[top]About Brothers...

This puzzle/adventure game by Starbreeze, tells a story about two brothers that must go on a journey to find a medicine for their sick father.
Having lost their mother a short while ago, they must do this on their own.

Yes, it is a "rainy weather"-story, with heartbreaking, sometimes somewhat depressing moments in it, but it's a beautiful game with some new elements in it. Some grim things occur in the game, which doesn't make this game to be proper for young kids.

I've played a lot of games in my life and I've been around since "Pong" and "Pac-Man" and yes, I've played games where you control more then one character, but never like this. You control the older brother with the left stick and the younger brother with the right stick on your controller. The action-buttons are for the older brother and for the younger brother. This can be a real brain-teaser sometimes....

Enjoy yourself with this game just like i did, you owe it to yourself to play this game.


Players: 1
Online Trophies: none
Estimated Time to Platinum: 10 hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: none
Missable Trophies: ALL! (good thing there is a chapter select option)
Glitched Trophies: none reported

[top]Tips & Strategies

TIP 1 :

This guide contains SPOILERS! The game has a beautiful storyline, so i would recommend to play the game first and after that open this guide again to clean up the last trophies...but you probably won't...since you're an impatient trophy hunter...

TIP 2 :

The puzzles in the game aren't very hard, when you don't see it, take a second look, the solution is usually nearby


Sometimes it can be a real brain-teaser to control the two brothers at the same time, especially when they have to do different things. I heard drum-lessons can help otherwise, keep practicing.


NONE of the trophies are story-related.
In fact, if you just play the game and follow the main story-line, chances are BIG that after finishing the game, you didn't earn a single trophy.
Luckily, there is a chapter select option. (and this guide )

When replaying a chapter you can quit the chapter after receiving the trophy, EXCEPT Love Birds
because this trophy requires an action in two chapters. Read more about that at the trophy-info.


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Take a Break
You took a break from adventuring.

before carrying the cart with your sick father over the bridge, take the little sand road down to the river.
You will see a little pile of rocks, use LITTLE brother with the rock pile and he will throw them over the water, do this about 3 times to get the trophy.

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Wishing Well
You threw someone's ball down a well… Shame on you.

when encountering the girl with the ball, grab the ball with LITTLE brother and go to the water well to the right. Throw the ball into the well as any little annoying, irritating younger brother would do... (pling-pling)

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Black Sheep
Every family's got one.

at the place where you have to lower the bridge with the treadmill, instead of putting the sheep in the treadmill, carry it over to the rabbits and drop it in the ash/coal-pile, which will make the sheep black.
Trophy earned.

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Bunny Buddies
You made the bunnies play nice.

at the place where you have to lower the bridge with the treadmill, you will notice some rabbits, a few black rabbits playing and one white rabbit that is left out of the group. Pick up the White rabbit with LITTLE brother and drop it in the ash/coal-pile in the middle. The white rabbit becomes black and may now play with the other rabbits while the trophy pops up

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A sad tune
You made someone feel better.

In the beginning at the fork of the road, go right and you will see a man trying to hang himself...rescue him. Lift the man up with BIG brother, while you climb the tree with LITTLE brother to cut the rope.
After that , climb the ledge with both brothers to pick up the music box and give that to the man.
After the cutscene this depressing trophy will pop up.

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Love Birds
You re-united the two love birds.

This is the only trophy that contains 2 actions in the game.
First, in chapter 1, again at the bridge with the treadmill, you will see a bird in a cage. Free the bird with LITTLE brother.
FINISH THE CHAPTER OR IT WON'T SAVE! When arriving in chapter 2 you can/may quit and go to chapter 4.
Later, in chapter 4, at the inventors house, you will see a telescope. Take a look through the telescope and aim at the tree down-right. Zoom in on the tree and you will see a bird, keep watching the bird. Another bird will come flying down to the tree to and as soon as you watch them kiss the trophy will pop up.

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You made the inventor dance.

At the inventors house, you will see a strange windmachine. Spin the fan with LITTLE brother, while moving the fan with BIG brother. Once the fan is at the right place, the windpipes start playing a tune. Keep steady now until you see a cutscene with the inventor dancing on the table.
Trophy achieved.

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Call of the giants
You sounded a giant horn.

Before the giant crossbow (puzzle) you will see a giant horn. Only BIG brother can blow it...
Do so to get this trophy.

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Behind the Curtain
You found a secret.

After you hopped on the boat, go to the right where you will see a waterfall of blood...so it's more like a bloodfall, with rocks under it, go between the rocks through the blood/waterfall to see a cutscene. Another easy silver trophy.

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Turtle Soup
You helped the turtles to the sea.

Further in this chapter you will see a giant turtle.
Go to the giant turtle and you will see 3 little turtles close by. Shove the little turtles, one by one through the little ice cave to get them back to their mother, the giant turtle. The first 2 turtles are easy to spot, the third is on the ledge. After reuniting the turtles a cutscene will play and the trophy is yours.

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Whale Song
You practised singing.

You may have noticed the benches in the game, when you sit down on them with both brothers you will get a lovely view.
In chapter 6 there is also a bench like this, sit down on it and enjoy the view....of a silver trophy popping up!

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Falling star
Make a wish.

After the part with the wolves you will come at a cemetery.
Go to the big white female statue here with the burning candles and interact with the LITTLE brother.
After 5 seconds you will see a shooting star across the sky.
After that you will see a shooting across the sky.

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The spoiler-bars at the trophies contain youtube-movies.
I'd like to thank all the people that made these.

I'd like to thank everyone that contributed to this wonderful game.

I'd like to thank Ultradog177 & Compalicious and the rest of the PS3T-staff for letting ME make this guide.
I really enjoyed making it.

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