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1-2 offline splitscreen, 1-4 online co-op
Online Trophies: Who You Gonna Call?
Estimated Time to Platinum: 25-50hrs
Minimum Playthroughs: 2 + Cleanup
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: none
Glitched Trophies: none so far

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • All Trophies are in XMB Order
  • Collect everything, selling Weapons and whatnot is a great source of income.
  • Hold to grab large amounts of ammo at once
  • Note that when holding over a weapon will auto equip said weapon

[top]Grinder Recipes

You can also throw in similar-class weapons of low-rarity to receive high-rarity weapon of the same class. In this guide, I’m going to talk about different recipes for Grinder.

[top]How Grinder Recipes Work

When it comes to grinding weapons to craft new weapons, the level of the weapons you are to add into the Grinder matters. The newly crafted weapon most likely will have an average of the weapon-levels which were used to craft it.
Another interesting you should note is, adding three weapons from the same manufacturer will most likely give you weapon made by a different manufacturer. It’s highly unlikely to grind some of the very unique weapons in the game especially blue, purple and orange.

[top]What Are Moonstone Bonuses

To get better results with Grinder, you can throw in Moonstones in it and get useful bonuses. In this section, I’ll provide a complete list of Moonstone Bonuses that can be found in the game:
  • Fast Learner – Bonus to XP from kills
  • Harden Up – Improves maximum shields
  • Boominator – Increases grenade damage
  • Safeguard – Restores some of your shields on each kill
  • Oxygenator – Damaging enemies restores Oxygen
  • Piercing Rounds – Grants a chance to ignore enemy shields
  • Punisher – Raises critical hit damage
  • Serenity – Reduces rate of O2 consumption

[top]Grinding Legendary, Purple, Unique And Rare Weapons

If you add two legendary and one purple items. The purple item added to the grinder will dictate the legendary base type. Lowest item added in the grinder in this combination will dictate the level of the crafted item. Don’t forget to add Moonstones to get the Luneshine Enhancement.
Legendary Weapon of Desired Type: Legendary Weapon + Legendary Weapon + Purple Weapon of Desired Type. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a purple.
Purple Weapon of Desired Type: Grind 3 Blue Weapon of Desired Type. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a blue item.
Random Purple Weapon: Grind 3 Random Blue Weapons. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a blue item.
Blue Weapon of Desired Type: Grind two green weapons of desired type and one green weapon. Without moonstone, you have a chance of getting a green.
Random Blue Weapon: Grind three random green weapons. If you don’t add moonstone, there is a chance of getting a green.
Green Weapon of Desired Type: Grind two white weapons of desired type and one additional white weapon. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a white weapon.
Random Green Weapon: Grind three white weapons on random. If you don’t add a moonstone, you have a chance of getting a white.

[top]Grinding Purple Items

Adding 3 blue unique items into Grinder will yield a purple item. Do note that the crafted item will not have any special grind effects.

[top]Grinder Recipes – Rarity Wise

  • 3 White Pieces of Gear of same class = Green Piece of Gear of same class
  • Three Green Pieces of Gear = One Piece of Blue Gear
  • Three Blue Pieces of Gear = One Piece of Purple Gear
  • Two Orange Guns + One Purple Gun = Orange Gun

[top]Grinding Shields, Oz Kits, Class Mods, Grenade Mods

When it comes to Shields, Oz Kits, Class Mods and Grenade Mods, following rules will apply:
Purple Item
2 Blue Items Desired Type + 1 Random Blue Item. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a blue.

Blue Item
2 Green Items of Desired Type + 1 Random Green Item. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a green.

Green Item
2 White Items of Desired Type + 1 Random White Item. If you don’t add moonstone, you have a chance of getting a white.

[top]Grinding Recipes – Class Wise

Assault Rifle
  • Two Assault Rifles + One Shotgun = Assault Rifle
  • Two Assault Rifles + One Laser Gun = Assault Rifle
  • Two Assault Rifles + One Pistol = Assault Rifle
  • One SMG + One Auto Pistol + One Assault Rifle = Assault Rifle
Rocket Launcher
  • Two Assault Rifles + One Grenade = Rocket Launcher
  • Two Shotguns + One Grenade = Rocket Launcher
  • Two Sniper Rifles + One Grenade = Rocket Launcher
  • Auto Pistol + Assault Rifle + Grenade = Rocket Launcher
  • Shield + SMG + Pistol = Shotgun
  • SMG + Auto Pistol + Assault Rifle = Shotgun
Sniper Rifle
  • Shotgun + Sniper Rifle + Shield
  • Shotgun + Assault Rifle + Shield
  • Assault Rifle + Pistol + Shield
  • Laser Rifle + Assault Rifle + Pistol
  • Assault + Laser + Sniper
Increased Rarity Class Mod
  • Any three class mods of same rarity. The character who uses the grinder gets back the class mod.

[top]Things That Don’t Work

Do note that combining two random things doesn’t always create something. For instance, combining three Purple Pieces of Gear doesn’t create anything. Furthermore, two Blue Guns that you receive for having Borderlands and Borderlands 2 save files cannot be ground.

By Arslan Tufail

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Pick a character and start playng. Be sure to play every side mission as they come available. By the time you finish your normal playthrough you should have the majority of the trophies completed. You should only need to complete the rest of the character trophies, challenges, and reach Level 50.

Don't forget to to get the couple of trophies you wil need to get playing CO-OP
SUB-LEVEL 13 (Must be completed with 4 players)


For this playthough your main focus is to Level Up your character. If you have played every mission and side mission in the game by the time you get to the Vault you should be just about at Level 50. Finish the final mission in the story and then go to Vorago Solitude and load up a side mission called Guardian Hunter. Use this mission to Level Up the characters you did not play up to at least a Level 25 in Co-op. This should also put you over the top for Level 50! You can also head over to Serenity's Waste and farm Iwajira for plenty of loot and alot of EXP.


First if you have any challenges that you have not completed Level 1 for the CHALLENGER trophy now is the time to wrap it up. I would recommend to go back into normal mode so all the enemies are easier to kill. Once you have earned this trophy start working on the specific character trophies for the characters you did not use in your two playthroughs. These should be the final three trophies you will need to get that magical sound we all wait for!



Borderland Defender Round 1.5
Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies.

Invaders Must Die
Completed the mission "Lost Legion Invasion".

This is a Story Mission
And so it begins!! Welcome to Helios station!! First off you need to follow the claptrap to the control room to help Jack! That's right, I said Jack! He is under attack by the Lost Legion who are trying to take over the station. When you reach the control room you will have to defeat around 10 Lost Legionaires. Once you defeat all the enemies go help Jack by reviving him by holding the . Once he is revived he will turn in the first part of the mission and give you a shield for your help. When Jack tries to retake control of the station he will be locked out of the system and two turrets will activate and try to kill you and Jack. Take out the turrets and Jack will tell you its time for plan B. Follow Jack to reach the escape ships. But, someone has gotten there first which will force you and Jack to seek an alternate route. Jack will decide to get off the station by using the Moonshot Cannon. Follow Jack until you reach your fist real battle.

