Who ever thought crashing could be so entertaining? Burnout Paradise combines the best of previous Burnout games with amazing crashes, a wide-open city, new cars, and exciting online play. Within the world of Paradise City, you can do what you want, when you want. Every stoplight has a challenge, whether it's racing from start to finish, slamming as many opponents into the wall as possible, or pulling off some of the craziest stunt combos you've ever seen! If cruising around Paradise City isn't enough, head online and take on up to seven other players in a wide variety of challenges. Paradise City is yours for the taking - it's up to you to do what it takes to climb the ranks and earn your Burnout License...and be the meanest wheels on the road!

Players: 1 Offline, 1-8 Online
Online Play: Yes
Online Trophies: Yes (6)
Cheats Affect Trophies: N/A
Glitched Trophies: None
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Trophies: Send a Mugshot or Smugshot
Estimated Time to Platinum: 15-25 Hours, depending on skill


Burnout Elite
Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Burnout Paradise (excluding Additional Content trophies)

Simple - earn all of the other trophies, and this platinum is yours!

Repair your car
Awarded for driving through any Auto Repair

All Auto Repair shops are marked with the icon on your Map, and have a red/yellow color scheme in-game. Simply drive through one and you'll get this trophy.

Set a Time Road Rule on any road
Awarded for beating any of the original Time Road Rule scores

See "Set 10 Time Road Rules".

Set a Showtime Road Rule on any road
Awarded for beating any of the original Showtime Road Rule scores

See "Set 10 Showtime Road Rules".

Win a Race
Awarded for winning any Offline Race

There are 40 Races to choose from, and all are marked with the icon on your Map. All you need to do is win one Race to earn this trophy.

1. Boost is key; the more boost you have, the faster you will be compared to your competition. If you need more boost, drive in Oncoming Traffic for a while.
2. The faster the car you race in, the faster the cars your opponents will be racing in. So, if you're not comfortable with Racing just yet, choose a slower car.
3. Stunt cars give you access to Boost any time you have some available, and will have Boost ready if you need to respawn. Speed cars allow for Burnout chains, but if you crash, you'll need to refill your Boost to max before you can use it again. Therefore, unless you're racing a fairly straight route with few cars, your best bet to win a Race is to use a Stunt car.

Smash 3 Burnout Billboards
Awarded when you smash through your 3rd pristine Burnout Billboard

See “Smash 60 Burnout Billboards”.

Smash 30 Burnout Billboards
Awarded when you smash through your 30th pristine Burnout Billboard

See “Smash 60 Burnout Billboards”.

Smash 60 Burnout Billboards
Awarded when you smash through your 60th pristine Burnout Billboard

Pristine just means a Billboard you haven't smashed through yet. There are a total of 120 Burnout Billboards within Paradise City - just smash through half of them and you'll get this gold trophy! I suggest you go for Visit all the Car Parks within Paradise City at the same time as this one, as many of the Car Parks have ramps that lead to Billboards. A good map with the locations of all 120 Burnout Billboards can be found here: Burnout Billboard Locations

Drive through 10 sets of Yellow Smash Gates
Awarded when you drive through your 10th set of Yellow Smash Gates

See “Drive through 200 sets of Yellow Smash Gates”.

Drive through 50 sets of Yellow Smash Gates
Awarded when you drive through your 50th set of Yellow Smash Gates

See “Drive through 200 sets of Yellow Smash Gates”.

Drive through 200 sets of Yellow Smash Gates
Awarded when you drive through your 200th set of Yellow Smash Gates

There are a total of 400 sets of Yellow Smash Gates in Paradise City, so finding enough to smash through shouldn't be a problem for you. Smash Gates are used to highlight shortcuts, secret areas (such as the entrance to the airport), and some Billboards/Super Jumps - just out there and smash through every set of Yellow Smash Gates you find! If you need a map showing the locations of all 200 sets of Gates, look here: Yellow Smash Gate Locations

Earn your 'D' Class License
Awarded when you receive your 'D' Class License

You'll begin the game with a Learner's Permit. To upgrade to the 'D' Class License, win any 2 Events (Burning Route, Marked Man, Race, Road Rage, or Stunt Run) and you'll get your new license and new trophy.

