Players: 1-2 Offline (2 Online)
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 6
Online Trophies Boostable: Yes
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 9/10 without boosting (8/10 with boosting)
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Suggested Playthroughs: 2
Time to Platinum/100%: 50+ Hours

[top]Tips & Tricks

Introduction: This is a really rare game for people to try and platinum. However I found this game fun even though I am not a fan of sports games. In the game you are a man named Franchise (So any trophies that include the word Franchise they are talking about that player) and you must complete 1 season (3 divisions) Each containing 7 games and 1 championship per division (There is also 1 round of prisonball). You MUST win 5 out of the 7 games in each division.

I found it best to start the game off using Franchise for my first playthrough to be a Wide Reciever since that would help out getting most of the trophies on your first playthrough.

On my second playthrough I used Franchise as a QB for the remaining trophies. I used the Defensive position Linebacker for both seasons.

If you have never played any of the blitz style games I recommend going for the He's Ready trophy first as it will have you play through the tutorials of the games mechanics.
  • Some trophies are a pain in the butt and don't work out the way they should but keep trying and the trophies won't be that bad
  • Use Clash to tackle opponents all the time. This will promote dirty tackles and just because you aren't "unleashed" doesnt mean you won't severly injure your opponent.
  • Hold down to run faster at all times. When you notice that your player isn't running as fast it is because he is tired. Release L2 for a quick minute so he can "catch his breath"
  • Pressing while on defense will automtically select Franchise as the playable character.
  • If you want to play the game for trophies only you can change the difficulty to easy and not have to worry about the computer(All trophies will still unlock while on easy). To put it on easy go to options->Gameplay->Difficulty (change to easy).
  • For all trophies that you are going for you can press pause at any time and scroll down to where it says trophies and click there. Next to each trophy you will find a percentage that trophy is completed. The trophy will usually unlock at 100% however some trophies require you to finish the game which case it will say 100% than unlock after the game.


Platinum Trophy
Unlock all trophies.

Once all of the other trophies are unlocked this trophy will unlock.

Face of the League
Finish Campaign Mode.

Once you win the Division 1 title for the first time this trophy will unlock. You will have to play through 7 games in all 3 divisions (winning at least 5 games in each), 3 Division Championships, and 1 game of prisonball.

Hall of Fame
Franchise declared the MVP in all three division seasons.

Alright this one is tricky because if you are not declared as MVP in any of the three divisions you will not get this trophy. The best way I found to do this is with Franchise as the wide reciever. Every time you have the ball throw it to Franchise and go for the touchdown. If you notice there is a play section labeled Franchise, choose a play from there and get used to a couple of them and where Franchise is during the play. Always pass the ball to him and score as many touchdowns as you can with him and this trophy shouldn't be all that difficult to obtain. Also choose Hail Mary's alot and pass to franchise. Throughout the season you can check the standings and make sure franchise is at the top of the leaderboards there.

Legendary Sophomore
Beat Division 2 in Campaign Mode.

This trophy is a necessity to be able to complete the game. Just make sure that you dirty hit when you can and score as many touchdowns as you can. This trophy isn't hard to obtain at all and it is basically just a story related trophy.

Legendary Rookie
Beat Division 3 in Campaign Mode.

This is another trophy that is basically story related that you have to get in order to keep going forward in the game. Follow the same tips noted in Legendary Sophomore.

Franchise declared the MVP in any division season.

You will get this at the end of Division 3 as long as you are going for Hall of Fame. Again, make sure you score a lot of touchdowns using Franchise and make sure he gets a lot of gained yards throughout each game and you shouldn't have a problem with this one.

Alpha Dog
Train Franchise up to an A+ rating during Campaign Mode.

For this trophy what you have to do is while in the menu screen in your campaign there is a spot to the right of Play Game it says trainer. Click on trainer and go into training and choose either offense or defense and go down to Franchise (or whatever you named him) and click on him. Any spots that are orange click on so that Franchise starts traning in that area. If you make sure he is training in offense and defense between every game than you should get this trophy somewhere near the beginning of Division 1 and the end of Division 2.

