Players: 1
Online Trophies: 3 (Required), 12 (Potential)
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30+ hours
Minimum Playthroughs: 1


Below is the trophy guide for Brutal Legend. I will provide strategies where applicable, but it is important to note this is not a walkthrough of the game itself. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Brutal Legend Board .


Rock God
Got all PS3 Trophies

Pretty self explanatory. Get all other trophies and this will auto-unlock

Metal God
Achieved 100% completion on the stats screen

This is actually a pain in the butt. Basically what you need to do is finish the game, buy every upgrade, finish all jumps, free all bound serpents, find all buried metal/metal forges, etc.

There is only one trick to this trophy really, and that is that you have to buy ALL the Metal Forge upgrades. That includes paint jobs and Mt. Rockmore heads.

All the concept art doesn't count toward the trophy, you just need all 17 Ironheade concept arts. You get these by building Ironheade units. I got all 17 playing through the game normally, if you are impatient or having issues unlocking them all, these can be unlocked in MP or AI battles. Each unit has its own concept art that will unlock once a certain number of them have been built.

There is a pretty easy way of farming the concept art if you need to, start an AI battle on the Feeding Area map, build a small force and get a merch booth on the southern pyre. Once you have a stable force defending that area, capture the top two pyres, then set your rally flag in the feeding area. After that just build units, they will walk into the feeding area to their death.

There is also a concept art for the stage. You get this by spending 5 minutes at the microphone.

Serpent Savior
Freed all 120 Bound Serpents

The bound serpents are the statues that are bound up with leather littered around the land. You free them using clementine ( to target then hold down ).

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

One Hit Wonder
Purchased 1 upgrade in the Motor Forge

This is pretty simple. Go to any Motor Forge and buy any upgrade.

Serpent Samaritan
Freed 40 Bound Serpents

Refer to Serpent Savior.

Serpent Spanker
Freed 80 Bound Serpents

Refer to Serpent Savior.

Summoned all Motor Forges

There are a total of 11 Motor Forges. You must summon them all using the Relic Raiser solo.

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

Now You Must Tell the Tale
Viewed all Legends

There are a total of 13 Legends. You must view them all. To free them from their chains use Earthcrusher (+). To view them simply walk into the blue orb.

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

Learned all guitar solos

Some solos you get as a part of the story, but there are a total of 9 Solos littered across the land. To learn one simply walk up to the statue and wait for the cutscene.

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

Voices From Beyond
Unlocked all songs in the Mouth of Metal

To do this you have to have the entire track-list unlocked. This can't actually be done until you are pretty far in the story/side missions, as tracks unlock at certain progress points. There are 24 buried metal tracks which you need to get this trophy. If you have those 24, you should get the rest as you progress through the story and side missions.

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

Loyal Customer
Purchased all upgrades in the Motor Forge

This is another one you won't be able to get until later in the game. You need fan tributes, which you get from side missions/story missions, and for the upgrade to be purchasable at the Motor Forge. The upgrades will become purchasable as you progress through the story.

NOTE: Paint Jobs and Mt. Rockmore Effigies do not count toward this trophy.

Viewed all vistas

The vistas are the skulls scattered about the land; there are 32 in total. To view them simply go up and press . On the map below they are labeled "Landmarks."

There is a map showing their locations: Brutal Legend Map

Completed 20 ambush, outpost defense, or mortar secondary missions

There are 20 missions in total of the 3 types. It shouldn't be too hard, and you can actually get this trophy shortly after beating Lionwhyte.

For Ambush, the easiest way is to ride the healer vehicle into the ranged enemies/healer, stun, and then get out and do Face Melter. In general, Face Melter or Bring 'em Down is your best friend in these missions because you can wipe out large groups of enemies all at once. Generally speaking you want to take care of their healer first, then the ranged, then mop up the melee.

For Outpost Defense you can use the Deuce's weapons to kill everything. These are typically the easiest; just assign your units to guard the tower and use your weapons to take out all the ranged enemies/healers. Your units will take care of all the melee.

For Mortar you need a little skill. The best thing to do is practice, as it's hard to explain just how much lead to use for the mortar. Just use trial and error, and don't be afraid if units get through, as you have a small army guarding the tower.

