Players: 1
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: N/A
Estimated Time to 100%: 5 Hours
100% Difficulty: 8/10
Collectible Trophies: No
Missable Trophies: No
Glitched Trophies: No


In Burn Zombie Burn! the player controls a character called Bruce, against a never ending horde of various zombies. The objective of the game is kill as many zombies as possible before he dies, whilst reaching certain score thresholds that unlock more of the game. The game is an arena based shooter.The is the first of the long awaited Burn Zombie Burn DLC's. The new DLC features new playable levels and co-op missions in addition to the trophies.

There are four game modes in the game and all are available on startup.

  • Freeplay – The simplest of the four modes; as the player just has to survive and score high.

  • Defense – This has the player protect Bruce’s girlfriend Daisy, who’s stationary and normally positioned in the center of each level. In order to protect Daisy the player must set zombies on fire and kill enough of them to produce a health pickup for Daisy.

  • Timed – The player starts with a five minute limit and he has to kill flaming zombies so that they drop a time pickup, which replenishes the timer.

  • Challenges – There are a total of ten challenges in the game, with varying objectives. These normally isolate certain game mechanics and place them in tougher scenarios for the player to complete.

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[top]Tips & Strategies

Hold , it locks onto the nearest zombie.
Setting zombies on fire, by holding will increase your combo.
Zombie that are on fire chase you faster.
Both and fire your weapon.


As there are only four trophies there is not much i can put here. However, i would suggest that you go for BZB: In Space - Extreme Survivor & BZB: In Space - Top Ten first. Doing this will save a little bit of time on the BZB: In Space - No Time To Bleed & BZB: In Space - Transporter Accident trophies.


BZB: In Space - No Time To Bleed
Get 100 Gatling Gun combos on the Engine Room.

This one is a grind. When you kill lots of enemies with a weapon, fill up a bar on the left side off the screen. When you fill up the bar you get a combo. When playing on the Engine room map, in any Mode, get 100 Gatling gun combos. The Gatling guns are few and far between, so just this will take a long time.

BZB: In Space - Transporter Accident
Transport 1000 Zombies off the Mothership Bridge.

The combo button event on The Mothership Bridge map transports zombies off the map. To be able to use the combo button you must build up three weapon combos (with the same or three different weapons), without dying. Once the combo button is ready to use, step on it, this will start transporting zombies. If you wait until you a large number of zombies on the map you could transport between 70-100 zombies at a time. Doing so will mean you can get this trophy in about 10-15 combo events. You can also do this in the Beam Me Up Bruce Challenge. In this challenge zombies are transported every 30 seconds. It won't transport as many zombie as the first method but you may find it easier.

BZB: In Space - Top Ten
Beat ten of your friends in any leaderboard on either the Engine Room or Mothership Bridge.

For this hard to get trophy you have to get a better score than 10 people on your friends list on a leaderboard for either the Engine Room map or Mothership Bridge map. You can be at the top of any of the Arcade leaderboards. Go to the BZB Boosting Thread to add some ‘friends’. Adding some dummy accounts with easy to bet scores will also help.

BZB: In Space - Extreme Survivor
Survive 5 minutes with one life in Survival mode on Extreme difficulty on either the Engine Room or Mothership Bridge.

Most people find it easier to get it on the Engine Room map. In Extreme difficulty on hit from a zombie will kill you. Don't go near the zombies watch out for the Rushers at the beginning. I know this sounds but make sure you are playing on Extreme difficulty and in Survival mode before you go for this trophy. In the spoiler is a video showing you how to do this.

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