Players: 1
Online Trophies: None
Online Pass Required: None
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No Cheat Codes
Estimated Time to 100%: 10-20 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1, but that most likely will not happen.
Collectible Trophies: Skulltastic
Missable Trophies: None. You can replay every level.
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Bloodrayne Betrayal is a very difficult game. With these tips, you will hopefully have an easier time.
  • You are invincible when you are dashing.
  • You are invincible against most attacks while you are sucking blood
  • Pressing and while in midair will allow you to get a little bit higher.
  • After you hop on something you can perform another dash.
  • Choose ammo over health at first. Trust me.
  • The Sun Gun is a very useful weapon.
  • Use your pistol when you are in a large group of enemies. It will knock most of them over and maybe kill them.
  • Suck blood as much as you can. Almost every enemy can be drained. It is an instant kill and nets you some health.
  • A fast way to complete most waves of enemies is to knock the whole group onto one side of the screen and just keep attacking them.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

There are a few glitches that I have come across.

During the boss battle with the giant heart if you start hopping on top of it, you can get stuck at the top of the screen and have to restart the entire level.

Sometimes you can knock an enemy off the screen during the battles that throw waves of enemies at you. If this happens they may not return which means that you cannot progress and you must restart the level.

The game may freeze on you a couple of times so be aware.


Just start out by playing the game the whole way through collecting all of the skulls to earn Skulltastic and Survived to Sunrise Don't worry about getting the highest rank on all the levels just yet. This game takes a lot of skill so I would just get used to the controls. During your first playthrough you should also get:

Walking on Air :bronze
A Foot Face
The Last Bullet
That Funky Puncher
8 Fingers, 8 Bits

After your first playthrough go back and replay each level, getting the highest rank possible to earn Pro Vamp Also try to beat a level without dying to earn Ms. Perfect Other trophies you should earn while replaying the levels are:

Coffin Kicker


Collect all the ancient vampire skulls

The Ancient Vampire Skulls are red skulls hidden throughout every level. Some of them are very difficult to find so I would definitely recommend using my walkthrough for it. To check how many of the skulls you have in a level, go to the missions select screen and highlight a level. In the top-left it will say how many of the skulls you have collected in that level.

Skull Locations

Toggle Spoiler

Survived to Sunrise
Complete the game

Just as it says. Beat the game. This game can be challenging at points, but just take your time and power through it. The more you play, the better you will get.

Pro Vamp
Finish every level with the ranking "Dhampir"

In my opinion, if you can get this trophy than you are a God among trophy hunters. This will require you to have some sort of old-school gaming roots. To get this trophy you will need to get an S rank on all 15 chapters. To get an S rank you will need 100,000 points. Some of the chapters are just ridiculously hard and cheap so be prepared to have some patience. The best way to ensure that S rank are two things. Speed and no damage. Beating the level fast enough will earn you 30,000 points. Beating the level while taking no damage will also earn you 30,000 points. Collect all treasures along the way to get those 100,000 points. Look at my Tips and Strategies section at the top of the guide for help.

Walking on Air
Hop on 50 heads in a row without touching the ground

This can be done in many places, but I did it in Chapter 10. Once you get to the part when you are standing on two layers of falling platforms, giant, fat monsters with hammers will spawn. Start jumping on them. Each one takes 10 hits to kill so you will need to kill a total of 5 to get the trophy. To jump on top of something press and while you are right above it.

Ms. Perfect
Complete any level while taking no damage

Obviously, the easiest choice for this would be Chapter 1. This can be very tricky, especially since the vampires can shoot you. Make sure that you have a lot of ammo in your gun since this can save you from being hit at the last second. Just be patient and you should get this trophy in a handful of tries.

Chain-explode 5 enemies

You can do this any place that has more than five enemies. First you have to poison an enemy. To do this attack them once to get them off balance and then press to poison. Lead it into a group of five or more enemies and press to make it blow up, killing all other enemies around it.

Coffin Kicker
Kick open the Coffin Rocket 20 times

Sometimes when you enter a level there will be an enemy standing beside the coffin. Press when you land to kick the coffin into the enemy. Repeat this 20 times to get the trophy. It might get a little repetitive.

Thanks to BoneSickle for the tip

I saw the same thing on another site and I've been pressing Square at the beginning of every level and never once kicking open the coffin rocket. Finally I tried other buttons and discovered that X is what does it. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not an enemy is standing there to be hit or not, but it's definitely the X button on my game and not the Square.

Okay, so I think I’ve discovered why X works for me and also why Square wouldn’t. After completing the game I went to Chapter 4 to farm this. Sometimes there would be an enemy in front of the coffin & sometimes there wouldn’t. When there was an enemy it seemed guaranteed that I could get her to kick it open. When there was no enemy I could still get her to do it sometimes but sometimes not. On the times that I could get her to kick it open, I discovered that X works, Square works, Circle works, even R2 works. I’m wondering if you can just hit any button. Also, even though you don’t get the “coffin kicked” message when there’s no enemy, that still counts. I only kicked over 8 or 9 enemies total and I got the Trophy during a no-enemy run.

A Foot Face?
Find the hidden idol

You can find the hidden idol in Chapter 8. I think this video can explain it better than I can.

Toggle Spoiler

The Last Bullet
Kill 5 enemies with a single gunshot

You can do this in plenty of chapters, but I did it in chapter one. Just wait till you get to a point where you are fighting waves of enemies and wait for 5 enemies to come out in your area. Get to one side of the screen and shoot the other way to hit everybody. It most likely will not kill them all so wait for everybody to get up and then fire another shot. Be careful not to hit somebody on your way over to one side of the screen. This could result in them dying on your first shot.

That Funky Puncher
Defeat Crab Puncher without getting hit

This is not nearly as hard as it sounds. I did this in a matter of 10 seconds. As soon as the battle starts run over to it's left side and start hopping on the top blue circle by pressing and when you land on top of it. When it is destroyed after about three or four hits you should drop down to the lower blue circle and start hopping on top of that one. Immediately run over to the right side now while dodging all of the boulders falling down. (You need to be quick so the mosquitoes don't come out.) Then repeat on the right side what you did to the left and the battle will be over.

Kill 250 enemies with environmental hazards

A collateral kill is basically anything that kills an enemy that is not done by one of Rayne's weapons. This inlcudes:
  • Buzz Saws
  • Spikes
  • Poison
  • Lasers
  • Pits
  • Etc.

These will add up very quickly. You should have this trophy by the end of the game.

8 Fingers, 8 Bits
Activate BloodRayne: Betrayal's alternate soundtrack

When you are at the mission select screen hold down , , , , , , and . Other than the trophy your reward will be some retro 8-bit music

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