Players: 1
Online Trophies: Yes ( Hat Trick & Fighting Back)
Online Pass Required: No
Cheat Codes Affect Trophies: No
Estimated Time to Platinum: ~10 Hours, dependant mainly on skill
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Collectible Trophies: None
Missable Trophies: No, since all levels are replayable
Glitched Trophies: None which I'm aware of

Special thanks to Curse for making the banner

[top]Tips & Strategies

First off, you're gonna want to know some of the terminology in this game, so here's a few that you may not know (thanks to burnopedia, the burnout wiki, for this info) :Skillshots are when a traffic vehicle a launched into an uncrashed traffic vehicle, into the water of in the hole using a Crashbreaker to earn a multi-million dollar points.
Additional Skillshot bonuses can be earned according to the distance the traffic vehicle has travelled.
  • Punt Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is forced to hit an uncrashed moving traffic vehicle.
  • Shunt Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is launched into an uncrashed parked traffic vehicle.
  • Dunk Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is plunged into water or nudged down a hole.
Combos and chains earn players greater numbers of points during a crash event. There are 2 types of Chains and 1 type of Combo.
  • Smash Chain Bonus - Smashing at least 3 objects in a row scores a row.
  • Explosion Combo Bonus - Blow up a number of traffic vehicles at the same time.
  • Explosion Chain Multiplier Bonus - A series of explosions taking place that have been triggered by a player explosion or an explosion resulting from a player explosion.
These power-ups can be activated by the player after either; filling up their crash meter or by having the Pizza Roulette wheel land on it. (list on website)!
  • [top]Special Traffic Vehicles

CRASH! features some traffic vehicles as "Pick-ups" instead of those previously seen in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Legends. Blowing up certain vehicles will activate a power-up.Road Trip events have special Super Features that will be activated after a certain number of traffic vehicles have been wrecked. The Super Feature will award a score bonus based on the amount of damage it causes.
The amount of damage a Super Features will cause is determined by the number of remaining lives on the Escape Bar. Each location has its own specific Super Feature

[top]Road Trip

The player must prevent certain traffic vehicles from leaving a crash junction after they have entered it. A Super Feature will trigger and the event will end after an indicated number of traffic vehicles have been wrecked.
Players will have to anticipate where to create a wall of piled up vehicles, when to detonate explosives and how large explosions will be. The event will instantly end if 5 vehicles leave the junction without being wrecked.

[top]Rush Hour

The player has 90 seconds to rack up as much damage as possible within a crash junction. Pizza Trucks will enter the intersection at random intervals. Players will be able to use a Power-Up from the "Pizza Roulette" after blowing up a Pizza Truck.
The event will end once the timer has ran out. This will also cause the player's vehicle to release a large Crashbreaker and earn an additional score bonus based on the damage it causes.


The player must earn a certain amount of damage to make the vehicle enter an Inferno phase. Inferno causes all scores to be multiplied with an Inferno multiplier but only if there is a vehicle or building on fire.
A countdown timer will engage if nothing is burning along the intersection. The Inferno multiplier will decrease each time a traffic vehicle escapes the intersection.

Here's a few tips for playing: (I'll make sure to add any tips you guys send me)
  • Use your crashbreaker carefully: As awesome as destruction is, using you crashbreaker in a bad place can really hurt you, I once let 5 vehicles past in a Road Trip because of an ill-advised crashbreaker.
  • Explosions are your friend: When destruction is happening, you're earning points, and that's a good thing. Combo up as much as possible to get a multiplier going and to get some stars in the process.
  • Block traffics lanes when possible: Preventing traffic from running away is your main goal, and blocking driving lanes with traffic is how you make sure to get a junkyard started. When enough damaged vehicles are together, you can go blow a few up and start a chain, which can cause alot of destruction.
  • Use features wisely: While most give alot of extra points, they can also leave lanes exposed, so sometimes being conservative is the best option.

[top]Cheats, Glitches, & Exploits

No cheat codes for this game, nor are there any glitches which I am currently aware of.

[top]Ratchet2425's Galactic Trophy Roadmap

Here's my roadmap to 100%:
  1. Play through each intersection: By playing through all the intersections and winning at each road trip, you will earn a good amount of the 270 stars needed for Burnout Crash All-Star, as well as many of the other trophies. Beating each roadtrip event will also unlock Elite vehicles, which are much better versions of the vehicles you already have access to, making getting the rest of the stars much easier.
  2. Get Burnout Crash All-Star: Once you unlock the Elite vehicles, go back through and start getting all the stars you missed. This part will probably be the most time-consuming.
  3. Cleanup: You should have most of the trophies once you get all 270 stars, but if you don't, this is the time where you should start going for the rest of those trophies.


