Players: 1-4
Online Play: 2-4
Cheat Codes: N/A
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty:
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Suggested Playthroughs: 1-2
Time to Platinum/100%: 15-20 hours (depending on if you are playing with other people)

[top]Tips and Strategies

Just like the Zombie Island of Doctor Ned DLC, there is only one way-point in this level, which is located in T-Bone Junction. This can be irritating but it can also be used to your advantage. If you are in the Sunken Sea and need to get to T-Bone Junction, you can exit the level and when you back into the game you will be in the T-Bone Junction.

I would also like to add the I would recommend beating this DLC on playthrough 2 because you won't level up enough if you play playthrough 1 to get the Ding! Over leveled to 11 trophy. However, playthrough 2 is much more difficult.


Making a Monster
Built the New Car: Monster

Story-related. You will unlock this after you complete the "Grease monkey" mission.

Athena, Out
Rescued Athena

Story-related. You will unlock this after you complete the "Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked" mission.

Depot Demolition
Destroyed Lance Depot

Story-related. You will get this during the "Loot Larceny" mission

Killed Crawmerax the Invincible

Story-related. You will get this after you complete the "You. Will. Die" mission. See the Mission List post for tips.

Sneaky Little Buggers
Killed each of the loot midgets

There are 5 types of loot midgets for this DLC. You do not have to kill them all, you just have to kill one of each kind. They are as follows:

Meat Popsicle: In the T-Bone Junction, when you are on the mission "Boost the Monster" you will go down a couple of houses on grates. The last house has a locked door and on the other side is a switch. Flip the switch and the door will be unlocked. Inside the freezer resides Meat Popsicle. He is also located in the Prison after you kill Jerome and Mr. Shank threatens you. Go straight, through the door in front of you and there is another Meat Popsicle in the freezer.

Truxican Wrestler: In the prison, Truxican Wrestler is located in a couple of the lockers. I heard that it can be random but I found him to the left as you first enter the prison and in various other lockers throughout the prison.

Mini Steve: Mini Steve is also located in the prison and he is inside of the red loot chests. There are a couple of places that he could be, like the Truxican Wrestler, but I found him by the broken Claptrap. I also found him in places other than the prison. I found him in a chest by Moxxi's Graffiti #1 and found him by the Took Pipe in the "Purple Juice!" mission.

Crimson Shorty: Crimson Shorty hides in the Lancer Chests and can be commonly found during story mission 14. If you are facing the entrance to the armory, turn around 180 degrees and he is in the chest on the left.

Dumpster Diver: During the mission "Little People, Big Experiments," you will come to a room where you face off with Motorhead. After you beat him, on the left wall there is a dumpster. Open it and the final loot midget will be before you.

Speed Kills
Destroyed a Lancer while in a Racer

Fairly simple trophy. After you complete the "You've Got Moxxi: Moxxi's Red Light" mission, you will gain access to the Racer. You can shoot and destroy the Crimson Lancer entirely in the Racer (which you first meet on the highway after the above mission) or you can shoot it, get into a Racer, and then destroy it to get the trophy. You can also obtain this trophy if you are in the car while your teammate destroys the Crimson Lancer.

Ding! Overleveled
Reached Level 51

Refer to Ding! Overleveled to 11 trophy.

Ding! Overleveled to 11
Reached Level 61

I would recommend playing through the game on playthrough 2 and you will level up much faster than if you play on playthrough 1. Just keep completing missions and killing enemies and you will continue to level up.

Completed all mission in Secret Armory

For this trophy you have to complete all the missions in the Secret Armory. A list of the missions and tips for those I found confusing or challenging is posted in the "Mission List" post.

Sucker Born Every Minute
Paid for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

The World's Largest Bullet is located in the Sunken Sea. In mission 11, "Code Breaker: Time is Bullets" you will go there to pick up a communication device. To get the trophy, however, you need to go to the house next to the bullet. On the house there are numerous arrows pointing to a box with a money symbol on it. You need to deposit 8 million dollars and you will get this trophy.

