Players: 1-4 (multiplayer co-op)

Online Trophies: None, all can be done offline
Online Pass Required for 100%: Nope
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-6 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: Hmmmmm
Glitched Trophies: Dang Girl You Ace At This Game

[top]Tips and Strategies

General Tips and Advice
  • All Trophies are in XMB Order
  • To begin the DLC you will need to head to the Unassuming Docks using fast travel.
  • Sometimes quests might glitch and you will not be able to complete some of the side objectives. This does not stop you from completing the quest and doesn't alter with any of the rewards except that you wont be able to get some of the additional stuff you get for completing side objectives.

  • There will be hordes of enemies so make sure to carry a good shield with you at all times. Make sure to have each type of weapons on you with different elemental abilities for the different quests in the area as well as the different enemies.
  • There will be moments with continuous enemy attacks that might feel endless. Make sure to be prepared before you enter a new area.
  • Carry Eridium with you at all times. Enemies drop lots of it and it is really helpful especially with Dice Chests and Defence or Speed shrines as they can help you during the tough moments when overcome by many enemies.
  • Target shock enemies first, in order to prevent them from destroying your Shield.
  • There are hundreds of different types of enemies with many different weaknesses, so using different guns will give you a huge advantage over the enemies, being able to adapt in the DLC
  • Chests do not always seem what they actually are, so watch out when opening them! Imminent mimicry.

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Step 1: Story Missions
Complete the story missions, making sure to do any of the misc trophies that you encounter. Especially if you see Dice Chests, make sure to try and get a 1 as it will save you time if you get it early on.

Trophies in this Step:
I Tots Plan That Boss
Shorty, You So best!

Step 2: Side Missions
Complete all of the side missions that are needed for trophies, now that you unlocked all those locations this should be easy. Make sure to try and get those 5 swords if you haven't already and to do the Amulet quest right.

Trophies in this Step:
Dang Girl You Ace At This Game!
Make it Raaaaid!

Step 3: Clean-up!
Now finish off all the miscellanious trophies you need to do. You should have the Dice one by now but if not after you defeat the dragons there is over 40 chests to try it on! Make sure to also find the darkness. Most of these could have been done on the way but if not you can do them now to get your 100%.

Trophies in this Step:
They was all "Hey That's Mine!"
Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'!
Girls Gotta Eat!
It's like that one video!


I Totes Planned that Boss
Slew Mister Boney Pants Guy

Story Related - Cannot be Missed

You will get this after you defeat your first boss of the game. Mister Boney Pants Guy is a very easy boss and you should have no problem at all with him as he is the first boss you encounter. Make sure to kill him quickly to proceed. This trophy pops after completing the first quest in the game.

Introduced thyself to the White Knight

Story Related - Cannot Be Missed

You will get this after you help get past a wall barrier by finding the White Knight. This will be during the Immortal Forest area where you will be blocked by a barrier that Davlin just can't open (useless dude). You will be required to retrieve the White Knight, but first you need to help him kill a few dragons. They shouldn't be too difficult to kill, but they will be flying around. Also make sure to stay near the White Knight as his special ability will give you some health incase you need it.

Shorty, You so Best
Completed thy quest by rescuing yonder queen

Story Related - Cannot be Missed

Unlocks after you defeat The Handsome Sorcerer and save the Queen from the villain. It will be the last story trophy in the game, and will mark the end of the DLC. Afterwards you are free to go back and re-explore the area's as well as complete more side missions.

The Handsome Sorcerer
The battle is fairly easy, he will firstly fight you himself, where he will use magic and summoning as well as his "clone splitting" to try and defeat you. His health isn't that great and can easily be defeated. Later on he will summon Necromancers and Skeletors to fight against you but you shouldn't have any problem with those either. Fairly easy boss fight, so enjoy the final battle of the DLC.

