Players: 1-4
Online Trophies:Master Chef
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5-7 hours depending on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: None; chapter select
Glitched Trophies: None reported as of now

[top]Tips & Strategies

  • Jumping is a great way to avoid enemies (except pickles). It will not just keep you alive, it will save precious pepper.
  • Conserve your pepper. It is limited, and it stuns enemies.
  • Use to pick up enemies when they are stunned, ONLY when they are stunned. By picking up enemies, you can run on burger pieces, and automatically throw enemies onto the burger, causing the pieces to fall farther.
  • Get to the top first. You get more points when burger pieces fall on one another, and you'll save time.
  • When trying to beat levels without dying, sometimes take a test run to see the deadly parts, as you'll sometimes jump into unseen death.
  • Use power-ups wisely, as they are limited.
  • There's an Easy mode option, but using it will not net you any Star trophy or the No-Deaths trophy, as scores and least deaths aren't recorded on Easy mode.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits


  1. Dirty Burger/Master Chef: Get the pesky multi-player trophies out of the way. They are easy and shouldn't take long to get.
  2. It's BurgerTime!: Now beat all the levels, and get all the Burger letters in a level. Try to go for as many least deaths as possible, and make a mental map of the area for later.
  3. Hardcore: Now use your knowledge of the game to beat all levels without dying.
  4. I Am A Burger God: Time to use all your World Tour knowledge to get all 5-star ranks.


American Cheese
Complete All USA BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
To earn this trophy, you must beat the ten levels of the USA world. They are:
  • The Big Apple Street
  • The Roaring 20's Burgers
  • Martin Burger King Jr. Street
  • Burger Queen's American Dream
  • Jive Turkey Burger Downtown
  • The Melting Cheese Pot
  • China Burger Town
  • Yankee Bronx Burgers
  • Empire Burger Street
  • The BM3K

The BM3K is the USA boss fight against some greasy chef in a UFO. The fight is climbing to the top of the area to make a burger thrice, while jumping over deadly gas balls. The cannon shooting the gas will move up and down on the right side of the map. You'll know when it's about to shoot when you hear a whirring noise, then a splot noise. Make sure to jump over the gas it shoots. There will be some enemies around, but they will die from the gas, so get them out of your way and keep moving. Just reach the top and work your way down making the burgers. Once the third burger is complete, watch the cutscene and the trophy will follow suit.

Luchador Lunch
Complete All Mexico BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
To earn this trophy you must complete all ten levels of the Mexico world. They are:
  • Geronimo Burger
  • Bury My Burger at Wounded Knee
  • Olmec the Great Pickle
  • Taco Burrito Burger
  • No Mayanaise on My Burger
  • Mex I Can Have Burger
  • Chupacaburger
  • Hamburger Cortez vs. The Aztecs
  • The Alamo
  • Lucha Burger

Lucha Burger is the Mexico boss fight. Nothing says BurgerTime like fighting a giant... wrestler...
This boss seems simple, but takes careful planning and timing. The wrestler will punch the platform Peter Pepper's on, stunning him, opening him to attack. Move quickly to avoid being stunned.
Now to the actual damaging part: Just simply making a burger will cause him to pick it up for some reason and eat it, damaging him, but just doing that alone will only damage him about 10%. To really damage him, you need to make a burger, but put an exploding pepper in it. NOTE: you cannot drop an ingredient onto a pepper, you need to use the ingredient he's on presently to put him on the burger. You'll know he's on the burger when the ingredient falls down twice. The burger will then flame when finished, and the wrestler will eat it, taking away one-third of his health. Repeat twice more to defeat him, a total of three times. Once the third burger is eaten, the wrestler will have some serious heartburn and fall, giving you the trophy.

French Fries
Complete All France BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
To earn this trophy you must complete all ten levels of the France world. They are:
  • French Fried
  • Eiffel Burger
  • Very Vegan Vineyard
  • The Tennis Court Oath
  • Le Arch de Burger
  • Mime a la Carte
  • Freedom Fries
  • The Hunchback of Burger Dame
  • Bastille Burger
  • The VBM3K

The VBM3K is the France boss fight against a goth chef of sorts. This fight is basically just like The BM3K USA boss, only there are TWO cannons that fire gas, one on each side of the area. The one on the right will whir then fire first, then shortly after, another whir will sound, and the one on the left will fire. There is enough time to prepare for the second shot, however, so don't worry. There are also more enemies in this fight, but they will die from the gas like before.
The strategy is the same as in the BM3K, just scale to the top, dodging the blasts, then make a burger 3 times. Once all three burgers have been made, the fight will be complete and the trophy will sound at the results screen.

