Players: 1 SP, 2 - 16 MP, 2 - 8 Co-Op
Online Trophies: Every trophy can be earned both online and offline.
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: None
Estimated Time to Platinum: 20 - 40 Hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 2
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None
Glitched Trophies: None

[top]Tips & Strategies

Brink is the first FPS of it's kind, it offers endless customizations and a new movement system called S.M.A.R.T As well as 4 different player classes each with it's different skills and abilities. Each class has the ability to pursue and achieve a different objective that only that class can complete, and it is up to the other member to provide tactical support and protection for their objective team member, team work is essential for a successful mission.


1- Beat every challenge 1st to unlock weapon parts.
2- Play and finish the resistance Campaign.
3- Play and finish the security Campaign.
4- finish every mission on hard.
5- Clean up playthrough.


Time to Sleep
Earn all other trophies.

Simply earn every other trophy to get the

The start of something big
Win any mission, whether Campaign or What-If

Just win your 1st mission and you earn this trophy, it can be either The Resistance or The Security. The easiest mission to do this on is Resistance mission #2 because all you have to do is defend the objective so simply set up a camping ground of turrets and mines around the Terminal and run the timer down and you win the mission.

But you shouldn't worry about this trophy because you will earn it automatically win you work your way to Tough as nails Trophy or either You've saved the Ark or You've escaped the Ark

You've saved the Ark
Win all main missions of the Security Campaign (no including What-If missions)

Every mission whether Security or Resistance is playable on 3 difficulties Solo or Co-Op. Or online Versus and any empty slots will be filled with AI set on Hard. There is a total of 6 Security missions (not including What-If missions) where in each you can either be the attacking team where you try to Hack, repair, blow up, steal anything and the Resistance team simply tries to defend these objectives by setting up a perimeter around the primary objective, capturing any Command Posts & running down the mission clock.

But you shouldn't worry about this trophy because you will earn it automatically win you work your way to Tough as nails

You've escaped the Ark
Win all main missions of the Resistance Campaign (not including What-If missions)

Once you win all main missions on any difficulty you should get this trophy.

But you shouldn't worry about this trophy because you will earn it automatically win you work your way to Tough as nails

The story has just begun
Win both story campaigns (not including What-If missions)

Once you win all 12 missions from both campaigns you will earn this trophy, Co-Op & difficulty does not affect the trophy.

Viva la revolution!
Win every Resistance Campaign mission, including What-If missions

What-If missions are 2 extra missions for each faction that proposes a different path in the story of each faction, they are both pretty simple and easy and once you complete both Resistance What-If missions then you will get this trophy.

To serve and protect
Win every Security Campaign mission, including What-If missions

What-If missions are 2 extra missions for each faction that proposes a different path in the story of each faction, they are both pretty simple and easy and once you complete both Security What-If missions then you will get this trophy.

Tough as nails
Win all storyline campaign missions (not including What-If missions) playing either Online Versus, or in Hard mode

Probably the toughest trophy of all because the AI of the opposing team becomes insanely hard to deal with because of their flawless aiming and their tactical & strategic approach to defending their objective or completing theirs when you are defending. Lots of cover and Parkour is the key to winning every mission.

Use the wheel, earn more XP
Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective Wheel

The easiest objective you can select and complete without dying or being interrupted and is also achievable on every class is Capture a command post, but that is a secondary objective so if it doesn't count then a primary objective has to chosen from the Objective Wheel and completed immediately and the best spot to get it is the Security mission #1 where you need to plant an HE bomb on the door and blow it to free the agent inside, Just make sure no engineer interrupts the countdown by disabling the bomb.

I think I know a shortcut
Open a shortcut for your team

Best chance to get this trophy is Security mission #1, after you blow up the door and free the agent you need to change your class to an Engineer at a Command Post and use the Objective Wheel to locate and select the secondary objective that is to repair the lift generator, the agent needs to be escorted to safety and it is a long walk especially since he limps slowly and dies quickly with enemy fire and the mission timer is running, so the repaired lift acts as a shortcut to get to your final destination faster.

You don't need to use the new shortcut you opened to actually earn this trophy, but you need to get it fixed while the agent hasn't yet passed the lift so there is a chance for him to get in it. if he already did then you's need to restart the mission and try again.

Cut 'em off at the pass
Close an enemy team's shortcut

When the opposing team complete a secondary objective to construct a shortcut, then destroy it before they use it to complete their primary objective and you will get this trophy.

Oh I'm sorry, was that yours?
Capture an enemy's Command Post

You have to wait for the enemies to capture a Command Post, pay attention to the comms and listen in on when a teammate tells you that "the enemy has captured a Command Post", from there select capturing it back from the Objective Wheel and once you do you will earn this trophy.