Earn your 'C' Class License
Awarded when you receive your 'C' Class License

When you upgrade to a new license, all Events except Burning Routes are cleared, meaning you can enter the same Events again to gain marks for your License Upgrade. To upgrade from 'D' to 'C' Class and earn this trophy, win any 7 Events.

Earn your 'B' Class License
Awarded when you receive your 'B' Class License

If you keep competing in the same type of Event (i.e. doing only Stunt Run Events), the requirements for winning that Event will increase. To keep things a bit easier for you, start entering in all kinds of Events, so the win requirements increase more slowly. To upgrade from 'C' to 'B' Class and earn this trophy, win any 15 Events of your choosing.

Earn your 'A' Class License
Awarded when you receive your 'A' Class License

To upgrade from 'B' to 'A' Class and earn this trophy, win any 26 Events of your choosing. At this point, you'll have a decent amount of cars in your Garage, all with Burning Routes to complete. I suggest holding off on completing many Burning Routes until you've already upgraded to an 'A' Class License. Since the Burning Route requirements are car-specific, they do not become more difficult over time, making these fairly easy to win. Easy wins chip away at the 'Burnout' Class upgrade requirement much quicker!

Earn your 'Burnout' Class License
Awarded when you receive your 'Burnout' Class License

To upgrade from 'A' to 'Burnout' Class and earn this trophy, win any 40 Events of your choosing. This will most likely be one of the last trophies you'll earn on your way to platinum. To make it go more smoothly and quickly, choose specific Events that you're pretty good at, complete Burning Routes at this time, as the win requirements do not become more difficult, use cars that you're most comfortable with, and use Boost - being faster than the rest is always a good thing! After a long 40 Event wins, this gold trophy will be yours!

Shutdown the Nakamura SI-7
Awarded when you Shutdown the Nakamura SI-7

After you win 3 Events of any kind, the game will let you know that the Nakamura SI-7 will be driving around Paradise City for you to Shutdown. The SI-7 is your introduction into both the 'Speed' class of cars, and the ability to "Shutdown" cars and add them into your garage. If you've entered a Road Rage Event, you know what you have to do to shut it down - take it down by causing it to crash! Thankfully, it's not the fastest car out taking it down shouldn't be too hard. You'll easily be able to tell Shutdown cars from regular cars, as they'll be driving aggressively, speeding, knocking down light posts, and making the same kinds of manoeuvres as you are! On occasion, Shutdown cars will crash without your help - this will not count as you shutting it down. You must take down the car yourself for it to count! Take the SI-7 down, and the trophy is yours!
Here's a picture of the Nakamura SI-7:

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Score a x3 Multiplier in Showtime
Awarded for reaching a x3 Multiplier in Showtime

See "Score a x5 Multiplier in Showtime".

Score a x5 Multiplier in Showtime
Awarded for reaching a x5 Multiplier in Showtime

To begin a Showtime Event, hit and simultaneously. The only way to increase your Multiplier, you must hit a Bus. Aside from being much bigger than all the other vehicles you can hit, all buses will have a "+1" over them. To rack up a x3 Multiplier, you only have to hit two different buses; for this x5 Multiplier trophy, you'll need to crash into 4 different buses. It is possible to get both this trophy and Score a x3 Multiplier in Showtime in the same Showtime Event.