Flame Knuckle

Flame Knuckle uses a power mech suit to shoot fire. But his body is exposed in the center of the suit. Start aiming for the center of the suit to hit Flame Knuckle and get as many critical hits as possible. This will damage the suit enough where he will have to get out of the suit to continue the fight. Once he is out of the suit and you have attacked him enough to take out his shields he will be extremely easy to defeat. A couple well placed shots and he is down. Just clean up the rest of the remaining soldiers then follow Jack to the elevator to the Moonshot Cannon. As usual nothing works as planned because the elevator is stuck. Jack will tell you to get into a Moonshot shell and he will raise you to the next level so you can free up the elevator. Once you free up the elevator Jack will join you and volunteer to stay behind to launch you to Elpis to find the jamming signal so he can regain control of the station. So hop into the Moonshot Cannon and...KABOOM! off you go to Elpis!!

Once you get to Elpis you will have a small problem. You have not arrived at Concordia, the place Jack was trying to send you. Welcome to Triton Flats. Oh yeah, did i mention that you have no way to breathe? Lucky for you you have been found by a new friend.

Janey Springs

Janey will free you and recommend that you follow her to her station so you will be able to breathe. Once she hears your story she will offer you her help and tell you where to get an Oz kit so you can move around on the moon's surface. Head over to her storage building and break the four locks that are holding the door closed. Once you are inside kill the two kraggons that attack you then wait for Janey to meet you at the shed. Once she is there turn in the mission and she will give you a new Oz kit and this will complete Chapter 1.

Here is a quick reference for what you need to do to unlock the trophy.

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Welcome To The Rock
Completed the mission "Marooned".

This is a Story Mission
Janey Springs has agreed to help you reach Concordia so you can locate the jamming signal. First she needs you to get her digistruct key from someone she doesn't like to much. So leave the shed and head off to reach the next area, Regolith Range. Here is where you will find your next mini-boss.


To get to Deadlift you will need to use a jump pad to get to his ship. Unfortunately, before you get to the jump pad, Deadlift decides to shut the power off to it. Janey will recommend that you head up to the substation to re-establish the power. When you get to the substation you will have to reset the breaker but unfortunately the fuse is busted. Janey has an idea though and guess what is going to act as the fuse. Once the power is turned back on head back to the jump pad and enter Deadlift's ship. For this boss battle Deadlift uses a Laser rifle that will take out your shield in one shot. He will use the jump pads all around the area to jump up to the multiple levels in the area. Try not to be on the same level as he is because he will electrify the floor of any level he is standing on. Use the jump pads to be on the level that is across from him and take him out with an assult rifle if you have one or a pistol. But they will have to be from long range and keep moving if you can. His shields are pretty strong and will take some time to take them down. Keep the pressure on him because his shields will start to regenerate. Use your Action Skill as much as possible to inflict some good damage.

Once he is defeated head to the highest level using the jump pads to enter the room where he hid the digistruct key. It is in a real crappy hiding place. Now that you have the key head out of the ship and make your way to the Moon Zoomy Station. Insert the key to unlock your first vehicle, The Moon Zoomy. Now head back to Serenity's Waste and go back to Janey. She will give you an Orbitron to take with you. You may need it to get into Concordia. You will now be able to Turn In the mission with Janey and this will complete Chapter 2.

Here is a quick reference for what you need to do to unlock the trophy.

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Completed the mission "Systems Jammed".

This is a Story Mission
Now its time to head to Concordia. Jump into your Moon Zoomy and take a right out of the garage. You will see the ramp right in front of you as you turn the corner. Line up and hit the thruster to jump across the opening. Head into the building on the other side to find the entrance to Concordia. When you get there you will be stopped by the security claptrap and issued a few tickets for bad behavior and told to follow him to the jail. Janey tells you to give him the orbitron which reprograms him into letting you into the main area. But first you will need to go through decontamination with Nurse Nina! Now that you are finally inside Jack will tell you to go find the Meriff to find where the jamming signal is. Unfortunately he isn't very helpful. Jack has another idea and sends you to the Up Over Bar for some help from the owner. Hey who is that on the dance floor? They look familiar! Guess who runs the bar!


Moxxi will tell you to go and get some moonstones from the security claptrap so you can buy some transmitters so she can locate the jamming signal. Go get the moonstones and then head over to the black market.

Crazy Earl

Crazy Earl will sell you the tranmitters. This is also where you can buy upgrades for your backpack to hold more weapons and buy ammo upgrades for your weapons so you can hold more ammo. Once you have the transmitters head up to the roof of the station to place the transmitters onto the antennas. Once they are installed Moxxi will run the trace to locate the jamming signal coming from an area called Crisis Scar. When you try to go there the Meriff locks down the station preventing you from leaving. Head back to Moxxi to see if she can get you out of Concordia. Looks like Moxxi has a hobby and looking good doing it. She will take you to a back door and then you can Turn In the mission with Moxxi and this will complete Chapter 3.

Here is a quick reference for what you need to do to unlock the trophy.

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I Shot The Meriff
Completed the mission "A New Direction".

This is a Story Mission
Now that Moxxi has unlocked the secret exit you can enter a new area, Triton Flats. When you arrive head out the door and get into a Moon Zoomy and start heading towards the area on the map marked by the waypoint which is called The Causeway. This where you will come across a claptap unit who is guarding the entrance to Crisis Scar. To gain entrance you have to prove you are worthy of joining Redbelly's gang. He will give you a mission to go collect three prisms from a rival gang called the Darksiders. So head over to their headquarters and start killing some Darksiders. You will need to kill 20 to complete this part of the mission.

When you enter the first area there will be nine Darksiders to kill and you will be able to collect one prism. Head over to the jump pad and shoot the power box next to it so you can get a boost and reach the upper level. Head outside where the remaining Darksiders will be. Once you have killed 19 members, the 20th man will be named Wally Wrong. Defeat him and collect your second prism. Now it is time to kill the leader of the Darksiders, Fair Dinkum. Once he is defeated you will be able to retrieve the last prism. Head back to the entrance to Crisis Scar and repurt back to the claptrap.

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Drakensburg, Schmakensburg
Completed the mission "Intelligences Of The Artificial Persuasion".

This is a Story Mission

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Who Constructs The Constructor?
Completed the mission "Let's Build A Robot Army".

This is a Story Mission

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Helios Rising
Completed the mission "Home Sweet Home".

This is a Story Mission

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Brain Drain
Completed the mission "Science And Violence".

This is a Story Mission

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The Guts Of Helios
Completed the mission "Watch Your Step".

This is a Story Mission

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A House Divided
Completed the mission "Eye To Eye".

This is a Story Mission

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Vault Hunter Superior
Defeated the Opha Superior.

This is a Story Mission
Finally! You have made it to the Vault! For this trophy you will need to beat the Opha Superior. This is a tough mini-boss but if you are around a Level 28 in your first playthrough you shouldn't have that much o f a hard time beating this boss. The Opha Superior has a shield that you must take down three times before you can do any damage. But nothing is ever that easy, right? There will also be Guardians joining the fight so keep on the move. If you stay still to long Ohpa Superior will do its charge attack and start attacking you and the Guardians try to join in too. If you start to run low on ammo start looking for holes in the floor around the outer edge of the Vault. As you get close to the hole it will spit out ammo for you to restock.

