Players: 1-2 Offline, 2 Online
Online Trophies: I'm On Top Of The World I Can Quit Anytime I want! Aniki Is Watching You Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves Only The Hard, Only The Strong There Can Only Be One Rear Window Ding! Ding Ding!
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 50+ Hours (Depending on skill)
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectibles Trophies: Mint Condition
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None
Overall Difficulty: 9/10

[top]Tips & Strategies

If this is your first fighting game, or even your first 2D fighter I suggest getting familiar with one of the higher tier rated characters first. In my opinion Ragna, Jin, Lambda and Noel. These characters can be picked up and played simply by mashing buttons, or even if you go into practice you'll see they all have very good qualities. Ragna with his high level combos, Jins ability to freeze the opponent, Lambdas high damage plus hit count and Noels ability to chain her moves in a confusing array.

I'd say the more advanced characters are Iron Tager, Litchi, Carl, Arakune, Hakumen and Rachel. While any character has the potential to be strong depending on your play style, the ones listed here I seem to pay off more if you can learn the timing of their qualities. Iron Tager can throw the opponent around, while using his magnetism to pull them back towards him. Mix this with his heavy damage and ability to pick up an opponent off the ground and you'll find Tager is a very strong opponent to beat. Litchi has various moves where she'll place her rod in different places, jump o and off it, and throw it while attacking. Meaning you can mix these up and become unpredictable to guard against with quite a fair amount of damage to back her up. Carl, my personal favorite. It took me a few hours to get used to him, but once you do it's defiantly worth it. You'll learn how to use both Carl and his sister Nirvana at the same time. Mainly holding down and a direction for Nirvanas attacks. Place Carl on one side and Nirvana on the other against the opponent, and you'll see the effect it has. Arakune is all about traps and slowly draining the life using his bugs and other poison like attacks. While learning how to use him, you'll be bale to link strong attacks that include placing the bugs on them in an unblockable way, where the life will then start to drain as your finishing off combos. Hakumens main point is his strength, but he also has various counter moves that you can use to link up his slower physical moves to increase the damage and reduce the chances of blocking. In the right hands, Hakumen has the potential to do an entire life gauge in one combo. Rachel is more of a projectile distant character. Once you know the difference between her light, medium and heavy projectile attacks you can set up unexpected traps and chain them into your long range moves. Her only weakness is if someone were to rush her, but even so, her wind move throws her opponent away from her to the other side of the screen.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


This is how I would suggest progressing towards your

Tutorial Mode.First, go and complete the tutorials. This provides basic and some slightly advanced help so you can familiarize yourself with the controls and speed of the game. Nothing too hard here, and defiantly the first place you should go to, since you'll also earn the Ragna Cum Laude trophy.

Training Mode. Now enter training mode, where you can practice what you leaned in the tutorials as well get the hang of whichever character takes your liking. Be sure to stay in training mode for one straight hour until the I Can Do This All Night trophy pops up.

Legion Mode. I then suggest getting these ones out the way since they're not actually that hard to do. The trophies in this mode aren't stackable, which means you'll have to go from easy, to normal, to hard in order to earn all three. Once your happy with the character of your choice and your used to the games controls, start legion mode on easy. This will be a good practice for you, or a breeze if you've played the first BB CT. Once you finish easy, you'll get the Napoleon Bonaparte and for completing normal you'll get the Alexander The Great trophies. Hard might come across as tough, but use this guide to find the Taokaka trick and you'll complete it with minimal trouble earning you the Genghis Khan trophy as well, and will have done with Legion Mode.

Story Mode. Simply start up story mode and you'll receive the Level One...! trophy. Since you have to start with Ragna finish his first fight, and be sure to choose the first option to avoid the comedy ending. Then continue to win and by the end you'll receive the That's The End Of That Chapter trophy. You'll then unlock more characters as you continue. Now, you can either go back to Ragna and get his other two endings using the guide I have on here to have his story 100% meaning you'll get some artwork that works towards the Mint Condition trophy, or you can save that until later. No matter what you decide to do, make sure you finish everyone's story mode whether it's 100% or not, and you'll earn the Is...Is That All? trophy along the way. After that trophy pops up, progress through the true ending story to earn All Good Things . As well as the I Get Around trophy. It's also possible to earn the character specific trophies for using x amount of moves in a match through this mode.