Burnout Crash All-Star
Collect all 270 Stars

Here's the trophy that will take most of your time with this game, as it is this game's version of a , and it's also the only trophy that isn't , this trophy requires you to collect all 270 stars that the levels have to offer. Most of the stars are score-based and are the same based on the mode: Earn $20,000,000, $30,000,000, and $50,000,000 as well as trigger the Super Feature on all Road Trips, Earn $20,000,000, $35,000,000, and $50,000,000 on all Rush Hours, and earn $10,000,000, $50,000,000, and $100,000,000 on all Pile Ups. The rest of the stars are various objectives, including:
  • Trigger the super feature with XX% power
  • Demolish X amount of bulidings
  • Demolish a specific building
  • Perform an Explosion chain of a certain amount
  • Perform a Smash combo of a certain amount
  • Blow up the Gold car and/or a/all 3 sports cars before/during certain times.
  • Do something during Inferno mode
  • Enter Inferno mode with a certain multiplier
Any of these stars can be earned at any time, so don't worry about getting all 5 at once. Another smart thing to do would be to wait until you complete all the Road trip events, because you will unlock elite paint schemes that give bonuses to your vehicle's stats, making it abit easier to earn some of these stars.

Hat Trick
Win three Autolog Challenges in a row against the same Friend

One of the 2 online trophies, this one requires you to challenge and beat a friend 3 times in a row. To get it easily, just ask your friend nicely to let you beat them 3 times in a row, or find a boosting partner and do the same, but if you want to make it a challenge try to beat your friend fair and square

Fighting Back
Take on an Autolog “Beat You” Recommendation and beat your Friend's score

The 2nd of the 2 online trophies, if you have some (or a) friend playing the game as well, you will get recommendations through autolog about scores that you should try to beat to move you up your friends leaderboard (fairly similar to the autolog in NFS: Hot Pursuit, anyone who's played it will be at least somewhat familiar with this). To get the trophy that you've been reading this description on, go to "Autolog Recommends" on the main menu, there will most likely be some there for you to try and beat (assuming you have friends of course), select one and get a higher score than your friend to get this trophy.

Maximum Carnage!
Trigger a Super Feature with 100% power

A not very difficult trophy to earn, while on a road-trip level you need to get to the end of the level without a single strike. At the end of the level before the super feature starts a meter will show up and tally the power of the super-feature, which becomes more powerful depending on how few strikes you gain during the level. You can get a strike during the level, but you would have to let an Ambulance through and remove a strike before the end of the level to get this trophy.

Chain Reaction
Get a 7x Explosion Chain or better

Likely to be the first trophy you'll get, if not definitely one of the first few, explosion chains occur when multiple explosions occur after a single explosion (ie you use crashbreaker and cause a car to explode, which then causes another one to explode, and so on). You will have this by the time you get Burnout Crash All-star, because, as you will learn quickly, this game can be very... Explosive.

The Big Bang
Get a 25x Explosion Combo or better

Not an overly difficult trophy, for this you need to wrack up an explosion combo of 25x or higher, in order to get an explosion combo you must blow up multiple cars at the same time. One way to get this is to start up any type of mode and let the cars pile up without exploding, then using your crashbreaker to start a big explosion and hopefully blow up enough cars. Another way to do this is to go to the road trip on Windrush & 1st and crash cars without exploding them until you get the magnet feature, then use crashbreaker to blow up all the cars (thanks to Specops614 for showing this method on AHCommunityVids)

Trail of Destruction
Get a 15x Smash Chain or better

Smash Chains occur when you drive through objects on your way to the middle of the screen when you hit your first car. Getting a 15x smash chain is a requirement for the Rockham & 2nd Rush hour, so you should go there to get this trophy. To do this, as soon as you start, take the left path and hit as many objects as possible. When you successfully perform this, the trophy will pop a few seconds afterward.

Make a Punt Skillshot of 50 yards or more

To perform a punt skillshot, you must launch a traffic vehicle into an uncrashed moving vehicle over a distance of 50 yards. You will end up pulling alot of these while going for all 270 stars, since they aren't hard to do, and you will most likely end up having at least 1 going this distance, so I wouldn't worry too too much about this one.

Make 5 or more Skillshots with one Crashbreaker

There are a few different places to get this trophy, but it seems that one of the best options would be the rush hour event on Blueclaw & 1st, since there a 2 big holes that you can blast cars down through. Get a big vehicle with alot of power and sit around the middle of either 4-way intersection letting cars pile up. After you get alot of cars together use your crashbreaker and hope that at least 5 cars fall through the holes. Other possible locations include Blueclaw & 2nd as well as Seacrest & 2nd, both have sizeable amounts of water that could hold enough traffic, although this may take abit more luck than the Blueclaw method.