That's how you win a match
While on defense, take down an attacker who's completing a Primary Objective

Best way is to camp near a primary objective and wait for an enemy to attempt completing it and then take him out while he is working on it, if he stops to turn around and shoot you, and you kill him you will not get this trophy so you have to be swift about it and aim for the head and preferably use an SMG with a high rate of fire like The Kross SMG.

Not over till the fat lady sings!
Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down

Whenever you get too close to an enemy they will either melee you or slide into you and knock you down, when that happens don't move with or you will get up and miss your chance to get this trophy. Instead aim with and shoot the same enemy that knocked you down to get this trophy. If it gets a little frustrating then you can easily boost it with a partner who is playing on the opposite team.

Not so sneaky now, are you?
Reveal an enemy in disguise

Once an enemy Operative goes under disguise a team mate will inform you through comms and simply shoot any teammate you see with a small burst until you reveal the enemy in disguise, also get close to them because when you are close to the disguised enemy and aiming directly at him then it mark him and you will know that it is him in disguise.

Great shot kid! One in a million
Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade

You need the Grenade Shooting ability in order to achieve this trophy, when you see an enemy throw a grenade in his direction and and when it is close to him shoot it and the blast should get him, regular grenades only do a little damage and knockdown enemies so I suggest you attempt this while being a soldier with the 2 upgraded grenades abilities for better effectiveness.

You shall not pass!
While on defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective

For the attacking team to win they have to complete several Primary objectives one after the other before the mission timer runs out. every time they successfully clear a Primary Objective 5:00 minutes get added to the mission timer.

You have to set up a good defensive perimeter around their objective with Turrets, Mines, Satchel charges, etc... and run down the mission timer win the mission and get this trophy.

They never knew what hit them
While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit

Easiest mission to do this trophy is Security mission #2, i recommend doing it on easy so the resistance are less...resistant.

you may not get it immediately but practice and use parkour to get from one location to the other between objectives much faster

Was it the red or the blue wire?
Disarm an HE charge

Best done in Resistance mission #1, simply hide where the objective door is as an engineer and wait for an enemy soldier to put an HE charge on the door, kill him then disarm it, and once you do so you will get this trophy.

You can place another mine now
Take down an enemy with a mine

Only an Engineer has the ability to lay mines, select an Engineer from a Command Post and the best place to lay a mine to guarantee a kill is in front of an allied Command Post so when an enemy approaches it to capture it and step on the mine and detonate it. Another good spot is in front of an objective that you have to defend that the other team have to hack, blow or repair, it is also an excellent last minute defensive against the enemy.

While mines are invisible the enemy can still know when you have deployed one and their Operatives can see them and spot them and from there they become visible to their entire team, so it may take more than one mine to get this trophy, but it is very easy to achieve.

Pump up the volume!
Upgrade your team's command post

You need to be an Engineer and have the Command Post ability purchased in order to do this, simply capture a Command Post or appraoch one that belongs to your faction and hold to open the Class Wheel and keep it open and you will see green circle in the center that says upgrading, once it is finished the effect of the Command Post will double and you will get this trophy.add d

Smart decisions win battles
Attempt to Revive an objective-class teammate over a non-objective teammate near a Primary Objective

This is one of the trickiest trophies in the set because there are a lot of factors that need to be set in the right environment for you to be able to achieve this trophy, 1st of all you will need to be a medic, and you need to be near a Primary objective, no clue on what the numerical value should be for it to count as "near". 2nd you have to wait for a Primary objective class to become incapacitated near the objective and then revive him before he dies or re-0spawns. 3rd hope there is a non-primary objective class nearby as well. when all 3 conditions are met then the trophy should unlock.

Tis better to give than receive
As a Medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give the last of your Supplies away

You need to have the Transfer supplies ability purchased and when you start the level consume all your supplies except the last bar, you can do that by buffing your health, buffing others' health & throwing a grenade, once you have one bar of supplies left, toggle the ability on and approach a teammate and transfer your last supplies to him and you will get this trophy.a

I live....again!
Revive yourself

Dying is very easy on this game especially if you play on Hard, to get this trophy simply wait for a Medic on your team to throw you a Revive Syringe and when you get one hold the button to inject yourself and get back up and rejoin the fight and claim your trophy.

That mine you found? Disarmed!
Spot a mine which is later defused by another Engineer

another tricky Trophy because it is dependent on two people you and a teammate, preferably a Co-Op partner instead of an AI because the AI acts very randomly and you cannot give them commands, Select the operative class and wait for mines to be deployed, then select the mines from the objective Wheel and mark it. Then your teammate must defuse it and then you will get this trophy.

Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise

Operatives' Primary objective is to hack. You need to kill or or find a dead body of an enemy from the opposing team and use it to disguise, then start hacking the Primary Objective and stop at 95% then go disguise yourself again and start hacking again and once the primary objective is complete you will earn this trophy.

A bit of a headache
Take down an enemy with a Cortex Bomb

Cortex bombs ability is for the Operatives, when you are incapacitated you have the choice to detonate it and inflicting damage to any nearby enemies, it is best to wait for a weak enemy to be close to you or wait for an enemy to approach you to kill you with melee and then detonate it, and once you kill an enemy with it you will get this trophy.

Detonate an HE charge

Best done in Resistance mission #1, Let the security free the Agent by completing their 1st primary objective then their secondary objective to repair the generator lift will become available, then let one of their engineers fix it, once that is done you need to plant an HE charge on it as a soldier and protect the charge until iit detonates. Because it is a secondary objective the opposing team won't pay much attention to it and won't pose a threat unless no one is there to protect the charge so it is easier done that way than planting an HE charge on a Primary Objective.

No I insist, you take it
Use the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate's ammo rather than your own

simple, ammo refill ability is for soldiers, just waste all of your supplies except one either by throwing grenades, buffing yourself and then start refilling others' ammo and you will get this trophy quickly.

It's a trap!
Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge

Satchel charges are remote controlled bombs for the soldier, you can place up to 3 of them and detonate them simultaneously or separately. best way to get this trophy is be on the defending team and plant a satchel charge or more on an objective item that you are defending like a door or a safe. and hide in a safe place, then when an enemy approaches the objective detonate it to kill him and earn this trophy.

You can do that as the resistance on the 1st mission, let the resistance blow up the door and get the agent out and then let their engineer repair the lift generator, the lift will act as the short cut for the agent, as a soldier you have to plant an HE charge on the lift generator and destroy it before the agent reaches it and you will get this trophy.

Well done!
Complete your first 1 Star Challenge

The easiest challenge is Parkour This 1, simply use parkour to move around the obstacle course to different beacons scattered around then run back the start location to end the challenge.

You don't need to worry about this trophy when you go for King of the World because you will need to beat every challenge for it.

Very well done indeed
Complete your first 3 Star Challenge

Again, easily done on Parkour This, you have the exact same obstacle course and the exact same amount of beacons spread out at the same locations except you have less time on the clock, but it isn't crazy little time to deal with it is more than enough actually but the only thing is that there is no room for error and there is no time for the long way around, you have to literally reach every beacon by running straight to it and having to slide under, vault over, climb, skip, jump over obstacles. And after reaching all 10 beacons you should have enough time to run straight back to the starting line and reach it with 1-3 seconds to spare.

You don't need to worry about this trophy when you go for King of the World because you will need to beat every challenge for it.

Who's bad?
Complete all 1 Star Challenges

Very easy since the 1 star challenges barely pose a challenge at all. Parkour this requires Parkour skills and quick thinking to get to the beacons and back to the start line before the timer runs out. Be More Objective requires you to single handedly complete all the designated objectives while all your teammates do is protect you so you have to be quick and time efficient, also numerous objective items are on a 2nd or 3rd floor so you will have to climb your way up instead of just using the stairs because they will be protected and you will need to save precious seconds to complete all the objectives. Escort duty requires you by yourself to escort a bot to its destination and fend off attackers and repair the bot when it's down. use your mines by the doors where enemies come out from to knock them down and be able to dispatch them fast. Tower Defense requires that you protect the Command Post in the center of the arena from enemies who try to capture it, lay mines around it, or the doors where enemies come out from to slow them down. Always stay behind the bot as cover and whenever you are more than 4 meters away from the bot it will then stop moving towards the destination so always stay close to the bot.

King of the world!
Complete all 3 Star Challenges

Same as Who's bad? pretty much but the AI will be more resistant But the best tip to get through 2 star & 3 star challenges is to get rid of all of your purchased abilities by hitting at the abilities menu this way the AI will dumb down when you start fresh in terms of abilities not to mention they won't have any abilities either except for maybe a few basic ones like deploy a light turret and such, which isn't a big problem at all.

Well that was educational
Collect all Audio Logs

You get Audio logs as you clear missions, challenges, What-If missions secondary objectives and beat missions on hard as well as leveling up your character.

You're going places, kid!
Reach Rank 2

Simply level up to level 5 to achieve this rank and you will get this trophy.

Time to start a new character
Reach Rank 5

Reach level 20 to rank up to 5 and you get this trophy.

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