Arcade Mode. Now begin with whoever you prefer, but be sure to go through this mode with every character, and while your at it you could use each characters Astral heat at least once per run through to earn They Call Me Mister Tiddles and Real Ultimate Power . While going through with each character you'll earn the Well, it's Something To Do... for defeating unlimited Hazama in Ragnas arcade progression, and Tall, Dark and Handsome for beating unlimited Ragna with Jin. You should be good enough to make one of your run throughs set on hell difficulty by now. (Jin recommended) to earn the Hell Yes! trophy as well. Note completing everyone's arcade mode unlocks more in the gallery which counts towards Mint Condtion .

Network Mode. Now's the perfect time to find a friend or boosting partner, and begin playing player matches. Although this can be done without either and just naturally playing. One trophy in particular that is made a lot easier through boosting is the There Can Only Be One Start in this mode by searching for the busiest lobby you can find, and constantly skip your turn for the Aniki Is Watching You trophy. Then leave and start creating a room with one available slot for either your friend, or anyone that joins and play until you get the I'm On Top Of The World! and I Can Quit Any Time I Want! trophies. After earning both of those, switch to ranked matches. Now you'll need to play matches, while saving at least 20 of your replays for the Rear Window trophy. Now keep playing Ranked matches until you've earned the Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves. , Ding! , Ding Ding! and Only The Hard, Only The Strong trophies. This could take some time, but this will also mean your then done with Online mode.

Score Attack. Now for the hardest part. You won't be any more ready for this than you are now so grab a second pad if possible for the trick for infinite continues. Try and push yourself through this mode, and you'll end up earning the Blood On Your Hands and Score! trophies for your efforts.

Challenge Mode. Now for a more frustrating mode. You'll need to do at least 100 challenges altogether to earn Superior State Of Mind This could take some time, but I've listed the characters I did it with and how far I progressed with them if it's any help to you. By the time you get your trophy, you'll also have 20% and 50% of the challenges cleared which gives you 4 more pictures for the gallery.

Cleanup. Now you need to go back and pick up on anything you missed, such as character related trophies for using x amount of moves in a match, keeping an enemy airbourne for x amount of seconds and so on. After acquiring the rest of the trophies, you should earn more artwork which will earn you the Mint Condition! trophy providing you did 100% on everyone's story progress as well. Upon Receiving this you'll also be rewarded with your shiny rare . Enjoy your bragging rights


All Others Are #2 Or Lower
Shifted the Continuum!

Like all other games, earn every other trophy in the game and you'll have this well deserved platinum in your collection.

Hell Yes
[Arcade] Completed Arcade Mode on "Hell" difficulty setting.

In Continuum Shift, Hell mode doesn't seem as tough as it was in Calamity Trigger. There's a few ways to beat this mode, but the easiest way is to pick Jin Kisaragi. You can loop a combo with Jin that does some heavy damage, and works 90% of the time. Adjust your settings so that throw is on . Now, simply step back and use his ice car move (Down, down back, back + ) and this will freeze the opponent without fail. Then attack with the Ice car again, and when the opponent gets up, run in close and use your throw. Again, this will freeze the opponent and allow you to use the Ice car move again. You'll see this does heavy damage, so simply repeat throw, then Ice car for an easy run through of hell difficulty. Be sure to press your throw button the instant the opponent gets up from your Ice car, and if they counter your throw, back off a few steps and use Ice car until you freeze them.

[Score Attack] Beat Score Attack Mode.

Quite possibly the hardest trophy in the game. Score attack is extremely tough, and the difficulty is actually set beyond Hell. You'll either need to be really good to conquer this mode, or have lady luck on your side. The first few opponents will be push overs, and slowly get harder as you progress. I highly suggest using the Jin Ice car into throw trick (See Hell Yes!) A lot of people find Iron Tager the most useful in this mode, though he's quite a hard character to master. There's not much else I can suggest except for being lucky with Jins Ice car, or having enough skill to work your way through with the character you feel most comfortable with. A few pointers though, after beating Noel is when the computer seriously starts to read your control pad inputs. They'll time everything perfectly in order to avoid/block your attacks and follow up with their own. The toughest opponents in this are Hakumen and Hazama, although they aren't the last two you'll be facing. Ragna and Rachel aren't as tough as these two, and you should beat them without too much trouble. Hakumen has the potential to deal your whole life gauge in one combo if your not careful. His counters are deadly and once he gets going, he won't stop until your gauge is depleted. I found that the Ice car into throw trick with Jin worked best on him. Hazama is insane. He doesn't stop moving, and will catch you pretty much anywhere you go, especially in the air. He's a little tougher than Hakumen, since he seems to read more of your movements and is too quick to catch off guard. However there's an easier way to deal with Score Attack mode if you have a second controller. While playing through have your second pad by your side, and if you feel your about to lose, simply press start on the second pad. This will interrupt the battle your in, and bring up the vs menu. Set the number of rounds in vs to 1 to make this quicker, and just beat the second player. When this is done, you'll resume from where you left off. This means you have unlimited continues and will prevent you from having to start all over again. Be careful when doing this trick on Ragna though, his ultra moves can take out almost all of your life in one hit. Good luck with this one.

