Number of Offline Players: 1-2
Number of Online Players: 2-4
Cheat Codes: N/A
Total Trophies: 5
Trophy Difficulty: Easy 4/10
Minimum Playthrough: 1
Suggested Playthrough: 1
Time To Complete: 3/4 Hours

Some tips you should consider when going to play this downloadable content pack!

I strongly suggest you play this pack after you have completed the normal game and are around level 42+. I suggest this because it will make the enemies much easier as I some parts of this pack would be very hard if you were on a low level.

Make sure you have enough ammo at all times as there are enemies everywhere and often you will get attacked by a large group of them!

I also suggest before going out on a quest make sure you have 2 or 3 free inventory slots because almost anywhere you go there will be crates, chests to loot which contain valuable weapons, shields, grenade mods and class mods!

Also the downloadable pack is very good so please don't rush it and do the side missions!

House of the Ned
Completed the "House of the Ned" mission

This trophy is story related and is one of the early missions in the pack. It is the third mission you are given. Once you arrive in Jakobs Cove you are given the Welcoming Committee mission in which you have to Recalibrate 3 defense turrets around the village so that they shoot the zombies. After this you will be given the Is the Doctor In? mission in which you have to go to his waterfront clinic. You will then be given the House of the Ned mission in which you have to go his house in the bayou. When you arrive there will be many zombies in which you have to kill to reach the house. Once there you have to talk to Dr Ned over the intercom. He will then start lowering the elevator which takes a while, as he does this loads of zombies will spawn and you will have to kill them until the elevator is down. Run to the elevator and pull the hand crank on the floor. All you have to do now is enter his house. You will get the trophy after you have finished the mission.

+ There is a vending machine in the house for you to stock up on supplies or sell any loot!

Jakobs Fodder
Completed the "Jakobs Fodder" mission

You will receive this mission a while after the House of the Ned. This requires you to go to Dead Haven. To find the entrance to Dead Haven, Dr Ned's lab and the COMMS room look at the map in the spoilers below. In this mission you need to go to Doctor Ned's old lab. For this mission you need to collect Dr Ned's old echo recordings, Echo 1 is on table and echo 2 is on a shelf in the lab. Once you have collected these you have to leave the lab and fight through a hoard of zombies to reach a rooftop where the COMMS room is located. Once you are there you need to send the echo devices to Jakobs using the COMMS machine and that will be the mission completed. You will receive a response almost immediately. You will get the trophy right after completion.

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Night of the Living Ned
Killed Ned...sort of

To earn this trophy you must complete the Night of the Living Ned mission! This mission requires you to go to the lumber yard. Be careful when here as there are LOTS of enemies in this area. Work your way towards the drawbridge. Once you are there you need to lower it, To lower it you must have the device given to you by the claptrap. He gives you this when you return the previous mission to the Bounty Board in Jakobs Cove. After you have returned the mission the new claptrap will start talking. When finished he will grant you entrance to the mill. He wont actually hand you anything though. After he says this just leave the village and head to the Lumber Yard. After you have lowered the drawbridge just carry on to the mill. Once you are in the Mill it isn't that hard. Just make your way through a few rooms and you will soon find yourself in a big room with Doctor Ned. After a short cutscene you will have to fight him. If you have followed my tips at the top this fight will be easy. I recommend using a sniper at first to take out the shield from a distance, an incendiary sniper is best. Then get up a bit closer if you have a good sub-machine gun and take him out. Or do it your own way. You will receive the trophy as the credits roll.

Ned's Undead, Baby, Ned's Undead
Killed Ned. Again

To earn this you must kill Doctor Ned, again!! After he rips away the credits make sure you have enough ammo for your preferred weapons, if not run back to the ammo machine and refill! To reach Undead Ned you must drop down the black hole at the front of the room where you killed Ned the first time. From there follow the corridor along until you reach the huge cavern where he is. Incendiary weapons are good against Ned, as are powerful SMG's. Also Ned has very basic attacks so you should be able to dodge most of them.

His attacks are:

He will do the same as a defiler and vomit at you which will hurt and slow you.
He will summon zombies which try to kill you
Nearer the end of the fight he will spin in a circle towards you with his arms out which will deal moderate damage.
Also when he dispensary under the sludge just keep moving as he will reappear next to you and slash.

As long as you dodge these attacks and keep him under fire you should be okay!

Completed the "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains" mission

This is the longest and dullest mission. To activate this mission you need to visit Zombie Tk Baha in the south west area of the Hallow's end. Exactly where to find him is marked in the spoiler below. There are 5 Brains missions:

1. You must get 10 brains
2. You must get 25 brains
3. You must get 50 brains
4. You must get 100 brains
5. You must get 250 brains!

To earn a brain you have to kill a zombie with a headshot, it will then drop a brain along with the usual loot! Only collect the exact amount of brains needed for the mission. Then collect the leftover brains on the next mission as if you have collected 20 but on needed to return 15 he will take away them all. After completing the fifth and final mission you will get the trophy!

You can do the first three missions in Hallow's end, the other two you will need to leave an search in other areas. Dead Haven & the Lumber Yard are packed with zombies and you are bound to get at least 100 brains in each area easily!

For people who would rather do this quickly, here is a cheat from XxBlackcat008xX

If you find someone who is almost done with the final Brains mission then you could finish it quickly by doing this:

Join the persons game, say they have around 200 brains, if you collect 50 in their game, you will both obtain the trophy.

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Thank you to the Borderlands Wiki for the maps and for certain info!

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