Main Man
Get Franchise's Reputation to 25 level or higher in Campaign Mode.

This one is simple, however time consuming. You will more than likely not get this one until Division 1. The best thing to do to keep gaining more "experience" is gaining a lot passing yards and running yards and doing touchdown celebrations on offense. On defense rack up a lot of dirty hits, injuries, late hits, and sacks. You keep gaining experience and he should reach level 25 by the time you are about mid-way through the division 1 season.

Score 5 TD's and get 5 sacks with Franchise in a single Campaign Mode game.

The hardest part of this one is the 5 sacks with franchise. While on defense make sure you use before the opponent hikes the ball to auto switch to franchise since he is your team captain. As soon as the opponent hikes the ball go straight for the QB. If you can manage to grab 5 sacks in the game than you should be good. As far as offense goes, like the MVP trophies, make sure you pass to franchise each time you get the ball and score a touchdown with him. The easiest team I found to do this against was the Hounds in Division 3 since they don't use many running plays. Also dirty hitting and unleashing on the QB will make him much slower to pass the ball.

Get 10 sacks with Franchise in one Campaign Mode game.

I know a lot of people have trouble with this trophy and think it is farfetched. The best team to get this trophy against is in the division 3 against the milwaukee hounds. The best thing to do is to have franchise be your LB (Leftback) and choose the play barrel blitz (I think it is under the crush menu, but I may be mistaken though). I used that one because the hounds pass A LOT and that play has 3 guys covering the 3 guys in front of the quarterback.

Choose whichever side of the QB has less people on it. Line franchise up on the off-sides line and wait for them to snap the ball. Once they snap the ball wait a brief second(don't go rushing in instantly otherwise he will throw the ball quickly), just give it a quick second than go in for the tackle.

DO NOT tackle using as it gives the QB time to dodge or use the QB Evade. Instead use the button. That will let you dive in and catch him. Try to dive from further away this way it doesnt register you are in sacking range until it is too late. This may also get you some of the hard to acquire foot and leg injuries.

You are going to want to punt the ball every time you get the ball so they have the ball more giving you more chances at the trophy being you only have a little time to do it. You will probably lose this game so just quit out after you get the trophy if you want the win. Also by the ending of the 4th quarter if you arent close enough to 10 sacks quit out of the game so you dont progress into the campaign and you can try again.

The sack will not count towards the trophy for sacks on the ball holder during a fieldgoal attempt but will count if its a fake so dont give up on fieldgoals too. It will also not count if the QB fumbles the ball.

Perform 10 different TD celebrations with Franchise in Campaign Mode.

This just has to be done over the course fo your campaign, not in one game. Whenever you score a touchdown you are given the ability to input a four button sequence, which will activate a touchdown celebration (If you input the correct code). Click the spoiler to view touchdown celebration codes. Do 10 different codes and the trophy is yours.

NOTE- Some of these codes must be unlocked in campaign mode, others you unlock them by performing the code in the touchdown celebration input.

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Perform 5 different touchdown celebrations in a single game.

This trophy isn't hard at all. If you can score 5 touchdowns in one game than this trophy doesn't take too much work. Use the touchdown celebrations listed under the Showoff trophy and simply insert 5 DIFFERENT celebrations throughout one game.

Man Blanket
Force 3 turnovers with Franchise during a Division Season in Campaign Mode.

This one isn't that bad to acquire. What you are going to need to do is simply use any player at all to sack the QB or keep the opposing team from gaining yardage to make the first down. Than use while on defense to auto switch to the captain of the team (which since this has to be done in campaign Franchise is the team captain) and sack the QB forcing a turnover. Just do this 3 times within one division and you will be good. I have heard this is easiest done in division 1 but I found it easiest in division 3.