Perform 3 Takedowns
Awarded for performing your third Takedown

Takedowns are pretty simple: you have to make the other cars Wreck. They can be performed in a few different situations: Road Rage Events, Marked Man Events, and Shutdown Events. However, You're best bet for a quick three Takedowns is to head into a Road Rage. The whole point of the Event is to Takedown as many cars as you can within the time limit, and getting three isn't too hard. This trophy can be earned Offline or Online, and does not have to be done in the same Event. There are a few different ways to Earn a Takedown:
1. Traffic Takedown: Force an enemy car into Wrecking into a Traffic car not involved in the Event.
2. Grinding Takedown: Jam a car between yourself and a wall, railing; after a few seconds the enemy car will Wreck.
3. T-Bone Takedown: Slam the front end of your car into the side of an enemy's car. This is slightly harder than the other Takedowns, as you run a high risk of Wrecking yourself.
4. Vertical Takedown: Land your car on top of an enemy car.
5. Psyche Out Takedown: Cause an enemy car to wreck by driving erratically near it.
6. Multi Takedown: Cause more than one enemy car to Wreck at the same time; somewhat hard to accomplish, as usually the game only gives credit for one Takedown at a time.
7. Traffic Check Takedown: Using a heavier car/van/truck, ram a Traffic car going the same direction as you into an enemy car; a heavier car is needed, because this type of maneuver would cause lighter cars to Wreck.
8. Wall/Regular Takedown: Appears as "Takedown" on the screen; most common and easiest Takedown to accomplish, just slam an enemy car into a wall/railing/etc. This can be done by causing the enemy car to spin out, forcing the nose of the enemy into the wall, running them into a wall perpendicular to them, etc.

Drive through a Repair Shop during a Road Rage
Awarded for driving through an Auto Repair during any Offline Road Rage

All you need to do for this trophy is begin a Road Rage Event (marked with the icon on your Map), and drive through an Auto Repair shop to fix your car. This can be done at any time during the Road Rage, and the trophy will unlock automatically after you've gone through the Auto Repair. One of the best Road Rages to get this trophy on is Cross-Town Carnage on the intersection of Young Av., Riverside Av., and 5th St. in the Twin Bridges region, because there is an Auto Repair shop just a few blocks past the starting point.

Perform a 180 degree Flatspin
Awarded for performing a Flatspin of at least 180 degrees

A Flatspin is a horizontal spin off of a Ramp; the 'flat' in Flatspin comes from the fact that the car stays flat and keeps the tires facing the ground throughout the entire spin. A 180° Flatspin will mean that your car will land facing in the opposite direction that it started in. To execute a Flatspin, activate the E-Brake right at the top of a Ramp and steer hard to either the left or right; do not stop steering left/right in mid-air, as the car won't turn then. There is less danger in Wrecking since you aren't flipping your car, but if you partially land on an object, you might tip over and wreck. To make a 180° Flatspin, you'll want to use a jump (or Super Jump) that will give you a good amount of Air Time. You'll also want to use a Stunt Car, as they tend to be lighter and made for turns like a Flatspin; Aggression Cars are the worst to use because their heavier weight makes them less likely to turn. Once you successfully land a Flatspin of 180° or more, you'll unlock this trophy.

Successfully land your first Super Jump
Awarded when you successfully land your 1st Super Jump

See "Successfully land 10 Super Jumps".

Score a Boost Chain of x2
Awarded for achieving your first Boost Chain of x2

See "Score a Boost Chain of x4".

Score a Boost Chain of x4
Awarded for achieving your first Boost Chain of x4

First things first: you can only get this trophy with a Speed Car, since neither Stunt nor Aggression Cars have the ability to Boost Chain by having nonstop Burnouts (using a completely full bar of Boost without releasing it or crashing). To begin a Boost Chain, you'll need to do enough Stunts to essentially refill the Boost bar before it's used up. The easiest way to do this: drive in Oncoming Traffic! The key is to never release Boost, or your Boost Chain will come to an end. If you've been driving in Oncoming Traffic enough, the Boost will automatically refill while saying "BURNOUT" in the center of the screen. For every complete Burnout you perform, your Boost Chain will increase by one. Simply put, two complete Burnouts earns you Score a Boost Chain of x2; four complete Burnouts earns you this trophy. To see a Burnout x4 (and this trophy being unlocked), check out the following video by tm1O:

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Survive a Marked Man
Awarded for winning any Offline Marked Man

There are 15 Marked Man Events to choose from, and all are marked with the icon on your Map. All you need to do is win one Marked Man to earn this trophy.