[top]Mission List

The way that I am going to present this is that I will list the story mission and the side missions that are available after you beat the last story mission. Example:

1+ “Story Mission 1 (Location to get it)”

2+ “Story Mission 2 (Location to get it)”
-- “Side Mission Unlocked for beating Story Mission 1 (Location to get it)
* Hints about how to beat mission

I will also be giving hints to the missions that I found either difficult or confusing.

There are a total of 15 story missions and 28 side mission, making a total of 43 missions that need to be completed in order to get the “Completionist” trophy.

1+ “Scooter? But I Don’t Even Know Her” (Available at the Start)

2+ “Boost the Monster” (Scooter)
-- "Big Crimson Brother is Watching” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
-- "Wanted: Dead!” (Available During “Boost the Monster” when you fight the Crimson Elite Soldiers)
* You will work on this mission as you go through the story missions and fight the other crimson soldiers with swords. You fight the final team during mission 14 and then you have to go to the bulletin board in one of the roadblock control panels to turn in the mission. You may encounter the same team more than once, but you have to kill each team to complete this mission.

3+ “Grease monkey” (Scooter)
* This mission unlocks the Making a Monster Trophy
-- “Core Collection” (Marcus)
* For this mission, you need to kill Crimson Lance soldiers and they will drop one of three energy cores (random). You need the kill 175 to get all three types of energy cores so I suggest that you accept this mission as soon as you complete “Boost the Monster” so that backtracking will be minimal. I completed this mission when I was working on mission 14.

4+ “You’ve Got Moxxi: Roadblocks" (Scooter)

5+ “You’ve Got Moxxi: Moxxi’s Red Light" (Scooter)
* This mission was really confusing for me my first time through and pretty difficult since I kept getting ran over by the enemies Basically, what you need to do is drive off the ramp, and go straight while curving around the right side of the mountain so that you can gain access to a ramp that heads toward Moxxi’s Red Light.

6+ “Prison Break: Road Warrior” (Moxxi)

7+ “Prison Break: Over the Wall” (Moxxi)
*This mission might also be a little confusing. When you get to the green diamond, you will see a hole in the side of the mountain and you have to boost off the ramp to get through it. Also, when you boost off Mr. Shanks’s house, I’ve never made it over the wall but if you get out of the car and go around the right side you will gain access into the prison.

8+ “Prison Break: Try Not to Get Shanked” (Moxxi)
* This mission unlocks the Athena, Out trophy.
-- “Claptrap Rescue” (Claptrap)
* There is a Claptrap in this level on the far left side of the map about half way up. As you go through the level you may him whining about how “women of all age like candy”

9+ “Rendezvous” (Athena)

10+ “Code Breaker: Analysis” (Athena)
-- “This Bitch is Payback” (Athena)
-- “This Bitch is Payback, Pt. 2” (Athena)
* Complete “This Bitch is Payback” to unlock this mission.
-- “OMG APC” (Scooter)
-- “Power Leech” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
-- “Road Rage” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
* This one can be a little tricky since there aren’t too many cars driving around the Sunken Sea. I found that the best place to do it is near the World’s Largest Bullet. There should be two cars around the entrance, so kill those. Go back to where the bullet is and wait for a little while. Then, go back out and drive around the column with the house on it because that is where the cars fall down from.

11+ “Code Breaker: Time is Bullets” (Lance Echo)

12+ “Athena Set Up Us The Bomb” (Athena)

13+ “Bridging the Gap” (Athena)
-- “Knoxxed Out” (Athena)
-- “Thrown for a Loop” (Moxxi)
*Make sure you get this mission before you complete the “Bridging the Gap” mission so you don’t have to go back and forth.
-- “Drifter Lifter” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
*This Drifter pretty much looks exactly the same as the others so find this one by moving your crosshairs over him and seeing the name “Skyscrapper.”

