Players: 4
Total Trophies: 49 and 1 Hidden
Online Trophies: 15 (35 Offline)
Online Play: Yes
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No
Minimum Playthroughs: 2-3
Trophy Difficulty: 7.5/10
Time to 100%: 30 plus Hours.


Blur Game Review PS3T

This game is as much fun as I thought it would be as since the games great car handling collected from the Project Gotham Engine completed by Bizarre Creations in the past, also to compliment the excellent colourful graphic content and the new power up system, but quite simply the game is oustanding for a Real type Racing Genre game. It has all the perfection of Project Gotham Racing but with an added crazy factor of fun one that will keep you in the game long before reaching that finish line, add to this an example of crazyness the game has a F1 engine in a Transit van which goes like the wind so an option of picking a vehicle to race is not limited but be careful in your choices. This game can be played for a laugh or for the more serious gamers, challengers are there to be had.

Single Player:

Race and fight your way to the top 9 groups to challenge the boss to a One-on-one battle. Beating bosses will award you with cars featuring unique liveries and a Mod that can be applied to other unlocked cars. The single player difficulty settings can be changed at any time in the career menu by pressing the button.
Lights: These are awarded for each event based upon event performance, final finishing position, Fan Target and Fan Run completion (see Fans below at Notes). In all the race events, you can only earn Lights by being placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd (1st = 5 Lights, 2nd = 4 Lights and 3rd = 3 Lights). There are 7 possible Lights to be earned in each event, and 8 Lights to be earned in One-on-one Events. Earn Lights to progress and unlock more groups and events.
Fans: Your fans are accumulated throughout each event and will contribute to your fan status and unlocking more cars. They are essential to meeting the Fan Target for different events in order to gain an extra Light. Gain Fans by successfully using Power-Ups, evading other drivers Power-Ups, stylish driving and much more besides. Try to keep a chain of Power-Up hits and driving techniques alive by using them in quick succession.
Fan Demands: Look for Fan Demands scattered throughout later races. Drive through them to initiate a Fan Demand. Fan Demands will provide you with a mini challenge that, if successfully completed will earn you the number of Fans remaining in the counter.
Fan Runs: Drive through a Fan Run gold Icon which are all the same Icon's to start a mini challenge that requires you to drive between gold gates, the last one being green. Successfully navigate each set of gates in the time allotted to earn more Fans and an extra Light.
Sharing: Blur shares your experience through social networking visit for more details and register your statistics online which is auto updated once done whilst you play the game.
Challenges: Friend challenges are a way to play against your friends to perform better than you in any Single Player event. After finishing an event, select a friend to challenge. Choose Set-Up Challenge to customize the Friend Challenge and add a personal message.
Leaderboards: Choose a friend as a Rival and compare your Single Player game progress by viewing a Leaderboard and selecting a friend. Once you have selected a friend as a Rival, every event in Single Player will be tagged with either your friend's or your Online ID. If you own an event your Online ID will be on the event, if your friend own' they will be on it and so on.
Sharing: When this mode is available, press the button to share your Blur experience across various social networks. Choose from a variety to share, such as car's unlocked, lights earned and more. Add a personal message to taunt your friend's to take on the challenge.
Photo Mode: At any point during a Single Player event, you can pause the game and select Photo Mode to take a picture of the action. Upload your photo's for the world to see by selecting the Link Your Account option in the Single Player Options menu, this Link will also log all your game statistics go to to add your account code which is given to you when you enter the Link Your Account section in the game options..