I used Nisha for my battle against Opha Superior and i had the E-GUN for a weapon. The E-GUN works extremely well against shields. I used the Action Skill when ever it was available to take out Guardians and The Opha Superior's shields. Hopefully you remembered to keep the E-GUN suring the Sub-Level 13 side mission.

Multi Face-eted
Defeated the Empyrean Sentinel.

This is a Story Mission
You didn't think the Opha Superior was it? Did you. Well, SURPRISE!! Here comes the big guy, The Empyrean Sentinel. The final boss in the story. If you have reached Level 28 for your character you should have no problem with him. He has three faces that you must destroy to beat him and each face has an outer shield. Now he isn't going to just sit there and let you kill him. He will try to hit you with his arms or slam his hands down launching you into the air the hit you with his Nova Blast. If he tries to launch you in the air be quick and hit the button to perform a slam so his blast misses you. He also has some elemental attacks. For his first and second face he will charge the floor with electricity and the third face he will use corrosive acid. Keep on the move and keep jumping when he uses this attack. There will also be platforms raising from the ground that you can jump on so he misses with this attack. Also you might think of using a good Adaptive Shield for this battle so you have a better chance of surviving these elemental attacks. So keep aiming for his face to destroy the shield and then the face underneath. When the next face turns to fight the shield will be regenerated and you must do it again. Once you have gotten him to his final face and taken out his shields and life the battle will be over. The final cut scene will play out and the trophy should unlock before the credits start.

Just remember just because the credits are rolling you are not finished yet. There will be a couple more side missions that unlock when the game returns from the credits. So leave the Vault and complete those side missions. But don't worry about not seeing the Vault again when you leave because i am pretty sure you will be back!!

Once More With Feeling
Completed the mission "Return of Captain Chef".

This is a side mission that will unlock once you have completed Chapter 10, "Eye to Eye", and you must have completed the side mission "Voyage of Captain Chef".

The Voyage of Captain Chef will be available once you have completed Chapter 6. The mission is available in Triton Flats and given by Captain Chef. He will ask you to help him lay claim to the moon in the name of the King. He must stand at attention while you raise the flag for him while he salutes the flag and sings a song. Only problem is the locals don't really want to be laid claim to. So once you have retrieved the fla and started raising it for Captain Chef, the local Scavs will start to attack. You will have to defeat 15 Scavs but halfway through you must go back to the flag and restart it so it rises. Finish off the Scavs and Captain Chef will tell you that his arm is getting tired. Get him broom and put it under his arm for support and start raising the flag again. Once it is all the way up take the broom from under his arm arn turn in the mission.

Now that you have finished Chapter 10 you will find the side mission "Return of Captain Chef" in Vorago Solitude. This is just like the last time you helped him. Help raise the flag, kill the Scavs, support his arm, raise the flag again,turn in the mission and DING!, new trophy!

Just remember if you didn't help Captain Chef in Triton Flats first e will not be able to "Return" in Vorago Solitude".

Do Shoot the Messenger
Delivered Zarpedon's message.

This mission will be available after you have completed Chapter 10. The mission can be found at Tycho's Ribs on your way to the Vault. You will come to a part where you have to use a large cannon to take down the shield to get to the exit to Eleseer. There will be an ECHO recorder by the cannon that will give you the side mission "Don't Shoot The Messenger". First you will have to fast travel back to Triton Flats to find the messenger. Head to the northern part of the map until you find the messenger, Hanna, lying on the ground. Take out all the Scavs in the area and then speak to Hanna. She will ask you to complete her mission and return the Echo to a girl at the Up Over Bar in Concordia. Head over to the bar where you will meet Brittania. She will enter a code to unlock the ECHO and play the message. Wait till you see who she is related to! Once the message has finished playing you will be able to turn in the mission to Brittania and then the trophy will unlock!

The Gun In The Stone
Removed Excalibastard from the stone.

One of the legendary weapons of borderlands the pre-sequel. this is the easiest legendary to obtain in the game but dont be in such a rush to get it. it is located in a stone in stanton's liver which can be reached on the left side of the map of triton flats. use the jump pad to reach the cliff to get to the entrance of stanton's liver. when you enter stanton's liver you will kill some soldiers right before crossing a bridge. kill all the soldiers but dont cross the bridge. to the left of the bridge you will see a sign with an arrow pointing towards the edge of the cliff. there are some ledges there and three quick jumps you come to the resting place of EXCALIBASTARD!!! now if you are in a rush to get the trophy and have a badass rank of at least 2500 go ahead and give it a yank! here is a little tip for you though. what ever level you are at the time of pulling Excalibastard from the stone is what level the weapon will be. Now if you have some patience and wait to come back until you reach level 50 you will have a truely Legendary Weapon!!!

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Who You Gonna Call?
Completed the "Sub-Level 13" missions with 3 other players

This Trophy Can Be Missed!

For this trophy you must complete both Sub-Level 13 side missions with four players. That's right I did say both. There are two side missions that make up Sub-Level 13. This mission will be available once you have completed Chapter 6, "Let's Build A Robot Army". The mission will be given by Davis Pickle in Outlands Canyon. The entrance for Sub-Level 13 can be located at the Titan Industrial Facility. The first part of the mission you will search the area until you find "Harry's Remains". Once you find the remains you will be given a new weapon, the "E-GUN". In my opinion this is probably one of the best weapons in the game. The E-GUN is the only weapon that can destroy the ghosts that haunt the area.

Hhhmm! I am starting to see a few little tributes to one of the greatest movies ever made back 30 years ago in 1984. Wasn't there some guy named Harold Ramis that played a guy named Egon with three other guys that capture ghosts?

Once you have your new weapon the second side mission will begin. For this part you have to locate an Inverter. You will come to the final area that has a locked door where you have to enter a code to open it. The code will be 1-9-8-4. Once inside you and your other team members must destroy three consoles and take possession of the Inverter. Don't forget to kill the remaining ghosts that haunt the area with the E-Gun. I wonder what would happen if you crossed the streams.

Now you have a choice. There are two ways to finish the mission.
1. You can return to Davis Pickle and turn over the Inverter and he will give you a new grenade mod and the trophy will unlock.
2. This is what i recommend. You can use the Inverter and just fix the Fast Travel Station which will end the mission. I recommend this because you will also get to keep the "E-GUN"! If you are using Nisha as your character this weapon is lethal when you use her Action Skill, Showdown.

Remember you must complete both side missions with 4 players in your party to earn the trophy!!

Guardian Guardian
Saved the Guardians from the Scav Poachers.

This Trophy Can Be Missed!

For this trophy you must finish the "Guardian Hunter" side mission. This mission will not be available until you have finished the game and returned after the final credits. This mission will be available in Vorago Solitude and given by Sterwin. He will want you to help him capture four Gurdian Wraiths with different elemental powers. First he will give you a new grenade mod that you must use to capture the Guardians.

The Four Gurdians that need to be captured are:
1. Fire Wraith
2. Corrosive Wraith
3. Shock Wraith
4. Cryo Wraith

Once you have done enough damage to them without killing them, just throw the trap at them to capture it. Once you have captured all four kinds of Guardians it will be time to make a decision. This is where you can miss the trophy!!