1. Use Shortcuts when you can - the AI cars usually don't follow you through them.
2. Heavier Aggression cars are preferred, but make sure it's still fairly fast. You don't want to spend longer as the Marked Man than you have to!
3. Auto Repair shops are you friend!! They can fully repair your car, even when you have Critical Damage.
4. Don't be afraid to take down the AI - taking them down is much better than them taking you down!

Beat the target score in Stunt Run
Awarded for winning any Offline Stunt Run

There are 14 Stunt Run Events to choose from, and all are marked with the icon on your Map. All you need to do is win one Stunt Run to earn this trophy. To speed the trophy hunting up, you can earn both this and Score over 50,000 in a Stunt Run in the same Stunt Run.

1. Get a Multiplier going! Landing Super Jumps, smashing billboards, an even making Big Air will add a multiplier to your current combo and really rack up the points. Just be careful, because crashing ends your combo, and resets the Multiplier back to x1.
2. To keep your combo going between stunts, use a quick burst of Boost. This allows you to travel a long distance between stunts and look for high-scoring jumps.
3. Repeating the same jump will not award you more points - you have to move on to different stunts for more points.
4. If you have a combo going when time runs out, you get a Final Run that will end when either more than 15 seconds pass between stunts or you crash. This is your last chance to add more points to your score!

Power Park you car
Awarded for successfully Power Parking your car between two other vehicles

Power Parking simply means to parallel park your car between two cars using the E-Brake. For the game to register that you're trying to Power Park, the distance between the two cars you're parallel parking between can't be more than 2~3 car lengths. You don't need to get a 100% success rating on your Power Parking attempt; you just need to be successful. Also note that the more damage you do to the cars you're parking between, the lower score you will get. But, you can slam into a wall without any score penalty - so use a road with walls/railings to your advantage! If you're still having trouble, check out this quick video by HeadhunterHBN explaining how to Power Park:

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Set 10 Showtime Road Rules
Awarded when you set your 10th Showtime Road Rule

A Showtime is, in essence, a Crash Event. You can enter Showtime anytime you want by pressing +, and it will end only when you run out of Boost. Your goal is to rack up as much carnage and destruction as you can by increasing the total monetary damage you cause. Every object and vehicle you hit earns you cash, and every bus you hit not only gives you cash, but also adds to your Multiplier - the higher the Multiplier, the higher your final total will be. At the end of the Showtime, you're awarded $100 for every yard you traveled during the Showtime; this can sometimes equal as much as 75% of your final total, so traveling further is most definitely a good thing. For this trophy, you only need to beat the offline Road Rule; this can be viewed by pressing until a red Street Sign with the words "Offline Best Crash" appear on the top of your screen. The only amount that matters is the one for the street you begin the Showtime on. Beat ten offline Showtime Road Rules, and you can add this trophy to your collection. For a list of all Showtime Road Roles, see Set 10 Time Road Rules

1. Travel as far as you can - you can get a lot of money just by traveling a long way.
2. Multipliers are your best friends! Try and start a Showtime near a bus, so you can get your Multiplier increasing early.
3. If your car isn't moving anymore, your Boost bar will gradually drain until there's nothing left. However, you can press and Ground Break to get yourself moving again. Just be careful - Ground Breaking uses Boost, and if you run out, the Showtime's over.
4. For every vehicle you hit, you'll gain a small amount of Boost; for every 10 vehicles you hit, you'll gain a large amount of Boost back. This helps keep the Showtime going!
5. Moving into Oncoming Traffic often gives you more cars to hit. Also, if you can bounce high enough, knocking down overhead signs and Billboards will give you $10,000 each.