Girl's Gotta Eat
Fed thy noble queen 3 times during one visit to her quarters

Really easy. after completing the game feed the Queen 3 eridium for the trophy to pop. Sometimes she sicks it out so you have to try again. The Queen will be found in Flamerock Refuge alongside the White Knight and his pet. They are pretty hard to miss, so have fun. When feeding the Queen Eridium you'll notice that she... well shoots out guns I found that some of those guns are actually quite good so make sure to spend your eridium after you have no use for it on feeding the Queen.#

Side Note: When feeding the Butt Stallion you can get Orange Legendary Weapons! When feeding her Eridium you will notice that usually the horse "poops" out the guns. This time around it will prance around like a pony, then poop out a Legendary Gun. This is quite rare but the guns are very good. Also all the purple guns are re-skinned guns. So they will have extra bonuses with them than they're non-skinned version.

It's Like that One Video
Showed thine worst enemy, the abomination known as "The Darkness," who is the nerdiest of them all

The enemy known as 'The Darkness' is found in the Hatred's Shadow area of the game, which is after you have dealt with the Dwarves in the Dwarven Mine area. Once you move up the hill past a load of orcs and what-not, you will come to a huge gate, an entrance to the left with a quest and more cliff going to the right. Follow the cliff to the right until the end and you will find a Dark Wall, when pointing at it you will notice it has a health bar. It cannot attack back and it's very easy to kill. Just shoot, stab or kill it in any way you wish and the trophy will pop.

Video Help

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As for those who wish to know the origin:
Quote Originally Posted by trophielover
"It's Like that One Video" trophy. i was a little disappointed that "attack the darkness" wasn't listed where it was from. It was an easter egg from a PS2 game called Summoner 2 from 2002. During the credits you press X and a short video would play. "I attack the darkness" was from that.

They was all "Hey that's Mine"
Unsheathed 5 swords from Immortal Skeletaurs without leaving the area

The three swords have to be gotten by killing Immortal Skeletaurs. When their health is depleted they will fall and collapse, at that moment the swords can be taken out by holding when prompt. This has to be done without leaving a particular area, that means fast travelling out or using travel gates doesn't work. The best area for this is the Immortal Forest which is the third area you encounter. There will countless opportunities for it, but the three main ones are where you encounter the Giant Skeletaur, the Lost Souls quest and when you are fighting the four kings at the Tree of Might. The last location is bound to give you the trophy as there are 6-8 Immortal Skeletaurs during the fight. If another player takes out the sword it will still count towards your trophy, so even if you take out 3 and the friend takes out 2 you will be able to unlock the trophy.

Video Help

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Dang Girl You Ace at This Game
Won the most challenging round in Murderlin's Temple

The mission itself is not glitched, but to be able to trade in the quest for meeting Murderlin and starting the Circle of Slaughter quests, you must complete all missions in Flamerock Refuge. I wasn't able to trade in the quest for finding Murderlin until I completed Roll Insight and Post-Crumpocalyptic (Falmerock Refuge part)

This is pretty much similar to the other Circle of Slaughters you find in the game. It requires you to last through each round quests, which there are 6 of. The trophy will pop after you have completed Magic Slaughter: Round 6. The quest can be gotten from Murderlin inside the Murderlin's Temple, and you will need to complete Magic Slaughter: Round 1 to Round 6 for the trophy to pop. Make sure you have good weapons and are stocked up on ammo for this one, as well as watch your feet. There are a series of traps in the arena which will cause you annoyance, such as pit traps, corrosive steams, and spikes that cause a slowdown effect and hurt you. In each corner of the main arena with all the pit traps you will find shrines which can be bought to bring in useful effects. I recommend being stocked up on Eridium as most enemies in the DLC drop those.

If you are co-oping the Murderlin's Temple, which I advise you should due to the traps in the damn place, then if you have a Siren on the team and they end up dying, without being revived, they can still go down into the lower levels of the Temple, and phaselock the friends through the gates. This could be key as they can use this to keep the team alive, especially with quick recharge phaselock. - Thanks to Hoff for the Tip

Wielded the Mysterious Amulet


To get this trophy, you will have to complete the quest called The Amulet. After completing the game, go back to The Lair of Infinite Agony and look for a quest marker. Mister Miz will only appear occasionally, so if he isn't there, leave and re-enter the area. This marker will be Mister Miz who is a merchant character that will give you this quest. In order to do the quest correctly you will need to pay him a certain amount of money (depending on the amount you have) and he will give you the amulet. To get the trophy you will just have to put it on. It has some light bonuses but its not the greatest thing ever.

