Online Trophies: None but they are leaderboards for Soul Attack
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 150+ hours depending on if you used my strategy
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 or more depending on your characters level plus the 28 missions
Collectible Trophies: None cause all of them are gained on the way to maxing all the characters out
Missable Trophies: You Can't Read My Movements, I can Fire 1200, This is art, Then What is Justice, You think you can catch me, Your Spiritual Pressure is mine, did you read this week's jump, Snap out of it,Baldy, I'll Kick your Butt, Que Suerte, Cough! Cough!, Mornin Ichigo, all of heaven is under my command, You got weird tastes, No Need to thank me
Glitched Trophies: None that i know of at this point in time

[top]Tips & Strategies

the easiest way to level the character is by getting all the combo extensions there are 6 in total they are as follows for 300 soul points each Rose, Soi-Fon, Yourichi, Ukitake, Zommari, and Love they are on each side of the lvl up screen 2 of them near stark in the top left corner of his square and the bottom right corner there's 1 to the right of Grimmjow, and on the left side of the level board Ukitake is under Rukia and Yourichi is a playable character and you will see her when she's unlocked along with Soi-Fon
I would get everyone to atleast 20 before maxing out a character or else you'll have some soul points on one character before you can move to the next tile cause there locked by other characters levels, Ichigo, Stark and Shunsui are the easiest to Max out stark being First then Ichigo then Shunsui cause they will be getting you the Not Bad , and Render All Things In the Universe to Ashes, Which are beating the missions on hard and getting S rank on all of them.
After you have up to at least mission 19 unlocked, from here use all the characters and beat the first 7 missions with them from there take each of your characters on mission 7 until they are lvl 50+ or until you have all the combo extensions for maximum soul points to be gained and then start going with each mission from 7 to 28 leveling them up after every mission if possible.
Save the 3,000 soul point tiles for last as you won't need them till mission 28 and a few others if the characters defense isn't high enough which are the green tiles for 300, and 700 for the defense plus, your 175th level with every character should be the tile to the right of Sosuke Aizen which costs 3,000 soul points if you choose to use input assist it will ruin some characters combo's like Shunsui, so it's best for last look to the trophies for some extra help.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

there are no cheats Glitches or Exploits that i know of if there are any please let me know


this game is a hack and slash game type (kinda like dynasty warriors) that follows Ichigo and his friends all the way through the Arrancar Arc where they battle The Espada and even have Ichigo fighting Aizen, if your following the bleach show on Adult Swim this Game is actually farther than it is showing so it is kind of a spoiler to fans who watch it on Adult Swim.

There are 21 playable characters but 19 you need to level up. The characters are as follows in order of the choice system

Ichigo-Normal-Final-Skull Clad, Ishida Uryuu, Rukia Kuchiki, Yourichi, Soi-Fon, Byakuya Kuchiki, Shunsui, Toshiro, Zaraki Kenpachi, Kokuto
Hollowfied Ichigo, Coyote Stark, Barragan, Tia Halibel, Ulquiorra Schiffe, Nnoitora gilga, Grimmjow, Ichimaru Gin, Sosuke Aizen
those are the 19 characters ichigo's final and skullclad are leveled up by his normal one so don't worry

I would use input assist to make this Platinum alot easier so you can just spam Square if not you can keep it off.

You can change the voice from English to Japanese i prefer the Japanese voices cause they sound cooler and more natural as i watch the show in Japanese so it's up to you

One thing i can say about this game is it's good but maxing out all the characters can be repetitive and may put you to sleep like it does me sometimes, I'm only missing 7 characters and 2 of them are almost finished, but it's so boring so if you want to go for the Platinum go ahead or use it as a sleeping pill lmao.

To Earn the maximum soul points possible you need to keep you combo (or as it's called in this game Slash combo) up by hitting things at a 100 slash combo you get double soul points, and at 300 you get triple the soul points you would normally gain, and then at the 1,000 combo you get a trophy plus 4 times the soul points you would normally get for a kill, and to get a slight gain then buy the Mashiro tile for 800 in Toshiro's lvl box in the lvl up grid.