Set 10 Time Road Rules
Awarded when you set your 10th Time Road Rule

Like Showtime Road Rules, each of the 64 roads has its own Time Road Rule. There's nothing on the maps that say where each Road Rule begins and ends, so finding the beginnings will be trial and error. However, you can easily figure out when a Road Rule starts by pressing until a green Street Sign with the words "Best Offline Time" appear at the top of your screen; if a timer appears, you've begun a Road Rule section. Beat ten unique Time Road Rules, and you earn this trophy.

1. To cut your time down, it's better to have a good amount of speed built up than it is to be starting the Time Road Rule from a stand-still.
2. Speed cars can take advantage of Boost Chains; a constant stream of Boost keeps your car going very fast.
3. Taking shortcuts and Super Jumps that stay on or very near the road you're trying to beat the Time Road Rule on will not stop the timer. Use these routes when you can!

For a complete list of all 64 Showtime and Time Road Rules, check this table:

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Complete 5 Burning Routes
Awarded when you complete your 5th Burning Route

Burning Routes are unique timed Events such that each Route must be done with a specific car. Simply get from Start to Finish within the time allowed and you will earn an upgraded version of that Burning Route's car (for a list of all cars in Paradise City, see the list following this Guide). Complete five Burning Routes successfully, and you earn this trophy.

Drive on the wrong side of the road for 547 yards
Awarded for driving a distance of 547 yards in Oncoming Traffic in one go

Another fairly easy trophy to obtain; you might even get this one without actively trying for it. All you need to do is drive on the wrong side of the road for 547 yards without crashing. If you're not 100% sure you're on the wrong side, check the bottom left corner of your screen - if it says "ONCOMING" and has a yards ticker rapidly increasing, you're doing it right! I-88 is probably the best place to do this, as it's fairly easy curves with a lot of lanes that you can maneuver in.

Shutdown the Carson Inferno Van
Awarded when you shutdown the Carson Inferno Van

After you win a total of 51 Events (not long after you've earned your Class 'A' License), the Carson Inferno Van will start driving around Paradise City. Take it down, and you'll be given the van, the in-game Award "You've just hired the B-Team", and this trophy. The Carson Inferno Van and its Burning Route upgrade are the two strongest Aggression cars in the game, so getting it to crash might not be a piece of cake. Cutting it off and forcing the van's front end into a wall is one of your better chances, but with a strong Aggression car your usual tactics can work as well.
Here's a picture of the Carson Inferno Van:

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Score over 50,000 in a Stunt Run
Awarded for scoring over 50,000 in any Offline Stunt Run

This trophy can easily be earned when also going for Beat the target score in Stunt Run. The key here is to get a high multiplier going by successfully landing Super Jumps, Barrel Rolls, and smashing Billbords.

Good Stunt Run Locations
1. Southbay Expressway Bridge - the southernmost highway of Paradise City is perfect for Stunt Runs. On the bridge alone, there are 2 Super Jumps, 2 Billboards, and 1 Jump that can skyrocket your point total.
2. The Airfield - one of the hidden areas in Paradise City, it has more tricky jumps than those on the bridge. If done successfully, however, a x63 combo can be achieved in the Airfield alone. It's a high-risk area with an extremely high payout.
3. Crystal Summit Railroad - this railroad goes from the West Crawford Tunnel to the intersection of Nelson and Lucas in the White Mountain region. There are 8 Billboards, a single Super Jump, and a large number of smaller ramps to score point on. The only drawback is the large number of obstacles that can easy end your combo if you're not careful. Remember to use your boost to keep the combo going as you travel between stunts.