DO NOT HIT HIM or else you will need someone to drop you the amulet, as by hitting him you will be unable to get it in your playthrough. This makes this trophy missable if done wrong.
Video Help

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Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'
Demonstrated your skill, or lack thereof, at rolling the magical treasure orb of many sides

This trophy can be gotten by rolling a 1 on a Dice Chest. This has to be done using a single die option and not the two dices. The Dice Chests are found in many places throughout the game, and a Dice Chest will reset when you leave the area. Upon the defeat of Ancient Dragons of Destruction, you will be able to access a whole area with almost 40 Dice Chests, so the opportunities will be there. You will need to be the one to score 1, as if another player does it then you will not get the trophy. It seems that you will get better luck if you do it in your own game than if in another players game. This trophy is entirely luck based but some have managed to get the trophy by scoring 20 on a Dice Chest, though it is said to be a bug. Make sure to play single dice and not double dice due to the fact that you cannot score a 1 with two dices. It is also said to be possible if you score a 40 with two dices but that is very very rare.

Make it Raaaaid!
Vanquished the Ancient Dragons of Destruction

Ancient Dragons of Destructions are four Elemental Dragons who should be just a bit higher level than you that can be fought by doing the Raiders of the Last Boss Quest given by Mr Torgue after completing the main game.

Ancient Dragons of Destruction Strategy

Kill in This Order:
Healianth - Shock Dragon -
When Lands it will heal the other dragons, take care to be able to use shield as with him around it will be useless
Incinerator - Incendiary Dragon -
When lands it will erupt the whole floor with fire using an area attack- to stop his area attacks
Boost - Slag Dragon -
will boost dragon levels by 1 - so that the dragons dont keep leveling up. Can be killed before Incinerator if you have good fire resist
Brood - Corrosive Dragon -
will spawn green basilisks - weakest and green basilisks are good to get second wind on.

1-2 Players:
This boss might prove difficult to do solo, as you will have four targets to worry about at the same time. The worst problem is that they can land and cause you a lot of trouble as well as you will not be able to be revived unless there are Green corrosive basilisks around. If there is two of you and one of the players is quite higher in level than the Dragons, then it shouldn't prove too difficult to do. The best thing would be if one of the players is a Siren, as the Phaselock revive ability will be needed, especially if Incinerator manages to land early on. The first enemy to be targeted should be the Healianth, as he will keep your shields down and that is no good, especially that the other dragons can cause a good load of damage on you. If solo, Healianth is the best option as well as Shields are more important than anything at this stage. After the Shock Dragon is down, it would be wise to take out Incinerator before he kills both of you. Boost should land at least once by the time Healianth is dead, so Incinerator will be a higher level, with more damage. It's most effective to take out Incinerator second, as Brood or Boost being higher level will not make as much difference. The next one to take out should be Boost as he can increase both his and Broods level. Brood will spawn his basilisks so watch out for them. Finally the players should take our Brood as he is the weakest out the lot, even though he is corrosive and should be quite a higher level at this stage. The usage of the shrines in the arena is key, as especially solo, ammo or speed or defence can be quite needed. Make sure to bring Eridium with you in order to be able to purchase these.

Video Guide

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3-4 Players:
This is much more simple than with two players or solo. With three or four players, all players can either target the same dragon and kill them more quickly, or target a dragon each and lower the health of all dragons, then kill them in the order they find best, or my suggested order. With four players the dragons will be much stronger, and their defense will be stronger as well. Making sure each person knows who to target first is the best. The siren might be doing a lot of work, so it is a must to have one. Again the shock dragon needs to be taken care of first, due to the fact that shields will need to be kept. Keep following the same strategy as I have listed due to the fact it is better to do it that way, and then you have the highest chances. Unfortunately if you feel Boost is landing to much, take care of Incinerator first. As long as both Incinerator and Healianth are taken care of, chances are pretty high of success.

[top]Side Missions

Quests are in Random order. The ones which require pre-requisite quests have been mentioned in the description.