I Will Transcend All
Obtain all trophies.

The Trophy we love to see pop up so we know our task is done, as always collect all the and trophies
I myself thought it was cool that Aizen was the Platinum as all the Trophies are Quote's from the actual characters in the show, and that

Toggle Spoiler

I'll Try!
Beat 1 Story episode.

Pretty straight forward trophy go into Story Mode and Beat the first Mission With Ichigo on any Difficulty Normal or Hard, with this mission you should be fighting Grimmjow and there will be a cutscene half way through the fight and whenever you see Grimmjow fly into the air in slow-mo then your done and the trophy should be popping up at anytime

What a Wonderful Power
Beat all episodes.

Another pretty Straight forward trophy beat all 14 Story Missions, you may have trouble with Toshiro's and Yourichi's story mode cause there not the best at low levels and with every character staring off with 3 Spirtual pressure bars it makes it a little difficult cause pressing Circle once will drain the bar and leaving you with a basic attack while it recharges.

Don't Be Scared
Beat all episodes on HARD.

This one isn't really that difficult except with Toshiro's, Kenpachi, and Yourichi's mission, as i said with what a wonderful power with Toshiro and Yourichi, Kenpachi vs Nnoitora is a different story cause he like's to throw his 6 blades at you and it will send you flying and then he may grab you throw you into the air and swing at you 3-4 times before shooting a cero at you, the best thing to do with Kenpachi is to keep grabbing Nnoitora with Circle and press traingle for an uppercut swing as it does the most damage, after all missions have a flame next to the Hard this trophy should pop up

This is It for You!
Beat all episodes on VERY HARD.

This can be a little challenging if all your characters are low levels. i beat mine when they were lvl 30 and higher, you don't lose anything for losing so if you fail keep trying or go to the mission to level your characters up a little bit

You are Simply Outclassed
Beat all episodes with Rank S.

I myself got this one with only 3 of the overall combo extension if you want to be safe get all of them and then try it on very hard cause very hard increases your overall soul points by almost 1,000 soul points everytime

I Wish You Luck
Complete 1 mission.

The first mission is unlocked after you beat mission 10 your best bet would be to Beat the story mode first you don't have to beat story mode on hard or very hard, and you don't have to S rank any of the story's for this to unlock

I'll Be Okay Now
Complete 10 missions.

Pretty straight forward trophy, just complete the missions until you get 10 completed, some missions my prove a tad bit challenging since some of them have added effects so-to-speak if your only doing the first 10 missions you won't have to wirry about other effects all you have to worry about is a time limit which is pretty easy, and 1 hit kill for both sides

Complete all missions.

Refer to Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes!

Not Bad!
Complete all missions on VERY HARD.

This one was a pain mainly cause of Mission 28, your best bet would be to use a maxed out Uryuu Ishida, or Barragan, i did it with Ishida cause he moves while he shoots his arrows so you can get them from a distance, and Barragan cause when you go into Ignition Mode he has a purple Mist that surrounds him and damages anyone who's inside it as well as slows them down. Refer to Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes! for S rank Guides on Very Hard.

Render All Things in the Universe to Ashes!
Complete all missions with Rank S.

i didn't exactly follow most of the Guides myself since he mainly used Final Ichigo, and i used a number of characters as i went through for mission 13 i would use Ichigo since his attacks block any of the enemies ranged attacks so when your running through it will make it alot easier, you don't have to beat all of them Hard for this trophy, but it sure does help. i know i have a few missions with other characters who beat my Very Hard score while that character was on Normal like Barragan on Missioin 19 i got 8,000+ soul Points an i could've got more if i was on Very Hard. After you get the last S rank this trophy shall be yours.
Mission 1,2 and 3 S rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 4 and 5 S rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 6 and 7 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Missions 8 and 9 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Missions 10 and 11 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 12 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 13 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 14 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 15 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 16 and 17 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 18 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 19 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 20 an 21 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 22 and 23 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 24 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 25 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 26 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 27 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 28 S Rank Very Hard walkthrough Part 1

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 28 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough Part 2

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 28 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough Part 3

Toggle Spoiler

Mission 28 S Rank Very Hard Walkthrough Part 4

Toggle Spoiler

I would like to thank Devilryuujin for his Youtube Vids

Is That It?
Complete all missions with all characters.