You will have two choices.
1. Go back to the meeting spot and turn over the trapped Guardians to the Master Poacher. DO NOT DO THIS!! This will prevent you from earning the trophy.
2. Go back to the meeting spot and kill the Master Poacher. Once he is good and dead you will be able to turn in the mission to Sterwin and earn your new trophy!

Here is a little tip!! This is a great spot to Level UP! I used this mission to Level up my additional characters to Level 30. Just grab your extra remote and join the game with the character you want to boost. The character will join at the Fast Travel station and you can just leave it there and start killing some Guardians. If you are trying this on your first run you will earn around 500 EXP per kill. On True Vault Hunter Mode you will earn around 1000 EXP per kill. It took me around twenty minutes per character to reach Level 30. As long as you don"t trap the Guardian they will continue to respawn. Grab your best Laser Rifle that fires a constant beam and go to town!

Modern Fart
Completed the mission "To Arms".

This is a side mission that will unlock once you finish Chapter 4, "A New Direction" The mission will be available at the Triton Flats Bounty Board. The People's Liberation army will ask you to donate 50 white weapons to their cause. The donation station is also on Triton Flats. When you fast travel to Triton Flats just exit the garage and turn right. Cross the bridge on the left and there will be a building on the left with some Scavs running around. You will need to jump up to the platform on the right and enter the door where there will be a mailbox to make your donations. White weapons can be found everywhere. They can be dropped by enemies, purchased from vendors(not recommended because it will be a waste of money, or you can play the slots if you have the money at the Up Over Bar on Concordia.

For every ten weapons you donate, Papa Crust will also have another mision for you to complete.

10 weapons: You will need to recover some guns from bandits in their moon buggies.
20 weapons: You will need to go to Crisis scar to retrieve 10 weapons from bandits
30 weapons: You will need to end a dispute between 3 PLA members. Talk to anyone of them then kill the other two.
40 weapons: You will need to defend the donation station from a gang of Scavs that want to steal the guns.

Once you donate all 50 weapons you will be able to turn in the mission on Concordia to see what they are using the weapons for. Once all is revealed the trophy will unlock.

Side Quest Student
Completed 30 side missions.

For this trophy you must complete 30 side missions. The story missions do not count towards this trophy. You can track the missions you have completed in the player menu. Story missions will have the Borderlands icon next to the mission name. All other missions are considered side missions.

If you are like me and clear all available side missions before you move on to the next story mission you will receive this trophy right around the time after you have finished Chapter 6, "Let's Build a Robot Army". Once you finish Chapter 6, start doing the side missions that come available and the trophy should unlock.

See Moon Mission Meister for a list of all side missions.

Moon Mission Meister
Completed all of the side missions.

For this trophy you must complete all the side missions in the game. There are a total of 60 side missions. You must complete all 60 side missions in one playthrough to earn the trophy. If you have completed every side mission before you head to the Vault and have not unlocked the trophy still do not get nervous. There are still 5 of the 60 side missions left to complete that do not come available until after the game credits.

Here is a list of all 60 Side quests! I broke it down by: Mssion Name, Mission Giver, Mission Location, and EXP earned

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Grind 'n' Bear It
Used the Grinder to create an item.

This trophy will not be available until you finish Chapter 4, "A New Direction". When you finish Chapter 4 you will unlock the side mission "Grinders". You will get this mission from Janey Springs in Concordia. She will ask you to get some parts to fix her grinder so you can make new weapons. The first part you will have to find is in Triton's Flat. You will have to find and destroy some moon buggies and one of them will drop the part that you need. The next piece you will need is in Stanton's Liver. At the top right of the map is the tram station. You need to find a grinder on the roof of the tram station. Then you will have to kill all the enemies and collect three pieces of dynamite. Go back to the grinder on the roof and blow that bitch up!! Bring the parts back to Janey Springs in Concordia and she will have you place them into the grinder to fix it. She will then give you 3 white assualt rifles to put in the grinder which will give you a new green assualt rifle and a new trophy to go with it!

The Bigger They Are
Defeated the Invincible Empyrean Sentinel.

This is a Side mission that will unlock once you have finished the game. After the credits role you will return to the Vault. Leave the Vault and return to Concordia. This mission is called "The Bestest Story Ever Told" and is available on the Concordia Bounty Board. This is a replay of the final battle in the game, just a little harder. First you will need to return to Eleseer and return to the Vault entrance. This time you will need to sacrifice 4 moonstones to gain entrance to the Vault.

First you will face the Invincible Sentinal. You will have to deplete the Sentinal's shields three times before you can start damaging him. Every time you take down his shields he will regain the shields plus an elemental attack. Oh yeah don't forget the Guardians that decide to join and kick your ass. Just keep moving and use your action skills when ever they are available. Once you defeat Invincible Sentinal, you will have to fight against the Invincible Empyrean Sentinal. Again you will have to aim for his face to break the outer mask to attack the head underneath. You will have to do this three times to defeat him. He will also charge the floor with electricity for the first two rounds and corrosive acids for the final round. Keep jumping as much as you can and when he is using electricity or acid on the floor there will be platforms that rais from the floor. If you can just jump on to one if you can to stay off the floor until he is finished with that attack. Just remember to keep moving and jump often. Use your action ability whenever it is available. Once he is defeated you will get plenty of loot to pick from and maybe even some Legendary Class Mods. Once he is defeated the trophy will unlock.

One more tip. If you have completed all the available side missions in the game, once you have unlocked this trophy you will also be awarded Moon Mission Miester!!

Mouth To Mouth
Revived 10 players with oxygen.

This is a very easy trophy that has to be done in Co-op with a friend online or by yourself with an extra remote. Just like in past Borderlands games when playing in co-op and a friend is dying you can revive them to keep on fighting. Now you will also have the option to revive your friend by using oxygen. When a friend is dying just run up to them and press to revive them by using oxygen. Do this ten times and you will unlock the trophy.

Launched 4 rockets from Elpis.

For this trophy you need to complete four side missions that require you to launch rockets. If you are completing all the side missions that unlock you will eventually get this trophy.. The four side missions you need to complete are:

1. "Wiping the Slate" This mission unlocks after you complete Chapter 5 and is located on the Concordia Bounty Board.

For this mission Jack will want you to locate three ECHO recorders in the Meriffs office and destroy them to erase any existence of the Meriff. Jack has you destroy the first two recorders but has you bring the third to the DJ's at The Up Over Bar to create a remix. Now Jack will tell you to go destroy the statue of the Meriff and take the head to a rocket nearby. Mount the head on the front of the rocket, then launch it to the DJ's remix.

2. "No Such Thing as a Free Launch" This mission unlocks after you complete Chapter 5 and is given by Cosmo located at the top of the Darksiders Building in Triton Flats.

For this mission you need to find three pieces Cosmo needs to finish his rocket. The first piece will be located in Outlands Spur. Defeat all the Scavs and you will be able to receive your first part, the regulator. The next piece is located in Pity's Fall. You have to find Tony Slows and take a tour of his "museum". This is where you will find the second piece, the flight recorder. The last piece is located back on Triton's flats. ONce you defeat all the Scavs, you will be able to get the final piece, the gyroscope. Return all the pieces to Cosmo so he can finish his rocket. Before he can launch you have to go outside and kill the Shuggurath. Once that is done Cosmo will launch his rocket.

