from. Defeating a character with a Distortion Drive results in a Distortion Finish.

Here is a list of every character's Distortion Drives (combos marked SP# mean they have an easy button short cut, default right stick, and you don't have to perform the whole combo unless you're in a Ranked Match online):

Toggle Spoiler

This Just Got Real
Caused a Double Down to occur.

To achieve a Double K.O, simply be K.o.ed at the same time as your opponent. Best done cooperativly with a friend on Versus.

In Living Color
Used all the color palettes of a single character.

When you select a character in Arcade, Versus, or Online, press and a color palette will appear. This is just like Guilty Gear, with several different color schemes for the same character. Just go down the list of colors, including the default color. I'm almost certain this is cumulative.

I'm faster than anybody!
[Ranked / Player Match] Get "First Strike" five times in a row.

Simply be the first person to land a successful attack against your opponent online five times in a row. Easiest if done with a friend.

It's the Only Way to Be Sure
Performed a 20 hit combo after the round is over.

The best way to do this is to use Arakune's Distortion Drive F Inverse (, forward, , , forward, + default ) as soon as your opponent's life bar is depleted. Try finishing them off by sending them in the air to make sure the drive hits as many possible times as it can. The trophy is yours if done successfully.

Words Hurt Too
Let your opponent get a 5,000 hit-point lead on you, then taunt you.

This is near impossible to get if you want the computer AI to do so. It is very easy to get in Versus mode with a Second Player though. Have player two drain your health to less the 50-60% (with them at full health) and then taunt you. Each character has a slightly different set amount of health, though I believe Ragna's is a steller 10,000 points exact.

Greased Pig
Successfully escaped 50 throws.

There are several different but similar ways to escape throws. The easiest is to just press B + C (default + ) as the the exclamation marks appear over your character's head when grabbed. You can phish this with a friend in Versus mode or in Training mode for an easy trophy. It can also be done in Story mode, online, and Arcade/ Score Attack mode. It is cumulative.

[top]Closing comments/Credits

Note: I did a lot of work with these combos, so if I accidently inputted an incorrect button, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!

Some info submitted by cravinov13

I would greatly like to thank Epherian86 for his help in getting online trophies

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