Split-Screen: Party mode with all tracks and cars available for you and your friends to fight it out in a split-screen racing battle. Up to 4 players can compete in a variety of events. Refer to Multiplayer options on screen menu to view split screen controls.
PlayStation Network and (LAN): Race against up to 19 other Players connected on the same Local Area Network or battle online. Earn enough Fans and you will Rank Up, unlocking more Cars, Challenges, Blur events and Mods.
Mods: Mods are powerful upgrades that boost your Power-Ups or change your vehicles attributes. Unlock the Mod Shop by earning Fans and Ranking Up. You can always have three Mods equipped at once. Experiment with different combination depending on the Track, Vehicle or which Blur Event you are racing in.
Car Upgrades: Each car in Multiplayer can be upgraded by completing races in your vehicle. Press the button when in the Multiplayer Showroom to show your progress towards these Upgrades.
The available Upgrades are: Fan Boost-Earn extra Fans when racing in this Car. Health Boost-Gain an extra block of Health for your Car. Performance-Unlocks a boost in speed for your Car. Paint Jobs-Unlocks new Paint Types to make your rides even more Unique.
Challenges: By Ranking up you will Unlock packs of Challenges. Completing Challenges earns you bonus Fans to help you Rank Up faster.
Legend Mode: Once you reach Rank 50 you have the option to enter Legend Mode. Choosing this option resets your Rank to 1, wiping away anything you have Unlocked or Challenges you have completed, but Unlocks a unique fully upgraded Legend Car to play Online. There are 10 Legend Cars and 10 Legend Levels to Unlock.
Custom Events: Create your own Custom Events to play Online, in Split Screen or LAN. Experiment with basic settings - like Route and Vehicle choice - to advanced settings, allowing you to configure Power-Up's, Damage and Re-Spawn settings.

[top]Tips and Strategies

Prior to starting this game the Stickers section in the menu options tells you your progress, what you have unlocked and all the stats you have as you progress. I would advise playing through the game to start with on the easiest setting, start at the beginning and work through each event in turn. Try to win all your races as you go along coming first at each event and gaining all the lights for each event being a total of 450 Lights in all to collect. If you falter on any event you can always go back and better your place. As you go try to complete all Fan Runs and Fan Targets also. When you have got to this point and have full Lights and completed all the Fan parts to the events - on all events run through the game again on the hardest setting this time only worry about coming first on each event, then proceed to clear up any remaining trophies like the multiplayer ones and any others remaining. If at the beginning you feel confident enough then try the Hardest setting from the start, but playing the game on easy does give you a better idea of the game without the pressure.


Platinum Trophy

Unlock all other trophies in the game first to get this.
The two Hardest Trophies in the game to get before you unlock this are Living Legend?
and the Hardest one out of the two is Somebody stop me! See below for details.

Getting into the swing of things
Earn your first Fan Target

Drive through your first race in single player career and reach your fan target, most things you do goes towards your fan targets like hitting drivers, drifting, hitting Fan Run gold Icons and Gates all count towards gaining Fan points. Try to win the race with the setting on easy, this should unlock if you win, the points from the Fan Targets add up after the race to go towards your Fan Target totals. Unlocked on the race section Proving grounds on the Barcelona Oval track at menu settings.

Been there, got the T-shirt
Wreck your first car

Single player career again, this is unlocked on easy at the Brighton Track on Destruction, wreck another drivers Car with use of the Power-Ups whilst in the race. One big hit with a power-up wrecks the Car. Cars have Health Bars above them so you can see when they are ready to go out.

Friendly competition
Choose any Friend as a Rival from the Single Player Leaderboards

Quite easy to unlock play any multiplayer game, then when finished go to your friends list on your PlayStation dashboard menu, select players met then add a few as friends who you have played online with, when one accepts you as a friend go to the menu settings in the game prior to any race and set them as a rival. The option to set a rival is there at the bottom of the screen prior to racing.

Making a name for yourself
Complete your first Fan Run

Unlock this trophy in single player career on easy, drive through the first starting Fan indicator, a golden Icon appears at times around the track, run in any race where it appears, which is most, then proceed to drive through all the gold Fan Gates not missing any at all finishing at the last one which is green in color. Unlocked on the Race section Proving Grounds on the Barcelona Oval Track at menu settings.

Evade or destroy your first incoming Power-up

Play your first single player game in career on easy, this is unlocked by evading or destroying another drivers incoming Power-Up whilst racing on the track. One of the easiest to avoid is Shunt that is a Red orb that follows you, use a reverse Mine to blow this up and avoid it hitting you. When the red orb is approaching your rear view mirror push back on the and press to use the Mine, once in the right place on your rear bumper where the Mine Icon Power-Up will show. This is Unlocked on the Race section Proving Grounds on the Barcelona Oval Track at menu settings.

Hot Date
Unlock Shannon's One-on-One

This trophy is Unlocked in single player on easy, play Destruction prior to the Shannon's one-on-one.
First of all you need to fire 80 offensive Power-Up's, offensive Power-Up's are Barge, Bolt, Mine, Shock and Shunt. (See Notes below Power-Up's) These are offensive Power-Up's the 5 that do the damage to other cars. Next you need to Earn 7,000 Fans, most things you do goes towards your Fan Targets like hitting drivers, drifting, hitting Fan Run Gold Icons and Gates all counts towards gaining Fans. Then Finish 4 Events in 4 different Cars. To finish this pass any 5 events in this same list, does not matter if you finish in the top three.

