Players: 1-2
Online Play: No
Online Trophies: No
Cheat Codes: No
Cheats Affect Trophies: No, but you can not earn medals in co-op.
Trophy Difficulty: 10/10

[top]Tips & Strategies

Burn Zombie Burn is an Arcade style shoot em' up with fun zombie slaying game play and the quirkiness of a wannabe Duke Nukem/ Bruce Campbell (I mean just listen to some of Bruce's catchphrases). This game is hard though, very very hard. Traditional arcade level hard. The trophies reflect its difficulty. There is no 'Time to 100%' for this game because frankly not enough people have achieved this amount for a reasonable estimation of the time it takes to do so. This guide is merely here to help you with any problems you may have as well as clearly define each goal in this game. Happy slaying.[/I]

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100,000 Zombies killed.

The answer to the most common question for this trophy is no, you do not have to kill this many zombies in a single game. The kills stack up and after every round it will display just how many zombies you have killed. When you finally reach 100,000 kills overall, this trophy is yours.

Paint The Town Red
Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.

This will most likely be one of the first trophies you obtain. On the first level, simply run around and kill, kill, kill. Before too long you'll have a blood bath all across the field. The only real advice is to not stay in one area (like you really would anyways). I got this trophy after about 5-10 minutes of playing after the tutorial.

Red Shirt
Kill the away team zombie.

The away team zombie is basically a Bruce doppelganger with a red shirt on. When he appears you'll hear a bell ring. Killing him makes you go into Rampage mode, which is when you become invincible and have infinite ammo for a short period of time. You'll usually see this zombie walking around using a pair of binoculars.

Hot To Trot
Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.

Considering zombies do not stay lit a full 30 seconds after you light them, this can be a little tough if you don't know what you're doing. On the first level is where I would recommend, because you will have to be on one of of the higher waves (around wave 30 or so) to effectively do this. When the zombies are packing the screen, run through them with your torch out and light them up. You will have a counter showing how many zombies are currently burning. Get that counter around 75 to 80 zombies burning at once. The numbers will decrease to near 50-55 zombies at the end of 30 seconds. You will want them compact because the fire will spread more effectively keeping your counter up.

Murder On The Dance Floor
1000 Zombies sent dancing.

Pick up the groove gun and fire the rays it sends to make the zombies in its range go on to a John Travolta Saturday Night Fever style dance-off. On the Suburbia level, the big red button should send the zombies dancing when pressed. The trophy requires that you kill 1000 zombies while they are dancing, so use weapons that end them fast like the lawnmower, chainsaw, baseball bat, gatling gun, or some TNT. Get 1000 kills while they boogie and this trophy is yours.

Brain Surgery
100 Brains sucked.

The brain gun is one of the most unusual weapons. When you aim at a zombie you can use it to suck out their brain (only one at a time). You then fire the brain out into the zombie horde and it acts as bait to distract the zombies. Simply use this gun on 100 different zombies to get the trophy. I am pretty sure you could suck the brain out of any zombie type. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Texas Style
100 Chainsaw Combos.

When you use a weapon you fill up its combo bar simply by killing every zombie you can. The chainsaw is a very effective weapon, but unlike the lawnmower, you're best not to charge into a crowd of zombies. Stay along the rims of large clusters and keep your finger on the aim button and buzz away. You'll know when you get a combo because you'll hear a zip! followed by a ping! and the weapon's image will enlarge for a short moment showing your increase in rank. 100 combos is enough to give you a silver rank with any weapon.

1000 Zombies blown up.

Any form of TNT will do for this. When you pick up TNT simply press to drop it and, unless you have the upgrade to trigger it yourself, the TNT will blow within a short time or when enough zombies come close to it. Destroy 1000 zombies this way to earn this easy trophy.

Complete Zombie Academy.

This will probably be your very first trophy. Simply complete the eight tutorials laid before you as you start the game for the first time. It is basically a free trophy for learning the game's basics.

All Arcade levels unlocked.

To do this you must achieve, at the very least, a Bronze Medal on every single Arcade level. This does not include the Timed Mode or Protect Daisy Mode. To achieve the Bronze Medals, simply (or not) beat the required score needed to achieve it (which will appear at the top right part of the screen along with your High Score until you achieve it, and then it changes to silver).

Friend Of Bruce
All Levels Unlocked.

Unlike the Tourist trophy, you must achieve at least a Bronze Medal in Arcade, Timed, and Protect Daisy Mode. This is a fairly difficult task considering how hard it is to protect Daisy on the later levels. You'll be close to 100,000 zombie kills by this point if you are successful and only seldom restart.

d6 Commends You
All Bronze medals.

Refer to Friend Of d6.

d6 Respects You
All Silver medals.

Refer to Friend Of d6.

d6 Admires You
All Gold medals.

Refer to Friend Of d6.

Friend Of d6
All Developer medals.

No one short of a BZB God will be able to obtain all the medals in this game (maybe all bronze, but from there the difficulty skyrockets). There is a set high score you must beat for each of these medals on each and every single level (3 medals per level of a certain color for each mode the level has) as well as a medal for every challenge in the game. The bronze high score is required in order to have the level recognized as beaten. Once you obtain your bronze, you will be given a new score for silver, which is generally 2 to 3 times higher then bronze. Gold is even higher then that.

In order to get all the developer medals, you must obtain a score 2 to 3 times higher then that of the gold medals. Good luck with that. In order to get all these trophies and proudly display a 100% in this game, you must obtain the following scores in the following levels:

The Woods: Free-play - 16,200,522
-- Timed Mode - 5,137,428
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 3,963,696

Graveyard: Free-play -15,260,983
-- Timed Mode - 12,493,735
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 6,328,628

Suburbia: Free-play -8,167,308
-- Timed Mode -2,513,763
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 3,513,496

Drive-In: Free-play -10,913,804
-- Timed Mode -2,996,308
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 2,118,097

Army Base: Free-play -18,549,812
-- Timed Mode -6,185,006
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 8,112,414

Secret Lab: Free-play -14,856,635
-- Timed Mode -3,838,590
-- Defend Daisy Mode - 3,774,908

Exploding Zombie Head - 229,112,239

Zombie Zapper - 88,125

Zombie Bait - 2,226,200

No Video

Zombies Ate My Teddy Bear - 4,162,258

No Video

Caution: Minefield - 3,512,830

Zombie Express - 2,012,999

Midnight Boomstick - 2,968,565

No Video

Too Many Zombies... - 2,839,563

All Fired Up - 5,128,666

No Video

Lawn Of The Dead - 1,280,793

(Video Spoilers show some useful footage of how to and not to handle each stage's intense challenges.)

My best tips are to always stay in open areas. Use TNT whenever applicable. Never use the baseball bat and only use the chainsaw against concentrated groups of enemies. Learn where the better weapons spawn to keep up your ammo. Don't always resort to burning, because non-flaming zombies drop health and ammo. Stay far away from explosive zombies. Take out the football player zombies as soon as you see them spawn. Never let go of the auto aim trigger button! And most importantly... DO NOT DIE!
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