3. "Home Delivery" This mission unlocks after you complete Chapter 5 and is given at the Concordia Bounty Board.

For this mission Sir Hammerlock would like you to capture a couple of Moon Threshers and send them down to Pandora. They are located in Outlands Canyon. When you find them they will be in a cave with some cryo plants. Lure them near one of the cryo plants and they will be frozen. Once you have collected two frozen threshers you will head off and see Seymour, who happens to have a rocket waiting for you. Load the Moon Threshers on the rocket and off they go to their new home.

4. "It Ain't Rocket Surgery" This mission unlocks after you complete Chapter 8 and is given by Dr Spara in Research and Development

For this mission Dr Spara wants to design some new rockets. The first thing she asks you to collect are some Tork Brains for her new guidance system. Once you have collected three brains she will ask you to collect some Stalkers Wings. After you collect the wings she will have you collect three vials of stalker blood. WHen you return rou will put the wings and the blood in each rocket. Then you will put one of the tork brains in and launch the first rocket. Now she will ask you to go collect some human brains. To get the brains you must get a critical head shot for the kill for the brain to drop. If you are having a problem be sure to not use an elemental weapon because they will sometimes prevent the brain from dropping. Once you have the brains return to Dr Spara and load the human brain into the next rocket and launch it. Finally she will want you to combine a tork brain and a human brain. Put them into the machine to forma new brain. She will ask you to freeze it. If you don't have a cryo weapon there will be one in the weapons locker against the wall. Take the new brain and put it in the final rocket and launch.

If you have completed all the other side missions the trophy will pop after the last rocket is launched.

Super Secret Stash
Opened Zarpedon's Chest.

This trophy will not be available until you have defeated The Bosun at the end of Chapter 5 "Inteligences of the Artificial Persuasion". Once The Bosun is defeated a side mission icon will appear at one of the consoles. This side mission is called "The Secret Chamber". Follow the waypoint to a locked door nearby. This is the cabin of Colonel Zarpedon. Unfortunately the lock to the door is voice activated so the door will not open for you. What you need to do now is find three ECHO recorders to gain access to the cabin.

To get to the first recorder, drop down the shaft on the right side of the locked door. Go through the room and exit on the right side. You will be on the upper level of the main chamber. Jump down to the lower level and some enemies will enter from a door that was closed. One of thes guys has the ECHO.

Now the second and third recorder will be outside the ship and a little tricky to find. There is a jump pad with a faulty power module. Shoot the power module and get on the jump pad to get a boost to a higher area on the otherside. To the right you will see an elevator with a lock on the doors. Break the lock and jump into the elevator. When you jump in the elevator will drop back to the lower level but the second ECHO is in the elevator with you.

The last ECHO is on another upper level. Go back to the jump pad to return to the upper ledge where you got into the elevator. When you are on the upper ledge turn and look across the gap where you will see another area and the location to the last ECHO. From the ledge you are on get a running start and jump and use your Oz kit to boost your way across the gap. if you timed your jump right you will reach the ledge and the ECHO>

Now that you have all three ECHO's return to the door to Zarpedon's cabin. Once inside the cabin go and open the chest and you have yourself a nice new trophy.

Air Supremacy
Killed 100 enemies with Wolf.

For this trophy you need to kill 100 Enemies using Wilhelm's Action Skill. You will need 3 Skill Points to unlock the Action Skill, Wolf And Saint.

Wolf is a personal attack drone that will attack any enemies in the area. Wolf can be damaged and can be destroyed. When you level up and earn more skill points you can make Wolf stronger and more lethal.

Saint is a companion drone that will stay close to Wilhelm and replenish your health when you take damage. If you apply Skill Points to the Dreadnaught skill tree it will make Saint heal more and recharge shields and raise other stats when the skill tree is maxed out.

If you want to make this very easy and pretty quick power level Wilhelm to Level 25 and use all your Skill Points in the Hunter Killer skill tree. Do not shoot any enemies with your guns. Whenever the Action Skill is available continue to deploy Wolf and let it destroy all the enemies. I started a new playthrough and used this method and the trophy unlocked midway through Chapter 2. Just remember to let Wolf do all the killing!

Here is an inteactive link to Wilhelm's Skill Tree!!

No, I'm Athena!
Killed 100 enemies with the Aspis.

For this trophy you will again need to kill 100 enemies using Athena's shield, The Aspis. Aspis can be used to block incoming fire from enemis but you will not be able to use it until you are Level 3 and spent the 3 Sill points needed to unlock it. Once you have the shield unlocked be sure to activate the Action Sill whenever it is available. Once it is activated you have two choices.

1. Wait till the time runs out for the kill and when it does Athena will throw the shield at an enemy.
2. Once you activated the Action Skill aim for an enemy and then press again to throw the shield right away.

You need to throw the shield and kill an enemy for it to count as a kill towards the trophy. The easiest and fastest way a found to ean this trophy was to power level Athena to Level 25. Use all the Skill Points in the Phalanx skill tree so you unlock the "Wrath of the Godess" Skill. This will let the Aspis to ricochet and hit up to 4 enemies in one throw. Start a new game and only use your Action Skill. Do not use your weapons at all. By the time you are halfway through Chapter 2 you should unlock the trophy if you have killed all enemies that have spawned.

Here is an interactive link to Athena's Skill Tree!!

That Helped, Right?
Experienced all Vault Hunter Modes using VaultHunter.EXE.

This is the trophy that I hated the most. For this trophy you need to have used every one of Claptraps Vault Hunter Modes at least once during your playthrough. The problem is they are all random. There are a total of 15 Vault Hunter modes that will needed to be activated to earn this trophy .

There are 9 modes that will be available once you hit Level 3 and unlocked the Action Skill, Vaulthunter.EXE. They are:

-Funzerker (Dual wield weapons)
-Shhhhh... Trap (Turn invisible)
-Miniontrap (Throw down turret)
-Blightbot (Send out a flying claptrap with fire/corrosive damage)
-Mechromagician (send out flying Punkbot, which distracts and melees)
-Meat Unicycle (Melee weapon with sawblade)
-Rubber Ducky (reflect bullets and bounce)

The next two skills will only activate in a co-op game

-Med Bot (shoot laser at teammates to heal them)
-Nonsensical Sacrifice (revives teammates that are currently down at the cost of your own life)

The next 6 will unlock in the skill trees. You must be at least a Level 25 to unlock the skill you will need to earn the trophy . There are 2 skills in each Skill Tree. Once you have activated both skills from a skill tree head back to Concordia and use the Quick Change Station to re-spec your skill points for the next Skill Tree. The Skill Trees and abilities for each are:

-Torgue Fiesta (Rapidly throws out grenades)
-Pirate Ship Mode (Cannons appear in four corners of your screen and fire)

I Love You Guys!:
-Clap-in-the-Box (Claptrap holds a bomb that detonates)
-Gun Wizard (greatly increases fire rate and reload speed for team)

Fragmented Fragtrap:
-One Shot Wonder (gun magazine will empty with one shot)
-Laser Inferno (disco ball will fire lasers at enemies)

Remember to use the Action Skill whenever it is available to activate all the modes as soon as possible. ONce all modes have been activated one time the trophy will unlock.

Here is an interactive link to Claptrap's Skill Tree!!