Successfully land 10 Super Jumps
Awarded when you successfully land your 10th Super Jump

Super Jumps are signified with blue flashing cones () in front of the jump. There are 50 different Super Jumps throughout Paradise City, and you only need to jump 10 for the trophy. You must land the Super Jump successfully, otherwise it will not count. A map showing all the Super Jump locations can be found here: Super Jump Locations

Land a Barrel Roll Jump
Awarded for successfully landing a Barrel Roll Jump

A Barrel Roll Jump is essentially performing a 360° corkscrew turn and landing safely on your tires. In Paradise City, you'll find ramps with one side slightly raised with a yellow and black stripe pattern - these Split Ramps are what you use to perform a Barrel Roll on. Here's an example of a car performing a Barrel Roll Jump off of a Split Ramp:
To land the Barrel Roll successfully, you must land on your tires; landing on the roof or side of your Car will make you Wreck and you won't be given credit for the roll. For a good description of how to make a good take off for the Barrel Roll, watch the first minute of this video by NevadaFM:

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Speed is very important in a successful landing; the faster you're going, the better your chances. Also, taking a Super Jump with a Split Ramp that gives you a lot of Air Time is a good one to use, as it allows you more time to complete the roll. Once you've made a complete roll, use your Analog Stick to keep yourself righted so you can land successfully. Once you do a clean Barrel Roll Jump, another trophy is yours!

Find all the Events around Paradise City
Awarded when you have discovered every event in Paradise City

There are a total of 120 Events located at stoplights throughout Paradise City. This trophy doesn't require you to compete in every single event; all you need to do is drive through the intersection and add it to your in-game Map. The game will let you know when you've uncovered all Events (the in-game Award "Explorer" is awarded) before this trophy pops up. A Map detailing the locations of all the Events can be found here: Event Locations

Visit all the Car Parks in Paradise City
Awarded when you discover every Car Park in Paradise City

There are a total of 11 Yellow Car Parks within Paradise City. There are also Green Car Parks throughout the city, but they do not count towards this trophy. Also, all that's required to "discover" the Car Park is to go through the set of Yellow Smash Gates at the entrance of each Car Park. You'll know when you've discovered all the Car Parks when (before the trophy pops up) you receive the in-game Award "Paid and Displayed". A Map showing the locations of all Car Parks can be found here (Note: the Map also shows the lone Car Park on Big Surf Island on the far east; this Car Park is unique to the Big Surf Island DLC and is not required for the trophy): Yellow Car Park Locations

Drive 750 miles
Awarded when you reach a total car distance driven of 750 miles

Easy, but might take a little while. Because all you need to do is drive a total of 750 miles in Paradise City, don’t go out of your way for this trophy. You’ll accrue a lot of mileage while uncovering Events, smashing Yellow Gates/Billboards, racing, etc.

Invite a friend to join you in Paradise City
Awarded for sending a online game invite to another player

Select Friends from your Easy Drive menu, and simply invite anyone on your friends list to join you in an online game. If no one’s online, just ask one of your friends to help you out and join you!

Complete a Freeburn Challenge
Awarded when you complete your 1st Freeburn Challenge

See “Complete 10 Freeburn Challenges”.

Visit a Gas Station during a Race
Awarded for driving through a Gas Station during any Offline Race

Gas Stations are marked with the icon on your Map, and have a red/white/blue color scheme in-game. One of the best races to get this trophy on is Final Furlong on Hamilton Av. and 3rd St. in the West Acres region, where there’s a Gas Station a block or two past the beginning of the race.

Visit a Paint shop to change your vehicle colour
Awarded for driving through any Paint Shop to change your vehicle colour

Paint Shops are marked with the icon on your Map, and have a green/white color scheme in-game. Simply drive through a Paint Shop to earn this trophy.

Enter a Road Rage in the Carson Inferno Van
Awarded for entering any Offline Road Rage in the Carson Inferno Van

Once you unlock and take down the Carson Inferno Van (giving you the Shutdown the Carson Inferno Van trophy), pick your favorite Road Rage location and enter the Event. You do not need to complete the Event - the trophy will unlock not long after the Event starts.