Learning the ropes
Beat Shannon in her One-on-One

Just beat Shannon in her One-on-One either by winning in the race or wreck her Car using Power-Up's. The Hot Date trophy must be unlocked first to do this one.

I must break you
Wreck your first Rival in a One-on-One

Just wreck a Rival's Car in a One-on-One race by hitting them with Shunt and Bolt Power Up's. Stay behind the Rival and just keep hitting them with the Power-Ups mentioned. It usually unlocks on the first rival you race against, my Rival was Shannon.

Friends make better enemies
Have a complete experience of Friend Challenges

Quite a tricky one this. First of all Challenge a friend on your friends list or your friend Rival. Once you have completed a race and finished first you will be asked on the screen to create a friend Challenge. Accept this friend Challenge and accept anyone who has the game on your friends list, then select accept Challenge. Then have a friend send you a friend Challenge, Accept this Challenge, whilst in Singleplayer career go to friend Challenges and see the list that has challenges sent to you, just accept any to complete this part. Then once you accept a friend Challenge, Win a friend challenge, you will then race this friend also beat all the options in the corner of your display screen and win the race and you will complete this part of the Challenge. To finish this, when you have won a Challenge you will get an option to Challenge again select the option - Send Re-challenge and send the player your score when you beat them previous. This trophy will then unlock if you follow it in this order.

Not so pretty boy
Beat Khan in his One-on-One

Prior to racing Khan you need to carry out the following challenges.
First of all use the Shield Power-Up 3 times against other drivers incoming attacks, you will see and hear a Red Bar flashing behind your Car as an attack is coming towards you, just use the shield Power-Up before it hits you, to be done three times in a race. Then Evade three shock fields on the track, a Shock field is usually three domes of light set on the track in front of you, evade three of these fields to complete this part. A total of 40 gold and black Stopwatch Icons is also required. Collect these around the track they add 1 to 2 seconds every time to your collected time. The last one is pass event 5 on LA Docks with at least 15 seconds left use a good grip Car with maximum acceleration and finish first. Then you can race Khan on the One-on-One. This trophy unlocks when you beat Khan on the Barcelona Gracia track using the Mustang. Either beat him in the race or wreck his Car in City Slickers.

Sharp Shooter
Master the Bolt Power-up

Another quite tricky one over time. Mod Power Ups are added to your Car at the menu prior to a race,once unlocked but give you 4 shots instead of the standard 3. They are an add on which is selected before you start the race you select them at your Car menu if you have unlocked them for the Power-Up add on. First of all you need to Shoot 50 Bolt Power-Ups coming behind you from other drivers, watch your rear view mirror and wait for the Power-Ups to come then again use and the button to hit the incoming Power-Up's. Then you need to hit 3 different cars with one shot of a Bolt Power-Up. You can also use the Mod which you unlock after beating Shannon which gives you 4 shots in total. Each and any normal bolt Power-Up shot allows you 3 shots in total so hit a different vehicle with each shot. The next one you need is Fire all 4 Bolt Power-Ups into any car, this is the Mod you need to use as above and fire all 4 shots into one Car without missing. The last one you need for this trophy is Fire 3 Bolts from a Power-Up and wreck a Car, fire three Bolts at one car when there health bar is low, which is shown above the car as a Red band.

Fan boy
Beat Rhymer in his One-on-One

To unlock this Trophy you need to carry out the following challenges first, then race Rhymer in his One-on-One. As the challenges show up in the third list of events. First you need to Complete 5 Fan Demands. These are separate Fan Icons they look like Power-Up's with a Fan sign in the middle used to do different tasks, they are added to Power-Up's and give you a separate task whilst driving. Next complete 2 Fan Runs, these are the Gold Fan Gates you have to drive through, the last gate being green. Also Complete 4 Fan Targets, these are the amount of Fan totals specified in each race. Lastly on this Barcelona Garcia Track, win event 5 with 1 X 5 Fan Combo. Win on this track with any 5 combo's. Then Race against Rhymer in the Camaro. The way I won the race was to get in front of Rhymer and keep using the Nitro Power-Up to pull away from him on the two Laps.