Well, It's Something to Do...
[Arcade / Score Attack] Defeated Unlimited Hazama in Arcade / Score Attack

This trophy can be aquired in either Arcade mode, or Score Attack. I suggest doing this in Arcade instead of Score Attack since you'll be able to set the difficulty to the easiest and take him out with ease. To fight him in Arcade mode, just choose Ragna and he'll be your last opponent, and with Ragna being a powerful character this shouldn't cause you any problems at all. Also, setting the rounds to 1 will make this a lot quicker and even easier. Once you beat him, you'll get your trophy.

Tall, Dark, and Handsome
[Arcade / Score Attack] Defeated Unlimited Ragna in Arcade / Score Attack

Just like the trophy above, this can be earned through Arcade mode or Score attack. Again, I'd suggest going through on Arcade with it on the easiest setting and one round. You need to use Jin in Arcade mode to trigger this fight. If your still struggling to beat him, the Ice car into throw trick works wonders here. After you defeat him, you'll earn your trophy.

Blood on Your Hands
[Score Attack] Defeated Unlimited Rachel in Score Attack mode

This can only be obtained in Score Attack. Defeating her in any other mode won't reward you with the trophy. Rachel is the last person you'll go up against, and can be either really annoying, or laughably easy. She'll spend most of her time keeping at a distance, hurling things your way. Her attacks do a fair bit of damage, especially when she starts to chain them together, so be sure to guard wisely when fighting her. If you can get in close, she's pretty much useless. Again, with Jin, his Ice car into throw trick will get you up close to her instantly and can even dodge most of her projectile attacks.

Level One...!
[Story] Watched "Previously on..." and "Opening" in Story Mode

Probably the easiest trophy in this game. Select story mode and there you go, a bronze trophy just for you.

That's the End of That Chapter
[Story] Viewed any character's canon ending in Story Mode

You earn this when you complete story mode and receive a 'good' ending. You start with only Ragna available for Story mode, and to get his true ending is pretty simple. At times there will be an option for you to choose how your story progresses by answering a question. This happens after the first fight for Ragna. If you choose the second option you'll get the gag ending which won't net you the trophy, just Ragnas story mode percentage completion. Pick the first option, and continue to win every battle and you'll receive this trophy at the end.

Is...Is That All?
[Story] Unlocked the True Ending in Story mode.

To unlock this trophy, you first need to complete Story mode with Noel, Ragna, Jin, Rachel, Hazama, Tsubaki, and Hakumen. Once you've done this, you'll notice the true ending option is now selectable and you'll be rewarded with your trophy.

All Good Things
[Story] Finished the True Ending in Story mode.

After unlocking the True Ending (See 'Is...Is That All?) all you need to do is win every fight. None of which are incredibly tough, and some even end automatically. You'll then receive the canon ending, along with your gold trophy.

Ragna Cum Laude
[Tutorial] Finished all your homework

This is fairly easy. Just finish all the tutorials and you'll recieve this. It's also a good idea to take notes from here, since you'll need it later on.

Superior State of Mind
[Challenge] Completed more than 100 challenges

Now this, is most likely the other trophy that will prevent you from earning the platinum. Much like Street Fighter IV's trial mode, Blazblue decided to add one of their own, and they did a good job of making this one a toughy. You start off with 14 characters giving you 140 missions to choose from. However I strongly suggest waiting until you unlock Mu-12 since you'll then have 150 to choose from. There are also two downloadable characters you can purchase that have very easy missions compared to the starter characters, bringing the total number up to 170 total missions. Word is there will be another character available for download in the summer named Platinum The trinity, and if that comes with missions you'll have 180 to choose from. Start by trying to get the first 5 with every character done, since these teach basic mvoes and basic combos that shouldn't provide much trouble. If you can't do these, I suggest giving up now since they only get harder. If you did those with ease, try going up to level 7 with everyone you possibly can. Then start to navigate through the last 3 missions of each character and try your hardest to pick off which ever ones you can. Some can take an hour or so, I know this from experience. Apart from highly recommending the downloadable characters to make 18 of the missions easier, there isn't much else I can suggest. It depends on how well you are with your timing and reactions. In the spoiler tab is the list of how far I got with each character before the trophy popped up for me. I found these the easiest, so try and follow these. Bear in mind, I didn't skip any, so for example if I have 90%, I did the first 9, not skip to 10 but leave one before or anything.