Completed all hunting secondary missions

The hunter is a character that gives you a second set of side missions involving killing a certain number of animals. His location shows up on the map as the mission "Overkill."

You do have to progress in the story to a certain point before you can finish this trophy. It is also important to note that after completing the last mission for him, you have to go back and talk to him one last time. This trophy won't unlock until he gives you the special axe.

Squeal Like a Chicken
Completed all racing secondary missions

These missions are the ones where you race Fletus. They are marked on your map, so simply do them all to unlock this trophy.

A good strategy for this is to wait until you have upgrades for the Druid Plow. With a fully decked out Deuce, these missions are almost an absolute joke.

You do have to progress in the story to a certain point before you can finish this trophy.

Acquired 3,000 Fire Tributes

You will get them by completing side missions and story missions. This actually is a pretty hefty sum, as you will have to do most of the side missions and unlocks to get this. If you are going for 100% complete though, you should get this easily on your way to that mark.

If you are impatient, or finding it difficult, you can "farm" fire tributes by killing enemy groups in the world.

Some Demon Flesh on your Bumper
Slayed 150 enemies with the Deuce – any mode

Once you get weapons for the Druid Plow this will be pretty easy. Just kill anything hostile with the DP. Once you kill 150 enemies you will get this.

Spent 250,000 fans – any mode

Pretty simple, just time consuming. Spend 250,000 fans training units and upgrading your stage/units. Its quite a large sum, and you will not get it on one play-through. This can be done in Singleplayer or Multiplayer, and it is cumulative across all games.

If you are looking to boost this, the best way is to start an AI battle on the "Feeding Area" map. Basically you want to build 3 Merch booths in the middle area, then station a descent force at the southern Merch Booth to keep it. Once you get to a stable point, set your Rally Flag in the middle area, near the worm. Then just build units and they will move to the flag when they spawn, and the worm will kill them.

I suggest upgrading units/stages as much as possible to keep the funds moving. I suggest playing as Ironheade against Tainted Coil. Ironheade can basically defend against anything at the southern point with 2 Razorfire Girls, 2 Headbangers, and a Kill Master. That will leave you 21 loads to burn on units for your death trap.

I've never touched an axe before
Personally smote 300 enemies – any mode

This just takes time. You need to land the killing blow on 300 enemies. If you do side missions you should get this pretty easily before beating the game. Again, Face Melter and Bring 'em Down are your friends.

Silence, ground walker!
Gained 5 or more seconds of hang time in a single jump – any mode

Rooster Teeth did this one:

Toggle Spoiler

Hit 15 enemies with one Agony Ball using the Pain Lifter’s Double Team

This one is all about timing. Basically you want to build a Pain Lifter and wait for the enemy to build a force of 15+. Once that happens, storm them and launch the ball right on top of them, then quickly blow it up. If it hits 15 enemies the trophy will pop. The hard part about this, as with others in this category, is getting 15 units together.

As usual this trophy is ludicrously easy with a boosting partner.

Death From Above
Killed 20 enemies with one Bleeding Death

The Bleeding Death is one of the Tainted Coils' weird units. You build it, then summon it using a solo. The hard part here is getting your enemy to build 20 units and attack you en-masse. The best strategy thus far is to let the enemy take the neutral merch booths on a map while you wait and upgrade your stage. Hope that by the time they get to you, there is more than 20 units.

Once they attack you, summon the Bleeding Death right on top of them. You don't actually have to win the match.

As usual this trophy is ludicrously easy with a boosting partner.

Hit 6 enemies with the explosion from a Brood’s Double Team

This is another one that isn't complicated, but can be a pain in the butt. Broods are the little baby-stroller looking units the Drowning Doom have, and the trick to this achievement is to race to build them as quickly as possible. Focus on building Merch Booths and upgrade your stage ASAP. Then just start spamming Broods and try to catch 6 units with its Double Team.

As usual this trophy is ludicrously easy with a boosting partner.

Trapped 15 enemies in one ring of fire with the Fire Baron’s Double Team

This is actually easier than it sounds. All you have to do is get a group of 15 units together and ride around them in a loop, but the loop can actually be pretty big. I would recommend playing against either the Drowning Doom or Tainted Coil. Wait for them to attack one of your Merch Booths with a large group, then run a circle of fire around them.

