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[top]Cops and Robbers

Before I begin you can get all of them except for one trophy in one go. Also it is best if you are the host and are doing this with one friend, one on one.

Be the first to reach the Gold
Awarded for being the first player in an Online Cops and Robbers game to pick up the Gold.

This is easy to get if it is a one on one match and you are a Robber. For some reason Robber's get the gold first in the first round of the game so make sure you are a Robber and you will earn it.

Pick up dropped Gold
Awarded for successfully picking up the Gold once it has been dropped in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Easily done when you takedown the Gold carrier, pick up the gold after they have crashed and you will earn it. Just remember that if you are not doing one on one with a friend that there will be competition from teammates.

Win a game driving the Watson R-turbo Roadster
Awarded for being on the winning team of an Online Cops and Robbers game driving the Watson R-turbo Roadster.

Easily done, just use the R-turbo Roadster and win.

Bank the Gold
Awarded for successfully delivering the Gold to your team base in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Easy or hard depending on your skill level. If you are doing this with a friend they could let you bank the gold easily without troubles. If you're doing it with other players you better hope your teammates hold the enemy off.

Take down the Gold carrier
Awarded for successfully performing a Takedown on the player carrying the Gold in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Easily done, just slam the Gold carrier into something and take them down. Quickly pick up the Gold to get the Pick up the Gold trophy.

Win a game on the Cops team
Awarded for being on the winning Cops team in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Easy, just win as a Cop.

Win a game on the Robbers team
Awarded for being on the winning Robbers team in an Online Cops and Robbers game.

Easy, just win as a Robber. I recommend doing this trophy first because you can earn all of the trophies except Win a game on the Cops team.

Win a best of five rounds game
Awarded for being on the winning team of a best of five round game of Online Cops and Robbers.

Best if you are the host. When setting up a game set the number of rounds to 5 and win.

You can get all trophies in two games minimum.

[top]Big Surf Island

The big one, the one Burnout fans have been waiting for. Complete with new content and of course trophies. These trophies are easy to earn and won't take you long to get.

Drive Through 20 Island Smash Gates.
Awarded when you drive through your 20th set of Orange Island Smash Gates

Yes there are new Smash Gates on Big Surf Island and they are harder to find. Find 20 of these new Orange Smash Gates and you will earn this.

here are 74 videos for each Island Smash.

Land 5 Island Mega Jumps.
Awarded when you successfully land your 5th Island Mega Jump

Jump Through Desse's Donut.
Successfully land the Island Mega Jump through Deese's Donut

While in Midtown look for the Big Donut, there is a parking garage just down the street. Enter the parking garage and once on top turn right and drive on the ramp up to the roof of the mall. make sure you have enough distance so you can make the Mega Jump through the Donut.

4.5 Seconds of Crash TV Air Time
Successfully land the Island Mega Jump from the Crash TV Ski Jump and get at least 4.5 seconds of Air Time.

The Crash TV Ski Jump is located at Perren's Point, the western half of the island. It is clustered among the construction site, look for the Orange cones. If you are in the right spot you will see two sets of Orange cones, one forward and one to the right. Go forward to reach the Ski Jump, go as fast as possible and don't do a flatspin at the end of the Ski Jump just so you will get maximum air. If you don't get enough air just head back and try again.

Complete a 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park
Awarded when you complete a continuous 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park.

The Inspiral Car Park is located to the left when you first enter the island. Look for the sign for the entrance, once inside drift as soon as possible and don't get too close to the inside wall so you won't come up short. If you fail don't worry, you can drift back down or you can take the Mega Jump back down and start again.

Complete your first Island Tour.
Awarded when you successfully complete your first Island Tour.

There is a new race called and Island Tour that requires you to go through a set amount of checkpoints in a set amount of time. Just finish one of the two Island Tours and you will earn it.

Find all Island Events.
Awarded when you find all 15 events on Big Surf Island.

Very easy to do, just drive around on the roads and they will pop up. Can be done in about 5 minutes.

Smash 15 Island Billboards
Awarded when you smash through your 15th pristine Island Billboard.

Yes there are even shiny new Billboards, but this time they are Orange. Just smash 15 of them to earn this trophy. Don't worry, they are easy to spot and it is easy to figure out where to go to hit them.

Complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges
Awarded when you successfully complete all 10 Island Freeburn Challenges. These can be completed by 2 - 8 players

These can be done with just 2 players if you prefer, can be completed within 10-20 minutes.

Smash all 45 Island Billboards
Awarded when you've smashed through all 45 Island Billboards

Not too hard to earn, just smash all 45 Orange Billboards on Big Surf Island. They are easy to spot and it is not too hard to figure out how to hit them.

Hope that this was helpful, enjoy Big Surf Island. There are no videos available for Big Surf Island but I will add some later at your request.

Here are 40 videos each showing the location of the billboards.

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