Killed 10 enemies in a single activation of Showdown.

This is probably the easiest of the Skill trophies. You only have to be a Level 3 to earn enough Skill Points to activate Nisha's Action Skill, Showdown.

Showdown will cause Nisha to automatically aim at enemies and increase the following stats while in Showdown:
1. Fire Rate
2. Gun Damage
3. Reload Speed
4. Accuracy
5. Bullet Speed

If you hold down the while in Showdown Nisha will automatically switch to another target after a kill. To make Showdown last longer use available Skill Points on the Ruthless SKill. When this skill is maxed out you will earn an extra half second for every kill you have making the Showdown last longer.

Now you just need to kill 10 enemies in one Showdown activation. The problem is having ten available enemies at one time. But the good news is i know where there is a great place to get this trophy. Let me share what i know.

Head to Stanton's Liver and on the top right of the map there is a cave. Head in the cave and Torks will start to attack. Do not kill any just yet. Just keep running around until you have lured at least ten Torks out. When you think there are ten Torks trying to kill you, activate Showdown and kill them all. Remember to hold down so Nisha auto aims at any available target. If you run out of time before you kill ten Torks just exit the game and continue so all the Torks respawn and try again. Good Luck!

I would like to thank PS3T Member Motorhead for this tip on achieving the trophy another way.
When you are in Serenity's Waste head over to the lava field just outside and to the right of the building where the Fast Travel Station is. There will be some Kraggons all around. The larger Kraggons will split into 2 smaller kraggons when shot. Fire off a couple shots so the Kraggons start to come after you. When you have enough Kraggons near you activate Showdown and take them down. Be sure you had enough of the larger Kraggons there to add up to ten total when they split into two.

Here is an interactive link to Nisha's Skill Tree!!

That Tasted Purple!
Had Purple-rated gear or better equipped in every slot.

For this trophy you must have all purple rated gear equipped at the same time. You will not be able to receive this trophy until after you finish Chapter 7, "Home Sweet Home". This mission will unlock the final weapons slot. You will need to put a Purple item in each of the follow slots:

1. Four Weapons Slots
2. Oz Kit
3. Shield
4. Grenade Mod
5. Class Mod

Once you have equipped all Purple items in all the item slots the trophy will unlock.

Completed level 1 of all challenges with a single character.

Oh Great!! Everyones favorite Borderlands trophy is back! Actually it really isn't bad this time around. You need to complete all level one challenges using only one character. All of the location challenges will not count towards the trophy. There was only three trophies that took a little grinding to get them.

1. Greater Than The Sum of its Parts. (Grinder)
For this challenge you need to grind 20 Luneshine Weaponsto complete Level 1. I found that whenever I used three elemental weapons in the grinder with the required Moonstones I almost everytime was awarded wit a Luneshine Weapon. Try it and see if it works!

2. Overachiever (Shotgun) For this challenge you need to only kill 10 enemies from long range. Pretty simple, right! But, NNOOOO!!! To unlock this challenge you will first have to complete Level 5 of the challenge, Take it All. To complete Level 5 you will need to get 750 point blank kills with the shotgun. After you complete your playthroughs and if you still need to grind some kills I went to Serenity's Waste and just kept farming the kraggons on my way to Iwajira. You can get around 20 kills for every trip to Iwajira.

3. Missle Magnet (Rocket Launcher)
For this challenge you need to get 5 direct hits for a kill with a rocket launcher. This is another challenge that will not be available until you complete Level 5 of another challenge, Collateral Damage. To complete Level 5 you will need to get 200 kills with splash damage from a rocket launcher. Splash damage is when you use an elemental weapon and its effects work and kill multiple enemies. I used a corrosive rocket launcher and used it on the kraggons in Serenity's Waste to farm the kills i needed.

Here is a list of all the challenges.

Toggle Spoiler

Space Rookie
Reached level 5.

This trophy will unlock when your Vault Hunter reaches Level 5.

Lunar Lieutenant
Reached level 10.

This trophy will unlock when your Vault Hunter reaches Level 10.

Moon Master
Reached level 25.

This trophy will unlock when your Vault Hunter reaches Level 25.

If you have completed all the missions in the game that are available, Side and Main Missions, you should be a Level 25 by the time you finish the "Eye to Eye" main mission. If you have finished the "Vault of the Sentinal" mission and still are not at Level 25 go turn in the the mission to Jack in his office. This will unlock the "Guardian Hunter" side mission in Vorago Solitude. One you cross the bridge on the left side of the map you will come to the side mission where they want you to help them to capture some Guardians. This is a great place to Level Up! Don't try to capture any, just keep on killing them as they appear. On your regular playthough they will give you around 500 EXP per kill. This is a good place to farm moonstones also.

Space Lord
Reached level 50.

This trophy will unlock when your Vault Hunter reaches Level 50.

You will not be able to get to Level 50 in your first playthrough. Make sure you have completed every mission that was available including side missions for your first playthrough. If you have done everything you should be around a Level 30. Now it is time to start your True Vault Hunter Mode playthrough. Again, make sure to do every mission and side mission as they become available. If you have done everything by the time you have finished the "Eye to Eye" main mission you should be around a Level 47. Now you have a choice, you can go and head to the Vault of the Sentinal or you can do what I did, GO FARM IWAJIRA!

Iwajira is a Level 52 boss in the secret area of Serenity's Waste. He will probably be too strong for you but here is a little tip. If you die you will respawn at the Fast Travel Station. Head back to the cave but don't drop down to the lower level. Iwajira should be right there below you. Now you can take him down from the safety of the upper level. He will give you over 20000 EXP per kill plus plenty of great loot. Once you collected all the loot Save and Quit. Then press Continue and you will be back at the Fast Travel Station and you can go back and Iwajira will be there again. I did this and it took me about three or four kills per level. Once you are Level 50 and have all Level 50 equipment you can make your way to THe Vault of the Sentinel and finish with no problem.

Here is another little tip one you have completed the Vault. Go turn the mission into Jack and unlock the "Guardian Hunter" side mission. Once you are in Vorago Solitude grab your extra remote and now is a great time to power level your other Vault Hunters. Once you have your second Vault Hunter on the screen go start the Guardian Mission with your Level 50 Vault Hunter and start killing some Guardians. In True Vault Hunter Mode the Guardians give you around 1000 EXP per kill. It took me around twenty minutes to take my Vault Hunter from a Level 1 to a Level 30! Save the game and start again with another Vault Hunter!!

Moxxi's Sampler
Tried all the Moxxtails in the Up Over Bar in Concordia.

There are 8 special Moxxtails at Moxxi's Up Over Bar in Concordia. For this trophy you need to try every one of the cocktails available. They are priced at 10 moonstones a piece. But, here is the good news, each cocktail gives you some stat boosts for 30 minutes. So at least you are getting something!!
1. Penargilon Kangaroo

Engage your Relocation drive.

  • Fire Rate +10%
  • Reload Speed +10%
  • Weapon Swap Speed +20%

2. Brick’s Fist

Fit for your face

  • Melee Damage +30%

3. Hot Gazpacho

Take it away and bring back hot

  • Elemental Effect Chance +20%

4. Squill Syrup

Part of a complete breakfast

  • Health Regeneration 0.8%

5. Fanalian Teddy

Cures coughs and being shot

  • Damage Resistance +20%

6. Lemon Lime & Bullets

Quenches thirsty weapons

  • Ammo Regeneration +0.1

7. Gargle Blaster

The best drink in existence

  • Gun Damage +10%
8. Replicated Kali-fal

Forcibly opens up the sinuses. Sadly, it's a fake.