Outta my way!
Master the Barge Power-up

This Trophy will unlock under progression of the game. The following requirements needed are, Barge 250 Cars, use the Barge Power-Up see Notes below, any car that drives near you use the Barge Power-Up to move them to the side, do this 250 times through the game. Next you need to Barge 3 Cars at once any one time. Then you need to Barge into Water or off a Cliff. Lastly Barge an Incoming Attack, wait till an Incoming Power-Up attack comes and use Barge to stop it hitting your Car.

Furiously fast
Master the Nitro Power-up

Another one that will unlock under progression of the game. What you need to do is as follows, Using Nitro on all the Challenges that follow in this trophy, Overtake 250 Cars, pass other drivers using the Nitro Power-Up, then you need Airbrake Nitro, to do this, making sure you have more than a bunch of three Cars behind you and the Nitro Icon ready to use press down and to use Airbrake Nitro, do this three times causing a three Car pile up, then go on to win your Race. Then you need to use Nitro and Bolt at the same time. Fire the Bolt Power-Up behind you whilst using Nitro, hit any driver with this once.

Explore Blur's locations

There is four Locations at which to do this Trophy. First of all, Stop and get a good view of the Fireworks on the Brighton Track. Make sure when this is done the firework display is in the centre, in the middle of your tv screen and you get a good close view when you stop on the track, the beach is a good spot to stop. Drive a Smoking Car through the oilfield in Amboy. Use the Nitro Power-Up through the Amboy Gas Station, then, do a clean Nitro successfully through the Hollywood Sign on Multiplayer. Clean means don't hit anything for the 4 seconds the Nitro lasts.

Syberian Express
Beat Drayke in his One-on-One

To unlock this trophy you need to do the following Challenges first, then race Drayke in his One-on-One. As the Challenges show up in the Crash and Burn list. First Barge a car into the water, the best place to do this is on LA Docks, make sure a driver is at your side nearest the water before using Barge. Then Wreck 100 Cars, any Destruction race is good for this using the Bolt Power-Up. Next you need to use the Barge Power-Up, just Barge 5 Cars one at a time anywhere in the Race events is good. Last of all you need to obtain 6 full Lights in event 6 which is the Brighton Track on Destruction. Make sure you come in First place and go through all the Fan Gates.

He's a Wrecking Machine
Master Destruction events

This trophy will unlock through progression of the game. You need the following to unlock this. Wreck 500 Cars in Destruction, obtain 100 Longshots in Destruction using the Bolt Power-Up is best for this, Wreck 50 Red Cars in Destruction and In any Destruction event earn 5 lights and hit a Car with every Bolt Power-Up fired.

Check yourself
Master Checkpoint events

This trophy you will need to do 4 separate Challenges. First pick up 100 Stopwatch Power-Ups, Stopwatch Power-Ups are found in Checkpoint Races, each Power-Up gives you 1 to 2 seconds added to your total time. Then Earn 5 Lights in any Checkpoint Event without Nitro, finish in First place on a Checkpoint event without using Nitro. The easiest track to do it on is the Hollywood Hills Checkpoint found in the Double Trouble stage. There are no Nitro Power-Ups and only Stopwatches. Then Earn 5 Lights in a Checkpoint Event without Stopwatches, finish First on a Checkpoint event without using any Stopwatches, only use Nitro Power-Ups. Last of all, Nitro through every Checkpoint in one Event. Use a Nitro Power-Up while going though all the Checkpoints in this event.

Thorny issue
Beat Natalya in her One-on-One

To Unlock Natalya's One-on-One you must complete the following Challenges first. Reverse Shunt 5 cars, while the opponent's are behind you, shoot a Shunt Power-Up behind you by pressing down on the and to fire it. Then you need to hit multiple cars with 5 Barges, while using a Barge Power-Up, hit two or more Cars with a Barge Power-Up 5 times in total. Next Shock 10 Cars while using a Shock Power-Up, the other drivers just need to run into 10 Shock Domes at any time. Then complete the Fan Run in event 6, the 6th event in this stage is the Amboy Race. You meet Natalya in the 5th stage named Ruthless Aggression for the One-on-One.

