Players: Offline 1-2 Online 1-2
Online Trophies: None.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum:
Minimum Playthroughs:
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Trophy Difficulty: 3/10
Number Of Trophies: 3 3 Total 3
Glitched Trophies:

[top]Tips & Strategies

Makoto Nanaya is one of the two DLC characters for Blazblue Continuum Shift. One of my overall favorite characters along with Carl, Makoto is a close range rush fighter. She has a large array of moves and combination's to keep your opponent guessing and constantly on the guard, including moves that she can alter depending on the button pressed at the end of the combo. She's not small on damage either, and she's also packed with a 3 part distortion finish. Her button moves can be charged, where a small bar with begin to charge up before depleting once it hits the end. With this, you need to press and hold it until it reaches the end, and immediately let go to increase the power and knock back of the move itself. This can be hard to time since the speed of the bar tends to change, and it only goes from left to right once. If the button is still held when it depletes, the move will fail and Makoto will be left open for a split second. Overall I'd say Makoto is an advanced character. Once you nail the timing down of her charge moves, they can be linked into multiple devastating combos that deal incredible damage.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


Pretty straightforward. You've just purchased your new character, why not go into training mode and see how she plays? Be sure to hold when selecting her though, since this will earn you the Oh Nuts trophy.

Now that your used to her playing style and moves, you could fight a friend in versus or even go online and test her out in a real fight. But make sure you use her Astral finish during one of the fights to net that Fur and Loathing in Kagutsuchi trophy.

Now all that's left is challenge mode. By the time you've been in training mode and done a few fights with her you should be able to get the hang of these challenges in a matter of seconds. Once you've done at least 7 of these, you'll have your final trophy I Gnu It Was Ewe


Fur and Loathing in Kagutsuchi
Dealt Over 5,000 damage in a single combo using this character.

Very easy to do this. Simply land Makoto's Astral Heat on the opponent. See her command list for the input, or for an easier way just select beginner mode when choosing her in character select. Set the rounds to 1 and fill her gauge to 100%, take the opponents life gauge down below 20%. Hold and when this lands, you should get your trophy.

I Gnu It Was Ewe
Beat Over 7 Missions in Challenge mode using this character

This isn't as hard as it sounds since Makoto's challenges all the way up to 9, are pretty simple. Her 10 is a little difficult but nothing compared to the other characters. And since you only need 7 of these, that should leave you the choice on which of the two easier ones to miss out on.

Oh Nuts
Used the Unlimited version of this character.

The easiest trophy by far. When purchasing Makoto you also receive her unlimited version. This can only be used in training, versus or player matches that allow it, so keep that in mind. To select unlimited, highlight Makoto, hold and press any button for your costume choice. The trophy will pop up the second the mode starts.

This is the end of the Makoto Nanaya DLC trophy guide. Hope this helps in some way or another. If your anything like me, you'll enjoy using your new character

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