. Oz consumption rate -33%

If you are looking to get this trophy out of the way quick and have the 80 moonstones to buy all 8 Moxxtails go ahead. Once you have the trophy exit the game through the xmb. DO NOT SAVE AND QUIT! Start the game back up and you will still have your 80 moonstones.

Lunar Looter
Looted 10 Moonstone Chests.

There is a new type of chest in the Borderlands game called a Moonstone Chests. For this trophy you will need to open up 10 of these chests. Sounds simple. The only problem is they are pretty rare and they cost 40 moonstones to open. They usually have some pretty descent loot inside when you find them.

Here is the good news. You DO NOT NEED to open 10 different Moonstone Chests to get the trophy.

Here is the easiest way to get the trophy. Save up your moonstones until you have 400 stones. Now the easiest chest I found is in Crisis Scar which will be available for you to enter when you start Chapter 4. Follow the waypoints to your battle with REDBELLY. After defeating this boss go up the stairs directly across from where you entered the control room. There will be two more sets of stairs and you should head up the staris to the right and directly in front of you will be a Moonstone Chest. Now just open the chest! 1 down, 9 more to go!

Now save and quit your game and then continue. You will be brought back to the beginning of Crisis Scar and go back to the Moonstone Chest location where it can be reopened again. Continue doing this until the trophy unlocks.

I Come From The Land Up Over
Discovered all named locations in Serenity's Waste, Triton Flats and Stanton's Liver.

For this trophy you must discover all the named locations and not just have the entire map filled in. Even though your entire map is filled in there may be a couple places that you have not discovered. Here is a list of the named areas.

Serenity’s Waste
  • Celestial Beltway
  • Ozless Harbor
  • Pyroclast Grotto [HIDDEN] This is Iwajira's lair.

Triton Flats

  • The Grabba
  • Vertigo Bridge
  • The Causeway
  • Burraburra
  • Diemen’s Crater
  • So Much Serenity
  • Guttersnipe’s Pass
  • Chunder’s Hole
  • The Teapot
  • Flinder’s Needle
  • Frozen Gulch
  • Banjo Point
  • The Pale
  • Split Fire Pass
  • The Diaphragm
  • Brandman’s Quarry
  • Lunar Junction

Stanton’s Liver
  • The Duct
  • Higgins' Gully(Hidden Area) Inside this area you will find a purple monolith. Walk srtaight into the monolith to be taken to a secret area.
  • Pirrad's Thrutch
  • Stanton's Gate
  • St Pancreas

If you have uncovered all the areas on the maps and also found the 2 hidden locations the trophy should unlock

Beam Me Up
Discovered all named locations aboard the Helios Space Station.

For this trophy you will need to find all the locations for the Helios Space Station. You make two trips to the station. First in the beginning of the game when it starts. So be sure to explore the entire map before you are fired off to Elpis by Jack. You will then return to the station during Chapter 7. Here is a list of the named areas.

Helios Space Station
  • Helios Supply Center
  • Eye of Helios [The Long Way Around]
  • Moonshot Delivery System

Hyperion Hub of Heroism
  • The Road to Research
  • World of Shopping
  • Helios Immigration Station
  • Central Terminal
  • Hall of Wonders
  • Helios Access Tunnel #27 B

Jack’s Office
  • Jack’s Office
  • Hyperion Customer Service

Research & Development
  • Stalker Biome
  • Robotics Durability and Adaptability
  • Lab-19
  • Indigenous Species Research
  • Advanced Propulsion Weapon Training
  • Observation Room 11-B
  • Aquatic Life Stabilization Area
  • Aquatic Observation Area
  • De Quidt Synaptic Processing

Veins of Helios
  • Central Maintenance

Lunar Launching Station
  • Power Core Alpha
  • Power Core Beta
  • Helios Targeting Centrum
  • Moonshot Supply Depot
If you haven't achieved the trophy and you think you have found every location there are two small platforms to the far right and far left in the Veins of Helios just before the Lunar Launching Station. While you are outside the station. They will be on the map but you must jump to those platforms using the jump pads to register the locations.

Eridian Explorer
Discovered all named locations in Outlands Canyon, Outlands Spur and Vorago Solitude.

For this trophy you need to find all the named locations for these areas. There are no hidden areas for these three locations and by making sure that all the maps are revealed you should unlock the trophy. Here is a list of all the named areas.

Outlands Canyon
  • The Re-Remembered Cave
  • Rabid Adams’ Treasure Trove
  • The Crater of Misplaced Enthusiasm
  • Research Facility
  • The Court of Dreams
  • Bogan’s Warren
  • Fingersmith Halls

Outlands Spur
  • Processing Plant
  • Outlands Spur
  • Pumping Station
  • Height’s Perch Camp
  • Cave Canem

Vorago Solitude
  • East Pumping Station
  • Solitude’s Edge
  • Solitude Junction

Cosmic Completionist
Discovered all named locations.

For this trophy you must earn all the other location trophies first. But those are not the only named locations in the game. Here is the list of the remaining locations you must visit with their named location.

Regolith Range
  • Dead Drop
  • Deadlift’s Bastion of Bounce
  • Moon Zoomy Run
  • Dahl Waystation
  • Kraggon Pass

  • Black Market
  • Springs’ Emporium O’Stuff
  • Moxxi’s Up Over
  • Storage
  • Nina’s Jab N Go
  • Entry Control
  • Stash

Crisis Scar
  • Power Substation
  • Comms Facility
  • Peepot

The Merrif’s Office
  • Sheriff & Mayor Together At Last

Pity’s Fall
  • Engine Room
  • Briefing Room
  • Hangar Bay
  • Crew Quarters
  • Starboard Ascent
  • Core Systems
  • Drakensburg Gangway
  • Suspension Bridge
  • Command Center
  • AI Hub

Titan Industrial Facility
  • Stingray Factory Main Hall
  • Titan Industrial Facility Nexus
  • Staingary Factory Apron
  • Stingary Factory Atrium

Titan Robot Production Plant
  • Power Control
  • Assembly Hanger
  • Testing Facility
  • Transit Area
  • Locomotion Assembly
  • Unit Embarkation

Tycho’s Ribs
  • Observation Deck
  • Compression Chamber
  • Maintenance Access 42
  • Treasure Room
  • Particle Collection Chamber
  • Very Large Cannon
  • Exhaust Port
If you completed all the side quests and story missions and found the couple hidden areas this trophy should unlock once you have arrived at Eleseer on the way to the Vault.

High Fashion
Unlocked 10 Customization Items

If you have played any of the Borderlands games you are familiar with skins. These Custom skins are available throughout the game. They good be dropped by enemies, found in trash piles or breaking stones and other pieces of the terrain on Elpis. Once you have picked up the Custom Skin, go to your weapons menu, highlight the Custom skin and press to unlock the Skin. Once you have done this 10 times the trophy will be yours!

The Duelist
Won a duel.