Master the Shock Power-up

To Unlock this trophy there is four separate challenges which unlock under game progression which are, Shock 250 Cars, then Shock a Car with more than 1 Shock Power-Up, from a single Shock make every dome count, that is a Car must drive through all your Domes and last of all, avoid your own Shock in Carver's One-on-One.

Beat Talon in his One-on-One

To Unlock this trophy there is four challenges prior to racing Talon in the One-on-One. Complete the following which can be done under progression of the game. Drift a total of 1,500 meters, Destroy 4 Power-Ups, Execute 4 Clean, Triple Nitros, that is when you use Nitro Power-Up's you are not allowed to hit anything to make it clean. Last of all Earn 25 Lights in any of the Races. Then Talon's One-on-One will Unlock. Talon is quite quick in the Corvette so get ahead of him and stop him grabbing the Nitro Power-Up's or wreck his Car to win.

It's a trap!
Master the Mine Power-up

To unlock this trophy there is three separate challenges to complete as follows, these will come with progression of the game. Mine 250 Cars, hit the cars in front or behind does not matter which. Destroy 50 Mines, this can only be done by using Barge or Bolt Power-Ups to destroy them. Hit 20 Cars with Forward Mine shots, this is done by firing a Mine in front of a Car, then the Car drives into it.

Master the Repair Power-up

There is four separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, some will unlock with progression of the game. Repair 500 Blocks of Health. Lots of Repair Power-Ups can be collected during your playthrough. This Repair Icon appears throughout Singleplayer and Multiplayer. Next Repair your Car on critical damage and just before a Power-Up hits when your Car is in a critical state, have a Repair Icon ready when an incoming Power-Up is right near you, Repair before it hits you it will then be complete. Win a Race on critical damage whilst carrying a Repair in Singleplayer. Come in First place on a race while you are in the Red portion of your Health Bar while holding a Repair Power-Up. Last of all Win a Race without wrecking but Repair more blocks of health than your Car has, while in a Race just keep Repairing your Car as much as you can whenever you get hit by another Power-Up, then stay ahead of the pack and win the Race.

Win some, lose some, wreck some
Master Race events

There is four separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, some will unlock with progression of the game. In a Race complete a full Lap without getting hit by any Power-Up on any Track. Constant use of the Shield Power-Up can be used for this, try and get a far lead from the pack and get into First place. Get a fast Car and you should not have much trouble with this. Power-Up and hit 5 different Cars in the Midas Touch Event. Next get Hit with every type of Power-Up in one full Race. If you want to be sure just let one Shunt Power-Up hit you, then run into one Mine Power-Up and run into a Shock dome Power-Up, when you see an opponent grab the Barge Power-Up move your Car next to them and wait for them to use it and lastly stay in front or behind someone with a Bolt Power-Up.
Last of all Win 25 Career Races. This will unlock through progress of the game like the other challenges.

Race at each location in the game

You must race at each of the 15 locations in the game, the list below is in order of appearance in the Singe Player Career.
  1. Barcelona Oval,
  2. Amboy,
  3. Brighton
  4. LA Docks
  5. LA River
  6. LA Downtown
  7. Tokyo Shutoko
  8. SanFran Sausalito
  9. Barcelona Oval
  10. Barcelona Gracia
  11. SanFran Russian Hill
  12. Hollywood Hills
  13. Hackney
  14. NY Dumbo
  15. Mount Haruna, this track you race the Twins One-on-One.

For the fans
Master Fan Demands

There is two separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, which will also unlock with progression of the game. Complete 50 Fan Demands and Complete all Fan Demands in one Event.

Double Trouble
Beat the twins in their One-on-One

To Unlock this trophy there is four challenges prior to racing the Twins, Ayumi and Harumi in there One-on-One. Complete the following challenges first to Unlock the One-on-One. Forward Mine 5 Cars, to forward Mine a Driver, while holding a Mine Power-Up, press up on the and fire with the button. The Mine shoots in a straight line. Have a Car in front of you and shoot it at them. Repeat this 5 times. Then Nitro-Ram 5 Cars with a Nitro Power-Up, have a Car in front of you and use the Nitro Power-Up by Ramming into a Car. Once you have started using the Nitro-Ram and hit the car in front of you, it will say "Nitro Rammed" if you do it correctly. Then do the Get 10 Bonus hits in Destruction. Last of all wreck 1 Car and Finish First in Event 6. Event 6 is NY Dumbo Race, just pick up Blast, Shunt, and Bolt Power-Ups and fire them at other drivers until you wreck one of them. Then Finish the Race in First place. The Twins, Ayumi and Harumi are pretty slow drivers so get ahead of them, Use the Power-Ups at the beginning to slow them down and go on to win the One-on-One to win there Cars.