House Rules
Win a game against the computer in every Bonus Mode.

Another easy one. What you will want to do for this one is go into options from the main screen and change the difficulty to easy and set the quarters to the lowest time which is 1 minute. Win a game in each in order to unlock this trophy. Click spoiler for tips for each game.

Note- You will need to unlock three games. Prison ball (by beating the prison ball game in campaign, Bone Crushers (Inflicting 4 injuries in a game), and Pain (Completing the training in triage and Defense).

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Big Spender
Spend over a million dollars in Campaign mode.

This trophy is basically story related since you have to upgrade your teams gear and their training exercises. This trophy will just take a bit of time. If you feel confident in your skills than before the game you can place a bet on you team to fulfill a certain requirement posted at the top of the screen when it asks you for a bet. If you do not feel confident do not place a bet, you do not have to make one but it will help you get more money. Go into training and customize the training abilities by buying more speed, agility, strength, and stuff like that.

Welcome Rookie
Win first game of Campaign Mode.

This trophy IS NOT mandatory to continue story. I am not sure whether this counts towards your first win or just the first game. So just to be on the safe side play your first campaign mode game and if you see you are losing and have no chance to catch up in points press start and just quit the match and start again.

Return to Sender
Return two kickoff or punt returns for TD's in any game.

For this one you will want to make sure that whoever catches the ball is fast. What you are gonna want to do is once you get the ball run down the out of bounds line towards your goal holding the R2 button (R2 is speed boost but wears off pretty fast so simply let it go and press it again until you see your ball holder slowing down again than simply repeat the process). You can either simply run and juke people or you can wait until they get really close to you and and clash/unleash stiffarm them. This needs to be done twice in one game and it is a little frusterating so I recommend doing this in a game of Make it, Take it so each time you score you will get the chance to try it again.

*Note- I am not sure if this one can be done using two players or not since I had no one to try it with, but if it does this would be the easiest way to get this trophy. Simply run the ball down the lane as the second user keeps pressing and pressing away from you so you can have an easy run down the field.

Go Long!
Gain 450 passing yards in any Campaign Mode game.

Alright, If you are following my advice and Franchise as a wide reciever than this shouldnt be too hard (This does not need to be done passing to Franchise only). What you going to want to do is pick hailmary's since the playes tend not to run back after they get far away. Avoid being tackled since it is easier to get tackled in a hailmary play and pass the ball to any of your teammates (Franchise if he is a WR and you are going for the MVP trophies). After quite a few successful plays you should be in good shape. Do this all game though to make sure you get it. If you are not gaining enough passing yards each play than as soon as your player catches the ball you can jump out of bounds so that you have the opportunity to pass again before the TD. To check your progress on this press start and look at the statistics and your passing yards are at the top. It will also show you after each quarter.

Rushing Attack
Score 5 rushing TD's in any Campaign Mode game.

The best way to do this is to simply pick a passing play and run the ball all the way down toward your TD line. Once you get within about 5 yards of the TD jump out of bounds so that play ends. From there it should be easier to score a TD in a rushing play. Choose a play that has the QB with a red arrow facing any which way and run the ball as best you can to score a touchdown. Stiffarm and Juke anybody that gets in your way and you should be good. If you are going for an MVP trophy still than do this while Franchise is a QB.

Magic Hands
Catch every pass thrown by your QB in any Campaign Mode game.

This one can be easy or it can be hard whichever way you look at it. The sure-fire easyway to get this one is to choose a passing play as the first play that you select. Pass the ball and make sure whoever you pass to catches the ball. If the player catches the ball than it is easy from there on out (If you want the harder route pass throughout the entire game). After that for the easy way just simply DO NOT pass the ball. Choose only running plays. If you don't attempt to pass the ball at all during the game and catch the first one (The only one you passed) than after the game you should get the trophy.

Safety Dance
Force a safety in a single Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.