Visit the Airfield
Awarded for visiting the Airfield in Silver Lake

The only way to enter the Airfield is on Nelson Way, between the Ross Drive and Rack Way intersections, and is marked off with Yellow Smash Gates. Just head inside the Airfield and earn this trophy.

Visit the Quarry
Awarded for visiting the Quarry in White Mountain

There are two entrances to the Quarry: There's a main entrance a little south of the intersection of Wet Lake Drive, South Mountain Drive, Geldard Drive, and Hans Way. You can easily find the entrance because a large building covers the entrance and has Yellow Smash Gates to smash through. There's an additional entrance on the northern side of South Mountain Drive before the first uphill bend of the road. Go through the Yellow Smash Gates and follow the underground passage to enter the Quarry. No matter which entrance you take, once you enter the Quarry itself you'll get this trophy.

Jump Dead Man's Edge
Awarded when you first jump over Dead Man's Edge in White Mountain

Dead Man's Curve is a hairpin region of road just south of the Observatory on North Mountain Dr.; Dead Man's Edge itself is a Super Jump that connects the entrance and exit of the hairpin turn. To earn this trophy, all you need to do is successfully land the Super Jump. This particular jump is not too difficult, just make sure you have a decent amount of speed before you takeoff. Seven Freeburn Challenges use Dead Man's Edge, so you'll be visiting this Super Jump frequently.

Jump over another Player's Car
Awarded for jumping over another player's car in an online game

A little bit of luck plays in earning this trophy, since you have no control over the other players. However, this trophy still shouldn't be too difficult. You can start a Showtime and Ground Break over another player, just make sure you start the Showtime close to said other player. A more common way to earn this trophy, however, is during many of the Freeburn Challenges that require you to make various Super Jumps, or have so many Air Near Misses on said Jumps. Since all of the players will be attempting the Super Jump at the same time, your car will probably above another player's car at some point. When that happens, another trophy will be yours.

Complete 10 Freeburn Challenges
Awarded when you complete your 10th Freeburn Challenge

Freeburn Challenges are only done in Freeburn Online, Burnout Paradise's online mode. These are a collection of 350 Challenges that require anywhere from 2~8 players, and can be either Individual (each player must complete the requirement separately) or Co-Op (all players combine to work towards the same goal). You can see how many Freeburn Challenges you've completed by opening your Crash Nav Menu. When you complete ten unique Freeburn Challenges, this trophy will unlock. Note that Timed Challenges will not count, as they are considered DLC content; only those found under the "Freeburn Challenges" header count towards this trophy. For a list of all 350 available Challenges, check out the following post.

8 Players meet in the Wildcats' Baseball Stadium
Awarded for meeting up with 7 other players inside the Wildcats' Baseball Stadium in an online game

This trophy has been known to give people headaches, since it requires 8 people to work together. Wildcats' Baseball Stadium is the Event Destination (read: finish line) for the southeast region of Paradise City. There are two entrances on either side of the Stadium to enter it. To coordinate this trophy, there's a few ways to do it:
1. If you can get 7 of your friends that have this game together, you can all get together and go into the stadium. Ding! You get a trophy!
2. This trophy is also very possible to earn even if you're playing with 7 complete strangers. Search for Freeburn Online rooms that already have 7 players; join, and you become lucky player #8. When you enter, message or talk to the player that's hosting the Freeburn and ask if they could have us do the 8-Player Challenge called "Batter Up". Why "Batter Up", you ask? The only requirement to completing this Challenge is to have everyone meet up in Wildcats' Baseball Stadium - and that's exactly what you need to complete the trophy! This might take a few tries (people leave/might not enter the stadium, host might end the Freeburn, etc.), but as most people online know that you can get a trophy for this Challenge, they'll be kind enough to start it for you. Eventually, you'll have this trophy to add to your collection.