Expensive Taste
In any Road Trip, blow up all three Sports Cars and the Gold Car and finish the event

On every intersection, regardless of mode, there are 3 sports cars and 1 gold car that you can destroy to get bonus points for. Blowing up all these cars is worth a star on a few different levels, but to make getting the trophy itself easy, go to Windrush & 1st, the cars there are fairly easy to get to and can easily be blown up during the road trip event. Here's a map showing where all 4 vehicles are:

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Maximum Withdrawal
Collect $9,000,000 from a single Bank Truck

Sometimes while you're smashing through an intersection, a green bank truck will come driving through and will drop 3 moneybags when it explodes, which drop in random locations. These moneybags start out being worth $3,000,000 each, but they decrease in value fairly quickly. To get this trophy, you'll want to grab all 3 bags before they start to decrease in value, which can be a difficult task. A good idea when going for this trophy would be to use a vehicle with good aftertouch, making movement easier.

Did You Let One Go?
Let a Gas Tanker escape without exploding

A Gas Tanker is a feature that occurs during certain road trip events, like at Windrush & 3rd, or is one of many possible features that can occur when you blow up a pizza truck. When you do get one, you need to make sure it goes through the intersection without blowing up, so make sure you clear out a path before it starts driving, because it will explode if it comes into contact with anything.

Blast Zone
Damage 20 vehicles or more with a single Crashbreaker

A fairly easy trophy to get, all you have to do is wait for at least 20 cars to pile into you then use your crashbreaker. You should do enough damage to get the trophy, but try again if you don't get it. You may also get this trophy without trying, since it can be done anywhere without much effort.

Pure Gold
Earn $30,000,000 from a Gold Car in one event

Your first thought when you saw this trophy was probably something along the lines of "Zomg, 30 million? no way I can get that", fear not though, it isn't very hard to do. In order to get this trophy you need to blow up a gold car in Pile Up when you have a 5x Inferno Multiplier, so go to any Pile Up of your choice and get that Gold car & this trophy.

Blind Luck
Survive the Fog in a Road Trip with no escapes... but without using your Crashbreaker

Your best bet for this trophy would be to go to the roadtrip event on Roswell & 1st , since one of the features is fog, and it's not something you want to wait and hope you get from a pizza truck. Anyway, before the fog starts rolling in, you're gonna want to crash some cars at all 4 sides of the intersection so nothing can get through, then just sit there until the fog is gone. Your trophy will pop soon after assuming you never got an X.

Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down
Score $30,000,000 or more in any Pile Up, but without firing your Crashbreaker more than twice

For this trophy, you're gonna want to go to the pile up event at Windrush & 1st, and you'll also want to knock out Damage Limitation at the same time. When you drive in, hit the first vehicle and try to block enough of the intersection without using your crashbreaker, although you will have to use it once to get a vehicle that will try to get away. After it's used, try to make sure that enough intersection is blocked so that no cars get through. Now wait until all cars have gone through and use crashbreaker a second time to watch the fireworks. If a car blows up before you get the 5x multiplier, you should restart, assuming that you're going for both trophies.

Button Masher!
Fire your Crashbreaker 30 times or more in a single Rush Hour

A fairly simple trophy, all you have to do it activate your crashbreaker 30 times during any rush hour event. Since it won't matter how many cars you let go by, you can just focus on this trophy, but make sure you are crashing cars while doing so to fill your meter up, otherwise you won't be able to get enough crashbreakers in time.

Damage Limitation
In any Pile Up, get to Inferno with a x5 multiplier... but without blowing up a single vehicle

See Set 'Em Up, Knock 'Em Down for more info.

That Sinking Feeling
Jump down all three holes on Blueclaw & 1st in Road Trip, without failing the event

One of the last intersections that you'll encounter, there are 3 different holes which you need to jump down during this Roadtrip event, and you need to do so without failing the event (letting 5 vehicles escape), which can be abit tricky. First off, you'll want to make sure traffic is blocked enough so that nothing can get through, then jump down one of the 2 holes that you have easy access to. After you jump down the second hole, as you're driving back, take the path on the right, this will lead you to the third and final hole (as well as the gold car on this level). Once you jump down this final hole and drive back in, just survive until the super-feature and you'll be awarded with another trophy.

Razed to the Ground!
Destroy all the buildings in a junction in any single event (Super Feature doesn’t count!)

Can definently be done on any level, however your best bet might be to go to Windrush & 1st and try the Rush Hour event. For this trophy, you need to destroy every building in the intersection, without the use of a super-feature, which only occur in road trip events. The buildings on this level that you need to destroy are: A house & 2 garages in both the bottom left & right portions, 2 houses, a garage & a tower in the top left portion, and a mansion & a store.

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