Banzai Burger
Complete All Japan BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
To earn this trophy you must complete all ten levels of the Japan world. They are:
  • Tokyo To Go
  • Wasabi Burger
  • Oda Noburgernaga
  • Tokugawa Burgernate
  • Edo Burger Period
  • Kamiburgerkaze
  • Bushido Banzai Burger
  • Land of the Rising Burger
  • Sakura Burger
  • Burgerzilla

Burgerzilla is the Japan boss fight against a large robot dragon. This fight is alike the Mexico fight, where you make burgers with peppers in them to hurt the boss, although instead of hitting the platforms, it will fire lasers that will kill you and enemies. Sometimes, mainly after eating, the dragon will launch out numerous missiles that will appear through targets that are shown. The targets are easy to avoid, but the missiles may be sneaky and sneak a kill in.

There IS a way to make this fight easy, but it is tedious. One the middle layers on each side are platforms with rockets on them. You can use them to fly up on top of the arena, where an energy drink is. While you CAN just grab the drink, make one burger disregarding peppers, then grab another drink and repeat, it will take about 10 times. The easiest way to be safe is to grab a drink, pick up a pepper after stunning one to add one, then finish the burger and repeat. You can do it fine without drinks as well. Once the fight is done, the trophy will unlock at the results screen.

Complete Each Level Without Dying

This won't be an easy task.
  • If you're having trouble, beat the level with deaths, just learning the map, noting the hard parts and the burger locations
  • Keep an eye on your pepper, and know when you could jump rather than stun
  • Know what power-up you have and/or what it does. It can sometimes save pepper or time
  • Be aware what enemy you're facing off against. Each has certain abilities.
  • Enemies in the game may sometimes blend right into the environs, so focus is very important.

Once you beat all 40 levels without a death in every level the trophy is yours.

NOTE: You CANNOT do this in Easy mode, as the least amount of deaths isn't recorded on Easy.

It's Burger Time!
Complete All BurgerTime World Tour Levels

This trophy is story-related, therefore it cannot be missed
You'll earn this trophy seconds after getting Banzai Burger. After you defeat the final boss, the trophy is yours.

Spatula Man
Hit 100 Enemies With The Spatula

The Spatula power-up is a purple cube with a spatula icon. It causes the player to use a spinning attack, which can be used to defeat enemies, or even other players. Multiple enemies can be defeated with one attack, and this should come without trying. Just use the spatula to kill 100 enemies and the trophy is yours.

Master Chef
Win An Online Multiplayer Game

It can be hard to actually find a game online, so I suggest using the boosting thread to find a partner. Simply win the match to win the trophy.
The Official BurgerTime: World Tour Boosting Thread

Dirty Burger
Crush 2 Other Players In Multiplayer With A Single Ingredient

The best way to earn this is in offline multiplayer with two additional controllers. Set up an offline multiplayer match with all enemies turned off. Position 2 of the 3 players on the edge of a burger piece that is below another, then use the last player to run across the burger piece above the players to make a people burger and get this easy

Burger Please
Collect All Burger Letters In A Level

This shouldn't be too hard. Early in the USA levels, you will be introduced to Burger letters. In that level, the letters will be pretty easy to collect, and if you look out for them, you may get this without thinking. Once all six letters in a level are found, 1,000 points and the trophy are yours.

I Am A Grill Champion
Get A 3+ Star Ranking On All Levels

See I Am A Burger God

I Am A Burger God
Get A 5 Star Ranking On All Levels

Probably the hardest trophy. Getting all 5 stars will not be easy. You need to complete the level fast, and have a big score overall.
  • Time, however, is the most important ingredient, as getting good times will give hefty bonuses.
  • Collecting BURGER letters will also give points, 1,000 points are given when all 6 are collected.
  • Adding enemies into the burgers will give more points per enemy
  • The more ingredients a burger piece lands on, the more points. 100 extra points per ingredient to be precise
  • Play through the level before getting 5-stars, and formulate a game plan in your head as you go, noting the parts you die the most

The trophy is yours if you can manage to get 5 stars in all levels

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