Toggle Spoiler

Napoleon Bonaparte
[Legion] Conquered the map on "Easy"

Very Easy. If you can do Arcade on easy mode, this should be a breeze. Just start by choosing your best character and work your way across the map until you've beaten every opponent, you'll then receive your trophy.

Alexander the Great
Conquered the map on "Normal"

Again, pretty straightforward. The difficulty is a little higher but nothing that should cause any problems. Try and stick to recruiting the higher tier characters when possible like Ragna, Jin and Noel, depending on who your better with. Bear in mind you can have multiple of the same character on your team and in battle at once. If you do find yourself in trouble, look for a location that has 'Bonus' under the list of opponents, since these usually reward you with life recovery for your whole team after winning.

Genghis Khan
Conquered the map on "Hard"

This may come across as difficult, but once you know what to do this is very simple. Start with your strongest character like usual and scan the map for Unlimited Taokaka. When you see her location, make your way to her as soon as possible, and recruit her after you win. Now, when you enter a fight, just press with unlimited Taokaka repeatedly. For some reason, this does about half a life gauge on any opponent your against meaning she can win the fight in two good clean hits, maybe three. She'll know be your main weapon for this mode, so try and keep her life up, using the bonus panels if needed. Don't let it stop you from recruiting unlimited Jin, Ragna and Hakumen though, since these will just make it even easier.

I Can Do This All Night
[Training] Practiced for over an hour straight

This is easy, but rather tedious. You need to practice for an hour straight as it states, but you need to be moving at all times. Inactive time will not add to the total amount of time your in practice mode for. What I did, was had a look for the one character I wanted to get good with, and trained for the whole hour with that person. By all means, use a turbo pad if you have one. Be warned though, stay in this mode until the trophy pops, since it's not one of those that pops after you exit. Even if an hour has passed, continue going until it's earned. I do believe I was in Practice for 1 hour 12 minutes before mine popped up.

I'm on Top of the World!
[Player Match] Earned your first victory

This is pretty easy. Simply create or enter a player match, and win. You'll then be rewarded with your trophy.

I Can Quit Any Time I Want!
[Player Match] Won more than 100 matches

This trophy is described wrong. I can confirm that you actually need to just play 100 player matches, not win them. This is also confirmed by three of my friends that had this, two of which earned it at the same time after their 100th match. Note that these don't need to be done all in one sitting.

Aniki is Watching You
[Player Match] Observed more than 10 matches

When entering a player match lobby, you'll sometimes find yourself waiting for your turn to fight. While you wait you'll be watching the two people currently battling. Simply watch 10 battles between other players to earn this. Also, you can skip your turn if you want to earn this one quicker.

There Can Only Be One
[Network] Fought against every character.

You may want to find someone to boost this one with. Since a lot of people tend to play as Ragna, Jin, Noel, Hakumen, Iron Tager and Hazama, that leaves all the other characters that are rarely picked. This is however possible, just keep playing and eventually you'll encounter some Carl players such as myself, or Litchi players etc. But as mentioned, it's much easier to boost this in player matches with a friend.

Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves.
[Ranked Match] Earned your first victory

Another easy trophy. Just enter a ranked match and win and you'll earn this. Although this may take a few tries, since the players in Ranked matches don't hold back at all and can be very tough to beat.

Only the Hard, Only the Strong
[Ranked Match] Fought more than 100 battles

For this one you just need to play 100 Ranked Matches, win or lose. You'll most likely earn this one while going for the other online trophies for reaching levels 30 and 50.

Mint Condition
[Gallery] Collected all of the...collectibles

There are certain requirements that need to be met during various modes to unlock everything in the gallery. To earn this, you need to complete Arcade mode with every character.
Finish everyones story mode with 100% (As I was progressing through toward this, I made notes of everyone's endings and how to obtain them. Check the spoiler tab for story paths).

Toggle Spoiler

Unlock the other offline trophies including Score Attack.
Complete 20%, and 50% of the challenges for 4 more pictures.
Answer all the 'Teach Me Miss Litchi' correctly. (I also noted these as I answered them. See Spoiler tab.)