This will be 1 of the 2 of your last trophies given you are lucky enough to have all the secret trophies like i did before i maxed 10 of the characters. once your characters are maxed i would go for this cause some of them may have trouble beating the higher missions

Aren't We Your Friends?
Complete 1 battle with all characters unlocked.

You will unlock your last character when you beat mission 24 if you going through them numerically then your last character will be Final Ichigo, you can beat either mission 25 after that or any other mission and you shalt receive this trophy

Complete 1 battle with all collections unlocked.

You will receive this after you beat all 28 missions ranks, and difficulty doesn't affect your unlockable's. Why i didn't put this under the collectable trophies, is because you don't go around looking for them, you earn them by completing all the mission, there are exactly 28 collectables

Toggle Spoiler

I'm Espada's Strongest!
Max out 1 character's levels.

Refer to Now Do You Understand

I Was Waiting For This!
Max out 10 characters' levels.

Refer to Now Do You Understand

Now Do You Understand?
Max out all characters' levels.

There are 175 levels in total with 19 characters equaling about 50,000 to 75,000 soul points not entirely sure how many if someone knows an exact number Pm me with it so i can post it, it would be greatly appreciated, i put the easiest way to level in the tips and strategies so refer to that for this trophy

I'll Take Care of It!
Save 30,000 Soul Points for 1 character.

This doesn't mean have 30,000 soul points on 1 character just gain that much overall for any one character, i got this with Ichigo by level 100 i think but not sure, this was before i used stark and shunsui i didn't know they were Beast just yet, it's actually a pretty easy trophy, after you have saved or spent 30,000 soul points this trophy will be gladly accepted into your trophy collection.

Want an Allowance?
Obtain a total of 1,000,000 Soul Points.

If you plan on going for the Platinum you should get this between the 13th or 14th character depending on how you level them, i got this trophy when i maxed out my 10th character cause i did the first 9 missions with every character before i found out my little strategy. so this may come later for you if not maybe the same time as it did for me but overall a bronze trophy that's bothersome while your playing wondering when it'll pop up and add itself to your list of trophies

I've Completely Analyzed You
Defeat every kind of enemy.

You won't get this till about mission 24 i think cause you have to face every character as well which are the 3 Aizen's and the 3 Ichigo's which after mission 24 if you haven't faced Kommamru yet then it's mission 26 when you should unlock this

Devour, Glotoneria!
Defeat 33,650 Hollows.

This will take awhile as it's the last one i unlocked these are the hollows which are the one's that don't have a sword this can easily be attained if you go to soul attack and do Beat attack 2 when it's unlocked for some characters it's easy to rack up 300 kills others it's hard

Hueco Mundo is a Treasure Trove!
Hueco Mundo is a Treasure Trove!

This trophy is to beat 10,000 arrancars which will be any of the characters with a mask and a sword i'll find some pics for later showing, during some missions you'll fight a guy with a lighting bolt in his hand named rudobon he will spawn infinite men as long as you don't hurt him and you can spam it there and you may be able to max out the character right there lol, just watch out for missions with time limits

Come On!
Defeat 10,000 Soul Reapers.

This is pretty easy to get as most of the missions have soul reapers in them such as mission 7 so this will be achieved as well as the other one's before you max out all 19 characters

Stand Behind Me!
Destroy 10,000 environmental objects.

This is pretty easy as you progress through the game just destroy everything you see if it's possible to be destroyed. you can destroy quite a few things such as the tall building in Las Noches or trees outide of the dome, plus tables and chairs, and the crystals holding your power ups, so don't worry about this trophy that much cause you'll get it soon enough in your list of trophies

You Can't Read My Movements
Perform 100 Counters.