Flamerock Refuge

Mission: Critical Fail
Find Weapon that Moxxi has left for you.
For this quest you will need to speak to Moxxi in the pub inside Flamerock Refuge. She will tell you to go to the Immortal Woods to pick up the gun she left for you. You will have to play along Tiny Tina's rules, and the characters will roll the dice to see if you can pick up the gun. After two failed attempts the gun will move to The Forest. Go to there and try again, but again it fails and you will have to face of an orc enemy. After his defeat you can go and pick up the gun which will finish the mission.

Mission: Ell In Shrine Armor
Find some armor for Ellie.
You will be tasked to go to The Forest to retrieve some armor for Ellie. The armor is found at the area previously you might have visited during the story, where there was a side objective to take the wrong path. Once there, defeat all the treants, stumpys and spiders and go to the back of the hut. You will first be tasked to hit the tree and get the bikini armor. Ellie will not like this one and ask for something else. You will find more armor in the crate. Now you have a choice of which armor to pick and give to Ellie to finish the quest.

Mission: Fake Geek Guy
Find out if Torgue is a True Geek.
This quest can be gotten from Mr Torgue in Flamerock Refuge, and is another fairly easy Side Mission. There are three geeky questions scattered around the Flamerock Refuge. You will need to head to the three locations for Torgue to be asked a question which he will answer in. After you have been to all three locations you can turn in the quest with Mister Torgue for some experience and money.

Feed Butt Stallion
Objective: Feed the Queen Butt Stallion
When returning to Flamerock Refuge you will find The Queen. She is hungry so feed her some Eridium!

Mission: Pet Butt Stallion
Objective: Pet The Queen Butt Stallion
After feeding The Queen, pet her.

Find Murderlin's Temple
Find Murderlin
Just head to Murderlin's temple which is found by following the marker to his den. Talk to him to trade in the quest (you will have to have completed all the other quests that are going on in Flamerock Refuge at the moment.

Objective: Kill the monster.
Mr Torgue will want you to kill a difficult (not) boss, but you will encounter three evil vault hunters trying to steal it. Defeat the trio, twice as they respawn and then defeat the skeleton boss. For this you must have completed Fake Geek Guy first.

Mission: Post-Crumpocalyptic
Collect Crumpets for Tiny Tina
You have to collect crumpets for Tiny Tina. This is a quest which requires you to go to different area's. The first three are found in the Flamerock Refuge, the next three in the Unassuming Docks, the next three after that in The Forest, next three in Mines of Avarice and finally in the Lair of Infinite Agony. They are quite annoying to get in some points, but they shouldn't take too long to get if you know where they are located.

Mission: Raiders of the Last Boss
Defeat the terrifying raid boss.
This quest will require you to defeat the Ancient Dragons of Destruction. This quest becomes available from Mr Torgue and is ranked trivial even though you will find it pretty tough unless you have others to help you. For this you must have completed Fake Geek Guy first.

Mission: Roll Insight
Solve Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby's riddle.
For this simple mission you need to visit Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby who is found in the Flamerock Refuge after completing the main game. He will give you a quest to solve his riddle. You do not need to do anything, as an event will happen. Simply turn in the quest for some experience and money.

Mission: The Sword in The Stoner
Get Roland's Sword from the Golem
You will have to head to the Unassuming Docks for this one. Remember there was a huge area you never visited at first? well thats where we go to find the Immortal Golem. The Golem has a sword in him, and you will have to deplete his health three times in order to successfully retrieve the Sword. At First he will be slow and easy, but on the last stage he will try and ram you in order to kill you. Return with the sword to Roland in the Flamerock Refuge for a reward.

Mission: Winter is a Bloody Business
Find Prince Jeffrey and make him stop being a douche (LOL)
Quest is given by Roland after completing some of the other quests. You will have to head to Hatred's Shadow for this quest. Climb to the top of the Sorcerers Castle, until you reach Prince Jeffrey's room. Defeat his guard, then his two knights and finally slap him. Continue to slap him however many times Roland tells you to, and then head back to Roland in Flamerock Refuge once your job is done. There are a couple of side objectives done by slapping Jeffrey a few more times.

The Forest

Mission: Tree Huger
Help Aubrey the treant by planting and protecting a sapling, then destroying the orc camp.
Pretty much an easy quest, Aubrey a treant will give you a sapling to go and plant in the Lumber Yard aka Orc Village. Once you planted it, you will have to defend it from incoming orcs. After it is fully grown you will have to help it defeat many orc enemies in order to complete the quest. Return to her afterwards for your reward.