Toggle Spoiler

Rear Window
[Replay Theater] Watched replays of more than 20 different matches

Another easy one. You can get this while your going for your 100 matches. Every time you finish a match, win or lose, choose to save the replay. When you have 20 of these saved, go and start watching them. However, you don't need to watch the entire thing. Just wait until it's said 'Rebel 1' then you can quit and it'll count towards the total number of replays watched. Alternatively you can go to the leaderboards and download replays from there but it seems somewhat quicker to save them as your progressing.

[Network] Reached D-code level 25.

Unlike the previous Blazblue where the highest trophy for online leve was 30, this one starts at 25. Now, these trophies could take some time, but if you have a lot of time spare, you could always find a boosting partner and simply boost through player matches taking it in turns winning. However, in player matches you gain a lot less than you would in Ranked matches, so this could take a very long time.

Ding ding!
[Network] Reached D-code level 50.

A very time consuming trophy, though you can boost but it will take forever it seems. (see Ding!)

I Get Around
Used every single character

Very easy, just pick every character at least once. You can do this while going through everyone's story or Arcade modes.

They Call me MISTER Tiddles!
Used an Astral heat for the first time

Every character in the game has an Astral Heat move. This move can only be done in the last round of the match, while you have 100% heat and they are below 20% health gauge. You'll see the commands in the command list for each character, but there's an easier way to do this with the beginner mode being added. Simply hold while selecting the character your performing the Astral heat with and you'll have triggered beginner mode. Now, have the matches set to one round so you can use the astral in that round, and have the opponent beat you up until you have 100% gauge, and they have less than 20% life left. Now just hold and the astral heat will be performed. Although some characters have to activate theirs in different ways, even with beginner mode on. The following need to be done:
Litchi needs to be standing on her pole before she can do her astral. To do this, press . Then press + and she'll jump onto her pole. Now hold for the astral.
Bangs is activated in the air, so just double jump and then hole as you start to fall.

Real Ultimate Power
Used every character's Astral Heat

As mentioned above, just work your way through the characters on beginner mode if your having trouble doing them normally and you'll earn this in no time.

It'll Only Hurt for a Minute
Crushed your first guard

You'll probably earn this as you play through. You'll notice little light bulb type bars under the characters life gauge. These deplete as your opponent blocks your attacks. Keep wailing on them as they block and this will eventually break, causing them to be left open for a while. While playing as Carl, I've noticed his bar is not as big as the other characters, so fighting him on a slightly harder setting with a character like Noel for her chain moves might make it quicker.

Don't Touch the Merchandise
Instant Blocked more the 20 times in one round

Can easily be done with two controllers or a friend to boost with online in player matches. When an opponent throws an attack at you, press the direction to block the second it touches you. It should say Instant block on your side of the screen if done correctly. Simply repeat this 20 times in one round for the trophy.

Hold on Loosely
Cause more than 30 Throw Reject Misses

A throw reject is caused when your opponent attempts to land a throw on you, but is hit when they input the throw command and are then thrown by you. To do this easily, have a second pad or a friend to help you, and as they press the buttons for throw, simply attack down + to do a light attack, then inputting the throw command instantly as if you were linking the light hit into a throw. Throw reject miss will appear on your side of the screen if done correctly.

M.C. Hammer
Escaped more than 3 throws in one round

Unless the CPU throw you a lot, you'll need a friend or another pad. Using the second pad or your friend, have them press the buttons for a throw. At the second the opponent grabs you, press the throw buttons yourself and this should escape the throw. Do this 5 times in one round and you'll get your trophy.

You Broke My Heart!
Finished an opponent immediately after a gold Break Burst

To perform a break burst, you need to press all four attack buttons at once. Before doing this however, beat down the opponent until they have a tiny, tiny amount of life left. Approach them and perform the break burst, then follow up with any attack to finish them off for this to pop up.

Caused more than 30 Fatal Counters

To perform a fatal counter you need to counter attack specific strong attacks. A perfect example of this is Jins down+forward attack. As long as your close enough for that move to miss you, simply hit him while he's performing it and it'll be classed as a fatal counter. Best done in two player or with two pads.

The Better Part of Valor
Did not take damage for 20 seconds while in Negative State, and won the round

Set the timer in versus to 45 seconds. Start up a versus match and have player 1 beat up player 2 just a little. Next, have player 1 walk back constantly, while player 2 approaches. You'll see red lines going down from your character in a aura type state. This is negative state, and when time is up you'll aquire your trophy.