Send a Mugshot or Smugshot
Awarded for sending a Mugshot or Smugshot to another player during an online game (requires a USB camera to be connected)

This is the make-or-brake trophy or some people, as (like the description says) you must have a USB camera to earn this trophy. To send a Mugshot or Smugshot, you'll need to head to Freeburn Online. Get taken down by another player, and you send a Mugshot; take another player down, and you send a Smugshot. If your USB camera is connected, it will automatically take a quick snapshot and send it to the other player. Once it sends successfully, another trophy is yours.

[top]Freeburn Online Challenges

Here's a list of all 350 Freeburn Challenges within Burnout Paradise, grouped according to the number of people required to start the Challenge. Some Challenges can be completed if a player or two leaves, where others are immediately cancelled. For those that say "all players must contribute", this means that each player must perform at least 1 jump/barrel roll/flat spin/drift/etc. according to the Challenge requirement before it can be completed.

Each Challenge will be included in the following manner:
#) Name
Co-Op or Individual
Description of Challenge
Difficulty, ranked 1 to 5
Difficulty Scale

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[top]2-Player Challenges

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[top]3-Player Challenges

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[top]4-Player Challenges

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[top]5-Player Challenges

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[top]6-Player Challenges

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[top]7-Player Challenges

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[top]8-Player Challenges

Toggle Spoiler

Here, you'll find every car available to you in Paradise City, grouped alphabetically according to class: Aggression, Speed, and Stunt. Under each main spoiler will be all the cars of that particular class and how they are obtained; each mini-spoiler under the car name will have a picture of the car itself, as well as the Speed, Boost, and Strength ratings for that car.

[top]Aggression Cars

Aggression-class Cars are the 'tanks' of Paradise City; they're build to take a beating, and give a harder beating back. On average, these are the slowest and heaviest cars, trucks, and vans that Burnout Paradise has to offer, and as such are better built for Marked Man and Road Rage Events than they are for Stunt Run and Race Events.
Aggression Boost: The fastest way to gain Boost is to hit, smash, get Takedowns, and cause as much carnage as you can! Like Stunt Boost, it is available for you to use at any time. However, what makes Aggression Boost even more unique is the fact that the length of the Boost bar can be increased to x3 by driving through a Gas Station or smashing through a Billboard...and decreased with frequent Wrecks or constantly being Taken Down.

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[top]Speed Cars

Simply put, Speed-class Cars are the fastest cars in the city. They're built for pure speed, so they're at home in Race Events; the downside is that for what they gain in horsepower, they lose in damage you're better off not entering them in Marked Man and Road Rage Events.
Speed Boost: Speed Boost is the only type of Boost that is not available at all times; it can only be activated when the Boost bar is completely full. If you deactivate Boost before a Burnout, you'll have to refill it to max. The fastest way to refill this bar is to drive in Oncoming Traffic. On the positive side, this type of Boost is the only on you can perform Boost Chains with, giving you a constant stream of Boost for your car.

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[top]Stunt Cars

If you're looking to pull off some of the craziest stunts ever seen in Paradise City, a Stunt-class Car is the car for you! These cars are perfect for Stunt Run Events, and their high manoeuvrability even make them decent candidates for Road Rage and Race Events. However, their slightly weaker damage resistance means you shouldn't enter these in Marked Man Events. Still, the versatility of the Stunt Cars means you'll find yourself driving these cars more often than not.
Stunt Boost: Like Aggression Boost, Speed Boost is available at any time, as long as you have some available Boost in the bar. It is the easiest Boost bar to fill, as any Stunt will greatly refill the bar. Driving in Oncoming Traffic and performing Takedowns also refill the bar, but not as much as it would for Speed and Aggression Boost, respectively. However, Speed Boost bars will suffer a penalty if Boost is used in short bursts as opposed to long periods of time.

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