14+ “Armory Assault” (Athena)

15+ “Loot Larceny” (Athena)
* You get the Depot Demolition trophy while completing this mission.
-- “Stain Removal” (Moxxi)
* Make sure you stop by Moxxi before you head back to the T-Bone Junction so you can get a final mission from her after turning in “Thrown for a Loot.” For this mission, you have to erase the graffiti that people have spread about Moxxi. My personal favorite is the first one you have to erase

After 15:
-- “New Recriut” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
-- “Bugged” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
-- “You. Will. Die” (T-Bone Bounty Board)
*This mission will get you the Vincible trophy when you beat it; but it is hard, it is even impossible to do if you level is under 60. I will be breaking the next part into how to play it on Playthrough 1 (Normal) and Playthrough 2 (Hard). No matter which playthrough you choose to beat him on, I would recommend doing it with at least one other person, it makes beating Crawmerax a whole lot easier. Another tip for either playthrough is that you need to have at least one team member up with Crawmerax at all times, or his health will reset. The character can be in the near-death state while another character goes up and it will be fine but if the character fighting Crawmerax dies while you are heading up the ladder, by the time you get up there Crawmerax's health will have reset.

Toggle Spoiler

Misc. Missions:

Thirsty the Midget’s Missions
*Thirsty the Midget s located in Sunken Sea. As soon as you go into this area, to the left of the off ramp, there is a giant “Hyperion” sign. At the base of that sign is a shack and in the shack lies Thirsty.
-- “Purple Juice!”
-- “Little People, Big Experiments”
*Remember, this is the mission where you can kill the Dumpster Diver loot midget. He is located on the left side when you enter the room.

Lost Lewts Mission
*This mission can be tricky. What you need to do is, in Road’s End, go to the western side of the map and you will see a thin stretch of land that leads to a house on a cliff. Inside the house is a red chest. That chest contains a device that you can use to find buried loot in the area. There are a total of 5 places where the loot is buried and what you have to do is use the Lancer to drive near these places and when the red circle on your scanner (to the side of your car) gets smaller, it means you are getting close to the treasure. When you start to see green lines on your scanner it means you are basically on top of the chest. So get out of the car and find the loot, which you dig up by pressing

Here's a map I made of where to find all the hidden loots. The yellow box is where to pick up the scanner and the red "X"s are where you should look:

Toggle Spoiler

Marcus’ Missions
* Either after you beat the game or after you beat the “Core Collection” mission (they were one in the same for me) you will unlock the rest of Marcus’ missions.
-- “Mop Up”
* This mission requires you to kill a certain number of each type of special crimson lance soldier. I would recommend getting this mission and that starting the “Circle of Duty” missions because you will complete this as you beat those missions.
-- “Super-Marcus Sweep”
* This mission is exactly like the final story-mission level where you have 3 minutes to grab all the loot you can hold and then get out. In my opinion, the crimson lance chests are the only ones worth exploring so I would get all of those, which are located on the areas that the moving platform takes you.
-- “Local Trouble”
* For this mission, you have to kill 50 prisoners, 100 midgets, and 25 skags. Here’s how I did it. I went to the Sunken Sea and, remember where you killed all those midgets and skag riders when you got the bomb for the “power Leech” mission (it’s under the highway to the left of the map). There are a total of 42 midgets there and 12 skags here. So I killed all of them, went to the prison and killed the 50 prisoners, and then went back to the same spot as before and killed more skags and midgets. It doesn’t give you all of them so you also have to come back a third time.
-- “It’s Like Christmas!”
* Another loot hunting mission and is the same as “Super-Marcus Sweep.”

Circle of Duty Missions
* Accepting the mission “New Recruit” allows you to go to the Circle of Duty, which is an arena where you have to face 5 trails. I recommend getting the “Mop Up” mission before you start this or “Core Collection” if you haven’t gotten it up to this point because you fight many crimson lance soldiers of all types here. Also, the last mission, “Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty” is really hard so be prepared. Remember to take cover and avoid the Lancer that drives around the track!
-- “Circle of Duty: Cadet”
-- “Circle of Duty: Private”
-- “Circle of Duty: Corporal”
-- “Circle of Duty: Sergeant”
-- “Circle of Duty: Medal of Duty”

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