Well, It's Not!
Using Ragna, landed "Not Over Yet" more than three times during a match

This move is performed when the opponent is laying down. Approach your opponent and press ,+ and Ragna will pick up the opponent. Do this 5 times and the trophy is yours.

Using Jin, froze your opponent more than 10 times during a match

Very, very simple. Almost all of Jins button moves freeze the opponent, so make use of them as much as possible in a match until this triggers.

Are You There God? It's Me, Noel
Using Noel, hit the opponent with "Silencer" more than 10 times during a match

Noels Silencer can only be used when the enemy is laying down. Simply knock them down and press , +
repeatedly. You can get a fair few hits at once with this move, so doing it a couple of times should be enough.

Twirling toward Freedom
Using Rachel, landed a "6c" attack more than 30 times during a match

Very basic. The move is performed by pressing forward+. When performed Rachel will spin into the opponent. You need to land 30 of these in a match, so going against a large character like Tager would be a good idea.

1.21 Gigawatts!
Using Tager, landed "Spark Bolt" more than five times during a match

Easily performed with beginner mode. Select Tager while holding and when the match starts, press + to charge up his gauge. When it's full charged, input the same command and he'll shoot out the Spark Bolt. Just repeat this 5 more times.

Taut Taunts
Using Taokaka, landed 5 taunts over the course of a match

Another easy trophy. Pick Taokaka in any mode, and stand close to your opponent. Then press 5 times and land the hits from her taunt to get this trophy.

Four Sheets to the Wind
Using Litchi, landed "Four Winds" more than 4 times during the course of a match

As with Tagers, this is easier done when using beginner mode. Pick Litchi with beginner mode and press . When the rod is placed, input forward+. Use this move until the trophy pops up.

Using Arakune, unleash a 70-hit combo

To do this one, have Arakune grab his opponent. As he shoots him up into the air, perform his down, downforward, forward (twice) special move. As the special finishes, quickly input the same special again and you'll get well over 70 hits. Note that during the first special, you need to hold either left or right on the pad to keep them directly above Arakune.

Loincloth Festival
Using Bang, landed a total of 3 Astral Heats

Easier on beginner mode with Bang. Refer to 'They Call Me Mr Tiddles' for how to perform this easier.

The Clap
Using Carl, kept an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds

This one can be very tricky, but there are two methods. However they both require timing and patience. The first method is to perform + with Carl, while using + to have Nirvana perform her up smash. You'll need to juggle between the two long enough for it to trigger. The other way is to have two rounds set, and have Carl against tager. Have tager beat him in the first round
, and then in the second round get Carls heat to 100% and perform gold burst, and as Tagers falling catch him with Carls cog special. As that ends use the special once more. After that ends use gold burst again having Tager not touch the floor once. This is plenty of time for the trophy to pop up.

You're Already Dead
Using Hakumen, dished out over 10,000 damage in one combo

A lot easier than it sounds. Put beginner Hakumen against Iron Tager. Now have Tager back off while Hakumen walks towards him to trigger negative state on Tager. Next, hold with Tager to decrease his barrier all the way down. Now, simply hold down and keep it held until it's fully charged. Hakumens distortion drive should now do enough damage for that precious trophy.

Lamb to the Slaughter
Using Lambda, landed a 50-hit combo

Again, easier than it sounds. Choose beginner Lambda and go against Tager. Back him into a corner and hold down when you have 100% heat. as the distortion move is hitting, hold the same button down to perform it again. Just as the second one is about to end, dash toward Tager and press forward+ which should give you over 50 hits.

For Great Justice
Using Tsubaki, used the "D" version of every special attack in a combo

This one is extremely hard to explain, so I'll place a video in a spoiler than shows you how to perform it instead of me trying to make sense out of it

Toggle Spoiler

Using Hazama, kept an opponent airborne for more than 7 seconds

Doing Hazama's Astral Heat will earn you this trophy.

Murakumo, AWAKEN!
Selected Mu

After you clear the true ending, you'll unlock Mu. Or you can buy her from the PS store. Either way, select her and you earn this trophy.

This concludes the trophy guide for Blazblue Continuum Shift. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it up If you have any questions regarding anything including missions for specific characters or anything of the sort, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll reply as soon as possible. Also, don't be afraid to share your ideas if you feel you've found a way of doing something easier than I've explained.

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