This one is best done against the computer in a game of prisonball. The field is shorter so you can push the opposing team back to their goal line easier. Once the opposing team hikes the ball right outside the goal line and runs back into the goal to get ready to throw the ball, sack him. If the opposing QB hikes the ball in the goal zone and you tackle him it will count as a touchback so make sure he is out of the goal zone and moves back into it. If you miss this one in campaign simply do it in the bonus mode.

*Note -I am not sure if this one works with 2 players because I accidently got this one in prisonball during the campaign. But if it does work in multiplayer games than have 2nd player hike the ball and run back into the goal zone and you simply have to tackle him there

Lucky 7's
Throw at least 7 TD passes in a single game in Campaign Mode.

This one is easier than you would think. The best advice I can give you is to simply pick a Hail Mary play and so long as you catch the ball you should be pretty good. Just run the ball down the field and score the touchdown stiff-arming anyone in your way. Get the ball back from the opposing team as fast as possible and do it 6 more times in a single game. You should get at least 4 before the half-time just to be sure though. You can also go for Power Surge at the same time as trying for this trophy.

Power Surge
Score three TD's in a single quarter in Campaign Mode.

This is another one that shouldn't give you too much hassle. What you are going to want to do is simply use the same advice given in Lucky 7's but if you see that the computer holds onto the ball too long than it would be best to let them score off their kickoff return just to make sure you have enough time to get all 3 in one quarter.

Earn $400,000 in one campaign mode game.

This one can be acquired easier in Division 1. What you are going to want to do to make the most money is place the max bet (And obviously you will have to win whatever the stipulations are and win the bet), Get as many injuries as you can during the game (More injuries means more money at the end of the game), and also the more yards you gained throughout the game means more money also. So gain as many yards as you can, injure as many players on the other team as you can and win the bet and you should break 400,000 for the game.

Group Hug
Land 3 three man tackles in any Campaign Mode, Quick Play or Bonus Mode game.

The best bet for this trophy is in a quickplay game. This trophy really isn't too bad, what you want to do to get this trophy easiest is to set the difficulty to easy and set the timer to 5 minutes quarters.

It really doesn't matter what teams you use for this, the key for this one is to get unleashed and hold onto L2. The best bet is to try to go for this trophy on the defense since you can only use one person at a time there are unfortunately no plays I can say will definently cause this.

When your opponent is carrying the ball you want to get one of your guys and get near the ball carrier but dont tackle him right away, instead wait until another person from your team gets near the ball carrier (approx. in his tackling range but dont wait too long or he will tackle the ball carrier).

Once you are by the ball carrier and you have another team member near the ball carrier unleash on the ball carrier. If a target pops up than chances are you unleashed too soon and your team member wasnt close enough but you will know you got it by your guy will be setting up a really dirty hit and your partner gets the dirty hit in the slowdown.

Another way to confirm this, is an icon called man love will pop up under your unleash bar. You can also pause the game and go to trophies in the menu and see the percentage complete next to the trophy.

Anger Management
Accumulate 5 late hit icons in a single Campaign Mode game.

This is one of the easier trophies you should acquire really ealry in Campaign mode. Every time you go to tackle an opponent from defense (as long as you have some clash in your clash bar), Hold down L2 while you tackle and you should get a dirty hit. While your opponent is on the ground walk up to them and continuously spam the button until a little icon pops up under your clash meter called late hit. Do this 5 times throughout the game and you will get the trophy. There is no "best team" to get this against but it is a very easy trophy to get so you shouldn't have any problems with it.

Manually break 3 tackles during a Campaign Mode game.

This one is really tough and is more or less based on luck. The best way to try and initiate a break tackle is to throw the ball to someone that has people guarding him. Catch the ball using your clash catch is L2 (while you don't have unleashed) and . Once you land you should instantly be in a break tackle so start mashing the button to win the little battle. After you have won the little tackle battle a little marker will appear under your clash meter. Get three of these in any campaign mode game and the trophy will unlock.