As usual this trophy is ludicrously easy with a boosting partner.

Killed 25 enemies with the grinder of one Rock Crusher

The hard part of this one is actually having one Rock Crusher survive that long. The easiest way to do this is to do an AI match against something on Gentle and just crush as many melee units as you can, hoping you will get 25 before they overwhelm you. On Gentle this should be pretty easy.

As usual this trophy is ludicrously easy with a boosting partner.

Six Degrees of Schafer
Played with or against another player who has this Trophy

Really, just luck. I would always recommend posting on the forum to see if you can set up a game with someone who has this, but it's a viral trophy.

Got a Car and a Date
Completed ‘Welcome to the Age of Metal’

This trophy you get after the car chase portion during the beginning of the game. It should unlock when you head to meet Lars for the first time.

Start a Revolution
Completed ‘Exploited in the Bowels of Hell'

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Thick as a Baby's Arm
Completed ‘Lair of the Metal Queen’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Hair Remover
Completed ‘Battle for Bladehenge’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

French Kiss Instructor
Completed ‘Pilgrimage of Screams’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Chicks n' Booze n' Stuff
Completed ‘Sanctuary of Sin’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Ran to the Hills
Completed ‘It’s Raining Death’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Fistful of Fog
Completed ‘Dry Ice, Wet Graves’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

No More Tears
Completed ‘Sea of Black Tears’

This trophy is story-related, and you will get it on your way to beating the game.

Won 10 ranked multiplayer matches

See Conquerer.

Won a ranked multiplayer match

See Conquerer.

Won 50 ranked multiplayer matches

This trophy is just another crappy grind-box that every MP game seems to have nowadays. 50 ranked wins isn't too bad compared to other trophies in other games, but matches can last the upwards of an hour.

Unlike typical RTS games, rushing doesn't work particularly well in this game. My best suggestions for getting wins is to focus on disrupting your enemy as soon as possible and building Merch booths fast. Although rushing doesn't work great, battles can be quickly decided if you can get some solos off early and capture more merch booths faster.

The only trick I have is if you can get a friend, you can build wins quick by having them surrender right away. This does actually count toward your win total. Other than that you will just have to grind MP matches.

Master of the Flame
Double Teamed with every Ironheade unit

Can be done in single player or mutliplayer. Just go up to every Ironheade unit and press and then .

The list of units:
  • Headbanger
  • Razorfire Girl
  • Kill Master
  • Fire Baron
  • Headsplitter
  • Bouncer
  • Roadie
  • Rock Crusher

Practice Bloody Practice
Won an AI Stage Battle – any difficulty

Just go to the Multiplayer menu and play a game against the computer. If you win, this trophy unlocks. Any of the factions are pretty easy on Gentle, although I find Tainted Coil is the easiest overall because of their complicated build structure. Drowning Doom is a close second if you can storm their base before they get reapers.

Master of the Tear
Double Teamed with every Drowning Doom unit

Can be done in mutliplayer. Just go up to every Drowning Doom unit and press and then .

The list of units:
  • Gravedigger
  • Bride
  • Ratgut
  • Organist
  • Lightning Rod
  • Brood
  • Dirgible
  • Treeback
  • Frightwig
  • Reaper

Master of the Blood
Double Teamed with every Tainted Coil unit

Can be done in multiplayer. Just go up to every Tainted Coil unit and press and then . It's important to note that it doesn't matter whether or not the unit is marked as superior.

The list of units:
  • Soul Kisser
  • Skull Racker
  • Punishing Party
  • Pain Lifter
  • Head Cutter
  • Scream Wagon
  • Battle Nun
  • Warfather
  • Overblesser
  • Hate Cage

Armchair General
Won a Stage Battle by yourself against the AI without attacking

This is actually easier than it sounds. You can't attack, but your units can. Just play against Tainted Coil on Gentle and don't do anything except order other units. Go after the Merch Booths first, then attack the stage.

Boar Bather
Rode a Razorfire Boar into the Sea of Black Tears and live to tell the tale.