You can't touch this
Master the Shield Power-up

There is four separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, which will also unlock with progression of the game. First of all, Shield 150 incoming attacks. When you hold the Shield Power-Up, just use it whenever you see any other Power-Up about to hit you from behind. Do this 150 times in any of the races. Next Shield any 3 or more Power-Ups with a the same single Shield. The best time to do this is when your in the middle of a large group of Cars, use your Shield and hope the crossfire comes your way. Next Shield 50 incoming close range Power-Ups, for this you must use the Shield power up at the very last second right before an incoming Power-up is about to hit you, find the timing and keep using the Shield at the right time. Last of all Hold on to a Shield for one full Lap and go on to win the Race. Simply take a Shield Power-Up and don't use it, you can drive around Shock domes and use Reverse Shunts or Mine Power-Ups to counter incoming attacks.

Who needs cone gates?
Master Fan Runs

There is three separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, which will also unlock with progression of the game. First Complete 20 different Fan Runs on any track, next Complete all Fan Runs, there is 54 in total on the singleplayer section then to finish, Go through 500 Fan Gates in total gameplay.

Going Grey
Beat Carver in his One-on-One

To Unlock this trophy there is four challenges prior to racing Carver in the One-on-One. Complete the following which can be done under progression of the game. First of all Shield through 3 Mines, Make sure you have a Shield Power-Up ready, when you see a Mine in front of you, use the Shield Power-Up and hit the Mine. Repeat this in any Race 3 times. Next fully Bolt 8 Cars, use all your Bolt Power-Up's from a single Power-up on a opponent, there is three shots from this. Don't use the Bolt Mod on your Car prior to the Race because the Mod uses 4 shots, you can only use 3 for this. Then Win any Race without wrecking or Repairing, Just play any race and don't use the Repair Power-Up and avoid being wrecked by another driver. You must also come in 1st to win. Last of all Win Event 6 in Harumi's Car. You have to win the SanFran Sausalito Race while using your previous One-on-Ones Car, Harumi's Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-tune. It is the Pink and Black Car you need to use. When these are done you can Race Carver in his Dodge Viper. Carver is quite a good driver so stop him getting the Nitro Power-Up's use them yourself and go on to win the Race.

Lights out, Meatball!
Show that you can bring the fight to One-on-Ones

There is four separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, which will also unlock with progression of the game. First Deal more damage to Carver than you take and go on to win, for this you must damage Carver's Car until his Health bar is almost gone, then win the Race by crossing the finish line First. If your wreck his Car it will not count. Then In Natalya's One-on-One avoid getting hit by any Power-Ups at all and go on to win the Race. You can either wreck her Car or stay in front of her without getting hit. Next Smash up Khan's ride, for this you must wreck Khan's Car in his one-on-one, just take all the Power-Ups and attack him with everything, take any Repair Power-Ups you see so he can not use them to replenish his health. Last of all, Shock Talon in his One-on-One, stay behind Talon and wait until you see a Shock Power-Up on the track, grab them and use right away.

Haruna matata
Earn all Primary Lights in M.Haruna Checkpoint without damaging your car

You Unlock the Mount Haruna Checkpoint in the Loose Cannon event. It is the 4th Race in the events. I recommend a High rated Grip Car. Only use the Nitro Power-Up's on the very long straight sections. Don't use the Nitro Power-Up's after Gate 7 of 12 because the road has lots of bends and jumps in it, if you hit walls, guard rails or light poles, that's okay just don't slam into guard rail's head on or a wall head on. The best Car to use after you have completed the final Showdown, Shannon's One-on-One Race in the Single Player is the Opel Astra Extreme which has very High Acceleration, Speed, and Grip Rating's. Go through the corners smoothly and this should be no trouble at all with this Car.