Early Release
Beat Prison Ball in Campaign Mode.

This is a story related trophy and happens right after the Division 3 championships. (This is also a great place to get Safety Dance). You have to win this game in order to progress in your campaign. The best advice I can give you is to simply keep pushing the opposing team back since there are no 1st downs and everytime you get the ball try as hard as you can to make the touchdown. It shouldn't be too hard because the field is so short.

This game will seem like it takes forever since the ball changes hands so much. Do Not let Franchise get injured because you will have to do the entire game again.

King of the Yard
Shut out the computer in a Bonus Mode game of Prison Ball.

This one can be a bit of a pain to get and may take you several tries. The best thing to do is to go into options>gameplay options, from the main menu and set the quarters to 1 minute each and the difficulty to easy. When playing the game make sure you score at least 1 touchdown. Once you have scored your touchdown you are going to want to waste as much time as possible. That means in between plays if the timer is going down wait until the last second to pick your play. When you have the ball on offense get up to your touchdown goal and start wasting time by picking a play that requires a pass and simply running back down the field in the opposite direction you need to go. Avoid the computer players if they try to sack you (which most of the time they dont if you are playing prisonball). Once the minute is up simply run back towards your goal and step out of bounds this way you get the ball again next quarter. Keep wasting as much time while you have the ball and try not to let the opposing team score and this should make the trophy much easier for you to acquire. If they score at all you might as well quit out of the match and try again.

He's Ready
Complete Training Mode.

I reccommend doing this trophy first if you have never played the game as it will teach you all of the basics about the game and how to play it. The tutorials are all decently easy (Triage gives a lot of people problems but you will get the hang of it over time). I will list all of the tutorials and what you have to do in each task. I will add tips where I see fit for explanation.

Rushing-Rushing is when you do not pass the ball after a hike and proceed to run the ball towards your goal.

Toggle Spoiler

Passing-There really isn't much to say about passing. Shows you the best way for a QB to defend themselves and pass the ball

Toggle Spoiler

Recieving-There really isn't too much to explain here either. This will teach you the best ways to catch and continue running the ball for a touchdown.

Toggle Spoiler

Defense- This will basically teach you the best ways to defend yourself againt the opponents.

Toggle Spoiler

Triage- This is the one most people have trouble with throughout the game. It helps you learn how to get better scores on your triages so your players aren't out for extended amounts of plays.

Toggle Spoiler

Cause 3 weather slips to your opponent in a Campaign Mode game.

This trophy is quite hard to get even though it is only a bronze.

My method for this was to play the first team in Division 3. It is raining during that game. I waited until after half time to get them. What you want to do is simply use running plays and run towards a giant mud puddle. Run into the middle of the puddle and when someone is close enough enter clash and push the left stick in the opposite direction while pressing . You will know you caused a weatherslip because you will get a weatherslip bullet under your clash meter. You can also get these in other rain games or snow games but the first game is definently easiest.

Quit the game in the end of the 4th quarter if you dont get the trophy in time so you dont progress any further into the campaign and can try again.

Intercept three passes in a game.

This one takes a bit of luck and a bit of skill to get. What you are going to want to do is wait for the opposing team to hike the ball and once they do, immediately press to switch to the closest person to the ball. Get in front of the reciever and the ball and hit to jump. If you jump at the right time between the reciever and the ball you should get the interception. Get 3 in a single game and you will get the trophy. Another easy way for this one is to either do it in a quickplay game with the quarters set to 5 minutes and easy difficulty or you can try it in multiplayer, I am not sure if this is able to be gotten through multiplayer though.

Hot Streak
Win 5 games in a row online with any teams.

For this one you are going to want to boost with a friend and have them let you take the win. The fastest way to do this one is by following the same tips in Full Deck.

Full Deck
Win an Online game with every team.