I recommend waiting until after you beat the game to get this, as it is significantly easier. Rooster Teeth has a video walkthrough:

Toggle Spoiler

Quill Tosser
Killed a Tollusk using only Ground Urchins

Can be a rough trophy. Ground Urchins are the porcupine looking animals on the ground. To do this all you need to do is stun them () and then pick them up ().

Once you have one take it to a Tollusk and toss it. Target using for the best chance of hitting it. It will take quite a few to take it down. The big trick here is keeping the Tollusk's attention, for whatever reason he goes a bit loopy when you pick up the Urchins (perhaps he knows you are going to throw it at his face so he bolts). It takes timing, but the best way I found to do this is to stun the urchin then, just as he goes to swing, move out of the way to pick him up and toss it at him before he gets out of range.

It takes practice, and be careful with stun, if you touch the Tollusk with stun, it doesn't count.

ALTERNATIVE METHOD: This one is an alternative approach I recently confirmed, but is still equally difficult. If you are having issues with the timing, this could be for you.

Instead of picking up the Urchins, wait for the Tollusk to get near one then quickly stun it two times. The urchin will explode on the ground and damage the Tollusk. Be careful you don't stun the Tollusk.

Completed Campaign mode on Easy

See Legend.

Completed Campaign mode on Normal

See Legend.

Completed Campaign mode on Brutal

Brutal is a tough difficulty. While not as bad as other games, it is not exactly a cakewalk. You can make it significantly easier by buying the proper upgrades as fast as you can and fighting the right way.

Tips for combat:
  • Generally speaking you want to use your guitar as much as possible. Lightning in particular is your best friend, followed by Pyro as a close second. Use them to your advantage.
  • Don't rush enemies. Nothing is really on a time limit, so pace yourself.
  • High Voltage and Soul Sucker are the best Guitar/Axe combo available, so get both of these as soon as possible. Until those are available, use the Shredder and Chain Lightning Axe.
  • Use your solos. Battle Cry, Dawn of Light, Face Melter, and Bring 'em Down are all great.

Tips for stage battles:
  • In general these aren't complicated, but can be frustrating.
  • Make sure you are setting Rally Flags. It makes a big difference when you don't ever have to go back to your stage.
  • Cap the middle resource points first, then build up an army before attacking the enemy stage. You really just want to hold 3-4 points and build from there.
  • Upgrade units ASAP! Makes a huge difference.
  • Build as many units as you can, but keep it in balance. You should always have a mix of melee and range with 2 healers in a group of 40 units.
  • Use your solos. Battle Cry, Dawn of Light, Face Melter, Bring 'em Down, and Rock Block should be used as much as possible.

NOTE: These stack, so if you beat the game on Brutal, you will unlock Normal and Easy as well.

Coolest Thing Ever
Jumped over a Hextadon in the Deuce

Rooster Teeth did this:

Toggle Spoiler

Beast Master
Rode every animal in the world

You can ride animals by stunning them () and then hopping on ().

There are 7 animals:
  • Raptor Elk (The elk looking animal in the starting area)
  • Tollusk (The dog looking animal with a metal helmet)
  • Razorfire Boar (Looks like a warthog on wheels)
  • Hextadon (The woolly mammoth looking creatures in the snow-area)
  • Laser Panther (The panthers found in the jungle area)
  • Guillotar (The giant wooden horses by the sea of black tears)
  • Reaper Steed (The lightning horses by the sea of black tears)

Iron Fist
Won an AI Stage Battle – Brütal difficulty

I'd recommend playing as Ironheade. They are the most well-rounded faction and easiest to work with, although this is most certainly doable with any faction. The easiest way to do this is to play on a small map where you can predict where your enemies are coming from, like Blood Coast. Build Razorfire and Headbanger units and take the additional Merch Booth. From there upgrade your stage, build additional Razorfire girls, Fire Barons, and Kill Masters. Continue to upgrade/defend until you have a sizable force, then storm their stage.

The key I found here, regardless of faction, is to not get too deep in your unit tree. Keep your force simple, but large, and upgrade them. It's all about getting your force into base-destroying shape as soon as possible.

Remember to use your solos! You can double your damage output using Battle Cry or keep your units alive a heck of a lot longer with Black Tear Infusion. Also do not forget to use your blocking solos - nothing screws over the computer like not being able to build units.

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