To counter you have hold L1 and press Square when the enemy uses a normal attack and you can't counter until you have unlocked Urahara Kisuke tile which is 800 soul points and is diagonally right of Ichigo. I got this trophy on story Episode 13 vs Gin Ichimaru on Very Hard with Ichigo cause you can tell if his attacks are normal or special if there is a glowing circle around him it's special and if he puts his dagger to his chest it also a special anything else is normal, or you can do this while your facing rudobon let his clone's attack you and just hold L1 while Spamming Square until the trophy says hello to your screen

Power up 300 times.

By Pressing L2 (Default) you will go into ignition mode but your ignition gauge has to be maxed which mean it's completely red you just have to do this 300 time's which doesn't take very long, Countering will also make it increase by a huge amount so you can get this easier, during the cutscene of your character powering up this trophy shall pay a visit to your screen

See the Game Over screen 20 times.

You will unlock this as you progress the game or you can just let the enemy kill you until the trophy pops up, this will prbly be earned during the Story Episodes or during mission 28 cause it's a challenge on very hard, after you see the game over screen 20 times this trophy shall be earned.

More! More!
Obtain 1,000 items.

The items in this game are Health (yellow) , Spiritual Pressure Boost (Blue) and then ignition Boosts (Red) after you collect your 1,000th one this trophy is yours, you get them from your first 20 beats and then 50 to 75 and then 100 increasing by 50 from 100, you also can collect these from a blue crystal wrapped with chains that are usally in a corner of the map.

Complete 1 battle after playing over 50 hours.

You gain hours by the game just chilling at the selection screen or you can play until the trophy pops up you can check how many hours you have by going to the options menu. After playing 50 hours go into a quick soul attack or a quick mission and when your done the trophy will pop up,

I Can Fire 1200
Perform a 1,000 Slash combo.

Refer to This Is Art!

This is Art!
Perform a 2,000 Slash combo.

For this one there's many ways you can do it either mission 19 with stark or a maxed out uryuu. if you haven't gotten it yet, go to mission 28 on very hard you will see yammy a big guy with many legs, jump up and hold circle until he dies then on the next area do the same thing on Sajin Komamaru's Bankai, or you can take a high lvl Nnoitora on beat attack 2 and spam Triangle until you get ignition mode then spam triangle some more after you see 2,000 these trophies shall be yours.
Here's a video of Nnoitora by DevilRyuujin

Toggle Spoiler

Then What is Justice?!
Complete 1 battle without destroying any objects.

This one is easiest done with Story Episode 6 when your using Hollowfied Ichigo (the one with the horns) against Ulquiorra just keep the battle in the middle of the map and kill ulquiorra, the best way to do this is jump into the air and spam Square whenever Hollowfied ichigo throws his sword press circle for his special attack can be done in the air or on the ground and make sure you don't destroy any of the crystals on the outside of the mission

You Think You Can Catch Me?
Complete 1 battle without taking damage.

Refer to Mornin' Ichigo

Your Spiritual Power is Mine
Complete 1 battle without using Spirit Pressure attacks.

Refer to Mornin' Ichigo

What a Pain in the Ass
Defeat 300 enemies in 1 battle.

This is pretty easy depending on the mission your doing some will only have under 100 enemies where some will have over 300, i would recommend doing this in a beat attack or mission 19

The Shark Will Destroy You
Use your Ignition Attack 5 times in 1 battle.

This one is pretty easy if you have Ulquiorra tile and the hollowfied Ichigo tile they increase the rate at which the guage is increased by and everytime you get ignition mode just press L2 again i think the most i used it in one map was 17 it should pop up during the cut scene of your 5th ignition attack

Did You Read This Week's Jump?
Jump 100 times in 1 battle.

This is pretty easy at the start of any mission/story just spam x until you get it it should pop up after you jump the 100th time, or you can get the Omeada tile for 900 in the top left corner of the top left box of the level up grid, which makes you jump 3 time's so you 'll be able to get this faster

Snap Out of It, Baldy!
Air Recover 30 times in 1 battle.