One of the most time consuming trophies in the game. What you need to do is win with each of the 25 teams online. If you feel the need to boost than the fastest and easiest way to get this one is to do the quitout method. The one who will be winning the match has to score a touchdown and after the touchdown celebration occurs the other person is going to want to quit the match giving you the victory. To make sure that each match that was a quitout keep an eye on your online win-lose ratio as well as in the game you can press start and go to trophies and check the percentage next to the trophy. Make sure you keep track of what teams you have used already because there is no way of telling what teams you have used and won with in the game. Once you have used the quitout method for all 25 teams it will say 100% next to the trophy but will only unlock once you play a full game against someone (Winning or losing the trophy unlock game should not matter but I suggest winning just in case).

*Note - Before you will be able to get this trophy you will first need to unlock 3 teams. Both prisonball teams (by winning in the prisonball game in Campaign) and the Division 1 version of the LA Riots (by beating the Division 1 championships).

The Clap
Play someone with the Clap in online play and you get the Clap.

The clap is a virus-like trophy. The game designers went online for the first two weeks with the trophies in their system to pass the trophy on. The only way to get this trophy is to complete an online game with someone who has the trophy already. (I have the trophy so if I still have the game and you need this contact me)

Shut out an opponent in an online game.

This trophy will be almost impossible without boosting. The people who play online don't like to lose so they won't finish the game if you are winning. Simply set up a boosting match with someone and decide who will be getting the shut out and whoever is going to be winning should be running the ball down the field while the opponent scrolls through their team with keeping an open path for the winners team, and when the losers team has the ball they should run back into their own touchdown zone and dive for a safety (this will give the winners team points and the ball back). If both teams co-operate with each other this should be an easy trophy.

If you do not wish to boost this you will just have to play really good in order to make it so you win and the other team gets no points.

Win a game online.

You will get this easily if you are boosting. The quitout method will NOT work for this one however if your opponent and yourself take turns than you can have them simply waste as much time as they can with you the same ways as noted in King of the Yard.

Real Deal
Win three games in a row online with your Campaign Mode custom team.

This is another one that can be gotten easily by boosting. What you will have to do either way is to use the team that you created for your campaign mode and win 3 games in a row. If you are winning a game and the other person quits out you should still get credited with a win. You can also go for the Hot Streak trophy when you go for this one.

Injure 2 defenders in a single game in Campaign Mode.

This one isn't too difficult of a trophy to obtain. What you are going to want to do is simply build up your unleashed meter while you are on defense and than hold onto it. Once you are unleashed save it until you get the ball in a kickoff. Once you catch the ball start running towards the other team but try to make it so you are only running towards one open person. Once you start to get close to the other player hold down and once they are really close press . You will know yougot this if the screen slows down and you must choose a target. Choose your target of choice and keep tapping the button until the injury occurs. Do this twice in one game and the trophy is yours.

Dr. Feelgood
Successfully perform 10 Great Triages (over 90%) in Campaign Mode.

There is really no way to describe this trophy and offer hints because this is more of a skill based trophy. I know it can be very challenging with the needles because the players move around so much but it will come in time. You will get better as the game goes on. If you find yourself later on in the game still having a difficult time what you can do is go into training and keep practicing in the training area. The dislocations in my opinion are a little bit easier to 90+ since you just have to move the two sticks toward where the break is and push them the exact opposite way to make the bones meet up in the middle.

Complete 3+ sacks with Quentin Sands in a single Campaign Mode game.

Quentin Sands is number 56 on your team and is a LB. While on defense I used to put the marker on my team captain and used 7 times to get to him. In the HUD of the player it will say Sands. I thought the best play to use was the lockdown play. Scroll over to Sands and get 3 sacks in one campaign mode game and the trophy will unlock. If you are having a hard time sacking the opponent than make sure you quit out of the game so the game doesn't auto-save. Than try again. I did this one in the 3rd game of division 1 since Sands isn't on your team until division 2, but any game is alright to do this one because 3 sacks isn't really that many.