Master the Shunt Power-up

There is four separate Challenges to Unlock this trophy, which will also unlock with progression of the game. First Shunt 250 Cars, Shunts are the Red Icon Power-Ups, they missile lock on to the first driver in its path. Next Destroy 100 incoming Shunts, you can destroy any incoming Shunt Power-Up's by shooting Reserve Shunt, Bolt or use Barge if your quick just before the Red Orb hits you. Next Avoid 100 Shunts through driving evasion, the best way to do this is to use the Shunt Evasion Mod that it unlocked later in multiplayer, if you don't have this Mod just wait until the Shunt Power-Up is approaching in your rear view mirror and then take a sharp turn in a different direction, sometimes you will evade it sometimes you won't. The Nitro Airbrake can be used in Reverse to make quick change direction also. Last of all Reverse skillshot 100 cars with Shunt, to Reverse skillshot you must simply hold down and to fire when your using the Shunt Power-Up, it makes it a lot easier if there's a large group of Car's behind you or if your targeting a driver on a long straight track.

Show 'em who's boss
Prove yourself by completing Rival Demands in career

To unlock this trophy, complete Rival Demands in Career Singleplayer. You can complete this from the list in City Slickers. The demands are, show Talon you can drift by finishing his first Demand. Complete the second Demand in City Slickers. Meet and finish your first Career Demand and meet and finish 10 Career Demands.

A Fast One
Beat Shannon again in her One-on-One

On this trophy Shannon returns for a final showdown on the last list of events before you verse her, you must carry out the following to unlock the Final Race in the Single Player section prior to the Game Credits. First of all stay above 120mph a full lap on any track, this is easier on any wide open tracks to do in this list. Next on this same list, on any track hit 15 Cars with the reverse Bolt Power-Up. Use and when you have the Bolt Power-Up. Then use the Mine Power-Up hit 20 Cars forward or reverse does not matter which. Last of all, come in first place in all 6 events on this list. Then the One-on-One will unlock, Shannon is not difficult to beat you can either wreck her Car or Win the Race. When you win you will receive her Car just like the other One-on-One Races.

Speed Demon
Hit set speeds in class A, B, C and D cars

These four challenges must be done without using the Nitro Power-Up. Reach 200 mph in a Class A Car on the Shutuko Track. Reach 175 mph in a Class B Car on the DownTown Track. Reach 160 mph in a Class C Car on the Docks Track and Reach 150mph in a Class D Car on the Amboy Track.

Drop the hammer
Complete everything in the singleplayer game

To unlock this trophy there is three separate challenges to do in the single player career, comes as you progress through the game. Complete all the Primary Lights on all Race events, there is 342 all together and you must finish first on any difficulty to do this. Next you need to collect all the Lights in the game includes the Secondary Lights on Fan Runs and Demands also, the total here including the Primary Lights is 450. The other which is included in the 450 Lights is to collect all the Secondary Fan Target Lights which there is 54. Does not matter how or which order you get them.

Somebody stop me!
Earn every Primary Light on Hard difficulty

This is the Hardest Trophy in the game.
To get this trophy Win every race by finishing First on Singleplayer Career on Hard Difficulty setting from start to finish on the total 9 Playlists. You need to obtain all the Primary Lights only from each event. You don't need to do any of the Fan Runs or Targets as they are Secondary Lights. To check when you have completed each Race on Hard and come in First place a small orange color Triangle will appear on each race section board at the right corner to let you know its completed.

Giant Killer
Beat a Rank 50 player

Play any multiplayer in Legend Mode and beat a Rank 50 Player. This can also be done in a large multiplayer list so long as you spot a Rank 50 player online.

Master the Blur Challenges

Four multiplayer challenges to get this trophy. Complete any 1 Challenge Pack 100%, Complete any 3 Challenge Pack's over 50%, Complete the Ultimate Comeback Challenge and finally Complete the Retribution Challenge.

All Rounder
Win a race in multiple playlists

Three multiplayer challenges to get this trophy. Win a Race in any multiplayer Playlist, Win a Race in the Hardcore Playlist on multiplayer and then be on the Winning Side of a Team multiplayer event.

Paint Job
Stand out from the crowd with car resprays

Three multiplayer challenges to do here. Respray a Car for the first time, Respray one of your own Cars with an unlocked paint type either Pearlescent, Metallic or Candy colour types and also Finish in First, Second or Third in a Pink Car.

Living legend?
Unlock Legend Mode

This is next to the Hardest Trophy in the game.
There is four different multiplayer challenges to do here to get this trophy. Details can be found in the Stickers section or in the multiplayer menu's. Unlock all Ranked Playlists, Unlock all Challenge Packs, Unlock all Vehicle Mods and Reach Rank 50 status Online.