This is probably one of the easiest trophies in the game. All you have to do is win a Duel. Pretty simple, eh! There are two ways you can do this. First, either join a friends game or have them join you. Walk up to them and give them a good ole bitch slap to start the duel. Now win! Ding ding ding!! New trophy.

The other and easier way to do this is grab your extra controller, join on split screen, and challenge to a duel. Nice easy win! But, if for some strange reason you lose this duel, first thing you do is exit out of the game, eject the disc, then sell the game and your PS3, because you SUCK!!

Collateral Damage
Had a Lost Legion Eternal kill 3 of his friends.

For this trophy you will have to wait until you finish Chapter 11, "Eye to Eye". After you turn in the mission to Jack, he will tell you to get down to the Vault. First you have to go to Triton Flats so you can get to the entrance to Vorago Solitude. This will be the first time that you will encounter a Lost Legion Eternal. Similar to a Goliath from Borderlands 2, the Lost Legion Eternal will "Ascend" into a stronger Eternal after taking some damage. Once the Eternal "Ascends", let him kill 3 other enemies to receive the trophy.

The easiest place i found to get this trophy is in Vorago solitude at the small camp at the bottom of the hill from where you enter the area. You will pass a small building on your left as you go down the hill. Keep going until you get to the camp. At the very bottom of the hill is the camp you are looking for. A Lost Legion Eternal will exit the building right in front of you. Shoot him a couple of times, but don't kill him, and he will "ascend" into an Eternal Magus. There will be six more enemies in the area. Run toward any enemy so the Magus starts firing towards you and starts hitting the enemy near you also. Once he has killed 3 other enemies and the trophy has popped, put him down for good!

360 No Scope
While airborne, spun 360 degrees then got a kill with a Sniper Rifle without using the scope.

Just as it sounds. You have to jump in the air, give yourself a little boost with your Oz kit for good measure, do a complete 360 degree turn, that's one full rotation for the people who don't know, and kill something real goooooddd! Oh yeah, don't forget you need to have a sniper rifle!! I found that the easiest way to do this is in Serenity's Waste. Find some Kraggons.

Toggle Spoiler

Start jumping and do your best Shawn White impersonations with your 360 degree turns and once you do more than a complete rotation, just in case, start shooting your sniper rifle down at the Kraggons. Don't forget, DO NOT LOOK DOWN THE SITE (DON'T PRESS )! It took me a couple of times but it was very easy to get.

Expensive Taste
Used the Grinder to create a Legendary item.

For this trophy you will have to use the Grinder to create a Legendary Item. The only problem is that Legendary Weapons are kinda hard to come by. To create a Legendary Weapon you need two Legendary Weapons to start with. Then add a purple weapon of your choice and you may get a Legendary Weapon. To increase your chances of making a Legendary Weapon you must add Moonstones to your recipe. Be aware that the level of your weapons will have an effect on the level of weapon you get back. The grinder will give you the average of all three weapon levels for your new Legendary Weapon. If you are looking for a specific type of weapon, such as a pistol or shotgun, the purple weapon must be the type weapon you would like the Legendary to be.

Always check the Gun Shop to see if a Legendary Weapon is a "Weapon of the Day". This is very random and will take alot of luck!

Speaking of "Luck", If you have plenty of money to burn and want to try the Slot Machines at the Up Over Bar in Concordia and can get a Jackpot on the Slots, you will be awarded a Legendary Weapon.

Now a good place to try and farm some Legendary Rocket Launchers is from Iwajira. This secret boss is located in Serenity's Waste. From the Fast Travel Station go straight out the building and follow the wall around the corner. When you come around the corner you should see a lava waterfall of in the distance. This where you want to go. Jump into the cave and co to the back where there is a hole in the floor and you can drop down to Pyroclast Grotto and the home of Iwajira. If this is your first playthrough Iwajira will be a Level 30 boss. He will drop a ton of loot, weapons, Oz kits, Mods, and Grenade Mods of all diferent colors. He will also drop plenty of cash and over 20 moonstones. Once you have beaten him, collect all the loot. With any luck, you may have been the lucky recipient of a new Legendary Weapon. Once you are done save and quit and then press continue. When you enter the game you will be back at the Fast Travel Station and you can go back and farm Iwajira some more. If you are in your True Vault Hunter Mode playthrough, Iwajira will be a level 52 boss. The great thing now is that the majority of the loot he drops will be level 50. Then farm away!

If you are having problems beating Iwajira and he kills you, do't be sad! Go back to the cave but don't drop down through the floor. Iwajira should be right below you and you can take him out from the safety of the cave. I used this method when i was a Level 47 to farm my way to a level 50! He gives over 20K EXP per kill! Plus did i mention all that great LOOT!!!!

Here is a list of all the Legendary Weapons and where you may get them:

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Ice To Meet You
Shattered 3 frozen enemies with a single slam attack.

This is a fairly easy trophy. When you arrive on Elpis in Chapter 2, Janey Springs will introduce you to a new piece of your equipment, the Oz kit. The Oz kit will let you breathe so you can move around the moon. It also gives you the Slam Attack ability. Press the button to perform a jump then press the button to slam down and hopefully ruin someone's day.
To get this trophy you need to have three enemies frozen at the same time and then perform a Slam Attack to shatter all three enemies at the same time.

The easiest place i found to earn this trophy is in Stanton's Liver. At the top right of the map there is a cave with alot of Torks inside.

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DO NOT SHOOT THEM!!! Inside the cave is also some cryo plants that freeze anything that comes near them. So have the little bastards chase you and lure them near the cryo plant. If you can get at least three frozen at the same time perform the slam attack and with any luck you will have plenty of tork-sicles to go with that new trophy!

Had an enemy frozen, corroded, ignited, and electrocuted at the same time.

This trophy is pretty easy to get while you are using Claptrap. You will need to be at least at Level 25. Go into the Fragmented Fragtrap skill tree and use your skill points to activate the "Rainbow Coolant" skill. This skill will send out a nova blast when your shield is depleted effecting any enemies caught in the blast with all the elemental effects. Once this happens the trophy will unlock.

Pancake Parlor
Pancaked an enemy in the Stingray.

Okay! Who's ready for some pancakes! For this trophy you have to slam and kill an enemy using one of the new vehicles in borderlands, the stingray!

The earliest you will be able to get this trophy will be when you reach Chapter 5 "Intelligences of an Artificial Persuasion". You will receive this mission from Janey Springs in Concordia when she tells you to go find Davis Pickle. But, to get to him you will need the Stingray to get to Outlands Canyon. First go to Triton Flats to unlock the garage to the Stingray. Once you have the Stingray go find some enemies, soften them up a little with your guns if you need to, then get ready to make some pancakes! Use the
button to launch the Stingray into the air and once your victim is below you, give the button a press and ding!, fresh pancakes.....Oh! and a new trophy!

Who Needs Air?
Suffocated for 5 continuous minutes without dying.

Easiest way to obtain this trophy is to buy a health regen drink from Moxxi's bar
a couple other ways to do this is to use Wilhelm's action skill, doing this the drone bots heal you
A co-op partner reviving with oxygen, but be sure to remove your Oz kit first. If not, you'll receive oxygen as well and that will reset the timer.
Also, Health Regen Class Mods

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