Parole Violation
Injure an opponent with Karl Tirpitz in Campaign Mode.

This one is best done while you are the Supermax Team in the campaign mode prisonball game. On defense he is number 66. Scroll through the players and find him and simply unleash on anyone who has the ball. Once you get an injury the trophy will unlock.

Hook up with 3 different girls in Campaign Mode.

Throughout Campaign mode you will be presented with the ability to hook up with a different girl each division (Each one giving you new gear or new abilities). What you have to do is win each of the girls hearts over by simply performing the task in the games they wish for you to perform in. Once you have gotten all 3 girls in all 3 divisions the trophy will unlock.

Be faithful to 1 girl throughout Campaign Mode.

This one used to be glitched but is no longer. What you must do is only hook up with 1 girl during the entire campaign. I suggest you only hook up with the girl in Division 2 as she has the best perks. When the other girls come up to you and ask you to perform their various tasks you simply do not complete the tasks. If you only hook up with one of the three girls the trophy will unlock after the Division 1 Championships.

Anatomy Lesson
You have caused every possible injury at least once.

This is going to be one of the last trophies you get. It is very time consuming and you will not always get the injury you would like. There are 32 injuries in the game you can cause and there is no list in the game that will show what injuries you have caused. My best suggestion is to write down all of the injuries as you get them. For a list of injuries and a brief description on how to get them please see the post below. To check the status of this trophy you can pause the game anytime and this is the first "???????? ????????" trophy and should have a percentage next to it going by intervals of four.

*Note - Some injuries can only be obtained in prisonball (injuries obtained in prisonball will not tell you the name of the injury), where some injuries can only be achieved in bone crushers, and some injuries can only been obtained in normal gameplay.

Rupture 10 scrotums in any mode of play.

This one is a trophy that will come throughout time. You can check the progress of this during any game by pressing pause and going down to trophies and looking at the second one that says "???????? ????????" and check the percentage next to it. For each 10% is one scrotum reptured. For hints on how to rupture someone's scrotum please refer to the post below.

Propose to a cheerleader in any mode of play.

To get this trophy you must play through campaign mode until you unlock the touchdown celebration Proposal. Once you have unlocked the celebration just use it anytime you get a touchdown and the trophy is all yours. The button combination for Proposal is , but like I said, it won't work until you have unlocked it.

Knock Bruno Battaglia out of the game during the League Championship.

This one isn't exactly as easy as it sounds. The best way to get this is to simply enter the Division 1 championships(yes it has to be done there).

Build up your clash meter with icons until you are unleashed. Hold onto the unleashed until you get the ball, once you get the ball run it down the field until you get far enough to basically waste 4 downs without them getting a safety(bruno is the team captain which means he will have a star under him by his name and he is only on the field during defensive plays).

On 1st down with your unleashed meter full pick a passing play (best one I found was under hail mary and was the choice. This will give you just enough defenders in front of you to cover you enough for bruno to get by and what you want to do is hold onto the ball behind the line and give bruno the chance to come in for the sack, when he comes in for the sack (which wont happen every single time) enter QB evade mode by holding L2 while bruno gets close enough. Once he gets close enough flick the right joystick straight up and this will make the QB unleash on bruno. This way is the best way to unleash him and injure him out of the game. If you only knock him out for a few plays dont worry, do it again. The more times you unleash him the weaker he gets and the more open he gets for a permanent injury, each time I used QB evade though I knocked him out for games.

Make it Rain
Knock New England Captain Packrat James out of the game in any mode.