For your consideration
Become an Award-winning racer

Select a multiplayer Race, this trophy unlocks by finishing a Race First. Go to multiplayer section, then enter Driving School Rank 1 to 10 section and finish First. Win your first Multiplayer Award, Win 2 Multiplayer Awards in a row, Win 3 Multiplayer Awards in a row, that means by coming first you get the second and third place awards also.

Win a race using a custom mod setup

It's straight forward to do this trophy, Edit and Save a Car Modification at multiplayer menu's then Win a Race using a Car that has a Custom Modification.

Photo Finish
Finish a race 0.1 seconds or less ahead of another player online

This trophy looks easy but it is harder than it looks. Whilst Racing in multiplayer online try to finish neck and neck with another player at the finish line, but come in first of course.

Motor Mash King
Earn the Motor Mash sticker

Three separate multiplayer requirements are needed for this trophy. Win a Motor Mash event in multiplayer, Wreck your Rival's Car in multiplayer and earn 50 Points in one Motor Mash event on multiplayer.

Party Trick
Win a race in 4 player Split Screen

Play a four player Split Screen game and win the race, quite easy if you have four players with four controllers. The four player screen can be selected in the multiplayer menu.

[top]Game Notes:

Mods: These boost your Power-Up's or change your vehicles attributes. The Mods are unlocked from beating rivals or earning fans. Add them to your car prior to any race.

There is 8 different types of Power-Up's in the game this section explains what they are and what color they are in the game. Power-ups are obtained in any race which they have a unique function to assist you when racing.
Shock: Silver Icon in color, this fires three lightning domes to the front of the race pack that will slow cars down when driving through them.
Shunt: Red Icon in color, this is a powerful homing missile that flips cars in the air. Looks like a red ball of fire when its approaching. Also shoots opponents behind you.
Barge: Purple Icon in color, this is a close range radial attack that blasts nearby vehicles away from you, just like a sonic boom when you use it. Use it on vehicles when you are bunched up with other drivers.
Mine: Gold Icon in color, drop this mine behind you to cause pursuing enemies to spin out of control, throw a mine ahead to cause same effect.
Bolt: Pink Icon in color, shoot three energy rounds to nudge your opponent off course. Fire rounds behind you to slow pursuing drivers.

Nitro: Green Icon in color, this is an intense burst of speed. Fire backwards to use as an Air Brake followed by a burst of speed to change direction.
Shield: White Icon in color, Protects you as a shield from any incoming Power-Up impacts and collision damage.
Repair: Yellow Icon in color, After all the punishment taken a quick fix is always helpful.

Other Icons:
Fan Gates: These Icons appear anywhere in any race on the game it's to help get more fan's and extra lights in the game points. The Icon's are gold in color when you drive through one it activates fan gates in gold also, you have to drive through each one in turn until you get to the last one which is a green gate in color. If you hit every gate it awards you with more fan's, if you miss just one gate you have it to do again on the next lap.

Fan Demand Icons: These are separate Fan Icons they look like Power-Up's with a Fan sign in the middle, these are picked up later in the game. You are given random tasks to do whilst driving with these they are added to Power-Up Icon's.

Stopwatch Power-Up Icons: These are found in Checkpoint races, each Power-Up gives you 1 to 2 seconds added to your total time. Appear quite a lot around Checkpoint tracks in large numbers usually with Nitro Power-Ups.

[top]Closing Comments:

This Racing game starts off quite easy then gets harder as you go along. Some of the Trophies unlock through general progression of the game where you need to do certain Fan Demands, to make up a set of four challenges which then unlock a One-on One Race, which also awards you the drivers car if you win. My favourite parts of the game are the Cars, these can be customized with different colors and includes the Pearlescent two tone color options which is a good touch to the game. I think Blur is a very well put together title which has a unique Multiplayer Legend Mode which unlocks when you reach level 50. This level unlocks 10 times so will keep you busy throughout the game. I also like the Brighton Track which has a colorful firework display whilst your racing, great graphics all round. I have noticed that there Is something on the game which is quite special on one of the Tracks, without giving too much away you can spot it on the Blur website, It's a video clue, near the fence as you go past is all I'm saying . I did not experience any problems with Blur and would recommend it to any of you keen racing addicts. Thanks for Reading and Good Luck with the Trophies.


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