Immortal Woods

Mission: Lost Souls
Help the Soulless Skeleton
When in the Immortal Woods you will encounter a person sitting by a bonfire. Speak to the skeleton and he will give you a quest to go light three more bonfires using a incinerator weapon of your choice. Then you will need to defeat the invader that attacks you and the ally. (clearly no Dark Souls reference in this quest)

Mines of Avarice

Mission: The Beard Makes the Man
Forge a Wizard beard for Claptrap.
Claptrap's first side quest is to squash five dwarves and use their beard hair at the Dwarven Beard Forger 9000 to create Claptrap a beard. Squishing the dwarves using the machine shouldn't be too difficult. Just let them follow you and then hit the button.

Mission: My Kingdom for a Wand
Help Claptrap charge his wand with magic energy.
After completing the previous quest you will be given a new quest to charge up his magic wand. You will have to insert the magic wand into a golem, a skeleton and a orc and kill them all in different ways in order to charge it up. Afterwards bring the wand back to claptrap.

Mission: The Claptrap's Apprentice
Defeat the summoned brooms.
Now it's Claptrap's time to test out the wand! You will experience his new magical skills as he fails and creates evil brooms you have to fight against. Just kill all the brooms as Claptrap continues to mess up to end his final quest, as Claptrap is now an amazing Wizard!

Hatred's Shadow

Mission: Loot Ninja
Kill Sir Gallows Friends and collect loot from Sir Gallow
When entering Hatred's Shadow and climbing up the hill to the gate to the huge castle, you will be able to go to a cave on the left. Inside the cave is Sir Gallow who is disappointed due to his loot being ninja'd by someone. He suspects his friends did it so you will have to find and kill three different Knights while going through Hatred's Shadow. After the quest is done he will give you a reward.

The Lair of Infinite Agony

The Amulet
Objective: Buy the mysterious amulet from Mister Miz, Or don't.
This quest is done after you complete the main story. You can find Mr Miz in the area and he will offer you an amulet to buy or you can listen to Brick and punch him. For trophy you need to buy the amulet.

Mission: My Dead Brother
Help Simon the Wizard track down his brother's corpse.
You will find Simon randomly in the area. He will give you an objective to find his brother's corpse, revive him and kill him again. Only problem is you don't know where it is. You will have to check 3 different area's and defeat many different skeletons and what not before you'll find his corpse. After you have found it you will have the choice of either killing Simon or his Brother Edgar.

Murderlin's Temple

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 1
Survive the Round
The first round of the circle of slaughter. There are four waves you need to survive. Watch out for traps!

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 2
Survive the Round
Pretty much the same as the one above except the enemies are a bit tougher and more variations come to play.

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 3
Survive the Round
The same as the two above, except now there are way more enemies yet again. Same thing.

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 4
Survive the Round
The same as the last three. Another four waves of carnage with much more difficult enemies, more badasses and everything else.

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 5
Survive the Round
Almost the same as all the others. This time there is five waves and not four.

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Round 6
Survive the Round
The final one needed for trophy, there are six waves of enemies this time. Might feel endless so make sure to pick up those shrines for more ammo!

Mission: Magic Slaughter: Badass Round
Survive the Round
This one is available upon completing the last 6, this time you will face only badass enemies! This isn't needed for the trophy. There are five waves of enemies.

Mission: The Magic of Childhood
Protect Murderlin's son
You will have to protect Murderlin Jr who is the son of Murderlin. This is a tower defence sort of game where you are stuck with his son on top of a tower, and need to survive five waves of enemies who are orcs with weird barrells in their hands. Shoot the barrels for the enemies to die. QUite repetitive. Do not let them get to close as they will try and destroy the tower, thus failing the quest.


  • Vulgar - helping with the game and the Dragon's Boss Fight
  • DaveyHasselhoff - helping with guide and trophy tips, related guides etc
  • vettes_4-ever - helping with input
  • Qurb - for the amazing banner
  • Broken - For tips with the Butt Stallion Eridium drops
  • Hitman - for spotting errors in the guide

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