I found this trophy easiest to obtain in a bonus mode game of bone crushers since injuries are more common there. I recommend doing this after you have finished campaign mode and your campaign team is upgraded the best you can get it. You will have to play against the New England Regulars, and they are a tough team. Packrat James is number 21 and only appears on the opposing teams defense. What I recommend doing is getting unleashed and saving it. Once you are unleashed and you have the ball you are ready to attempt this trophy. Get the ball in a running play and wait until Packrat James goes after you. It is hard to tell which is him because he will not be the only one going after you but what you can do once he does attempt to tackle you is either unleashed stiff-arm him (which I don't recommend because it doesn't knock people out of games as often as it should) or you can do an unleashed juke (I recommend this one because it has a lot more of a chance of knocking him out of the game because this unleash is loaded with a bunch of season ending injuries such as Torn ACL, Torn MCL, etc.). For this one I highly recommend changing the quarter limit to 5 minutes and difficulty to easy to make sure you get this trophy in one game.[/LEFT]

Pitbull Payback
Knock Mike Mexico out of the game during Prison Ball (Campaign Mode or Bonus Mode).

This one is easiest done in the bonus mode of prisonball. What you are going to want to do is select any good team as your team and than select Supermax as your opposing team. Pick a play under the Crush catagory and use whoever you want to Sack Mike Mexico. Mike Mexico is number 7 and is Supermax's QB. You are going to want to dirty hit him and few times and than unleash on him. Once you unleashed on him if it is a break that will knock him out of the game you will get the trophy. If you don't get the right hit on him and he is only knocked out for a few plays than wait until he returns and try again. The more injuries he suffers, the slower he is and will also be more prone to an injury that will knock him out of the game. I recommend changing the quarter limit to 5 minutes and difficulty to easy to make sure you get this trophy in one game.

[top]Injury Guide

Blitz: The League II Injury Guide
This is a list of all the injuries in the game and a brief description on how to get each of them. There is no way in the game to see what injuries you have already gotten so I suggest writing them down as you get them so that it won't be so confusing later on as to which ones you have already got and which ones you still need.
*NOTE - These are not the only way to receive each injury however I made this list as I got each injury so the injuries are possible in the ways I list them.

-Concussion -This one by unleashing the head

-Skull Fracture -also unleash the head in bone crusher

-Pinched Nerve -unleash at the top by collar bone

-Sprained Neck -unleash on offense with

-Broken Neck -unleash on offense with in bone crusher

-Shoulder Stinger -unleash from back upper arms or upper back

-Shoulder Dislocation -unleash in chest area from side

-Broken Collar Bone -unleash head on at collar bone

-Back Spasms -unleash from behind middle back

-Spinal Cord Contusion -unleash offense in bone crusher

-Spinal Fracture -unleash from offense in bone crusher (fill momentum bar)

-Sprained Knee -dive unleash from far knee cap

-Fractured Knee Cap - defensive unleash...unleash from far away at the QB so you can target his legs...aim for the knee cap and fill the meter (I got this one in a game of prison ball)

-Torn MCL - offensive unleash with in bone crusher

-Torn ACL -offensive unleash with in bone crusher

-Ruptured Achilles -offensive unleash with in bone crusher

-Severe Ankle Sprain - unleash dive aim for feet from far away

-Dislocated Ankle -offensive unleash with in bone crusher

-Bruised Ribs -unleash ribs (half momentum)

-Broken Ribs -unleash ribs (3/4 momentum)

-Punctured Lung - unleash ribs (full momentum) when close

-Bruised Kidney - unleash crotch (1/2 momentum)

-Ruptured Spleen -unleash ribs from side (full momentum)

-Ruptured Scrotum -Unleash crotch (full momentum)

-Broken Humerus -unleash grabbing the upper arm

-Broken Forearm -unleash grabbing the lower arm

-Fractured Wrist -unleash grabbing for the hand

-Fractured Fingers -unleash grabbing for the hand (full momentum)

-Broken Femur -Unleash on the QB low and aim for his knee cap...3/4 momentum

-Shattered Tibia -unleash offense with

-Broken Foot -unleash offensive with or unleash foot

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