Players: 1
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: 2
Cheat Codes: None
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Trophy Difficulty: 1/10
Time to 100%: 15-20 minutes excluding multiplayer
Number of Playthroughs: 1


Before you start: You need to complete the main story mode to unlock these trophies except for the multiplayer trophies which can be done at anytime. When you are ready go to the nearest Motorforge and equip all the new stuff that Ozzy has to offer. That means that you should equip all the weapons for the Deuce and and also the new Threads. The new items are all free so you don´t have to worry about spending fire tributes.

Tip from Gotakibono: This DLC is extremely useful for quickly boosting wins in multi-player. If you and your boosting partner both own this DLC, and if you search for multi-player maps exclusive to this DLC , you'll find each other 95% of the time as the game's online is virtually dead.


Ran Down 20 animals in the Deuce with the Coiling Maw equipped.

You need to equip the Coiling Maw for the deuce in the motorforge and run over 20 animals. The easiest animals are the ones at the beginning of the game, Ground Urchins, they only need one hit.

If You Want Blood, You Got It
Killed 20 Tainted Coil units with the Disgorger.

The Disgorger is the secondary weapon for the Deuce that sprays blood from the sides. Just go on top of the motorway and find some Tainted Coil and keep spraying them.

Cry me a River
Killed 20 Drowning Doom units with the Eye of Sorrow.

This is the primary weapon for the Deuce. You need to go to the last level, Black Tears, and find some Drowning Doom units and fire away!

Whispering Rock
Chiseled four Razputin heads onto Mt. Rockmore.

This can be done by moving up the stairs that allows you to change heads onto the mountain. It´s located on the first level, southwest area, far to the right, close to the cemetary and a motorforge. Look further down the guide in the *spoiler alert* area for map locations.

Beard Beard Action Beard!
Made out with Ophelia while wearing Mountain Man Threads.

Ophelia is located on top of the hill with the Iron cross. The hunter used to be here. Equip the Mountain man Threads in the motorforge and find her. Press to interact. Sweet!
Look further down the guide in the *spoiler alert* area for map locations.

A Face Like a Beast
Killed 15 enemies with a Metal Beast while wearing the Zaulia Threads.

Equip the Zauila Threads and find a Metal Beast to double team with. They usually roam the jungle or black tears.

Hammer of Infinite Fate Tourist
Played a multiplayer game on all Hammer of Infinite Fate multiplayer maps.

You will get this when you go for the other multiplayer trophy.

Hammer of Fate Champion
Won 10 games on Hammer of Infinite Fate maps - ranked or vs. Brütal AI.

This one can easily be boosted. Go to matchmaking and choose Hammer of Infinite maps. You and your friend needs to press at the same time to search for an opponent. When you find each other the will game start and then simply surrender 10 times each. I think you will need to be at around the same rank but I'm not sure. If you rather want to beat the Brütal AI there is a way you can rush him and win pretty easy if you are quick. Can edit the information if you're having problems winning...

Norwegian Sendoff
Visited the grave of a fallen hero while wearing the Black Metal Threads.

Just visit the graveyard on the first level, southwest area, go to Lars' tombstone (HALFORD printed on it) and press to interact with his sister. Look further down the guide in the *spoiler alert* area for map locations.

Here is a map of the above locations:

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