With this one i used ichigo onthe 13th mission against Gin Ichimaru have your character either max level or with the 3 slight health regens, which are Unohona, Nel, and Izuru Kira. Unohona is located in the same square as Shunsui, Nel is in the same Square as Nnoitora, and Izuru Kira is located with Giun Ichimaru, the point of them is so you can heal while recovering so your healing faster then the enemy is doing damage

I'll Kick Your Butt!
Complete 1 battle with a final body count of 69.

With this trophy when you get to a mission that you know has over 100 enemies and only 1 boss, get 68 kills and then enter the boss stage and kill the boss i will let you know what mission i got this on

Que Suerte!
Complete 1 battle with identical Soul Point digits.

This one is pure luck i got mine with 999 soul points earned I'm not sure how exactly to get this one
Here is a youtube Video by DevilRyuujin

Toggle Spoiler

Cough! Cough!
Complete 1 battle while near death.

For this one i think i got it on mission 13 but if not get your enemy to low health then make sure you have ignition mode available let him hurt you till your red then blast him with you ignition attack and the trophy should pop up

Mornin' Ichigo!
Defeat a boss using a dash charge.

on mission 13 both sides a 1 hit kill just dash all the way to the end of the mission till you see the boss line-up being Ichigo (Bankai) Uryuu Ishida, and Rukia Kuchiki just dash on a circle around make sure you go for uryuu first or else it will be a pain to finish this.

Defeat a boss using an Ignition Attack.

This is pretty easy you should get this on your first story Mode mission just save your Ignition attack with ichigo till Grimmjow is low on health then blast him with it and the trophy shall be yours

All of Heaven is Under My Command!
Stay airborne for 30 seconds.

This one is quite easy if you buy the triple jump and either use Ulquiorra, Aizen or Toshiro sonce they slowly float down and after thirty seconds it should be yours if not wait to get hit by something big then air recover and dash around for 30 seconds

You Got Weird Tastes
Watch the opening movie 3 times without skipping.

This is pretty easy the moment you start up the game let the befogging cut scene with the intro before the main menu play three times or just let your ps3 sit for a few minutes and the trophy should be popped up

No Need to Thank Me
Watch the credits once without skipping.

This one is pretty easy after you beat Aizen (Mission 14) in his final form with 3 wings on each side of his body with eyes on those wings and ichigo launches his Mugetsu then walk away and get some food or water use the restroom or you can watch the credits after the credits this trophy shall be yours

You're Pretty Good
Obtain over 8,000 Soul Points in Soul Attack.

This can be done in soul attack 2 with a high lvl character such as stark ichigo or shunsui, or you can do it on soul attack 3 and using the same 3 people this trophy will be added to your collection

Hmph, Too Slow
Finish Time Attack in less than 1 minute 30 seconds.

This one can be done on time attack 1 and 2 but time attack 1 is easy just dash through the mission not killing anyone till you get to a crevice that is holding a ignition boost and use it on the third area and dash to the finish and use your ignition attack on the enemy and the trophy shall enter your collection with a new satisfaction
here's a video by devilryuujin

Toggle Spoiler

Come at Me!
Defeat over 350 enemies in Beat Attack.

Refer to This Is Art!

Don't Beg for Your Life
Complete 1 battle in Soul Attack Mode.

This will be unlocked after you beat mission 10 from there go to soul attack and choose beat attack beginner (since this will be the first one you unlock) and complete it with any character what you'll have to do is bet as many enemies as you can in 3 minutes at the 1 minute mark Zaraki will appear and annoy you so you can either run around killing or kill him and then finish the mission after the 3 minutes are up the trophy will be in your collection

I am the King!
Complete all battles in Soul Attack Mode.

This can be difficult depending on if your max level or not if you are this is quite simple the only problem you may have is Soul attack 3 so i would recommend rushing through it all the way to the end, after all of them have been completed, the trophy shall grace your collection, there are 3 of each mission soul, time, and Beat, Beat attack is where you try and Beat a as many enemies as you can before the time runs out, time attack is how fast you can beat a certain amount of areas, and soul attack is how many souls you can collect in a certain time frame.

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